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Chapter 163

Seeing that there was no way to communicate with his mother, Juan Mu slammed the door and left. Lisa Lin gasped out of anger, “White-eyed wolf, you wait, I’ll have to let you know how good I am.”

Lisa Lin asked a lawyer to sue Jamie Ye. Jamie Ye soon received a court summon. Roy Qin immediately hired a lawyer for her. The lawyer Lisa Lin invited submitted the monitoring. The court believed that Jamie Ye did not intend to harm Lisa Lin, but the result was Lisa Lin was seriously injured and should bear civil and criminal liabilities.

However, they still suggested that they reach a settlement in private, and Juan Mu went to Lisa Lin again, “Mom, Jamie Ye is still pregnant, even if you don’t think about her, you have to think about the child in her stomach?”

When Juan Mu said this, Lisa Lin also remembered. Jamie Ye is now a pregnant woman. She is carrying her grandson in her belly. She didn’t necessarily want Jamie Ye to go to jail. She just couldn’t swallow this breath. If you say this, of course you have to go down the stairs, “Let me not pursue it, you can ask her to come to the hospital to apologize! Kneel down and apologize!”

“Aren’t you troubled by a strong man?” Juan Mu said bitterly. How could Jamie Ye kneel down to apologize to Lisa Lin, it is not impossible to think about it.

“I don’t care. I was hurt so badly and suffered such a crime, so I asked her to kneel down and apologize. This is what she owes me. This time I will never give in. Apologize or go to jail. Let her choose one!”

When Juan Mu saw that she refused to give in and frowned and left the hospital, Lisa Lin thought she had grasped Jamie Ye’s weakness this time and forced her to admit her mistake, but she didn’t expect that the result was quite different from what she thought.

Jamie Ye would rather bear criminal responsibility than apologize, damn Jamie Ye! Why are you so stubborn! It’s just an apology, not her life!

Lisa Lin muttered in her heart, is she really going to send Jamie Ye to jail? She is pregnant with her grandson in her belly. If the grandson is born and knows that he was forced by his grandmother to go to jail, she doesn’t know how much to hate herself.

It’s just that she didn’t turn her head back when she opened the bow. If she wanted to regret it, someone had to let her down the steps. Juan Mu didn’t show his face, and she couldn’t take the initiative to call Juan Mu to tell her thoughts.

Lisa Lin was in a hurry. The lawyer she invited came to the hospital. He told Lisa Lin that Jamie Ye’s lawyer had applied for a bail for Jamie Ye, and that Jamie Ye did not need to go to jail.

Although she didn’t really want Jamie Ye to go to jail, the result was a great humiliation to Lisa Lin. She was so angry that she smashed everything that could be smashed in the ward.

She scolded Erin Liu again for unwarranted charges. Erin Liu was very docile on her face, but she scolded Lisa Lin in her heart.

After venting, Lisa Lin naturally had to talk to Flora Wu. Flora Wu didn’t expect that the matter would end so easily. Lisa Lin didn’t feel sick, and after cursing, she thought of snatching the child.

Flora Wu doesn’t catch a cold with the child at all. Seeing that Lisa Lin is bound to treat the child and she can’t pour cold water, but she suddenly has an idea in her heart. Jamie Ye will definitely not let go of the child. At that time, she will have to ask Carlo Xia for help. Juan is not enthusiastic about snatching the child with Jamie Ye. Lisa Lin is undoubtedly dreaming of taking the child back.

Naturally, she didn’t want Lisa Lin to take back the child. Karen Xia was in good condition after the operation, and she would be able to give Lisa Lin two grandchildren immediately, and then marry Juan Mu.

It is ultimately uncomfortable to let other people’s children dangle in front of her. She has to take precautions against it. No matter how the lawsuit against her son has to let Jamie Ye win, as long as Jamie Ye takes the child away and does not show up for a lifetime, Karen Xia will have no trouble.

Flora Wu suddenly had a horrible idea in her mind. She had to go to Carlo Xia and tell Carlo Xia some things, so that Carlo Xia could make a choice.

Jamie Ye left, Carlo Xia silently and naturally knew it, and then Juan Mu also followed. He thought it was the conflict between the children, so he didn’t care much.

It wasn’t until Lisa Lin accused Jamie Ye of deliberate harm this time that he knew that these troubles had occurred. Hearing that Jamie Ye’s child was Juan Mu’s, Carlo Xia couldn’t believe it, and hated Lisa Lin, the old woman.

