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Chapter 397

Evan threw the information in his hand and slumped into the rocking chair lazily with a weird smile, “What? President Blair, is it possible that someone wants to buckle this shit bowl on your head? Hey, I said you don’t investigate. You just picked up a ready-made dad without paying a little bit of essence, what else do you like!! This is a good thing, just accept it!!”

Good size!!! Blair Elijah slandered in his heart.

This guy still didn’t know the specifics of the matter at all, and it was that person who imagined a series of stories and even gloated.

“Then…is it possible that a child stayed in the womb for twelve months?”

“Twelve months? Of course, this most basic medical knowledge, do you need to ask me? Wait…”

Twelve months? Plus four full years, isn’t it exactly five years?

“Hey, don’t you tell me, Hazel gave birth to a baby?”

“Yes! I also knew it a few days ago. But, she said the child’s father is Brooks Mateo.”

“Wait!” Evan was still a little unacceptable, “Blair, do you now suspect this child is yours?”

“You want to listen to the truth?” A few gloomy flashes flashed under Blair Elijah’s eyes.

“Nonsense!!” Evan scolded angrily.

” I hope this child is mine.”

“Damn!!!” Evan was speechless…

After a while, he said again, “Some children grow slowly in the mother’s body, and it is not impossible to stay for twelve months! But, Blair, don’t forget the fact that you and her children have been Five years ago having a miscarriage…”

Although it still seems cruel to say this, it is true!!!


Blair sighed, slight pain in his heart.

“But if the child is Brooks Mateo’s, is that fair?”

“Why can’t it be said? They are husband and wife!! Don’t forget this fact!!”

“Can you get pregnant directly after a miscarriage?”

Hazel was silent.

After a while, he heard Blair Elijah again, “Maybe Landon is just a premature baby…”

If it is a premature baby, then everything seems to be justified.


Evan sighed, “Since things are over, what use do you think so many do? If you suspect that the child is yours, you can simply take him over for a DNA check, and you will know the result. .”

“Forget it…”

Blair Elijah seemed to lose his soul.

If he dares to do DNA testing, he will let Landon do it, but, does he dare? He dare not!!!

For the ending, he didn’t want to place hope, and then let the hope come to nothing!!!

“Also.” Blair Elijah said swiftly, “She is already divorced!”


When the voice fell, Evan, who couldn’t wait to reply, Blair Elijah also hung up.


After getting off work, Blair Elijah took Hazel and got off work, and then went to the little guy’s kindergarten.

A group of parents were already waiting at the door and saw the little things greet them happily from inside.

“Daddy, Mommy…”

As soon as Blair Elijah and Hazel stood still at the door, they suddenly heard the tender sound of Landon.

The corners of Hazel’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch twice.

This kid is definitely on purpose!!!

She knows, he doesn’t call her mommy on weekdays, unless it is when he has something to ask her, or when he is acting like a baby. In short, if he calls her “mummy” in this situation, it is a ghost!!!

Blair Elijah, who was on the sidelines, seemed to be particularly accustomed to this name, walked over, and grabbed the happy little ghost into his arms.

The little guy looked at him in surprise, “Father, why are you here?”

Look, this little guy calls him ‘Daddy’, but it’s getting more and more smooth.

Hazel wanted to remind Landon, but looking at their harmonious father-son relationship, she couldn’t bear it.

In the end, she had no choice but to give up.

“Your mommy said she wants to see Hazelic…” Blair Elijah deliberately bit the word ‘Mummy’ very hard.

“Choke! That’s great! Landon will also go together…”

The little guy jumped and screamed in Blair Elijah’s arms. Hazel hadn’t seen such an active pool in a long time.

Hazel found that every time as long as three people were together, even if Landon would be injured and the pain was terrible, he was happy and joyful from the heart.

Inside the hypermarket-

Blair Elijah put the little guy in the cart and sat down.

He is in charge of the cart, and Hazel, walking on the other side, is responsible for picking ingredients.

“Wow! The people of this family are so beautiful!!”

“Oh, this kid is too smart!! How come he looks so good! How nice to be an actor in the future!!”

“With such beautiful parents, can he not look good?”

“Thank you, grandma…” Landon sat in the cart, holding a cute little ‘Chopper’, and hurriedly thanked the grandma who praised him.

Hazel only smiled shyly, and Blair Elijah just smiled without speaking.

A family, mom, and dad…

Well, how can this feeling be so beautiful?!

“Well, I’ll go over there to see, you two go to the fruit shop to see! If you like, buy it, and I will find you later!”

Hazel didn’t wait for the two of them to react at all, and left without permission, escaping from this embarrassing situation.

