The Warmest Romance Chapter 755 -756

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Chapter 755

If she is not the client and only looks at these photos, I’m afraid she will be misunderstood.

Ruan Shishi slowly tightened her hand and turned white. She looked up at Yu Yimo and asked, “where did these photos come from?”

Seeing her look like this, Yu Yimo’s eyes flashed a trace of ridicule and said in a cold voice, “I bought it from paparazzi.”

Ruan Shishi clenched her teeth, and it suddenly occurred to her that the last time she and Jiang Huanchen were at the gate of the film and Television City, they did see the paparazzi secretly photographed. It seems that they had been staying for a long time and focused on Jiang Huanchen, just to dig up some of Jiang Huanchen’s material!

But between her and Jiang Huanchen, completely innocent, there is no improper relationship.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, looked up at Yu Yimo and explained, “I really have nothing to do with him. At that time, it was to persuade him to speak for redeur, so every time he came to me, I went.”

Yu Yimo frowned and asked in a cold voice, “so, has Jiang Huanchen been taking the initiative?”

Ruan Shishi shook his head and denied, “no! He and I are really innocent

Looking at the woman in front of him, Yu Yimo’s anger grows stronger and stronger. He steps forward and approaches her.

Ruan Shishi subconsciously retreated and unconsciously retreated to the side of the sculpture. There was no place for him to go.

Yu Yimo’s black eyes flashed lightly, like splashing ink, and there was a trace of ridicule, “Ruan Shishi, why didn’t I know you were so charming? Cheng Zixiao proves your innocence. Song yean is around you. Even today’s popular fresh meat is interested in you… “

After a pause, he hummed coldly, “Ruan Shishi, you are really powerful!”

At the thought of the men around her, he was so depressed that he wanted to hide the little woman in front of him completely!

Listening to the man’s words, Ruan Shishi deeply inhaled, inexplicably some sense of humiliation. After a pause, she gritted her teeth and looked at the man, “Yu Yimo, it was you who asked me to talk about the endorsement of redeur. What’s the matter? Do you regret it now?”

“Regret?” Yu Yimo’s eyes flashed, “I never know what regret is.”

Ruan Shishi summoned up courage, put out his hand to push the man away, stepped back, opened the distance between them, and looked at him with fixed eyes, “no matter what way I use, as long as I can talk about endorsement, won’t it?”

Yu Yimo couldn’t help frowning. His anger rolled in his chest. His lips closed into a line, but he couldn’t speak.

Now, he really does not have the right status to restrict her private life.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and finally plucked up the courage to say, “I will talk about the endorsement of redeur as soon as possible, but you must agree to my request.”

After a pause, Yu Yimo asked, “what’s the requirement?”

Ruan Shishi unconsciously pinched the corner of her clothes and said, “I want to resign.”

After a few seconds, Yu said in a silent voice, “are you serious?”

Without hesitation, Ruan Shishi nodded and said, “well, I’m serious.”

“Good.” The bottom of Yu Yimo’s eyes flashed a faint light, “I only give you three days.”

With that, he took a deep look at her and walked away.

Since she doesn’t want to continue working in Yu’s group, he will give her this opportunity. Three days later, he doesn’t want to see any news about her and Jiang Huanchen.

Chapter 756

Ruan Shishi stood in the same place, looking at the figure of the man leaving, with a bitter smile on his lips and a chill in his heart.

She thought that Yu Yimo would ask her why she wanted to leave, but he agreed so simply.

It seems that in his heart, she really is nothing.

This is good, as long as she can handle Jiang Huanchen’s endorsement, then she can leave here without thinking.

In this world, some people are sad, while others are happy.

That night, in the bustling nightclub of Jiangzhou City, a group of beautiful men and women wriggled on the dance floor, with deafening sound and flashing lights.

On the right side of the second floor, there is a single-sided glass room, which is isolated from the outside noise. People inside can have a clear view of the scene on the first floor, but people outside can’t see the situation inside.

With a click, the door of the inner room of the glass room opened, and a heavy step came out of the room. There was still a woman’s low cry in the room.

Yu Gu heard the sound and looked up. Seeing the man coming out, he chuckled, “Ninth master, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

The man was not tall, but he was very strong. He was in his forties, and his eyes were bloodshot, sharp and bright, like hawk eyes.

He raised his hand to wipe the blood on his lips. He went to the sofa and sat down. He said with a smile, “this woman is not obedient. She took some time to be tame and kept you waiting.”

As you speak, look inside.

Seeing this, Luo Jiuye’s men immediately stepped into the inner room, and soon dragged out a crying, ill dressed woman.

There were several wounds on her body, her face turned white, her eyes turned white, the corners of her mouth were bleeding, and there were several bloody teeth marks on her bare shoulder, which was a little shocking.

When she saw Luo Jiuye sitting on the sofa, her face suddenly turned white, and a look of extreme panic appeared at the bottom of her eyes. She was dragged out of the glass room.

Yu Gu Bei’s eyes darkened, and his face didn’t change much. It seemed that he was used to it. He raised his lips and looked at him. “I didn’t expect that Jiu Ye was very special.”

Luo nine Ye smile, see the door closed, this just not anxious not slow of open a way, “come on, talk business.”

“No hurry.” Yu Gu North end next to the table on the glass, “I first toast nine master a cup, hurt Yu Yimo’s arm, this meeting gift is quite exciting.”

When Luo Jiuye heard the speech, he burst out laughing. He reached out to carry the wine glass on the table and held the goblet’s right hand. He was surprised to lose a little thumb and only four fingers.

Two people clink a cup, after drinking wine, Luo Jiu Ye puts down the cup, Mou Guang gloomy a few minutes, “this time just hurt his arm just, next time not so simple.”

Yu Gubei said slowly, “but it’s already a great opportunity for us. If he is injured, it’s certainly not as convenient as before. Then our big plan will have a better chance of winning.”

“But you can’t take it lightly.” Luo Jiuye’s face was a little cold, and his tone was firm. “Yu Yimo is a wolf cub. If you hurt him, he will bite more. This big plan must be safe.”

Yu Gu beiwen speech, hook lip smile, gently shaking the goblet in the hand, did not speak.

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