It was difficult for his daughter to force a divorce before because Jamie Ye would not have children. Now that Devis is her grandson, she should accept Jamie Ye with a smile. Why is she so stubborn?

Lisa Lin wanted to sue Jamie Ye for deliberately hurting others. How did Carlo Xia put Jamie Ye in jail, so he immediately met with the judge to talk about the matter. The judge suggested that the two parties either reconcile privately or be released on bail pending trial.

Carlo Xia called Juan Mu to persuade Lisa Lin to reconcile. Juan Mu sighed and said that he had already found his mother, but his mother refused to listen to advice at all and insisted on asking Jamie Ye to kneel down and admit her mistake. He is now thinking of other ways…

Carlo Xia was also furious when he heard it. Why is this old woman so hateful that she actually asked his daughter to kneel and admit her mistake. She really took herself seriously, and he hung up the phone angrily.

Jamie Ye is his daughter, Lisa Lin, if she doesn’t know it, she knows that she is still so horrible, she dares to think that life is too peaceful, and a fool also knows that the people do not fight against the officials.

He wanted Lisa Lin to know that his secretary was not in vain, so Carlo Xia immediately called the judge and asked him to find a way to get Jamie Ye on bail. Naturally, the judge would not refuse the request of the secretary, and immediately handled it for Jamie Ye. Released on bail pending trial.

Jamie Ye had nothing to do. Carlo Xia thought about going to see his daughter and grandson, but Flora Wu called him at this time and said that there was something to see him.

Carlo Xia went to see Flora Wu, “What are you looking for?”

“Jamie Ye’s matter.”

“When did you care about Jamie Ye so much?” Carlo Xia mocked. With Flora Wu’s hatred for Meghan Ye, it would be good to not harm Jamie Ye. How could he think of helping her.

“Do you know why Jamie Ye fell out with Juan Mu?” Flora Wu didn’t care about his sarcasm.

“you know?”

“I went to see Lisa Lin today, and she told me all the time.” Flora Wu sighed.

“Didn’t Juan Mu ever have a lover? Seeing that Juan Mu and Jamie Ye were reunited, she felt uncomfortable, so she went to Jamie Ye to provoke her. Juan Mu didn’t want to be extravagant, so she thought about breaking up with her, and Wendy Tian also agreed to break up and go abroad. Saying that it was the last meal to say goodbye, Juan Mu agreed to her.”

“Was Jamie Ye jealous when seeing Juan Mu and Wendy Tian eating?”

“No, it was that Wendy Tian was too vicious. She knew that Karen Xia and Jamie Ye were sisters, so she thought of a vicious idea. That night she invited Juan to dinner, but she put medicine in the wine. Juan was drunk and called Karen to pick up Juan. Juan was drugged by her and he was unconscious and used a strong force on Karen…”

“Is this true?” Carlo Xia’s expression suddenly changed. If Karen Xia really had a relationship with Juan Mu, Jamie Ye’s personality would definitely not forgive Juan Mu. He also expected Jamie Ye and Juan Mu to reunite because of their children, so it seemed that the matter might be small.

Flora Wu nodded, “It’s true that Juan Mu was drugged and didn’t know what happened. Karen was also afraid of sisterhood and didn’t dare to speak up, but told Lisa Lin about this matter. This matter could have passed quietly. But this Wendy Tian is so hateful that she called Jamie Ye when she left, so Jamie Ye went abroad out of anger.”

Wendy Tian called Jamie Ye, but she didn’t know that Jamie Ye left because of pregnancy. She thought it was because she was angry that Juan and Karen Xia had s*x, so Flora Wu didn’t have to worry about being poked when she told a lie.

“Damn it!” Carlo Xia was vicious.

“Jamie Ye is now unwilling to forgive Juan Mu because of this. After Lisa Lin knew that the child was Juan Mu’s, she followed him to the Costaguana. The original meaning was that she wanted to recognize her grandson and let Juan Mu and Jamie Ye get married. Jamie refused to forgive Juan Mu and refused to allow Devis to recognize them. Lisa Lin took the child back in a fit of anger, and Jamie Ye followed him back and dragged Lisa Lin and pushed Lisa Lin down the stairs. Lisa Lin was so angry with her. Yes, I know that there is no need to make a three-pointer for nothing. Jamie Ye treats her like this, no matter how she would forgive her, the grievances between them will not be solved for a lifetime! Lisa Lin will not let Jamie Ye enter the door if she is dead. .”

Flora Wu sighed.

“You came to me just to talk about this?”

