The Warmest Romance Chapter 797 -798

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Chapter 797

She pulled out a smile, on the two cute full of expectations of the big eyes, dry smile twice, also can’t say why.

A moment later, Ruan Shishi had a flash of inspiration, suddenly thought of something, and even said, “Mom can’t say for sure about this problem, but I know someone will know for sure!”

“Who is it?”

“Who is it?”

Song Yisen and song Yisha asked in unison, like purple grape’s eyes circling in their eyes.

“It must be your most lovely sister-in-law!” Ruan Shishi couldn’t help laughing. “Today, we’ll fly for a few hours, and we’ll soon arrive at Jiangzhou airport. We’ll meet your dearest little aunt!”

When they heard this, they danced happily and forgot to ask about the topic again.

There is no doubt that their little aunt is song yun’an. In recent years, song yun’an often goes to the United States to visit them, and sometimes stays for a period of time. She comes and goes, which can be regarded as the key person to accompany song Yisen and song Yisha.

In addition, song yun’an is as crazy as child king. He is good at dealing with children, and his relationship with them is very good.

Listening to the two little guys change the topic of conversation, Ruan Shishi is secretly relieved. It happens that the driver sent by song yean comes and starts the car to take them directly to the airport.

Four hours later, the flight from the United States to Jiangzhou city landed safely. Ruan Shishi raised her eyes and looked out of the window. Suddenly, she felt a different emotion.

Unconsciously, she has left Jiangzhou city for five years. In these five years, she has never returned to the city where she has lived for more than 20 years. Now, when she comes back again, she naturally has some feelings.

“Mom, are we here?”

Next came the voice of song Yisha’s grandmother, and Ruan Shishi turned her head to see the little girl’s sleepy eyes rubbing her eyes, her face softened a little unconsciously.

She reached out and gently pinched her little cheek and said in a soft voice, “wake up? When we arrive, we will get off the plane immediately… “

When it comes to getting off the plane, song Yisen on the other side suddenly turns his head. His big black and white eyes are rolling in his eyes. “Mom, will dad come to pick us up?”

Ruan Shishi whispered, “it’s the little aunt who comes to pick us up. Dad is on a business trip today. We can only see him tomorrow.”

Hearing this, song Yisen flashed a trace of disappointment on his face and said, “I miss my father so much. I haven’t seen my father for a long time.”

Seeing his appearance, Ruan Shishi felt soft. He raised his hand and rubbed his little head. He comforted, “don’t worry, you’ll see it soon!”

Soon, the plane stopped steadily, and Ruan Shishi left and right pulled two little guys out of the plane and went straight to the baggage claim area.

There were a lot of people in the baggage claim area. Ruan Shishi pulled them and looked at the turntable over there, unconsciously distracted.

“Samson, Sasha, you two hold on to my clothes and don’t run around.”

Ruan Shishi ordered a few words. Seeing the obedient nod of the two little guys, he was relieved.

All of a sudden, her mobile phone rang. She picked it up and saw that it was song yun’an who called.

“Hello? Ann, are you here

Song yun’an came from the other side with a kind of joyful voice, “I just arrived. I’m rushing inside. Where are you?”

Chapter 798

“I’m going to pick up my luggage with sensensensasha. You can pick us up.”

Ruan Shishi lowers her head and rubs song Yisen’s head. Song Yisen blinks his big eyes and recognizes that it’s song Yunan calling. She anxiously reaches out her small hand, “Mom, I want to talk to my little aunt!”

Next to song Yisha also jumped excitedly, “I want it too!”

Ruan Shishi was made helpless by two little guys, so he had to give his mobile phone to them, “OK, OK, you can talk to my little aunt.”

Seeing the two of them holding the phone, head to head, Ruan Shishi smiles. As soon as she turns her head, she sees her suitcase on the luggage conveyor belt.

This time, she came back from the United States mainly because she was going to attend an award ceremony, and at the same time, she had to take Sensen and Sasha to shoot a group of commercials. The three people had a lot of things, including two big boxes.

She took down the two boxes by herself, turned her head and saw song Yisen holding her mobile phone and chatting with song Yunan on the other end of the line.

Song Yisen is less than five years old. When he meets his beautiful little sister, his mouth is as sweet as honey. He can coax others into a burst of anger with three or two sentences. Naturally, song Yunan, an old aunt, can’t escape his routine.

She couldn’t help but smile and look around, but she didn’t find song Yisha.

In an instant, Ruan Shishi’s back was tight and a little nervous. He hurried to song Yisen’s side and asked, “where’s my sister, Sensen?”

Holding his cell phone, song Yisen casually said, “it’s in the back.”

Ruan Shishi raised her eyes and looked in the direction he said. But in the spacious airport hall, where is song Yisha?

Ruan Shishi glanced around quickly and passed the crowd, but she still didn’t see the little figure in the purple skirt. Her heart was tight, and a chill suddenly occupied her body.

Should not

Ruan Shishi’s mind suddenly flashed over the case of child abduction and trafficking in China that he had seen a few days ago, and his heart immediately hung to his throat.

She immediately picked up song Yisen, took the mobile phone in his hand, and said to song yun’an on the other end of the phone, “An’an, it’s not good! Sasha’s gone


Song yun’an on the other end of the mobile phone was shocked when he heard the news, “how could it be gone?”

As soon as Ruan Shishi was nervous, her voice trembled because she was worried. “I don’t know. I can’t find her as soon as I look back.”

Song yun’an repeatedly comforted, “don’t worry, you go around first, I’ll rush to find you right away!”

When the two hang up, Ruan Shishi puts song Yisen down, holds his little hand and looks around the hall.

“Sasha! Sasha, where are you



On the other side of the airport hall, a line of men in suits walked together and attracted a lot of attention.

They were all dressed in black suits, marching forward in unison, with outstanding momentum and fierce battle.

Yu Yimo, who is at the front, is naturally the most eye-catching one. Facing the passers-by’s eyes projected from left to right, he looks at his watch calmly and calmly. He looks slightly at Du Yue, who takes the second half of the wrong step. “Inform the top management of the head office that there will be a temporary meeting tomorrow morning, and make sure that all the staff are present.”

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