His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1960

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Chapter 1960

said so, but Ye Xiao still glanced at Ameli Su quietly. The woman was facing sideways. From where he was sitting, she could just see the scar behind Ameli Su’s ears. Winding all the way to the neck, the neck that was supposed to be slender and fair was a little oozing with this scar.

But she doesn’t seem to care how others look at her scars. When she is someone else, she has scars on her body and will definitely want to cover them, but Ameli Su didn’t. She graciously tied her hair with a ponytail while eating and tied it to her brain refreshingly. After that, let the scars appear in everyone’s field of vision.

It’s as if this is not a scar.

This is a medal.

I don’t know what this woman is thinking now… Ye Xiao sneered, and then continued to eat. During the period, Daniel Ye also told Ameli Su a lot of life principles. Maybe he was alone for too long and no one dared. Uncovering his scars, and now Ameli Su asked him this way, he was afraid that she would repeat the same mistakes and be alone for a lifetime, so he wanted to talk to Ameli Su.

After the talk, the meal was finished. Daniel Ye left Ameli Su at Ye’s house for the night. Ameli Su didn’t refuse, she dragged her luggage into the guest bedroom obediently, and Marven Su stood at the door, “I’ll pick you up in a few days. If you want to learn something from Daniel Ye.”

Daniel Ye was alone, Marven Su brought Ameli Su over, and wanted Ameli Su to see Daniel Ye’s current situation, and then consider whether she would like to Don’t interact with Tang Wei Lao.

It’s just that Ameli Su slept in Ye’s house like this, and Christian couldn’t sleep at night.

All the rooms in his house were cleaned up, and the rooms were all sorted out. Just waiting for Ameli Su to move in, Ameli Su was pushed by her mother to someone else when she was still close to the door.

Christian tossed and couldn’t sleep. When he thought of the feelings Ameli Su and Ye Xiao had had, he felt like he was finished. Now he was in a panic, for fear that Ameli Su would be snatched away.

When he closed his eyes, it was the scene of Ameli Su walking with Ye Xiao. Christian felt sore and painful. He gritted his teeth and sat up from the bed. He felt that he could not sit like this and waited for death. Then he decided to go out in the middle of the night. A phone call woke Sherry Xu and asked him to borrow the battery car, “Is the battery car still there?”

Once Sherry Xu secretly went to find Luo Youyou by riding the battery car.

Sherry Xu was so sleepy that his eyes were still bubbling, “Yes, what are you doing?”

“Lend me.” In response to the cold night, Christian rode the battery bike to the Yejia downstairs for half an hour, and he stopped. He took a look at the Ye family villa, and then the man stretched out his palm and blew. He didn’t plan to go to the front door. Instead, he put on his gloves and stepped against the wall. He took advantage of his strength to climb on the edge of the extra window on the first floor. Without thinking about it, he pulled up his whole body, chin-ups, and then turned up the window on the second floor.

If someone passed by, he would suspect that he was shooting a blockbuster of Agent 007. Who would have thought that Christian, the unfilial son of Elbert Bo, came to Daniel Ye’s house in the middle of the night to steal someone?

Since Christian had been to Daniel Ye’s house, he naturally guessed where the guest bedroom was. Then he squatted on the window outside the guest bedroom, took out the thin wire from his pocket, pried the window open, and pushed it in. With a light leap, he fell into the room.

The movements were so chic and not muddy, but the sound of footsteps on the ground still surprised Ameli Su. She sat up on the bed from the darkness, and she could have made her look around vigilantly, before she could make a sound for someone to come and help. , The dark shadow has flashed in front of her.

Just as Ameli Su was about to open her mouth to speak, her mouth was blocked.


She trembled fiercely and struggled hard. This struggle made Christian especially useful. He pressed Ameli Su on the bed, then panted and raised his head and said, “Hush, it’s me.”


Ameli Su exclaimed in a low voice, covering her mouth, “What are you doing, what are you…” Is he a thief? Actually climbed up from the second floor to pry the window!

“I miss you.”

Christian took off his gloves, reached out to touch Ameli Su, and then lay down so loudly that Ameli Su couldn’t accept it. “You always do this, suddenly, and don’t care about me. Feeling…”


Christian realized something, and immediately sat up again. In the dimness, only the light from the street lamp on the lawn outside penetrated the window slightly. Christian’s eyebrows were indistinct, vaguely, Ameli Su felt His eyes have never been sincere.

“Give me a chance to make up for you. I don’t love anyone, and it hurt you too deep for too long. In the end, you taught me.” Christian took a deep breath, his eyes blushed and looked at Ameli Su, and looked at the woman who had gone through the fire for him , He can no longer ignore her feelings like this.

He is too guilty, and it is time to be disciplined and disciplined.

“I want to love someone. Even if you take revenge on me.”

“I want to love you.”

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