“In addition to this, I also want to tell you that Lisa Lin is now determined to grab Devis with Jamie Ye. You have to find a way to help Jamie Ye.”

“Isn’t Lisa Lin your good friend? Are you betraying your friend like this?” Carlo Xia didn’t believe Flora Wu would be so kind.

“I kindly tell you, what are you doing for stabbing me?” Flora Wu was upset, “Jamie Ye is also my niece, so I can’t watch Lisa Lin snatch her baby away.”

“Thank you so much!” Carlo Xia didn’t smile, “I will pay attention to this matter. As long as I am here, no one will want to snatch my grandson from my daughter!”

With Carlo Xia’s assurance, Flora Wu was relieved, her goal was achieved and she got up and left the tea room.

Flora Wu walked out and bumped into a waiter with tea. The waiter spilled tea on her body. Flora Wu’s clothes were wet. The hot tea burnt her. She raised her hand and slapped the waiter, “You don’t have eyes to walk?”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” The waiter apologized. The movement here attracted the attention of other guests. Seeing everyone’s gaze, Flora Wu thought of Carlo Xia, so he didn’t care about the waiter anymore, and hurriedly left the tea room.

She left for a while. Xia just walked out of the tea room and left in a hurry.

“Hey, isn’t this Secretary Xia?” The colleague who was drinking tea with Alexa Xiao pointed to Carlo Xia who had left.

Alexa Xiao turned her head and looked back, “Yes.”

“What do you think he is doing here?”

“The secretary is also a human and needs a living. What’s all the fuss about coming here to drink tea.”

“No, the fierce woman just now came out of the same room.”

Just now Flora Wu called the waiter Alexa Xiao and naturally saw her, and didn’t care much. Now that her colleague said that she was taken aback, why did Flora Wu and Carlo Xia meet?

Chapter 164

Xia just left the tea room and returned home. Patricia Liu saw him come back and welcome him, “Why so early today?”

Xia just snorted, “Where is Karen?”

“Sleeping upstairs.”

“What to sleep in during the day? Let her come down, I have something to ask her.” Carlo Xia said with a calm face.

Patricia Liu immediately went upstairs and opened the bedroom door. She lowered her voice, “Your dad wants to ask about you and Juan Mu. You should follow what Flora Wu said. You can’t make mistakes, you know?”

“Got it.” Karen Xia tidied and went out of the bedroom.

Looking at Carlo Xia with a calm face in the living room, Karen Xia felt a little drumming in her heart. She doesn’t know why she was afraid of Carlo Xia, “Dad, you are looking for me.” Karen Xia tried to let herself speak as if nothing had happened.

Xia just snorted and motioned to Karen Xia to sit down opposite him, “What’s the matter with you and Juan Mu?”

“Dad, I have nothing to do with him?” Karen Xia replied, looking innocent.

“It’s really nothing?” Carlo Xia looked at Karen Xia, “I ask you, have you ever seen Juan Mu in private?”

“I have seen him.” Karen Xia’s voice became quieter.

“So, is it really your credit for Jamie and Juan Mu to have trouble with each other?”

“Dad, this matter has nothing to do with me.”

“Really doesn’t matter?” Zhen looked at her coldly, Karen Xia was stunned by Carlo Xia’s gaze, “Dad, I am also innocent! It’s all Juan Mu… He was drunk… Later… …Just… I didn’t say anything to anyone, not even my mother. It’s really not my business that my sister has conflicts with him.”

This is an admission that she has had a relationship with Juan Mu. Carlo Xia originally expected Flora Wu to talk nonsense. This proved to be dizzy.

He grabbed the cup in front of him and smashed it on the ground, “Didn’t I warn you not to approach Juan Mu? Why do you take my words to your ears!”

“I didn’t mean it… Dad… I really didn’t know it would become like this.” Karen Xia choked and cried.

“That Wendy Tian called me and said Juan was drunk and asked me to take him home. I didn’t think too much about it. How did I know… Juan saw me like a lunatic. It was useless for me to struggle. … Then he fell asleep, and I… I sent him home. Only Aunt Lin knows about this. I can guarantee that no third person knows.”

“If you want people to know it, you can’t do it yourself, don’t you know such a simple truth?”

“What happened?” Patricia Liu came over in a panic.

“The good daughter you, what a good job you have taught her!” Carlo Xia stared at Patricia Liu viciously, as if he was about to eat her.

“Dad, it’s my fault. It has nothing to do with mom. She doesn’t know anything. If you want to scold me, please scold me!” Karen Xia knelt on the ground with a “plop”, “I’ll go to my sister to explain…this matter It’s not Juan’s fault!”

