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Chapter 375

“Mr. Blair, do you have any other orders?”

Blair Elijah picked up his eyes and looked at her, his sword eyebrows raised slightly, and complicated eyes appeared in his pitch-black eyes, “Allison Hazel, I took your life back for you, don’t you plan to thank me?”

“Thank you!”

Hazel thanked him without hesitation, still without any extra expressions.

“If you leave my girlfriend angry, shouldn’t you also take half the responsibility?” Blair Elijah asked again.

Sure enough, she was right, this guy will find her fault!

“Ok! Mr. Blair, how do you want me to be responsible? Do you need me to help you call your ex-girlfriend Ms. Aaliyah for the appointment? Or your ex-girlfriend will do, of course, the ex-ex-ex is fine! Anyway, all of our customers have detailed personal information! Mr. Blair, what do you think?”

“Very good…” Blair Elijah nodded, his deep eyes filled with emotion that made Hazel unable to understand.

Suddenly, the sharp eyes locked on her and asked, “What if I want you to call my ex-wife?”

Hazel didn’t expect that Blair Elijah would suddenly take her words like this. For a moment, Hazel was embarrassed there and didn’t know how to interface.

However, the panic only existed for one second, and Hazel returned to nature quickly, her expression was still calm and free, and she just said, “Mr. Blair, you also said that you are an ex-wife. Since it’s past tense, what else is there? Is it necessary to contact?”

“Miss Allison, I am your customer! I am God!!” Blair Elijah kindly reminded her.

So, should she unconditionally obey?!



“Your ex-wife is not available.” Hazel rebuffed him simply and neatly.

Blair Elijah’s deep gaze was like a thousand-year-old well. He stared at her urgently with a smile. After a long time, he tilted his head and asked her inadvertently, “Then when will she be free?”

The deep voice is extremely magnetic, and it seems to be full of too many complex emotions. It is stuck in the throat, a bit astringent.

His question made Hazel slightly startled.

In the next moment, she picked up her eyes and met Blair Elijah’s sharp gaze. A charming chuckle was raised at the corner of her lips, reminding him, “Mr. Blair, are you too interested in your ex-wife?”

Her words made Blair Elijah sink a little bit towards the deep eyes before he wanted to reply, but he was interrupted by a series of familiar cell phone ringtones.

“Come in a hurry, go in a hurry, I want to meet! Love is in a hurry, hate is also in a hurry, everything follows the wind…”

The ringtone is still terrible!

But without the disgust of the past, what struck him at this moment was an inexplicable relief…

Five years have passed, even though things are not human beings, some things have remained the same!!!

“Sorry, I will answer the call first…”

Hazel politely stepped aside to answer the phone, the call was from Adeline.

“Mom? Why would you call me? I’m busy!” Hazel lowered her voice as much as possible.

“Hazel, can you…can you take time off and come back? Suddenly Landon has a high fever again!! He has been calling you in his dream! Alas…I feel so distressed!”

On the phone, Adeline almost cried.

“Mom, don’t worry, what did the doctor say after treating him?” Although Hazel comforted her mother, her little hand holding the mobile phone oozes a little sweat.

Landon is an overdue baby. When she was pregnant with him, he stayed in her stomach for 12 months before being born. After the birth, Hazel realized that Landon often had a high fever suddenly. Later, he was checked by the hospital. She knows that because Landon spent a long time in the abdomen that year, it caused severe respiratory symptoms. After birth, he was often susceptible to inflammation, cough, and chest pain, and even his breathing would be affected in severe cases.

“The doctor said that the problem is not big, but…but I am so scared!” Adeline’s emotions became more and more fragile after experiencing the painful experience of the death of her relatives.

“Mom, don’t worry! I’ll be right back and wait for me!!”

Hazel quickly hung up the phone.

Hazel’s eyes are already flushed.

She adjusted her emotions quickly and looked at Blair Elijah on the couch.

And at this moment, he is also looking straight at her.

“Mr. Blair, I’m sorry, I think I have to ask the manager for leave first, and then Aubrey will be in charge of your cruise ship.”

While talking Hazel’s expression was still a little worried.

After speaking, she couldn’t wait for Blair Elijah to answer and turned to go into the staff locker room.

Unexpectedly, the step under her feet took one step, and Blair Elijah’s arm was tightly grasped.

With a big hand, Hazel’s charming body suddenly staggered, and the next moment, without warning, she fell into Blair Elijah’s arms.

“Blair Elijah, what are you doing?”

Hazel sullenly wanted to break away from his arms, and layers of mist appeared in the bottom of her eyes.

Thinking of Landon’s little painful cheeks, she felt as if she felt the same as a mother, and her heart hurts terribly!

