The Warmest Romance Chapter 815 -816

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Chapter 815

Ms. Liu nodded and did not ask any more. She poured a cup of Oolong tea for Ruan Shishi and said, “two kids have been playing all afternoon and are tired. Now they are sleeping in the bedroom. By the way, they say they want to go to Jiangzhou Happy Valley today. You and song’s son-in-law sometimes don’t take them to play. Happy Valley has just been built in the past two years. It’s said that it’s very good! ”

“really?” Ruan Shishi answered casually, raised her hand, pressed her temple and said in a soft voice, “let’s wait until the award ceremony is over. I’ve been very busy these two days.”

In the past two days, she has to prepare her acceptance speech and go to the agency twice. There is no time to concentrate. When the award ceremony is over, she will take the two kids out to have a good time.

The day before the award ceremony, Jennifer sent her assistant to deliver the dress that she had finally changed.

Ruan Shishi opened the box to have a look, and the sense of surprise was a little more. After the final adjustment, all the details have been done to the extreme. Just a look is enough to make people excited.

Ruan Shishi took the dress out of the box, hung it on the hanger, and began to prepare the award speech. The short film directed by her won the best creative award. At that time, she will not only appear, but also give a speech on stage.

In the twinkling of an eye, it was the next afternoon.

After two hours of make-up, Ruan Shishi finally set out for the venue of the award ceremony.

Through the door around the rose, with the guidance of the staff, Ruan Shishi stepped into the hall.

After walking in, she found that the award ceremony was a semi buffet reception. The environment was spacious and comfortable. There was no banquet under the stage, and there were sofa rest areas on both sides. In addition, most people were in groups of three or two, drinking and laughing.

This kind of ceremony is mainly relaxed, joyful and short-lived. It won’t last too long, which is the way Ruan likes.

She walked in and unconsciously attracted many people’s eyes. She was like a dazzling light. No matter where she went, men and women all looked sideways, and their emotions were complex and diverse.

As song yean said, she seems to be the most dazzling presence in this award ceremony.

Today’s Ruan Shishi is no longer as self-confident as she was five years ago. She calmly went to the glass table next to her, picked up a glass of red wine and waited for the start of the award ceremony.

Soon, the ceremony is just the beginning, the host came on stage, elaborated the awards, warm up, and then began to announce the winners.

“The winner of the best short play award this time is…”

With the announcement of the previous winners, the atmosphere at the scene gradually became more and more warm. Ruan Shishi stood under the stage, glancing at the next award trophy, and unconsciously tightened her hand holding the cup.

Next, it’s her.

Although her ultimate goal of making short films as a director is not to win an award, it has to be said that her ability to win this award is affirmed to a certain extent.

At this time, the host on the stage asked the winner to step down and announced the next winner, “this time, the winner of the best creative award is a beautiful director with very personal characteristics. Her short play puppet once won the first place in the number of hits on foreign platforms for a week in a row. With absurd artistic techniques, it highlights the human nature, which is thought-provoking and thought-provoking. So Let’s welcome our prize winner, Miss Ruan Shishi, to take the stage to receive the prize

Chapter 816

At the end of her speech, the audience began to applaud. Ruan Shishi raised a smile, pulled up one side of the skirt, and walked gracefully onto the stage.

The host came forward with a smile, asked Ruan Shishi to come to the scene, and then said, “next, we have a feeling that the person in charge of our organizer will present the award to miss Ruan!”

Ruan Shishi is standing in the center. The magnesium lamp under the stage keeps flashing. She inhales deeply. She feels that the eyes under the stage are looking at her, warm, sincere and envious

Her heart was tight, and an inexplicable complex emotion came to her.

She has also made many short plays and commercials before. Some of them are famous. This is her first time to win the prize. This feeling of being recognized by the public is really wonderful.

Ruan Shishi felt a little excited. At this moment, Yu Guang swept to the side, and someone stepped onto the award platform. With a smile on her face, she subconsciously turned her head and looked over there.

At the moment when she saw someone coming, her body tightened, and the smile on her face stiffened a little.

Why is he? Yu Yimo!

How could he be the one who gave her the prize!

Without waiting for her to make it clear, the host said with a smile, “now let’s invite Mr. Yu, the person in charge of the organizer, to present the award!”

Ruan Shishi was in the same place, looking at the man in a dark gray suit walking towards her, staring at her straight eyes, straight eyes, no cover up.

She inhaled deeply, a little flustered in her heart, and the excitement from the bottom of her heart disappeared, leaving only a faint uneasiness.

Yu Yimo’s eyes were normal. He calmly went to the waiter, picked up a crystal cup from the tray and walked towards her.

Ruan Shi’s heart “flutters!” “Plop!” Ring ceaselessly, looking at the man walking towards her, she subconsciously clenched the corner of her clothes.

Yu Yimo walked to her two steps away, reached out and handed the cup to her. He said in a low voice, “congratulations.”

Ruan Shishi was on his back, reached out his hands to take the cup, and pulled out a reluctant smile on his face.

She didn’t expect that the person who gave her the prize at last would be Yu Yimo!

She just received the cup, the man’s fingers loose, with temperature fingers intentionally or unintentionally across the back of her hand, instant, a burst of numbness from the back of her hand, hit her heart.

Ruan Shishi almost trembled nervously. Her face was a bit unnatural. She immediately withdrew her eyes and looked down at the stage, looking forward to the end of the award.

She did not expect that Yu Yimo would give her the prize.

The applause under the stage gradually decreased, and then the host said, “I believe that Mr. Yu must have seen Miss Ruan’s works. Do you have any wishes and expectations for Miss Ruan?”

Then the host handed the microphone to Yu Yimo.

On the other side, Ruan Shishi watched as the man took the microphone, his heart almost jumped to his throat.

The fact that things have come to this stage is really beyond her expectation.

The next second, the man’s low magnetic voice came out from the stereo, “first of all, congratulations to miss Ruan for winning the best creative award this time. This time, my expectation for Miss Ruan…”

Yu Yimo said, slowly leaning over and looking at Ruan Shishi.

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