“Mommy ran away…”

“Well! Coward!”


Two people, one big and one small, one singing and one harmony.

“Go! Take you to buy fruit!!”

Blair Elijah pushed the little guy to the fruit stand, causing the little guy in the car to giggle.

When he arrived at the fruit stand, Blair Elijah simply hugged the little guy in front of him, wrapped his hands around his small body, “whatever you like, take it yourself.”

“Tomato, tomato!!”

The little guy kept holding on to the fruit stand with his little hands, holding one after another.

“Hey! You have to pick first, not the bad ones.” Blair Elijah reminded him.

“Yeah! I picked it up.”


Picking a ghost is just grabbing.

“Oh, you father and son are so beautiful…”

The little guy and Blair Elijah were carefully selecting tomatoes, but suddenly they heard a grandmother’s envious sigh.

Hearing praise, Blair Elijah didn’t think much, just smiled.

And of course, the little guy is responsible for thanking.

Yeah! They have allocated this job well!

“The kid looks a lot like his dad! Look at the little nose, the little eyes! The one with dad is almost carved out of the same mold!!”


Grandma’s words brought Blair Elijah’s suspicion in his heart.

Busily pointed the front of the little guy at himself, looked at it several times, “Does it look like?”

The little guy blinked suspiciously, “Like? Everyone said I look more like Mommy.”

“Like! Why isn’t it? It’s very similar!! Especially the nose, it looks very like! It’s all pretty!” The grandmother was still exclaiming.

On this end, two people stared at each other.

Suspiciously, blinking and blinking.

Are they alike? But…

Isn’t this little guy Brooks Mateo’s son? Suspicious ripples appeared in Blair Elijah’s heart again.

“Thank you, grandma.”

This time, Blair Elijah thanked her.

The two picked some more fruits, and then pushed the cart to find the familiar figure in the store.

“Hazel, Hazel…”

As soon as the little guy smiled, he sat in the cart and waved his little hand excitedly, “I have bought a lot of fruits!! And your favorite durian…”

“Really?” Hazel put the ingredients in her hand into the cart, brought out the fruits they bought, and carefully checked.

“Who bought these tomatoes? Why are so many bad ones?!”

Hazel stared at the opposite father and son!



“It’s you.”

“Uncle, it’s you…”


As a result, the two people deny each other!

“I’m pissed off by you two!” Hazel had nothing to do with these two guys.

Both men only smiled secretly.

“Ah, by the way, kid, I have to buy a pair of slippers for you!”

Blair Elijah pushed the pool towards the living quarters.

As soon as he got here, he found that there was a crowd of people in the middle of the store, but there was a lot of liveliness inside, and it seemed to be a promotion.

“What are you doing inside?”

The little guy poked his head curiously, “Uncle, you can push me in, let me see…”

Blair Elijah obediently pushed the car a few minutes toward what was listening to him.


The little guy let out an exclamation, his eyes were full of envy.


Hazel also poked her head out curiously and went to see.

“Promote parent-child outfits…”

Blair Elijah replied with a slight expression


“What’s so good about this, okay, okay, let’s go buy shoes!” She smiled as if she knew what the little guy said in the next moment, and hurriedly pulled the cart and left.

“Mommy!! That dress is so beautiful!!!” Sure enough, the little guy looked reluctant.

“Wow!! Here comes a group of very beautiful little families!! Come, if you like, you can come and take a look!”

Is the eyesight and hearing of the promoters always so sensitive? He saw them across from just a glance.

In an instant, he saw a promoter coming over and dragging their cart and walking on the stage, “Come here, I know when I look at it, this cute kid likes it at first sight, right??”

“En En En…” The little guy nodded.

“…” Hazel was so embarrassed that she just wanted to find a hole to get in.

But Blair Elijah was silent on the sidelines and even allowed the promoters to push his cart away. This is not his style!

“The uncle will put it on for you now, okay?”

The promoters are very ruthless, parents can’t deal with it, children can deal with it!


The little guy jumped up and let the promoter put the little pink t-shirt on himself.

“Wow, so cute…”

As a result, he still did not forget the stinky praise.

“Thank you, uncle!! We want a set!!!”


Hazel really can’t stand it anymore, “Hey…”

Chapter 398

This kid is too assertive, right? “You want a set, who will give the money? I won’t give it!”

They are not family members, they are still wearing this parent-child outfit, will they be too…

Besides, Blair Elijah doesn’t seem to be a person who wears such cheap and feminine clothes. Isn’t it a waste to buy it?

“Landon, obedient, would you buy this one?” Hazel was still persuading this stubborn little villain.

“Father!! Pay the money!!”



