The Warmest Romance Chapter 767 -768

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Chapter 767

Smell speech, Ruan poem tiny Zheng, very quickly, she toward his hook lip smile, “good, I know.”

As she watched the man walk away, she closed the door and breathed a sigh of relief.

It turns out that Yu Yimo always thinks that she just doesn’t want to work in Yu’s group. In fact, what she wants to do is leave Jiangzhou, leave him, far away, and never want to see again

After a moment of melancholy, she suddenly rings out that tomorrow is the last day of her three-day appointment with Yu Yimo. That is to say, if she can’t make Jiang Huanchen’s endorsement of redeur tomorrow, she can’t leave!

No, absolutely not!

She must think of a way, tomorrow must let Jiang Huanchen obediently sign the contract!

However, with Jiang Huanchen’s character, how can he listen to her?

Suddenly, a face flashed in Ruan’s mind. Her eyes lit up and she had an idea.

She picked up her cell phone and immediately made a call.

Tomorrow, even if it is a wreck, she must let Jiang Huanchen sign the endorsement contract!

The next morning, just after dawn, Ruan Shishi woke up. She got everything ready and went out.

After all the preparations, she took the bus to Jiangzhou film and television city.

She had checked Jiang Huanchen’s schedule in advance and knew that he had a play to shoot this afternoon, so she arrived early to wait.

Maybe it’s because she came to replace Jiang Huanchen’s little assistant as a temporary assistant before. Many people in the crew have seen her. Even if she didn’t get a pass, she was released.

After wandering around the set, she didn’t find any shadow of Jiang Huanchen. She took a person and asked. Only then did she know that Jiang Huanchen was playing at 3 p.m., but he would go to the dressing room in advance.

Ruan Shishi turns to the dressing room and waits in the corridor for a long time, but he doesn’t see Jiang Huanchen. Just as he is about to take out his mobile phone to send him a message, a group of people suddenly rush to him.

Jiang Huanchen’s agent, sister Qiong, is at the beginning, while the other assistants, bodyguards, and makeup artists are all around. Jiang Huanchen is the right C.

Ruan Shishi was standing at the entrance of the corridor. Sister Qiong saw her immediately, frowned and said, “Why are you here again?”

Ruan Shishi grinned, looked at Jiang Huanchen and said with a smile, “I’m here to talk to Mr. Jiang about something very important.”

Qiong elder sister smell speech, the facial expression is more and more ugly, raise a hand to be about to call the bodyguard beside to take her away, who knows the center of Jiang Huanchen suddenly says, “wait a minute.”

Sister Qiong wants to blame, “Huan Chen, you have to film later…”

“It’s OK. I’ll be able to go on stage when I change my clothes. I have something to say to her. Let her come to the dressing room with me.”

Even if thousands of people didn’t want to, sister Qiong didn’t say anything.

As soon as Ruan Shishi was happy, he immediately followed suit and entered the dressing room with the makeup artist.

As soon as he arrived at the dressing room, Jiang Huanchen sat down on a chair, closed his eyes and asked the makeup artist to make up his hair. He completely ignored Ruan Shishi.

When the makeup artist finished the makeup, he waved and said, “OK, you go down first.”

The makeup artist nodded, didn’t say much, pushed the door and left the dressing room.

Chapter 768

When the door closed, there were only Jiang Huanchen and Ruan Shishi left in the room.

The man on the swivel chair turned the chair and looked at Ruan Shishi. He narrowed his narrow eyes and said with a smile, “do you miss me? Can’t wait to see me? “

Ruan Shishi felt goose bumps all over her body and fell to the ground in an instant. She adjusted her expression, stood up and went straight to him.

When she came to him, she said solemnly, “Jiang Huanchen, I came here today to negotiate with you.”

When the man heard the speech, he raised his lips and leaned back in his chair. He said, “what are you talking about? Do you have any bargaining chips with me? “

Ruan Shishi chuckles and takes out a stack of photos from his bag and puts them on the table in front of Jiang Huanchen.

The man narrowed his eyes slightly, looked at the open stack of photos, hesitated for a moment, and said, “what’s this?”

All the photos were taken secretly. Some of them were in the crew, and some in the club. These photos were the ones Yu Yimo showed her last time!

Ruan Shishi was not in a hurry to explain, “this is a paparazzi’s photo of us. Mr. Jiang, you say, I’m afraid I can also get the name of your gossip girlfriend on the Internet just by these photos that can’t be explained clearly?”

Jiang Huan Chen’s complexion is slightly heavy, raise an eye to see to her, “you are like to take these to threaten me?”

Ruan Shishi sat down on the chair beside him with a smile, and said, “the threat is not so good, but if Su Ling saw these photos, I’m afraid it’s not very good.”

Mention Su Ling this name, Jiang Huan Chen’s complexion suddenly sank a few minutes, his eye ground flits by quickly, a touch of surprise, very quickly, the eye ground appears a few minutes slightly angry.

Seeing Jiang Huanchen’s reaction, Ruan Shishi has a deeper grasp of her mind. Since she saw him quarreling with Su Ling at the back door of the film and television city last time, she has been suspicious. Now, seeing his reaction, she is more confident. There must be something between him and Su Ling!

Without waiting for her to come back, Jiang Huanchen had already opened his mouth. His eyes changed their uninhibited indulgence in the past. He said coldly, “Ruan Shishi, what do you want to do?”

Ruan Shishi smiles, takes out the contract from the bag and pushes it to Jiang Huanchen, “in fact, you want to sign this endorsement, but you’ve been hanging on me all this time, but I can’t wait any longer. As long as I sign it, I promise I won’t talk and do anything.”

Jiang Huanchen frowned and stared at Ruan Shishi for a long time. A few seconds later, he suddenly chuckled, “do you think you can threaten me? It’s not me that should be afraid, it’s you. “

He suddenly stood up, went to Ruan Shishi and looked down at her, “these photos burst out, it’s just lace gossip for me, but it’s different for you, my fans will give you human flesh, you say, who will lose more at that time?”

When Ruan Shishi heard the speech, she felt a faint uneasiness. But soon, she took a deep breath, gritted her teeth, took out her mobile phone and turned out the wechat chat interface.

She turns the screen of her mobile phone and shows it to Jiang Huanchen. On the other side of the dialog, she is the editor in chief of the famous entertainment media in Jiangzhou city. On this side, she has edited the pictures and text.

“Isn’t it just cyber violence? It’s not that black and red are popular now. I also want to be popular. I’m not at a loss to tie up with the famous male star Jiang Huanchen. However, I don’t know what will happen to you, the brokerage company and Su Ling… “

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