“Explanation? You can let Jamie and Juan be together if you explain it?” Carlo Xia glanced at Karen Xia with disgust, “You will stay home obediently for me from now on, and don’t go anywhere!”

Throwing down these words, he entered the study room in a huff, reading that the door of the study room was closed, Patricia Liu reached out to help Karen Xia, and the eyes of the mother and daughter were full of triumph.

Alexa Xiao returned to Roy Qin’s villa after breaking up with her colleague and bought Devis’s favorite snacks on the way. Devis was very happy to see Alexa Xiao coming back, “Aunt, did you bring me something delicious?”

“Little greedy cat, auntie knows that you are greedy, and helped you bring you the snacks you like to eat.” She said that she took out the snacks she bought on the road and handed it to Devis.

“You are accustomed to him.” Jamie Ye stretched out her hand to touch Devis’s head, and smiled as she watched her son happy, “You didn’t say thank you to auntie yet.”

“Thank you Auntie!” Devis thanked sweetly.

“Little greedy cat, let’s go and eat. Auntie and your mother have something to say.” Devis went obediently, Alexa Xiao pulled Jamie Ye aside, “I just saw Flora Wu and your dad in the tea room, tell me why would Flora Wu see your dad?”

“How would I know?” Jamie Ye shook her head.

“Flora Wu is so beautiful and is not married. Will she have something to do with your dad?”

“No?” Jamie Ye shook her head.

“Why not? Then Flora Wu and your mother look so similar, maybe your dad regards her as your mother’s shadow.”

“What is your brain pretending?” Jamie Ye shook her head, “I tell you, Flora Wu is Roy Qin’s father’s lover.”

“Ah!” Alexa Xiao was taken aback, “Roy Qin’s father’s lover? Does Roy Qin know?”

“Of course I do!” A sudden voice sounded, and Roy Qin appeared in front of them unconsciously.

“I…” Alexa Xiao blushed. Although she didn’t have any malicious intentions, she still felt embarrassed to argue that someone was caught behind her back.

“We are not talking bad about you…”

“I know, I have heard what you said.” Roy Qin seemed indifferent, “this matter is not a secret in the first place.”

Alexa Xiao breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that he didn’t mean to blame, and looked at Jamie Ye, “Actually, it’s not the first time I saw Flora Wu meet your father. I saw them meet in the tea room again before. It seemed mysterious. Yes, the two entered the tea room and looked around. I felt strange at the time. I originally wanted to tell you, but then I forgot.”

“When did it happen?” Jamie Ye was surprised.

“Let me think about it.” Alexa Xiao rubbed her forehead, “I don’t remember the exact time. It seems that it hasn’t been long since you moved into the Xia family.”

“Does it really mean that a dog can’t change the virtue of eating shit?” Jamie Ye’s face suddenly became hard to look at. Carlo Xia used to cheat her mother on her back, and now it is possible to cheat Patricia Liu on her back.

“It’s not good to cheat.” Alexa Xiao snorted coldly. “At the beginning, Patricia Liu seduce married husbands, but now let her taste her husband being seduced by other women.”

“It’s better if this thing is true, so that we can have a show.” Roy Qin agreed. He naturally knew that Flora Wu and Carlo Xia’s relationship was between brother-in-law and sister-in-law, but Andre Ye wouldn’t let Jamie Ye tell about it, so he didn’t naturally.

But Flora Wu doesn’t like this woman at all. If you send a photo of her meeting with Carlo Xia to Patricia Liu, let her mistakenly think that Carlo Xia and Flora Wu cheated on the scene. It would be better to let the two juniors fight each other.

“It’s best to follow them, and pass the photos of Secretary Xia and Flora Wu to Patricia Liu, and make her angry.”

“This is a good idea. Why don’t we find someone to follow…”

“You two are really afraid that the world will not be chaotic.” Jamie Ye interrupted Alexa Xiao, “I only care about my son now, and I don’t bother to care about other people.”

“I know you have such a character.” Alexa Xiao curled her lips. “You don’t want a good secretary’s daughter position. Give it to an illegitimate daughter. Only you can do that. If it’s me, the little third mother and daughter don’t even want to enter the door.”

“That’s because you are a bystander, not a party.” Jamie Ye sighed.

“After knowing that Carlo Xia had an illegitimate daughter outside of his derailment, I was extremely disappointed in him. When he was a child, he was so tall in my heart that he was totally unacceptable. You may not accept this matter if you put it on you.”

