The Warmest Romance Chapter 803 -804

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Chapter 803

With that, she holds song Yisha in one hand and song Yisen in the other, and turns to the other side.

Yu Yimo raised his eyes and watched the woman pull the two little guys away. Without two steps, song Yisha turned and looked at him. She was so cute.

Yu Yimo suddenly felt warm. But when he thought that it was Ruan Shishi and song yean’s child, his original mood was a little cold.

A moment later, his face returned to calm, turned around, looked at Du Yue, and said coldly, “let’s go.”

Du Yue hesitated for a moment, nodded, stepped forward, and quickly followed.

Ruan Shishi takes song Yisha and song Yisen back to the baggage claim area. As soon as they get the suitcase ready to leave, a loud voice comes.

“Poetry Song yun’an ran to them in a flurry, and did not forget to give her a big kiss. But the next second, she opened her arms, put the two little guys in her arms, and tried hard to kiss them.

“Well, little aunt, your saliva…”

Song Yisen had no choice but to be pro, so he quickly put out his little hand to wipe his face.

Next to song Yisha, she kept giggling, “OK, OK, little aunt…”

For a moment, the atmosphere became lively and relaxed, and Ruan’s tense heart gradually relaxed.

The scene of meeting Yu Yimo just now still reverberates in her mind. At that time, she was so nervous that she was afraid that Yu Yimo might doubt something when she saw the two little groups.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she arrived in Jiangzhou, she met Yu Yimo at the airport. Should she sigh that Jiangzhou city is too small, or that they have a destiny?

With this in mind, Ruan Shishi unconsciously lost her mind, even when song Yunan came to her side, she didn’t know.

“What do you think! So obsessed

Ruan Shishi suddenly looked back. Seeing song yun’an beside him, she was relieved. She shook her head and said, “it’s OK. It’s just that Sasha lost her and met Yu Yimo.”


Song yun’an’s facial expression suddenly became a little exaggerated. He took a look at Sasha and Sensen who were playing beside him. “Do you mean Yu Yimo saw them?”

Ruan Shishi nodded, feeling a little uneasy.

This time she went back to Jiangzhou because there were some domestic things to deal with. Before she came back, she really thought of this possibility, but she didn’t expect that things happened so suddenly and so quickly.

At last, she took a deep breath, patted Ruan Shishi on the shoulder, comforted her and said, “don’t be afraid, the sky is falling down, and my brother is standing on it! It’s all right! “

Looking at Song yun’an’s affirmative appearance, Ruan Shishi’s nervous mood eased a little, and he chuckled, “OK, it’s late, it’s time to have dinner.”

Song yun’an nodded with approval, “yes, let’s get rid of the dust first, let’s talk about other things!”

Then she went to the side and pulled the two little guys out.

Ruan Shishi walked behind with two big suitcases and shook his head with a smile.

How does she feel that song yun’an is like the mother of two little guys, and she is like a maid?

They left the airport and went directly to the restaurant.

After a meal and eating for more than two hours, the suitcase is sent to the hotel by the driver song yun’an brings. Ruan Shishi takes the little guy to the West Bridge Garden in light weight.

Chapter 804

Xiqiaoyuan is a residential area developed in recent years in Jiangzhou City, with good greening and quiet environment, which is very suitable for the elderly.

At first, song yean arranged for them to live on the border between Yicheng and Jiangzhou. Later, two years later, song yean took them to Xiqiao garden, where they lived for three years.

Ruan Shishi took two little guys down from the car and found the corresponding room number. At a glance, he saw the hanger in the yard, the purple scarves, the brown coats Every one of them was a familiar dress to her.

Those are the clothes of Professor Ruan and Ms. Liu. They are very thrifty, and they don’t change their clothes very often. As soon as Ruan Shishi saw those familiar clothes, he knew that they were where Professor Ruan and Ms. Liu lived.

As soon as her nose was sour, she could not walk any more.

She has been away for five years, but she has never come back to see the elder. She will feel a little guilty.

Next to song Yisha and song Yisen noticed the abnormality, surrounded her left and right, and asked, “Mom, what’s the matter with you?”

“Mom, why are you crying?”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, pressed down the tears that were about to gush out, and hooked his lips to them. “It’s OK. I’m going to see my grandparents. Are you happy?”

The little guys were so excited that they couldn’t be happy

Looking at them, Ruan Shishi felt even worse.

The children are more than four years old, and she brought them to see her grandparents for the first time. It’s really unfilial.

She gritted her teeth and summoned up courage. Holding the little guy in her left hand and several gift boxes in her right hand, she walked to the door and pressed the doorbell.

After a while, there was a sound coming from the room. Then, with a sound of footwork, the door was pushed open and Ms. Liu appeared at the door.

She had just walked two steps, but before she came into the yard, when she saw Ruan Shishi standing outside, her face was dull.

A few seconds later, she walked forward in surprise, hesitated and called, “poetry?”

In the tone, there is a bit of uncertainty.

Ruan poetry nose a sour, light voice way, “Mom.”

At the same time, Ms. Liu’s tears fell from her eyes, “poetry!”

She quickly came over, opened the door of the yard, and saw the two little guys beside Ruan Shishi. Her face was even more surprised, “this is…”

Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply, tears swirling in her eyes. She looked down at the two stunned little guys and immediately said, “call grandma quickly!”


The two little guys hesitated and called, timidly.

Mrs. Liu was both surprised and happy. She answered twice. Looking at the two little guys, she couldn’t hide her joy.

“Come on in! Come on in

Ms. Liu took the gift box from Ruan Shishi and immediately let them in.

Ruan Shishi followed her in, across the yard and into the room.

“Take a break, and I’ll call your father here!”

Ms. Liu is not happy, back and forth, hurried to the next room, pat the door, “don’t practice calligraphy, old man! Come on out! Look who’s coming

Sitting on the sofa, Ruan Shishi felt a little nervous. Although she came to see her parents, she hasn’t seen her for several years.

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