The Warmest Romance Chapter 819 -820

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Chapter 819

But it is her answer without any hesitation that makes Yu Yimo more sure of her conjecture.

There’s absolutely something she’s hiding from him!

Yu Yimo’s face sank a little, and his lips became a line. Just as he was about to continue questioning, Ruan Shishi suddenly reached out and pushed his hand to one side.

Then, she flustered some of the mobile chair, open the distance between the two, cold voice way, “you go out, if others see, the impact is not very good!”

Yu Yimo glanced at her coldly and caught the panic on her face. She asked coldly, “Ruan Shishi, what are you afraid of?”

Ruan Shishi bit her lip and put her hand on the table. Unconsciously, she clenched her fist. “I’m not afraid of anything.”

“Is it?” Yu Yimo walks up to her with a cold frost on her sharp eyebrows. “But you’re hiding something from me, aren’t you?”

Virtually, Ruan Shishi feels the strength of a man, and her heart is a bit empty. Her eyes are wandering, and she inadvertently sweeps the lighted mobile phone on the next table. The wallpaper on it is the group photo of her and Sensen Shasha.

At this moment, Ruan’s heart was even more flustered.

Yu Yimo catches her eyes sensitively and looks up. When she sees the wallpaper on the mobile phone screen, her look becomes more and more complicated.

He immediately stepped forward, grabbed her wrist, and asked coldly, “are song Yisen and song Yisha…”

Before he finished speaking, there was a knock on the door. Then, song yean’s gentle voice came from outside the door, “Shishi, are you inside?”

As soon as Ruan Shishi’s body was tight, she subconsciously broke away Yu Yimo’s hand and quickly walked to the door, “good night…”

When the door opened, song yean appeared at the door, with a gentle smile as usual, and asked softly, “didn’t you see the message I just sent you?”

As soon as he finished his words, Yu Guang swept to the rear and raised his eyes slightly. Then he saw Yu Yimo standing not far away. His face sank a little. “Shi Shi, why is he here?”

With a tight heart, Ruan Shishi put his hand around Song yean’s arm and turned to Yu Yimo, smiling tenderly and speaking respectfully and naturally, “Yu always comes to congratulate me on winning the prize.”

On hearing this, song yean’s face softened a little. He looked up at Yu Yimo and said in a slow voice, “thank you, Mr. Yu.”

Yu Yimo sniffed the speech, narrowed his eyes slightly, glanced over Ruan’s poem, and didn’t say a word.

Ruan Shishi pretends not to see anything, turns to look at Song yean and says in a friendly tone. “By the way, are you done with the company?”

Song yean chuckled, “all busy, specially ran to meet you, two little guys are in the car, I’m afraid they run around, did not let them off.”

Then he raised his hand and closed the broken hair on Ruan’s cheek behind his ears. His eyes were full of love.

“What about the restaurant? Have you made a reservation? I’m afraid it’s too late for us to pass this time… “

Song yean nodded to her, raised her hand and pinched her face gently. She said, “don’t worry, I’ve arranged it. Go to wipe my face quickly. I’ve only removed half of the makeup on my face, just like a little cat!”

Ruan Shishi smiles at him, immediately releases him and walks towards the dressing table.

Chapter 820

Standing on one side, Yu Yimo has a panoramic view of the scene just now. His brow is slightly frowning and his face is covered with cold frost.

Nowadays, song yean and Ruan Shishi are in the same state as a loving couple who have lived together for several years, chatting about family affairs, but they are intimate.

But I don’t know why, seeing such a scene, he always felt that there was a thorn across his throat, which was very uncomfortable.

At this moment, song yean suddenly steps towards him and asks, “Mr. Yu, what else can I do for you?”

Yu Yimo’s eyes sank for a few minutes. After half a second, he coldly lifted his lips and replied, “it’s OK.”

With that, he took a deep look at Ruan Shishi and walked out quickly.

Just now, when he saw Ruan Shishi’s mobile phone screen saver, a strange conjecture flashed in his mind. However, when he saw that Ruan Shishi and song yean were so affectionate, that idea became more and more absurd and unrealistic.

He strode through the corridor and the hall to the door of the meeting. Du Yue had parked his car under the steps ahead of time.

He pulled the door open and got on the car. Du Yue immediately reported to him, “president Yu, president Xu, who worked together just now, called and wanted to…”

Yu Yimo frowns. He can’t listen to what he says. The only thing that comes to mind is the love scene between Song yean and Ruan Shishi in the dressing room just now.

Du Yue looks at Yu Yimo and turns the document into waste paper. He hesitates and says, “General Yu…”

Yu Yimo looked back and saw that the paper he had held was slowly cold. He threw it aside and said in a cold voice, “drive, go to Gordon’s bar.”

Du Yue hears speech, answer a voice immediately, “be.”

At the same time, in the dressing room of the venue, Ruan Shishi packed up her things and looked at the screen saver on her mobile phone, a little distracted.

“Poetry.” Song yean came over, looking a little serious. “Yu Yimo should have doubted. You should finish the work here as soon as possible, and then leave with Sen Sen and Sha Sha.”

Ruan Shishi nodded seriously, “I know.”

She knew very well that when he saw the picture on the screen saver, he was already suspicious.

She took a deep breath, her heart seemed to be blocked with something, a little uncomfortable.

Song yean looked at her face like a great enemy, inexplicably some distressed, he reached out, action gently patted her shoulder, whispered, “don’t have too much pressure, I’m here.”

Ruan Shishi nodded and looked at yean of the Song Dynasty, which made him feel more at ease.

Before returning home, she thought that she and Yu Yimo would not have so much in common, but now it seems that she thought everything was too simple.

It was just dark when we arrived at Gordon’s bar.

Yu Yimo gets out of the car, walks into the gate, goes through the hall, goes down to the basement, goes to a gate with fingerprint lock, presses the fingerprint, pushes the door open and goes in.

The heavy door slowly opened, and he walked in. Inside was a wide underground wine cellar. Except for the wall with the door, there were wine cabinets on the remaining three walls, which were filled with all kinds of wine in turn.

Further inside, there is a round wine table with three single sofas.

He went to the sofa, sat down, raised his hand, picked a bottle of red wine from the shelf behind him, took a clean wine glass, opened the wine, sobered up, all at once.

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