This dead kid!!!

The result…makes Hazel…

“Received!!” Blair Elijah unexpectedly still had an eye-catching little devil who hurriedly stretched out his hand to dig out his wallet, pulled out a few red tickets, and handed it to the promoter, “Get a set.”

“Hey, you…you…”

Hazel has stopped ineffective.

Coming out of the promotion area, the little guy was very excited, “Oh! Hazel, look how beautiful this dress…you must be beautiful in a dress!!”

Seeing his mother pouting, the little guy hurriedly sat in the cart with his head tilted to coax her.

Hazel ignored him, but turned to look at Blair Elijah and glared at him, “Hey, you will spoil Landon like this!!”

“No…” Blair Elijah rubbed the little devil’s round head spoiling, “He has always been so bad!”


Hazel dan.

Her baby boy has always been good, okay?! It’s just that every time in front of this guy, he looks… well, very bad!!!

The mood of the little guy today is so good that it is overwhelming.

And Hazel’s mood is much more complicated.

Standing in a familiar community, looking at the familiar plants and trees, Hazel at the footsteps, couldn’t help but slow down.

The heart pond set off wave after wave for no reason…

The palm, involuntarily oozing thin sweat!

She thought she didn’t care anymore, but when she returned here five years later, her heart still jumped almost off track.

“Yo! Isn’t this Mrs. Blair?”

A familiar but slightly old voice came from the security booth.

Hazel for a second, then came back to her senses in the next moment, looked at the old man who suddenly appeared before her in astonishment, “Uncle Sebastian??”

“Oh! Do you remember me! I haven’t seen you for years, and you won’t come back any more! Where have you been all these years?”

Hazel smiled a little embarrassed, “Just went abroad for a walk! No, I’m back recently! Uncle Sebastian, you are still the same young after five years of absence!”

“Why! The body is not as good as before! Oh, you two kids are so old!! I have never seen it! Tsk tsk… He looks so clever and cute!!” Uncle Sebastian discovered Landon in Blair Elijah’s hands.

“Landon, be good, his name is Grandpa Sebastian.” Hazel hurriedly asked Landon to say hello.

“Grandpa Sebastian is good!!” The little guy is very well-behaved.

“Oh! He’s so good and polite!!” Uncle Sebastian was full of praise for Landon, and then he smiled, “You call Landon, right? Just like parents, they are all beautiful and beautiful. Significant! Well… the eyes are like a mother, and the nose is like a father! The mouth is also like a father… beautiful, beautiful!!!”


As a result, a word from Uncle Sebastian made Hazel’s heart stunned, and a little panic flashed across her eyes.

For a while, she was afraid to look at Blair Elijah, but Blair Elijah’s eyes had already settled on Hazel’s face calmly, taking all her unnatural promises into view.

The smile is even worse between the sexy thin lips.

It seems that today’s harvest is not so small!!!

Perhaps, as for the question of who the child’s father is, he can go deeper into it!

“Uncle Sebastian, then let’s not disturb you! Let’s go upstairs first!” Blair Elijah hurriedly relieved Hazel.

“Yum! Go up now!”

Entering the elevator, Hazel breathed a sigh of relief.

Secretly glanced at Blair Elijah, but found that his handsome face did not have the slightest color on his face, and her hanging heart was a little calmer.

It seems that in the future she really can’t let the little ghost and him go out often.

If this continues, sooner or later it will be revealed.

As soon as Blair Elijah opened the door to the general, the little guy rushed into the room with joy.

He was already familiar with this family, and he ran to the turtle tank after flipping out the little slippers he bought.

“Hazelic, smile…”

“…” Outside the door, two adults stunned at the same time

This…sounds, why it is so awkward!!!

“It’s been a long time since I saw you, have you missed me!!” The little guy was entertaining himself.

“These are your shoes.”

Blair Elijah took out Hazel’s five-year-old shoes from the shoe cabinet and put them in front of her.

Hazel for a long time and her heart throbbed for a second.

As the little guy told her, her things are still there.

Hazel raised her head and looked at him, and she was moved by her heart, “I was surprised, I didn’t expect you to keep it.”

“What you didn’t take away… I still have it.”

Blair Elijah only said lightly, and it didn’t seem to be too much emotional fluctuation.

“Come, come in!”

Hazel while standing in the hall, looking at all the familiar things in front of her, for a while, she felt like she was back five years ago…

Five years ago, they went from being indifferent at first, to gradually getting acquainted, and then to warmth…

Everything seems to be in front of her, but time has passed by for five years!!!

Hazel took a deep breath, her chest was stuffy and a little uncomfortable.

