The Warmest Romance Chapter 751 -752

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Chapter 751

Su Yucheng took a look at Yu Yimo’s bloody mouth on his arm. His face was livid, “Damn, these grandsons!”

At this time, the computer next to it suddenly “Ding Dong” rings, and then a picture pops up on the screen. It’s an e-mail with a big line of words in red font, “old friend, long time no see, do you still like this gift?”

The four people looked at the screen with a gloomy face.

You don’t have to guess who sent this email. I’m afraid no one else is so rampant except Lord Luo.

Su Yu Cheng gas clenched into a fist, arm blue muscle burst up, “this Luo nine ye, is staring at us.”

Yu Yimo’s eyes moved and his sharp eyebrows were covered with cold frost. “No, he’s always staring at us. This time, he’s coming back for revenge.”

But in the final analysis, those enmity entanglement, is between him and Luo Jiuye two people.

The four were silent for a moment, but did not speak.

After a while, Luo Yu said, “I’m going to take it out. Bear it for a while.”

Yu Yimo turned his head and looked at the frightening wound. His face didn’t change at all. “Well, take it.”

Luo Yu looked at the wound, frowned and gave his hand.

Such a wound, just look at will feel pain, but from beginning to end, Yu Yimo did not respond much, except frown, forehead sweating, other as if everything is normal.

After dressing the wound, Yu Yimo’s lips turned pale.

Luo Yu put down his things, a little ashamed, “I’m sorry, this time blame me, if it wasn’t for that email…”

“I don’t blame you for this. Don’t think much about it.”

Yu Yimo interrupted him, stood up, raised his right hand, patted Luo Yu on the shoulder, and walked to the bedroom on the second floor.

This matter does not blame others, even if does not have this time, also can have next time, because he is very clear, Luo Jiu Ye will not let him off easily.

Maybe it’s because of the injury, Yu Yimo goes to the bedroom, and his body unconsciously enters into a state of exhaustion. He lies on the bed and soon falls asleep.

In his sleep, the wound of his left arm was aching, and he was tormented by it. He woke up, and it was too late.

After washing, Yu Yimo goes downstairs. Su Yucheng and Luo Yu are eating breakfast at the table downstairs.

Seeing him coming down, Su Yucheng asked, “how’s the wound?”

“No big deal.”

It’s not the first time he’s been hurt like this.

Yu Yimo, with a light complexion, went over and took two sips of coffee from the table.

The shadow came from the door and said in a deep voice, “Du is getting more and more beautiful.”

He said, Du Yue came in from the door with a paper bag in his hand.

He came over and put the paper bag in his hand on the table, “Mr. Yu, this is the clothes you want. Today’s morning meeting has been pushed to tomorrow.”

As he spoke, his eyes stayed for a moment on Yu Yimo’s arm wrapped with gauze. He frowned and said, “Mr. Yu, you…”

Yu Yimo replied faintly, “nothing’s wrong.”

Then he put down his coffee and looked at Du Yue and said, “if you don’t have a meal, let’s have some together.”

Du Yue said in a low voice, “I’ve eaten. There’s something, Mr. Yu. I don’t know if I should say…”

Chapter 752

Seeing that Du Yue’s face was a bit hesitant, Yu Yimo immediately understood and took him to the next balcony.

Du Yue closed the door on the balcony and said, “I received a message this morning.”

As he said this, he took out his mobile phone and handed it to him.

Yu Yimo didn’t answer. After a glance, he saw a few photos with collateral information. In the photos, Ruan Shishi and Jiang Huanchen were together, some of them were in the cast, some of them were in the car club, and they were all taken secretly.

Du Yue saw that Yu Yimo’s face became gloomy, so he quickly explained, “I checked. It should have been taken by a paparazzi from a small media company. He wanted to use these photos to knock a sum of money, otherwise it might have been exposed.”

Yu Yimo frowns, pauses and says, “buy out the photos. As for the company, it will be settled in the future.”

With that, he walked out of the balcony with a black face.

He just asked Ruan Shishi to talk about Jiang Huanchen’s endorsement of redeur, but he didn’t expect that she could get on well with Jiang Huanchen and be so ambiguous. He really belittled her!

He picked up the suit from Du Yue and walked towards the second floor.

Su Yucheng was surprised and asked, “Lao Yu, you haven’t eaten breakfast yet…”

The man didn’t answer. He left a lonely figure and left directly.

Su Yucheng some curiously picked to pick eyebrow, turn a head to see to come out Du Yue from the balcony, the mouth asks a way, “how?”

Du Yue shook his head, “nothing’s wrong.”

Su Yu has a preconceived idea, curled to curl a mouth, “have no dint.”

At the same time, on the other side, Ruan Shishi was holding a fruit basket and a bunch of flowers, standing at the elevator entrance on the first floor of the hospital, a little nervous.

She heard that ye Wan’er woke up yesterday afternoon, so she came to see her early in the morning.

Anyway, if it wasn’t for ye Wan’er, she would be the one lying on the bed at this moment. And after such an accident, whether her baby in her stomach could be protected is another matter.

After all, she would like to thank Ye Waner.

“Ding -” the elevator door rang. She stepped up and pressed the floor where ye Wan’er’s ward was.

Out of the elevator, she walked along the corridor for a while, found the ward number, took a deep breath, raised her hand and knocked on the door.

Soon, footsteps came from the door. The door was pushed open. Ye Zeyu stood at the door and looked down at her. A look of disgust appeared at the bottom of his eyes. “What are you doing?”

Ruan’s heart was tight. She knew that he was ye Wan’er’s brother. She looked down and said in a soft voice, “I want to see ye Wan’er.”

Ye Zeyu hummed coldly, “you are not welcome here. Go away.”

Drop this sentence, say, he turns round, want to close the door after hand.

At this time, a voice came, “Zeyu, what’s the matter?”

A woman appeared at the door, pushed the door open again, looked at Ruan Shishi outside, frowned, and asked her, “are you the woman that our Wan’er saved?”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and nodded, “I want to see her and thank her.”

Mrs. Ye frowned tightly, stared at her and said without hesitation, “if I remember correctly, you are the woman who has been pestering Yimo before, right?”

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