“Allison Hazel, who allowed you to leave!!”

Blair Elijah didn’t mean to let go of Hazel.

“Mr. Blair, please let me go! I must go home now!” Hazel struggled in his arms.

“You are working now!!! And the job task is to take care of me!!” Blair Elijah’s sturdy arms swept over the slender waist with a strong smile and closely attached her charming body to his strong physique. Give Hazel any chance to escape.

He heard all the content of the phone call just now!!!

Someone in their family is sick!!!

And their family, besides that man, who else can there be?!

Seeing her flustered for that man, Blair Elijah couldn’t help but want to occupy the woman in front of him!!!

The misty tears in her eyes, looking into his eyes, made him crazy with jealousy!!!

“Blair Elijah, you are simply unreasonable!! You let me go!!!”

Hazel angry, her body struggled constantly, slapped Blair Elijah’s sturdy chest with a small hand, but the man in front of her stood there like a huge boulder, clinging to her tightly, and motionless.

The arms, around her waist, were very tight and tight, as if they didn’t mean to let her go.

Hazel finally stopped struggling feebly, leaning her head on her shoulder, and she was so tired that she was gasping for breath.

Hazel no longer struggles, but Blair Elijah’s arm is getting tighter and tighter…

That feeling, as if to rub her deeply into his blood!!!

“Blair Elijah…”

Hazel’s cold voice sounded faint until her shoulders rang, “Don’t let me hate you more in five years…”

In one word, Blair Elijah suddenly stiffened, his eyes shrank sharply, and the next moment, he suddenly released his arm around her…


A cold word, no warmth to Blair Elijah overflowed between his thin lips… At that moment, it seemed that all thoughts came back into his mind!!!

What did he do just now? Want to try to keep this woman? Ah!!! Ridiculous!!!

Hazel did not escape from his arms because of his attitude. She hurried to the staff locker room. She didn’t even look at Blair Elijah behind her.!!!

As if, in this world of her, there is nothing else but the sick man!!!

“Nathan, arrange a speedboat for me, and I want to return to the dock immediately!!”

He could only hear her shouting into the intercom as she walked.

Looking at her hurriedly leaving back, Blair Elijah only felt a gloomy fire in his chest, and there was nowhere to vent.

With a raised arm, he swept all the Lafites on the table that had not yet been able to taste on the floor like a vent. The aroma of the wine diffused along with the red wine and spread instantly on the floor…

The bright red liquid dyed Blair Elijah’s eyes as cold as frost.

The sound of the broken wine bottle resounded throughout the floor, but he still couldn’t recall Hazel.

Only heard her calm voice sounded in the dialogue machine, “Aubrey, there are glass fragments in the hall that need to be cleaned!”

At that moment, Blair Elijah had to admit that Allison Hazel changed!!!

She is no longer the one who changed her face, panicked for him, and nervous for him!!!

She now has another man who makes her nervous and makes her cry instantly!!!

Therefore, Blair Elijah, in her life, completely became a passerby…

One, the passer-by who can no longer stir her heart!!!

Blair Elijah understood this truth four years ago, and he has done a very good job for so many years! Never inquire about her, never pay attention to any information about her, and never look for her footprint…

But now, as soon as she appeared, that calm and even Blair Elijah, who was still emotional, was completely confused in an instant!!!

When Hazel hurried back from the club, the little guy was already lying on the bed and began to hang water.

His small pink face, like a red apple, looks bloodless at the moment. His small curled eyelashes conceal his beautiful eyes. The feather eyelashes seem to be still trembling due to pain, and the pink eyebrows are also gently grabbed and made a ball.

And his little porcelain hands were gripping his little chest tightly. There seemed to be a pain…

The fine sweat kept oozing out of his small forehead, and when he saw Hazel’s eyes, his heart was aching.

For four years, this kind of illness has tortured his thin body for four full years…


Hazel lightly and walked over and sat down by his bed.

The hand, holding the hair on his forehead, lowered her head, and gently pecked a kiss between his foreheads.

Picking up her head, her eyes are already wet.

Wet the towel, little by little, gently, and carefully caressed his delicate forehead. With distressed tears, she kept whispering, “I’m sorry…baby, it’s all bad mommy. You have suffered so many sins…”

When a mother sees her child being unwell, she is always the first person to blame!

As if the mother and the child had a sharp heart, Landon in his sleep seemed to feel the existence of Hazel, his curled eyelashes fluttered a few times, but slowly opened his eyes…

The sullen eyes were somewhat innocent and demonish, and he looked at the eyes with a wet Hazel.