Roy Qin nodded, “This is right. Only the person involved can understand the reason. Others can’t understand it. But Jamie Ye has always been curious about it. Didn’t you ever think of revenge on Patricia Liu and daughter?”

It’s hard for ordinary people to forgive them, but he didn’t see Jamie Ye’s aggressive behavior towards Patricia Liu and daughter. Doesn’t she hate them at all?

“What are you doing to retaliate against them?” Jamie Ye asked back. “A slap can’t make a sound. It’s not all Patricia Liu’s fault.”

“Why is it not her fault, if it wasn’t for her shamelessly seduce your father, would your mother be heartbroken in a car accident? Alexa Xiao retorted.

“Of course, my mother’s car accident did not rule out Carlo Xia’s derailment, but more of the reason was accidents. She loved the wrong person and put her mind on a man that caused the tragedy. That’s why I hate Carlo Xia. If it weren’t for him, this Nothing will happen. Thinking about my mother now, she was too stupid. She lost her life and left her young daughter for a man who was not worth the effort…” Jamie Ye’s voice was sad and did not go on.

“If, let me assume, if Patricia Liu actually seduced your father, calculate your mother, and break up your family, would you think of revenge?” Roy Qin asked tentatively.

“If your hypothesis is true, I will definitely seek justice for my mother!” Jamie Ye replied, “but I heard from my uncle that she died in a car accident on a zebra crossing. Everything was an accident.”

Roy Qin didn’t speak any more, and the truth of the year can’t be checked back now, but what is certain is that Meghan Ye’s incident and Patricia Liu couldn’t escape.

Should he tell Jamie Ye all this? Seeing that Jamie Ye was so haggard for her son, he couldn’t bear to think about it, let’s just let it go, and wait until he finds enough evidence to tell Jamie Ye.

Roy Qin insisted on leaving. Alexa Xiao volunteered to send him off. When she walked to the door, she lowered her voice and asked, “Roy Qin, what did you mean by that?”

“What are you talking about?” Roy Qin asked back.

“It’s Patricia Liu’s calculation of Jamie Ye’s mother. Did you find any evidence for this?” Jamie Ye focused on her son and did not pay attention to Roy Qin’s words, but Alexa Xiao was different. She sensitively felt that there was something in Roy Qin’s words. She did not ask Jamiely, this would only be her and Roy Qin, she would not miss it.

“There is no evidence, just say it casually.” There is no evidence for this matter. Of course Roy Qin would not tell Alexa Xiao.

“I thought you had evidence.” Alexa Xiao was a little disappointed.

“The woman Patricia Liu was originally her mother’s best friend, but she shamelessly seduce her girlfriend’s husband. It’s really disgusting. The most irritating thing is that the upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked. She seduceed her mother’s husband and even let her daughter Seduce Jamie’s husband, I don’t feel like it in my heart. I always want to express a nasty anger for Jamie. I can tell you that what I just said is true. I really hope that Carlo Xia cheats and makes that disgusting woman appear in the world.”

Alexa Xiao is evil and hateful, and can’t tolerate Patricia Liu and daughter at all. This is the same as Roy Qin, he also has the same character.

“I can understand your heart for Jamie Ye. It’s just that you have to eat one bite at a time. We should pay more attention to this. The fox will always show its tail.”

“So, do you plan to pay attention to this matter?” Alexa Xiao became excited. She had always wanted to catch Patricia Liu’s tail, but she was weak. If Roy Qin was willing to help, it would be better than she was thinking about it alone.

“Yes.” Roy Qin nodded, “I don’t pay much attention to Carlo Xia. After all, he is Jamie’s father. Tiger poison does not eat children. He is not like Jamie Ye, but Patricia Liu is different, so you have to pay more attention to her.”

“Yes, I also think I should pay more attention to Patricia Liu. Let me tell you one thing. Last time I went to dinner with Jamie Ye, and saw Patricia Liu and a man in a car in a traffic jam on the road, their hands were actually held together.”

“What you said is true?” Roy Qin showed interest.

“I’m not sure. At that time, it was a little far away. The woman wore a hat and sunglasses again, and she did not dare to confirm. However, she called Aunt Kin and said that Patricia Liu was not at home and she went for beauty treatment, and she said that as long as Carlo Xia has something to do, Patricia Liu will definitely go for beauty treatment. It takes a long time to do it. I think this is very strange, so…”

“I see, I will pay attention to Patricia Liu and let you know if I have the situation!”

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