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Chapter 1303

None of the people in this box were outsiders, and Tina didn’t hesitate to say anything.

When Stephanie was at the annual meeting, she felt that the atmosphere between Peter and Tina was a bit strange. After listening to the conversation between the two, they probably knew that the two had an emotional entanglement.

She felt strange before, why two people who are so well-matched weren’t together, it turned out that these two people had already secretly passed through levels.

Alyssa came over and pulled Stephanie out.

The music in the box did not know when it stopped.

Under Tina’s gaze, Peter gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t understand.”

“Then I will…”

As soon as Tina spoke, she was viciously interrupted by Peter: “I didn’t understand before, and I don’t understand it now. I never wanted to understand why you say you like me, you can do whatever you want and stir my heart. It was a mess, and then left.”

“I really don’t understand why you can be so free and easy.”

“I’m sorry.” Tina lowered her eyes slightly, concealing her emotions: “I used to be too impulsive and did some bad things, but I won’t be anymore.”

Peter suddenly felt a sense of powerlessness.

It seemed that in an instant, the strength to fight for and speak was lost.

“In that case…” Peter paused, and said with a long sigh of relief: “Never mind.”

Tina raised her head and looked at the man who had loved and hated before her. For a long while, she slightly curled her lower lip: “Thank you.”


There is no annual leave for entertainment companies.

After the annual meeting, there is only one day before New Year’s Eve.

Peter went to the company early in the morning, and there were many things to be busy at the end of the year, not free time.

“Rubin, help me make a cup of coffee,” Peter said as he took off his coat and put it on the boss chair.

After he sat down, Rubin walked over and put a copy of the same city express in front of Peter.

“There is an express delivery early in the morning, what is it?” Peter glanced at it, and reached out to open the express and look at the files inside.

But Rubin did not let go, still holding the express tightly.

Peter looked up impatiently, and Rubin explained with a grimace: “I have opened this express, and it contains a contract.”

“Yeah.” Peter snatched the courier directly: “I am not blind. What can be such a thin courier without documents?”

Rubin looked at Peter reaching for the documents inside, swallowed, and explained in a low voice: “It’s a contract termination.”

After speaking, he left another sentence: “I will make your coffee first.”

Rubin quickly turned around and went out, as if a ghost was chasing after him.

Peter’s expression sank when he heard that the contract terminated.

No matter what the project is, it is not a good thing to cancel the contract.

When Peter took out the contract termination, he knew why Rubin ran so fast just now.

Because this is Tina’s contract termination.

Tina’s contract was actually about to expire, and only half a year remained.

It was only half a year, and she was so impatient to leave.

Peter laughed at himself, unconsciously exerting force, and the originally flat contract was crumpled because of his exertion.

He threw away the termination contract in his hand and lit a cigarette for himself.

After taking two sips, he felt more irritable the more he smoked. He extinguished the cigarette and took out his mobile phone to call Tina.

She wanted to terminate the contract with him when he sent a contract. After he thoroughly talked about it, Tina was really unscrupulous, and she didn’t want to see him anymore.

Chapter 1304

Tina thought it was pretty beautiful, but he wouldn’t let her do it.

After the call was made, no one answered.

At the very beginning, Peter thought that Tina might not have her mobile phone at hand at any time at home, so he should wait a little longer before answering the phone.

But no one answered the phone until it was automatically hung up.

Peter sent a WeChat message to Tina with a black face:

“not answer the phone?”

“If you cancel a contract, you just intend to send me a contract?”

“I’m telling you, it’s nothing if you don’t talk about it in person!”

After Peter finished speaking, he threw the phone aside.

After waiting for a long time, Tina did not return him.

Only then did he realize that Tina was determined not to care about him, just trying to cut the relationship between the two people clean.

That kind of powerlessness came up again.

He couldn’t be angry with Tina, and couldn’t do things to keep her, because he didn’t know where the problem was.

In the past few years, although Tina was quarreling with him, the two were still close. The two were not together, but they did not find anyone else.

He thought that they would continue like this, and then at a suitable time, they would naturally be together.

Afterwards, the matter of getting married and having children will go with the flow.

He even went to the dictionary from time to time, thinking about the name of a child in the future.

But everything stopped abruptly, and was suddenly cut off.

There is a bottomless abyss before him.

He didn’t know what to do or what else to do.

When Rubin came in, he saw Peter sitting on the back of the chair with his arms around him, but his eyes were staring straight at the phone on the table, as if waiting for someone’s call or news.

“CEO Grant, your coffee.” After Rubin put down the coffee cautiously, he turned to leave.


Unexpectedly, he was stopped by Peter.

Rubin turned around and said cautiously, “Mr. Grant still has ordered?”

“Who else read this contract?” Peter stared at Rubin.

When Peter broke the contract just now, he discovered that it had been broken before.

Rubin explained: “The secretary’s office has always helped collect and unpack express delivery…”

There are many official couriers every day, and some fans send them to Peter’s courier, so the secretary’s office will usually help Peter to open it and help him filter out some couriers that don’t need to be handed to Peter.

After listening, Peter got up and walked outside without saying a word.

“Mr. Grant…” Rubin didn’t know what Peter was going to do, and looked at him with some doubts.

Peter didn’t turn his head back: “Don’t follow me.”

Rubin had to take back the feet he had stepped out.

Peter went straight to the secretary’s room.

“I heard that Tina sent an agreement to negotiate?”

“Which is cool?”

“How many sinks are there in our company?”

“No, she actually terminated the contract? It wasn’t because of what happened at the annual meeting last night.”

“That’s definitely not the case. I have contacted Ms. Weber several times. She is not that kind of person. Maybe she didn’t want to stay in our prosperity for a long time. To be honest, she should go out and stand on her own. Better to mix than in AdamPic…”

“That’s right. Mr. Grant also seems to have been caught in an evil recently. He actually grabbed all the cool resources for Cathy’s sake. It’s too much. Mr. Grant was not like this before, but she is quite popular among passersby. Yes, my parents like to watch her TV series, and her personality is also very good, so rigid, beautiful and lingering…”

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