Chapter 376

The little guy yelled to her with a milky voice, his small mouth grinned in an innocent arc, and the enchanting eyes bent into a cute little crescent.

After a while, the little head tilted slightly, and the pink mouth pouted, “Hazel, what’s the matter with you? Has anyone bullied you again? Why are the eyes red again?”

The little guy said distressed and stretched out his hand to wipe her tears.

Hazel hurriedly wiped away the tears, pulled out a far-fetched smile, caught his porcelain white hand, put it between her lips, and kissed and kissed distressingly, “Baby, no one bullies Mommy! Mommy! I just love you…”

As she said, Hazel’s tears were about to overflow again.

“Tell Mommy, does it hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt!” The little guy shook his head while comforting her, “Hazel, don’t cry, Landon doesn’t hurt at all…really!”

Yes, now he can no longer feel the pain because…has been used to it!!!

Hazel remembers that when Landon was very young, every time he got an injection, he would turn the whole family upside down, crying more and more. Later, she didn’t know what day he started, and Landon suddenly stopped crying. Instead, it was her. Every time she saw Landon was sick, she must be the one who cried first, and then they turned the other way around, not comforting Landon, but Landon comforting her! Just like now.

“En En…” Hazel broke into a smile.

“Mom, if you shed tears like this, Landon will be ashamed to be sick…”

“Puff…” Hazel laughed out loud, her pretty face pressed against the little guy’s pink face, and the big nose gently rubbed his little nose, “Landon is the heart of Hazel’s mother. If Landon is sick, Hazel Mommy will be very uncomfortable here, you know?”

“I’m sorry, Hazel…” the little guy apologized in a low voice and bowed his eyebrows innocently.

The little guy said, his eyes flushed.

Hazel became anxious, “Baby, Mommy didn’t mean that. Mommy didn’t blame you, do you know? Mommy just wanted to tell you that Mommy loves you and loves you! Mommy doesn’t want you to be sick, Mommy I hope you have a healthy body like all the babies…”

Hazel said and her distressed tears still overflowed from her eyes again unconsciously.

“Hazel, stop crying! Landon loves you the same…”

As the little guy said, he put his arm around Hazel’s neck with one hand, raised his head, and involuntarily took a sip on Hazel’s beautiful cheek!

“Landon loves you the most!!”

Blair Elijah sprinkled some minced meat and threw it into the turtle tank. The little guy in the water seemed hungry and hurried out to search for food.

With his finger, he gently touched Hazelic’s tortoiseshell, a look of sadness appeared in the bottom of his eyes, “Perhaps she doesn’t remember us long ago…”

Yes! How could she still remember him and still have it?!

“Forget it! Hurry up to find a wife for you to come back, and give you a lot of babies! You don’t need to be alone with me anymore!”

As Blair Elijah spoke, he sprinkled another handful of minced meat into the water.

“Dingling Jingling…”

Suddenly, the phone in his pocket rang, it was Evan’s call.

“What are you doing?”

“Feed the turtle.”

“Also feed the tortoise!” Evan rolled his eyes, “boring enough! Come out and play!”

“Where can I play in broad daylight?” Blair Elijah asked casually.

“It’s been a long time since I played golf, are you going?”

“Ok!” Anyway, I am idle on weekends.

“Go to our old venue?”

“No! Go to Colton!” Blair Elijah suggested casually.


Le Nest, golf course.

Evan leaned on the golf club lazily and looked at the long-lost figure not far from the other side teasingly.

Allison Hazel!!!

He hasn’t seen her for five years, and sure enough, she has become more and more charming…

Moreover, between every move and every action, there is hidden the charm that makes men so crazy, even if it is just a movement of wiping the hair, it can easily make the hearts of men sway!

It’s no wonder that Blair Elijah likes this place more and more recently. It turns out that there are things he has been unable to give up for five years!

Finally, Hazel not far from the opposite side put the cue in her hand and walked towards them.

Today, she has taken off her capable work suit and replaced it with a simple white t, a pair of light gray shorts, and a baseball cap of the same light color on top of her head. This kind of her looks like enough. Teenage girl.

“Senior Evan! Don’t come here unharmed…”

Hazel came over, smiled generously, and shook hands with Evan to say hello.

“Sorry! I was playing with a client just now, so I didn’t come over to say hello the first time.”

“It’s okay!” Evan shook his hand back, “When did you come back? I don’t see you contacting us! No wonder that kid is running this way lately!”

Evan teased and gave a glance at Blair Elijah who was busy playing.

Hazel only laugh, not answer.

“I just saw that you played well, would you like to play with us?” Evan asked her with a swing of the club in his hand.

