The Warmest Romance Chapter 795 -796

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Chapter 795

How can she not know that the reason why Yu Yimo is so desperate to investigate the motorcycle accident is not for her! It’s for the woman of Ruan Shishi!

Because of Ruan Shishi, she even lost huochuan this time!

Jealousy, anger mixed together, let her almost unbearable, she stood in front of the window, watching the black car out of the yard, this just grabbed a vase on the table beside, hit the ground.

If Ruan Shishi dares to come back again, she will pull her to hell even if she has to fight for her life. She will never see the light!

Half a month later, the court in Jiangzhou city decided to go to the scene.

At the hearing, ye Wan’er sits beside Yu Yimo and looks at Huo Chuan in the defendant’s seat. A burst of complex emotions emerge in her heart.

At the end of the trial, the judge announced that “the defendant Huo Chuan, who was suspected of attempted homicide, was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment and was sentenced accordingly.”


The judge’s hammer makes a sound, everything, a hammer.

Huo Chuan raised his head and suddenly looked in the direction of Ye Wan’er. A few threads of light flashed from the bottom of his eyes.

It’s only five years. For ye Wan’er’s sake, he is willing. Five years later, when he comes out again, she is still his young lady, the object of his unconditional obedience, and he is still her most loyal subordinate. This will never change.

Ye Wan’er raised her eyes, just to Huo Chuan’s eyes. Her heart sank. She felt guilty for some reason, and felt a sense of shame.

If it wasn’t for Huo Chuan, I’m afraid she would be the one sentenced to prison at this time.

But a few seconds later, her guilt was fleeting and quickly dissipated.

She and Huo Chuan have always been people of two worlds. It’s natural for him to pay so much for her. When he comes out, she will pay him more.

With this thought, ye Wan’er’s mind suddenly balances a lot.

At the end of the trial, ye Wan’er walked out of the court with Yu Yimo in her arm, swept away the gloom on her face, and said with a smile, “brother Mo, go to my house for dinner tonight. My father said that I haven’t seen you for a long time, and I want to have a drink with you.”

Yu Yimo hears the speech, the eye bottom is dark and unclear, deeply looked at Ye Waner one eye, the mouth politely refuses a way, “pass a period of time.”

With these words, it happened that his mobile phone rang. He pressed the answer button and went to one side to answer.

A few minutes later, he came back, looked at ye Wan’er and said in a low voice, “I’ll send you home. I have something to deal with.”

On hearing this, ye Wan’er immediately frowned, “brother Mo, I…”

Without waiting for her to finish, Yu Yimo turned around and walked quickly to the car beside her.

Ye Wan’er stood in the same place and stamped her feet.

Since when has Yu Yimo become more and more unfamiliar with her?

Finally, she had no choice but to bite her lip, so she got on the car arranged by Yu Yimo and left.

On the other side, in Yu Yimo’s car, Du Yue takes a look at the car carrying Ye Waner. He hesitates and asks, “president, Miss ye…”

“Stare.” Yu Yimo’s eyes are cold and dark.

Although the trial of the motorcycle accident has come down, it doesn’t mean that ye Wan’er is innocent. It’s not just about this. There are too many things that ye Wan’er is suspicious of.

Chapter 796

Today’s ye Wan’er is no longer the little girl who used to chase after him and call her brother.

Du Yue nodded, “yes.”

Yu Yimo turned his head and looked out of the window. Suddenly, he thought of something. He added faintly, “this weekend’s itinerary will be canceled.”

Du Yue Leng for a moment, can’t help asking, “Mr. Yu, will you go to Yicheng this weekend?”

In the past month, Yu Yimo has never given up looking for Ruan’s poems. Jiangzhou city has been turned back and forth several times. Finally, he decided to expand the scope, and even went to Yicheng to look for them himself.

Yu Yimo, hearing the speech, closed his eyes slightly, leaned back in his chair and said in a soft voice, “well.”

He was never a person who would give up easily, and he would not give up looking for Ruan Shishi!

What’s more, that woman owes him too much. He must find her and ask her to return those who owe him hundreds of times!

Things in the world are too impermanent. Some people may separate and meet again at the next corner, while some people will meet again once they are separated.

Time flies, all the things that are not firm enough become more and more clear after years of polishing, and what can stay in the end is often the most sincere and unforgettable.

Five years later.

In front of the door of a small white building in the suburbs of the United States, there is a white car. The car is spacious. Wearing a tight top and loose jeans, Ruan Shishi outlines her perfect figure.

Although she is now the mother of two children, she is still full of girlishness, with delicate and smooth skin, and looks like an 18-year-old girl.

There are two children’s seats on the back seat. Two small people are sitting on the left side and the right side. One is wearing a purple skirt, the other is wearing a black suit. Except for their hairstyles and dresses, their facial features seem to be carved out of the same mold.

At this moment, their two small groups are bickering with each other.

“It’s clear that chicken is the first to have eggs…”

“No, there must be eggs before there can be chickens.”

“No! Where do you get eggs without chickens? “


Two pink dumplings, you and I, no one is willing to give in. The little boy’s face is red, but his voice can’t compare with that of the little girl. When he is worried, he creaks out a series of English, and the little girl next to him is not willing to be outdone. He also replies in English. From time to time, there are several Chinese words in English.

Ruan Shishi, the co pilot in the front row, has been listening to their argument for more than half an hour. Now, listening to their continuous debate on this topic, I can’t help laughing and crying.

Seeing the driver coming this way out of the window, Ruan Shishi looked at the two little people in the back row, patted his hands and said, “song Yisen, song Yisha, would you two be quiet?”

After hearing the speech, the two little Tuanzi turned to look at her. Song Yisen pursed his mouth and asked, “Mom, do you think there were chickens or eggs first?”

Ruan Shishi was stunned. She was obviously confused by this problem. She looked at Song Yisen’s handsome face, and then at Song Yisha, who was lovely. She couldn’t make a decision for a moment.

No matter which one she chooses, she will always deny another person. She doesn’t want to.

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