The Warmest Romance Chapter 799 -800

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Chapter 799

Du Yue immediately nodded and said, “OK, I’ll send an email to inform you.”

After a pause, he thought of something again, and continued to say, “by the way, in this evening’s Bureau, remember to ask someone to take a few bottles of good wine from the wine cellar and deliver them to him. Director Wu should take care of them.”

“I understand.”



Suddenly, before he could turn around, Yu Yimo felt a pain in his leg, as if he had been hit by something. Then he heard a small milk sound coming from below, and immediately stopped walking and looked down.

A little girl sitting on the ground, looking at him with a pair of big eyes.

Seeing those eyes, Yu Yimo was stunned. Suddenly, he felt like a familiar person. He hesitated for a moment. He squatted down and held out his hand to pick her up from the ground

Song Yisha pouted her little mouth and said, “uncle, it’s you who knocked me down…”

Yu Yimo’s cold face eased a little, his lips rose, and he said in a soft voice, “is that right? Did I knock you down? “

Just now, he only told Du Yue things, but he didn’t pay attention to the front. In addition, he didn’t see the little girl at all.

Song Yisha nodded in affirmation, “yes! Or do you think I’m touching porcelain? “

Listening to a four or five-year-old baby talking like this, the smile on her lips deepened, and she held her up patiently, “OK, I apologize to you, I’m sorry. And how can you be alone? Where’s your mother? “

“My mother It’s over there

Song Yisha blinked and pointed in a random direction. Looking at Yu Yimo, she suddenly grabbed his necktie. “Uncle Shuai, can you take me to my mother?”

As soon as Yu Yimo’s collar is tight, he frowns subconsciously, and a picture suddenly flashes through his mind.

Once, a woman once pulled his tie like this But now, who knows, a few years later, when someone pulls his tie again, it turns out to be a little girl.

Yu Yimo looked back at the lovely little girl in front of him. He felt a little soft hearted and said patiently, “OK, I’ll take you to my mother.”

Du Yue took a look at the time and went forward to remind him, “Mr. Yu, it’s late.”

“No harm.” After a pause, he looked back at the subordinates and said in a low voice, “you go first, and I’ll come later.”

Those subordinates had never seen Yu Yimo like this, so they couldn’t help looking at him more.

Not to mention, a mature, stable and successful man like Yu Yimo holds a cute little loli, just like holding his own daughter.

Seeing Yu Yimo looking at them coldly, they immediately responded and left.

Yu Yimo lowered his head and looked at the little girl around his neck. His face softened a little. “Go, I’ll take you to mom.”

Song Yisha looked at him and said, “uncle, you are a little handsome…”

Smell speech, Yu Yimo hook up the corner of the lip, some funny look at her, “a little handsome? Just a little? “

Song Yisha tone naive said, “not just a little, is a little more handsome than my father.”

Chapter 800

This sentence immediately amuses Yu Yimo. He laughs. The exhaustion of his business trip has been swept away, and his mood is much better unconsciously.

He didn’t like or dislike children, but when he saw the little girl, he didn’t want to be close.

It’s a wonderful feeling.

Is it because he is really old and wants to settle down and have a family?

Thinking of this, Yu Yimo shakes her head helplessly and walks towards the direction she points to with song Yisha in her arms.

When she got to the baggage claim area, song Yisha said, “Uncle Shuai, this is it, but where’s mom?”

She tilted her head and looked around. She didn’t see the figure of Ruan Shishi. Suddenly, she was worried, “where’s my mother?”

Hearing the cry in the little girl’s voice, Yu Yimo said, “it’s OK. Don’t be afraid. Uncle will help you find it.”

Song Yisha is only four years old. She can’t see her mother and brother. At this time, she is also a little scared. Her small arms tightly encircle Yu Yimo’s neck, and her tears revolve around her eyes.

When Yu Yimo saw this, he felt nervous. He didn’t know why.

“Don’t be afraid. Tell me, what color is your mother wearing, long hair or short hair?”

Song Yisha said word by word, “long hair, black clothes.”

Hearing this, Yu Yimo turned his head and looked at Du Yue, who had been following him. He said, “go there and see if there is a woman with long hair and black clothes.”

Du Yue heard the words, and a black thread came out of his head.

There are so many people in the airport. There must be many women in black clothes and long hair. It’s really hard for him to find them.

Song Yisha sniffed and whispered, “she’s with my brother. My brother is as lovely as I am…”

Yu Yimo felt like laughing, but it was not suitable in this situation. He looked at Du Yue, who immediately understood, “I’m going now!”

If two people spread out to look for it, the possibility of finding it is naturally greater.

Just then, a voice came from the public address of the airport, “emergency broadcast, emergency broadcast, song Yisha, please come to the No.1 front desk quickly, your family is waiting for you…”

As soon as song Yisha heard this, she was a little excited. She looked at Yu Yimo and said, “Uncle Shuai, it’s me! it’s me! Song Yisha is me

Yu Yimo looked at the little girl’s anxious appearance, couldn’t help but smile and said in a soft voice, “OK, I’ll take you to the front desk now.”

“Good! Thank you, uncle Shuai

As soon as song Yisha is happy, she suddenly puts her arms around Yu Yimo’s neck and kisses him on the cheek.

Yu Yimo was stunned, and a warm current sprang up in his heart. He didn’t reject it at all. When he looked at Song Yisha, he felt a little more fond of it.

He took her in his arms and walked quickly to front desk one.

From a distance, Yu Yimo saw a large and a small woman standing next to the No.1 front desk, with her back to him. She was dressed in fashion and had a good figure, but she felt a little familiar.

Next to her stood a little fellow, about the size of song Yisha, who was also a small ball made of powder and jade.

The two little guys seem to have telepathy. When song Yisen turns his head, they see each other at the same time.

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