The Warmest Romance Chapter 817 -818

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Chapter 817

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, summoned up the courage to lift his eyes, put on his eyes, pretended to be calm, and pulled out a smile at him.

In recent years, she has already developed a standard smile. Even if she is not happy in her heart, she can still show a perfect smile on her face.

And at this moment, Ruan Shi is such a smile.

For the woman’s clear eyes, it is said that the light of silent eyes sank, and a strange feeling came out of her heart.

Soon, with a slight frown and a cold look on his face, he withdrew his eyes and looked down at the stage. He finished the rest of his words word by word. “I hope Miss Ruan can tell less lies from now on.”

With these words, it seemed as if a bomb had been thrown into the calm lake water. The audience was stunned for a few seconds, and then they looked at each other and talked with each other in doubt. For a moment, there was a lot of noise in the hall.

The atmosphere at the scene suddenly became a bit awkward.

Ruan Shishi stood on the stage, her face turned pale. She obviously didn’t expect that Yu Yimo would say that. She inhaled deeply, a breath was held in her throat, and she couldn’t send it out.

The host was also stunned. Then he reacted quickly and laughed twice. After a long time, he said, “Yuzong is really joking, because the protagonist in Ruan’s work” puppet “is a person who loves to lie and is good at camouflage. Yuzong said that, echoing the theme and calling on everyone to be an honest person.”

The host just pulled out an excuse, and the people under the stage were willing to pay for it. The original awkward atmosphere gradually improved a lot.

Ruan Shishi slowly clenched her hand on her side and bit her lip. The smile on her face became more and more reluctant.

In front of so many people, Yu Yimo asked her to tell less lies. Isn’t it embarrassing for her in public?

Or He’s found out who Sensen and Sasha really are? So you’re implying that she’s lying?

Ruan Shishi thought that, in a moment, a cool feeling climbed to her heart, which made her feel guilty and afraid.

Next to the host continued to say, “OK, thank you, Mr. Yu. Finally, let’s congratulate Ruan Shishi, the winner of the best creative award again!”

When the applause broke out, Ruan Shishi came back to her senses, smiling at the crowd, and then bowed deeply.

After stepping down from the stage, Ruan Shishi only felt that her heart was still beating fast and restless.

If yu Yimo really finds out the real identities of Sen Sen and Sha Sha, he will certainly rush to question her at the first time. How can he deliberately satirize her here?

Think about it, she did not want to understand, some absent-minded looking at the award ceremony.

Far away, she inadvertently raised her eyes to see the tall figure standing there, and her heart tightened a little bit involuntarily.

No matter what Yu Yimo said on the stage just now, she will never step back as long as it comes to sensenshasha!

Soon after the award ceremony, Ruan Shishi raised her skirt and walked directly to the dressing room provided by the organizer.

She is going to take sensenshasha to dinner later. Naturally, she can’t wear the same dress. Moreover, her makeup today is strong, so it’s really strange for her to go out in regular clothes.

After inquiring about the number of the dressing room that the staff gave her, Ruan Shishi rushed to the dressing room No. 7, went to the table and sat down, ready to take off the makeup on her face.

Chapter 818

She picked up the make-up wipes and wiped the lipstick. A picture flashed in her mind. It was just the scene that she was looking at Yu Yimo on the stage.

I don’t know why, when she thought of him, she couldn’t help bursting with fire.

At this time, a footstep came from the door of the room, and then the door of the dressing room was suddenly closed.

Ruan Shishi was removing her eye makeup and applying a wet towel on her eyelids, but she didn’t have time to open her eyes.

Who knows, the next second, the chair under her body was suddenly turned half a circle, and then, a clear male fragrance penetrated her nose.

Ruan Shishi was surprised, and quickly took the makeup removal towel applied on her eyelids. What she saw was a pretty face.

Yu Yimo holds her hands on the handle of her chair and looks down at her.

Two people face to face, very close, for a moment, Ruan’s heart beat uncontrollably accelerated.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, “you What are you doing? “

Yu Yimo slightly raised his eyebrows, his eyes were dark, he lifted his lips and spat out a few words, “what do you say?”

“I How do I know? ” Ruan Shishi was a little flustered, just like he was in a mess. “Get up, get out quickly…”

Yu Yimo frowns. Instead of getting up, he gets closer to her. The next second, he reaches out his hand and holds her chin without hesitation.

A man’s anger is brewing in his eyes. His cold eyes seem to be frozen. He frowns and his voice is very low. “Why do you want to go abroad behind my back?”

Since he met her at the airport that day, he immediately sent someone to check her flight. When he saw that she was flying back from the United States, he was about to explode.

Before, he never gave up looking for her, and even turned the whole city of Jiangzhou upside down and couldn’t find her. Later, he went to Yicheng nearby and searched for her all over Lincheng, but couldn’t find her.

To his surprise, she went abroad.

No wonder we can’t even find him.

The more Yu Yimo thinks about it, the more angry he gets. He can’t help but increase the strength between his fingers. Suddenly, Ruan Shishi’s face becomes a little ugly.

She frowned and gritted her teeth in pain, “Yu Yimo, you let me go!”

“I ask you, why did you lie to me five years ago? Quit your job and disappear? “

At the beginning, he almost risked his life to save her. Unexpectedly, she was so determined and ruthless that she said she would go away!

When Ruan Shishi heard the speech, he suddenly thought of what he had just said on the awarding stage. Then he suddenly realized and reacted.

It turns out that the so-called “lying” in his mouth refers to the fact that she cheated him into leaving without saying goodbye five years ago.

It turns out that it’s not something to do with sensenshasha.

On this thought, Ruan Shishi was suddenly relieved.

She raised her eyes, looked at the man’s gloomy eyes, and said in a soft voice, “it turns out that what you just said on the stage means…”

Looking at the woman’s obviously relieved expression, Yu Yimo frowned and said, “what do you think?”

Without waiting for her to answer, he flashed a little wave at the bottom of his eyes, and asked in a cold voice, “is it difficult, do you have anything else to hide from me?”

Hearing the words, Ruan Shishi’s face suddenly turned white for a few minutes. She was flustered at the bottom of her eyes. Subconsciously, she shook her head and denied, “No.”

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