The Warmest Romance Chapter 753 -754

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Chapter 753

Ruan Shishi clenched her hand and bit her lip. She looked up at Mrs. ye and said, “I and Mr. Yu…”

“Don’t explain. I probably know.” Mrs. Ye glanced at her, eyes full of irony, “I really don’t understand, how can our family Wan’er sacrifice her life to save a woman like you, I advise you, if you have a little conscience, don’t always get involved in other people’s feelings as a third party, understand?”

Mrs. Ye’s words are straightforward and harsh, while Ruan Shishi listens to them. She only feels that something has hit her heart and made her feel uncomfortable.

She inhaled deeply, gritted her teeth and said, “Mrs. ye, don’t worry, I won’t do such immoral things.”

With that, she put the fruit basket and flowers in her hand at the door, and said word by word, “since you won’t let me in, I won’t force you to say hello to miss ye for me.”

With that, she bowed to Mrs. ye and turned to leave.

Just then, a weak female voice came from the ward, “Mom? Is it poetry? “

Mrs. Ye’s face sank and frowned. She didn’t know how to answer.

Then, ye Wan’er’s voice came again, “Mom, let poetry come in.”

Ruan Shishi had not gone far, so she naturally heard these words. She took a deep breath, turned around and looked at Mrs. ye at the door.

Mrs. Ye frowned. She didn’t want to, but after all, she gave way. Looking at Ruan Shishi, she said coldly, “OK, since Wan’er let you in, you can go in.”

Then she gave way to the door.

As soon as Ruan Shishi was happy, he immediately stepped into the ward.

As soon as she went in, Ruan Shishi saw ye Wan’er lying on the bed. Her face was pale and she was wrapped with gauze in several places. She was still very weak.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, stepped forward and asked, “you How are you doing? “

Ye Wan’er said with a smile, “I’m fine. I’m fine. Please sit down.”

Ruan Shishi nodded and sat down on the chair beside the bed. His mood was a little complicated.

A moment later, she plucked up her courage, looked up at ye Wan’er and said, “Wan’er, I want to thank you for yesterday.”

Ye Wan’er smelled the words and said with a smile, “thank you. I heard that yesterday when I was rescuing, you gave me the blood.”

Ruan Shishi laughed and said in a soft voice, “thank you anyway.”

If it wasn’t for ye Wan’er, I’m afraid her baby would be gone.

Ye Wan’er raised her eyes and looked at Ruan Shishi. A dim cold light flashed through her eyes.

Soon, the expression on her face was replaced by a smile. She hooked her lips and gave a smile. She reached out and took Ruan Shishi’s hand and said in a soft voice, “in fact, I was out of instinct at that time, and you were trying to help me carry things. If you feel something is wrong because of me, you are brother Mo’s subordinate, I can’t explain it to him!”

Ruan Shishi heard the sound, reluctantly chuckled, and said nothing more.

This sounds like a constant reminder of her relationship with Yu Yimo.

It’s just a superior subordinate relationship.

Just then, there was a loud noise outside the door. Then, the door of the ward was pushed open, and Ruan Shishi and ye Waner went along the same way.

Yu Yimo stood at the door, his face slightly heavy, and his face even colder when he saw Ruan’s poem.

Chapter 754

He strode over, looked down at Ruan Shishi and asked coldly, “what are you doing here?”

Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply. Before he could explain, ye Wan’er said, “Shishi came to visit me. Brother Mo, why did you come all of a sudden?”

“I’ll see you.”

Yu Yimo goes to the head of the bed and naturally adjusts the pillow behind ye Wan’er to make her more comfortable. “Do you feel better today?”

To ye Wan’er, his tone and attitude obviously eased a lot.

Sitting beside him, Ruan Shishi felt that he was superfluous and didn’t know where to put his hands and feet.

It can be seen that Yu Yimo really loves Ye Waner.

She chuckled, stood up, looked at ye Wan’er and said, “Wan’er, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go first, and I won’t disturb you.”

Hearing this, ye Wan’er nodded with a smile, “OK, remember to come and see me another day.”

Ruan Shishi reluctantly smiles and turns to the door.

Leaving the ward, she took the elevator to the downstairs of the hospital, walking forward in a trance, with a sour feeling in her heart.

She should have seen it clearly and put herself in the right position. She and ye Wan’er can’t be compared in Yu Yimo’s heart.

She went through the small garden of the inpatient department and was about to go to the gate of the hospital when her mobile phone suddenly rang.

She took a deep breath, took a look, saw above flashing “Yu Yimo” three words, heart tightened, some hesitation.

Three seconds later, she bit her lower lip and pressed the reject button.

But unexpectedly, not long after hanging up, the mobile phone vibrated again. It was Yu Yimo who called.

Ruan Shishi was annoyed. She bit her teeth and pressed the answer button, “Hey, what do you want to do?”

The head was silent for a moment, and soon came the man’s chilling voice, “what am I doing? What’s the matter with you and Jiang Huanchen? “

Jiang Huanchen?

Ruan Shiwei was stunned, and his anger was extinguished most of the time. “What happened to Jiang Huanchen and I?”

The man’s voice was filled with anger. “What’s the matter? Don’t you know? Paparazzi are blackmailing me with photos, don’t you know? “

Ruan Shishi gasped, confused. Without waiting for her to say anything, another voice came from the other end of the phone, “where are you? I’ll come to you and we’ll talk face to face. “

Ruan Shishi hesitated for a moment, looked around and said softly, “I’m in the small garden behind the inpatient department. There’s a sculpture over there.”

As soon as she finished, she hung up on the other side of the phone.

Within five minutes, Yu Yimo had already arrived at the small garden. When he saw the woman sitting on the bench on the path beside the sculpture, he stepped over and thought of the photos, which made him feel confused.

Ruan Shishi raised her eyes and saw Yu Yimo coming. She immediately stood up. Before she could ask, she saw Yu Yimo reach out and hand over an envelope.

She hesitated for a moment and reached for it.

When I opened the envelope, I found a thick stack of photos. They were all secretly taken of her and Jiang Huanchen. There were photos of Jiang Huanchen holding her hand in the car at the gate of the film and television city. There were also photos of Jiang Huanchen racing in the car club. There were also photos of the crew sending her home after midnight

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