The Warmest Romance Chapter 813 -814

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Chapter 813

“Miss ye, long time no see.”

Ye Wan’er tugged at the corners of her lips. Her face was reluctant. After a few seconds, she spoke in a light voice, with a bit of irony in her tone. “It’s really a long time since I’ve seen you. It’s five years. I don’t know how you’ve been doing these years.”

Without waiting for Ruan Shishi to answer, song yean reached out and took her shoulder. He looked at ye Wan’er firmly and said, “thank you for your concern. My family is very happy.”

When ye Wan’er heard the speech, a trace of light passed through her eyes. Her eyes swept over Song yean’s hand on Ruan Shishi’s shoulder, and her eyes sank a little.

Unexpectedly, in the end, they were really together.

Ye Wan’er tugged at the corner of her lips and glanced at Ruan Shishi with a sarcastic sneer. Then she looked at Song yean and said hypocritically, “you’re together. I’m not surprised. After all, you were very close at the beginning.”

Song yean said with a smile, “it’s very close now, too.”

Then he turned his head and looked at Ruan Shishi beside him. They looked at each other and laughed. It seemed that their eyes were about to overflow.

Ye Wan’er frowned. Her eyes flashed over Ruan Shishi’s dress. A trace of jealousy flashed over her eyes. She dropped her eyes and swept her wedding ring. Her face was even more ugly.

It was her wedding ring with Yu Yimo, but she never enjoyed being a wife In contrast, Ruan Shi seems to be much happier than her.

The more ye Wan’er thinks about it, the more unbalanced she is. She opens her mouth and is about to open her mouth. Next to her, Jennifer begins to say, “Miss ye, I’m sorry to let you go for nothing today. It’s also strange that our assistant didn’t take down the model notice in time. I’m really sorry.”

With her light words, the meaning of asking her to leave is obvious. Ye Wan’er frowns and looks at Ruan Shishi. She can’t even smile.

In the past, she never felt this way when she faced Ruan’s poems. She always felt that she was the superior side. No matter what Ruan did, she could not be surpassed. But now Ruan’s poems really made her feel a strong sense of crisis.

She gave Jennifer a reluctant smile and nodded at Ruan Shishi and song yean. Then she turned around and walked quickly across the yard and left without looking back.

Watching ye Wan’er leave, Jennifer turns her head and looks into Ruan Shishi’s eyes with a smile. “Did you agree to my request just now?”

Ruan Shishi smiles and hesitates, “I haven’t thought about it yet…”

It’s not that she doesn’t want to be a model for Jennifer. It’s because she doesn’t have much time in Jiangzhou. After attending the award ceremony and taking photos with Sensen Shasha, she will leave at that time.

Seeing this, song yean said, “poetry, I think you can try it. It’s just a series of clothes. It doesn’t take much time to shoot.”

Jennifer also winked at Ruan Shishi, with a much more gentle tone, “yes, and my chance is very precious!”

Ruan Shishi couldn’t help but lift her lips, looked at Song yean, and then looked at Jennifer, “well, I promise you.”

If she refuses again, she’ll look stupid.

“Great!” There was a flash of light at the bottom of her eyes. Soon, she reached out and took Ruan Shishi around her. She quickly looked at every detail of her dress, and then said, “this dress is very suitable for you. You can change it later. I’ll make the final adjustment today, and then you can wear it directly!”

Chapter 814

Ruan’s heart warmed as soon as he heard the poem. He nodded at her immediately. “Thank you very much.”

After another chat with Jennifer, song yean and Ruan Shishi leave the studio and leave by car.

None of them saw a red car parked near a secluded street.

Ye Wan’er sat in the driver’s seat and followed their car.

Watching their car farther and farther away, her fists were clenched more and more tightly, and her anger kept circling.

She didn’t expect that this time Ruan Shishi actually came back.

After five years, her aversion to Ruan’s poems has not been reduced at all, but has become more and more intense.

No, she has to do something!

Five years ago, Ruan Shishi was pregnant with Yu Yimo’s child, and then her whereabouts are unknown. Now she’s back, whether she has children or not, and what’s her purpose, she must find out!

We must not let Ruan’s poems become a tie between her and Yu Yimo’s feelings!

Suddenly, she had a flash of inspiration in her mind. She took out her mobile phone and immediately dialed a phone call.

When ye Wan’er answered, she took a deep breath and asked, “lawyer Qin, I want to ask you something…”

After leaving from Jennifer’s studio, song yean sends Ruan Shishi to the door of her home. After a few words of advice, she leaves in a hurry without even entering the door.

Watching him drive away, Ruan Shi’s heart was filled with an indescribable warmth.

In fact, she knew in her heart that song yean had many things to do, all kinds of business, but in order to accompany her, he still took time to accompany her for an afternoon.

She warm heart, turned into the home, who knows just walked into the door, saw hiding in the window, looking out of the probe of Ms. Liu.

Ruan Shishi was a little puzzled and asked, “Mom? What are you doing? “

Hearing this, Ms. Liu suddenly turned back and trembled. She quickly asked, “why didn’t song’s son-in-law come in? Did you quarrel?”

Hearing that Ms. Liu changed the name of song ye’an, Ruan Shishi couldn’t help laughing, “there are some things to deal with in his company, so I let him go.”

Ms. Liu nodded, reached out her hand and took her to the side. “By the way, someone sent a bunch of flowers to home today. Look, who gave them to you?”

Ruan Shishi hears Yan and follows her to the table. Then she sees a bunch of colorful sunflowers on the table, big flowers in full bloom.

She stepped forward and saw a card in it. She picked it up and looked at it. Then she saw a typesetting on it, “long time no see, little assistant.”

Ruan Shishi was stunned. Seeing this address, she frowned strangely.

“Little assistant?”

Although she had worked as an assistant in Yu’s group before, everyone called her “assistant Ruan”. Who would call her “little assistant”?

Confused, Ruan threw the card into the garbage can and put the bouquet on the balcony.

Ms. Liu asked curiously, “who sent it?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s the agent.”

Sometimes Qi Ge often gives her some strange things, which makes her confused. Besides, she has just arrived in Jiangzhou, and there are few people who can find her address. In all likelihood, Qi Ge is her.

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