The Warmest Romance Chapter 807 -808

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Chapter 807

At the other end of the phone, Qi Ge asked, “Shi Shi, what I told you last time, have you thought about it?”

Ruan Shishi heard the speech, his heart sank, hesitated for a moment and said, “I think our life is very good now, and I just want to be flat and light, and I don’t want to enter the entertainment industry.”

Hearing her reply, Qi Ge at the other end said, “Shishi, I’ve told you so much, why don’t you understand? With your present conditions and achievements, you can be popular! When the time comes, there will be tens of millions of films and endless advertisements, even if you go back to the circle in the future… “

Without waiting for Qi Ge to finish, Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and interrupted him, “OK, Qi Ge, I’ve really thought about it.”

She wanted to live a simple life. She took photos of sensenshasha to record their growth. She directed the short film because she loved it. Now she is satisfied with everything she has.

“Well, Shishi, now there is a company in Jiangzhou that wants to sign you. Do you know which company it is? It’s the star entertainment media where the top male star Jiang Huanchen is

Hearing this familiar and strange name, Ruan Shishi was stunned. A few seconds later, she hooked her lips and laughed.

She has heard something about Jiang Huanchen. In the past five years, he has changed from fresh meat to top male star, bringing a lot of good works to the audience. In the past two years, his films have been highly praised and become a proper front line of entertainment circle.

Hearing Qi Ge on the other end of the phone talking about how good star entertainment media is, she inhaled deeply and said with a smile, “Qi Ge, I really don’t need it. Thank you.”

Said, she turned to look back, just saw Ms. Liu carrying soup pot out of the kitchen, lip smile can’t help deepening, “I also want to accompany my family, first don’t say, that’s it.”

With that, without waiting for Qi Ge to say anything, she hung up and put away her cell phone.

Now, after experiencing loss, she realized what was the most important thing for her.

Family affection and love are the most important things in her life.

In a short time, Ms. Liu had already prepared five dishes and one soup, and the table was full of sumptuous dishes.

Song Yisen and song Yisha, two greedy cats, couldn’t eat such authentic Chinese food abroad. At this time, they all gathered around the table, smelling the fragrance on the table and sighing.

“Wow! Grandma, what’s this? Look, eat well… “

Ms. Liu patiently introduced to them, “this is Guoba sliced meat, and this red one is sweet and sour fish…”

After the introduction, the two little greedy cats looked at their grandmother with more admiration. Naturally, Ms. Liu enjoyed the feeling and happily pulled them into the kitchen, “go! Go wash your hands! You can eat it after washing it! “

Ruan Shishi stood aside and suddenly thought of her appearance. Every dish on the table was her favorite.

She inhaled deeply, turned her head and saw Professor Ruan next to her. Her heart tightened, and the title rolled in her throat. Finally, she cried out, “Dad…”

Professor Ruan’s face was not as cold as it was at the beginning. When he looked at Ruan Shishi, there was a flicker of hesitation in his eyes. Then he said in a cold voice, “go wash your hands and eat.”

Ruan Shishi, feeling warm, stepped forward and said in a choked voice, “Dad, I’m sorry for you and mom these years…”

Chapter 808

When Professor Ruan heard the speech, his tears whirled in his eyes. His tears flashed. Finally, he waved his hand. His voice softened a little and said, “OK, just come back.”

After hearing this, Ruan Shishi knew that he had already forgiven her.

She took a deep breath and nodded with a tearful smile. “Well, I listen to Dad!”

Two people looked at each other. Two seconds later, the corners of their lips could not help rising. They looked at each other with a silly smile. Everything in the past was eliminated at this moment.

This meal can be said to be the most delicious for Ruan Shishi in the past five years.

In the evening, Ruan Shishi originally planned to take Sensen and Shasha to the hotel, but she was persuaded by Ms. Liu to stay at home, so she had to send someone to pick up their luggage.

Although the house in xiqiaoyuan is not big, there are many rooms. Ruan Shishi and Sensen Shasha sleep on their side, which is enough.

It’s just after eight o’clock. Maybe it’s because after a day’s work, the two kids soon fell asleep.

Ruan Shishi took a bath and came out of the bathroom. While wiping her hair, she took a look at the charging mobile phone. There were several new messages from Qi Ge.

“Forget poetry, I don’t want to force you, you have your choice, I respect it.”

“If you don’t want to come back this time, you can do anything else, but you must be present at the award ceremony this Saturday! It’s important! “

In order to emphasize the importance, Qi Ge also specially sent several urgent expression bags.

Ruan Shishi chuckled and gave him a message, “OK, I know.”

She also knows the importance of this award ceremony. The film directed by her won a famous award. With this title, she can do more things in the future.

So, this award ceremony, she had to go.

In the twinkling of an eye, it was the next morning.

Ms. Liu got up early in the morning and was busy for two hours. She prepared a big dinner, including fried milk flavored fried dough sticks, baked egg pancakes, Chinese style bean curd and millet porridge.

Song Yisen and song Yisha, two greedy cats, sleep together. They are led to the kitchen by the fragrance. One by one, they emit rainbow farts.

“Grandma, you are so good!”

“Yes, yes! We used to eat bread, milk and oats, which were not delicious at all… “


Ms. Liu was praised not close the mouth, holding two small round son left kiss right kiss, still refused to let go.

jealous of Professor Nguyen, who came to the restaurant after reading the newspaper, saw some breakfast on the table, and could not help eating some food. Make complaints about it. “Before we had two of us, I didn’t see you doing so much delicious food…”

“You’re no match for my precious grandchildren!” Ms. Liu waved, “go, go! Don’t get in the way here


Ruan Shishi stood by and watched the two of them quarrel as they did five years ago. She could not help but lift her lips and deepen her smile.

This kind of feeling, is she most familiar with the feeling of home.

Just then, there was a loud noise at the door, followed by a low male voice, “poetry!”

Ruan Shishi hears the speech, turns around and looks at Song yean who just changed his shoes at the door and goes this way.

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