Blair Elijah seemed to see through her mind, stepped forward, and took her shoulders, “If you don’t want to think about it, just don’t think about anything…”

Hazel shook her head and looked at him blankly.

Blair Elijah only raised his eyebrows and said, “Isn’t it all right now?”

He stretched out his hand to lift the shopping bag on the floor, “Go! Ready to make dinner! Seriously, I’m so hungry that my chest sticks to my back!!”

After listening to him, Hazel was relieved and hurriedly followed his footsteps into the kitchen.

“Daddy, Mommy…”

Suddenly, she heard the little guy yelling at them at the kitchen door.

“Landon…” Hazel lost to this little villain!!!

“Put your clothes on!!” The little guy walked into the kitchen with the two pink-blue T-shirts, with an innocent and expectant look in his pretty phoenix eyes.

“Landon wants to wear it with you…”


Hazel and Blair Elijah turned around to look at him at the same time.

Then they looked at each other again, and then at the overly cute image of the little guy.

Blair Elijah didn’t make a sound, only approached the little guy and took the clothes in his hand, and threw one at Hazel.


Hazel only felt pitch black, and her head happened to be covered by clothes. Hazel took it off silently and saw that Blair Elijah was already wearing a t-shirt over there.

“Daddy is so good…”

The little guy applauded cheerfully.

Hazel looked stunned.

Such a pink and blue color, he didn’t hesitate to put it on?!!!

“Mummy…” The little guy looked pitifully at Hazel.

Hazel only felt her scalp numb, she wanted to refuse, but she could only hear her own words, “Well…”


She agreed!!!

“Yeah!! Long live Mommy!!”

The little guy rejoiced and urged his mommy happily, “Hurry up, Hazel, put it on!!”

Hazel had no choice but to listen to him obediently and put a t-shirt on her.


“Satisfied, very satisfied!!” The little guy chuckled, “Mummy is so beautiful…”


Here again!!! Ok! She admitted that this trick worked for her!!!

Seeing the happy smiling faces of their mother and son, Blair Elijah bends deeper towards his sexy lips.

There is a warm smell permeating the whole room…

After the little guy made a fuss for a while, he went out of the kitchen, leaving a clean room for the adults inside.


The knife ran over the chopping board quickly, making a rhythmic sound.

It sounded so beautiful in Blair Elijah’s ears. He can’t remember how long he hasn’t heard this kind of sound from the kitchen.

“Is there anything I can help?”

Blair Elijah was wearing slippers, still standing next to her like five years ago, waiting for her to give orders.

Hazel didn’t look at him, only put the knife in her hand, to realize that she had just forgotten to wear an apron while wearing a t-shirt.

“Go and help me get the apron!”

The apron was just bought.

Since she left, Blair Elijah hasn’t cooked any food, so the apron has long been gone home.

Blair Elijah took the apron over to obey orders, took it for Hazel, and put it on.

The hand wrapped around her back, just about to wear the belt, but he touched a warm hand.

Hazel was startled and took his hand away in a panic.

Blair Elijah just stood behind her and smiled, “I’ll help you!”

Hazel with a heart, jumping wildly without rhythm, “Actually I can do it myself.”

But, having said that, she did not refuse his move, letting him tie it for herself.

Five years…

For the first time, Blair Elijah felt that this family finally felt like home again!!!


Fasten it, Hazel thank him.

Two beautiful red clouds appeared on her beautiful face.

Hazel got busy again, and Blair Elijah quietly stood by, watching her intently.

Busy Hazel has always wanted to tell herself that she should ignore Blair Elijah’s scorching sight as much as possible, but she failed.

Her heart was still pounding with tension, and her whole thoughts were led by the man beside her, and she couldn’t concentrate on cooking for a while.

Finally, she fine-tuned the fire a little bit.

Looking at the man beside her, as a result, his gaze still meets her scrutinizing gaze without evasiveness.

His eyebrows were raised slightly as if asking and smiling.

The smile makes her depressed.

“Mr. Blair!”

With her arms akimbo, she asked Blair Elijah seriously.

“En?” Blair Elijah answered her lazily, with a presumptuous smile on the corner of his lips.


Hazel pointed to the kitchen door, “Would you like to go out and watch cartoons with Landon?”

“No!!” Blair Elijah refused without even thinking about it, picked up the raw cucumber on the chopping board, and swaggered into it.

“Hey! That one is for frying!” Hazel became depressed and reached out to grab it. As a result, Blair Elijah held his hand high and teased her to play.

Hazel jumped, trying to reach his hand, and suddenly realized that he was playing tricks with her, and didn’t intend to make trouble with him, Hazel said, “Whatever you want, you will lose one dish after eating!”

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