The Warmest Romance Chapter 801 -802

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Chapter 801



In the distance, song Yisen trots to Yu Yimo’s side as two people dance empty handed.

When Yu Yimo looks at Song Yisen’s face, he suddenly feels a sense of familiarity.

He bent down, put down song Yisha, and watched the two little regiments run and hold each other.

At this moment, Ruan Shishi, who was on the other side of the room, heard the sound and turned around slowly. It happened that Yu Yimo raised his head and looked at her.

Two eyes on the moment, the fundus is full of consternation.

Ruan Shishi’s body is frozen in the same place. For some reason, her heart is pounding against the chest wall like a deer, and her cheek is heating up unconsciously.

On the other hand, Yu Yimo looks at her. First, she is shocked and surprised. Then, she slowly returns to calm. In the end, she is only a little cold.

Nature makes people, but that’s all.

He tried his best to find her for such a long time, but he couldn’t get any news from her. Unexpectedly, a few years later, they would meet again in this way.

A little coldness appeared in his heart, and then his face became a little colder, and his original gentleness and patience disappeared.

At this time, two little guys hand in hand, ran quickly toward Ruan Shishi, “Mom” and “Mom” kept calling.

All of a sudden, Yu Yimo’s eyes darkened and his mood was dim.

Unexpectedly, this is her child.

Jiangzhou city is really small.

Over there, Ruan Shishi reacted and looked at Song Yisha, who was safe and sound. Then she was relieved. She quickly took her little hand and looked at it from beginning to end. “Sasha, where have you been? I’m scared to death. “

Song Yisha felt guilty and whispered, “my little aunt said she was in the south gate. I want to pick her up. Who knows I lost her…”

Looking at the little girl’s appearance, Ruan Shishi was soft hearted and said, “it’s OK. It’s not allowed to be like this next time. Do you know?”

Song Yisha nodded. Suddenly she thought of something and held her hand.

“By the way, mom!” Her small face returned to the bright, pulled her toward Yu Yimo’s direction, “Mom, this handsome uncle brought me to you!”

Ruan Shishi hears the sound and looks up at the man two meters away. Her heart is heavy. She inhales deeply, but she doesn’t know how to open her mouth.

Yu Yimo was the first to walk towards her. His eyes were dark. He looked down at the two cute children, then looked up at Ruan Shishi and said with a smile, “I didn’t expect that we would meet in this way.”

Ruan Shishi lowered her heart and pretended to be calm. “I didn’t expect that. I haven’t seen you for a long time. It’s like silence.”

Yu Yimo’s eyes narrowed slightly. The light of his eyes became cold. He dropped his eyes and swept to song Yisha and song Yisen. The mood of his eyes became more complicated.

Aware of his eyes, Ruan Shishi’s heart suddenly sank and subconsciously hid the two little guys behind him.

The next second, the man’s cold voice sounded again, “is this your child?”

Ruan Shi’s heart “clattered” for a moment, and his eyes unconsciously crossed an unnatural look. He summoned up the courage to lift his eyes to his eyes, “yes.”

Chapter 802

Yu Yimo narrowed his eyes. He hesitated at the bottom of his eyes and said, “I’m four or five years old.”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, pressed down his nervousness, and said, “it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you, does it?”

Yu Yimo raises her lips and glances at her with a smile. When she lowers her head, she sees song Yisha hiding behind Ruan Shishi, peeping out a small head and staring at him.

His heart inexplicably soft a few minutes, slightly bent over to look at her way, “who is your father?”

Song Yisha hesitated for a moment. Before she answered, song Yisen suddenly said, “my father’s name is song yean! He’s very good! “

Hearing the name, Yu Yimo’s face suddenly sank, his eyes quickly flashed a wave, and his heart seemed to be pressed on a big stone, some of which could not breathe.

A few seconds later, his face slowly recovered as usual. Taking a deep breath, he stood up and looked at Ruan Shishi. His eyes were a little more ironic and he said with a smile, “it seems that President song has finally achieved his wish.”

Five years ago, song yean had been around Ruan Shishi. Unexpectedly, Ruan Shishi left him after much effort, and finally he was with song yean. Besides, they had two four or five-year-old children.

I don’t know why, Yu Yimo’s heart shrinks, suddenly hurts twice, and then raises his eyes to see that Ruan’s face is more and more gloomy.

Feeling the coldness of the man’s eyes, Ruan Shishi took a deep breath. When his eyes passed his right hand, his eyes also gave a slight pause.

On the ring finger of a man’s right hand, there is a unique ring. Ruan Shishi can see that it is a wedding ring.

She bit her lip, pretended to be calm, and just pulled out a smile, “isn’t Yu always the same?”

When a woman laughs, she becomes more and more charming. It means that she is in a tight mood and a strange emotion surges into her heart.

Ruan Shishi is the same Ruan Shishi. She has stubborn eyes, strong character, and refuses to give up. But after five years, she seems to be reborn, more amazing and more dazzling. People can’t ignore her light.

Yu Yimo sniffed at the speech and glanced down at the wedding ring between his fingers. His eyes darkened a little. He paused and finally said, “I should go. Take care of your child.”

With that, he started to leave.

Suddenly, the corner of his clothes was tight, as if he had been grabbed by something. He looked down, and then he saw song Yisha standing at his leg and holding his hand.

Sasha’s eyes are round, covered with water mist, and her face is a bit reluctant to give up. Looking at them, people can’t help but feel pity.

Yu Yimo felt a little hesitant. He took a deep breath, paused, squatted down slowly, looked at her head in the eye, reached out his hand, gently touched her little cheek, and said in a low voice, “listen to mom, I’ll take you to eat cake next time I’m free.”

When song Yisha heard that, her face was a little more happy, “OK! Uncle Shuai

Ruan Shishi, standing on one side, saw that her heart almost jumped out of her throat. She didn’t expect that Shasha, who always didn’t like contact with strangers, would be so tacit!

Is this the legendary blood connection?

Ruan Shishi was more and more afraid. He quickly held out his hand, grabbed song Yisha, and said in a soft voice, “OK, Sasha, it’s time for us to go.”

With that, she looked at Yu Yimo and said coldly, “thank you for this time.”

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