At this time, Blair Elijah happened to turn back after playing the ball, still not looking at her and taking a sip of the wine in the rest pavilion…

Hazel didn’t pay attention to him, the two completely regarded each other as transparent people.

“Elijah!” Evan slammed into Blair Elijah, “Dare you to choose a game with Hazel?”

Evan’s words caused Blair Elijah to frown, his cold eyes finally fell on Hazel, with a look of disdain between his eyebrows and eyes.

Hazel was stimulated by his contemptuous look, Hazel arrogantly met his eyes, and provocatively said, “President Blair, dare you dare?”

Blair Elijah casually sipped Martini in his glass and glanced at her, “How do you want to play?”

He asked Hazel, his tone as faint as tasteless boiled water, and it felt like he didn’t put her in his eyes at all.

In short, his attitude is to dismiss it!!!

“Whoever loses will drink up all the wine on this table.” Evan eagerly suggested when he saw the needle.


Hazel agreed.

Who is afraid of whom!!! She will not lose to this arrogant man in front of her!!!

Blair Elijah didn’t make a sound, only raised his eyes, and glanced deeply at the ambitious Hazel on the opposite side, his eyes still pale as water.

For a while, she could only hear him say, “Let’s start then!”

Evan sat down leisurely in the rest pavilion, not forgetting to cheer for them.

“Hazel, come on!! Don’t lose to this kid!!”

“Blair, your chance is here! Some women get drunk when they drink…”


The two people in the game looked at each other, expressing speechlessness.

Win or lose in three rounds.

Hazel had to admit that Blair Elijah’s golf was good, at least both in his skills and posture, he was very professional, but it was a pity that he was beaten by one shot in the end!

Hazel excitedly high-fived with Evan to celebrate, but Blair Elijah said nothing, walked over, and drank all the wine on the table without saying a word.

After greeted Evan with Hazel, she went back to the other side to accompany the customer.

“Blair, what are you doing? It’s so bad that I want to fulfill you!” Evan leaned on the table lazily and continued, “You said you want to not let the ball, this wine is all Allison Hazel’s! Drink some amount, still afraid of getting her drunk?”

Blair Elijah drank the last glass of wine, glanced at Evan coolly, and said angrily, “What do you want to do when she gets drunk?”

“What do I want to do? Of course, I want you to fascinate her!!” Evan replied as a matter of course, “Who knows that your kid cares so much about her and dare not even let her drink this little wine.”

Yes! Blair Elijah lost the ball on purpose! The authorities are not clear, but the bystanders can see it! The purpose of giving the ball is very simple. He doesn’t want that woman to drink anymore. He can’t forget the scene of squatting on the roadside and throwing up after being drunk that day!

“If you don’t want her to drink, don’t stop at the beginning. Why should you let yourself take the wine?” Evan sighed.

But Blair Elijah only chose silence.

Only when he knows best in his heart that there is a chance to be close to her, he is so awkward… don’t want to give up!!!


Hazel just returned to the rest pavilion here, and suddenly she heard a familiar voice.

“Mateo?” Hazel drank two sips of water and went straight to Mateo.

And here, Blair Elijah and Evan also discovered Brooks Mateo on the opposite side.


Blair Elijah swiped at the club, and the golf ball at his feet disappeared in front of his eyes in an instant, disappearing in the grass, no trace.

Evan glanced at him worriedly and sighed low when he saw that his face was still indifferent.

“Mateo, why are you here?” Hazel asked him happily while putting her hair behind her head.

Mateo pointed to a place not far away, “Playing with a few customers! Talk something! Stop by and see you.”

Having said this, Mateo paused slightly before saying again, “I just saw…you guys played together…”

Hazel for a second, she put her hand on Mateo’s arm and glanced at the man who was swinging and hitting the ball without a trace. “Don’t worry, I am fine now! I am already I’m not that silly and stupid Allison Hazel five years ago!! I’ve got a good grip on this point!

“That’s good!” Mateo smiled peacefully.

“Hey! Just watched how I played that game?” Hazel quickly turned the subject.

Mateo smiled warmly, “Very good! Several of our customers over there are watching carefully just now! Moreover, everyone has come to the same conclusion.”

“What?” Hazel blinked curiously.

“In the entire Beigan City, the only one who can win Blair Elijah is probably you, Allison Hazel…”

“What… what do you mean?” Hazel, of course, knows that this is by no means exaggerating her best shot.

Mateo rubbed her little head and smiled, “Has no one told you? Blair Elijah was already the champion of the Minlin Golf Tournament five years ago! He wants to beat you, but he only thought about it. Only in between…”

Mateo’s words, let Hazel hold her tongue slightly.

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