The Warmest Romance Chapter 821 -822

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Chapter 821

He just had two drinks. Suddenly, there was a sound of opening the door in the direction of the door. Then, a kind of lazy voice came, “old Yu, who’s bothering you again? How can you drink alone? “

Su Yucheng steps over and sits down beside him. His eyes intentionally or unintentionally run to the red wine on the table. His eyes suddenly straighten.

He reached out and picked up the bottle. “You Why did you open this bottle of wine

Yu Yimo, hearing the sound, slightly raised his eyes and glanced at him without saying a word.

Su Yu became angry and howled, “do you know how much effort it took me to get this bottle of wine! I have many years in a series. Why did you choose this unique product? “

Yu Yimo turns a deaf ear, takes his glass, shakes it gently and takes another sip.

Su Yucheng looked at his appearance, angry words can’t say, “Yu Yimo, you…”

Yu Yimo raised his eyes and interrupted him in a low voice, “it’s just a bottle of wine.”

Su Yu was so angry that he pointed to him again and again, and finally looked at the bottle of red wine that he had drunk for a little half, but he couldn’t go on.

“Forget it.” He sat down on the sofa beside him. “Who’s bothering you again? Every time you are not happy, my wine will suffer

Yu Yimo was silent, cold and refused to say a word.

Su Yucheng held out his hand, picked up a goblet from the side, poured half a cup for himself, then looked at him and murmured, “is it because of Ruan Shi? I hear she’s back

Hearing the name, Yu Yimo’s face suddenly sank a little, took the glass and drank the remaining liquid in it.

Su Yucheng tut two, “it seems, it’s really because of her.”


Yu Yimo puts the glass on the table, looks up at him and sneers, “because of her? How is that possible? “

Su Yu became to pick eyebrow, “that you say, you are such because who?”

If others don’t know him, doesn’t he know him?

Yu Yimo is always calm and self-supporting. He will never drink muggy wine without any reason. The last time this happened was five years ago.

At that time, after he failed to find Ruan Shishi for more than a month, he went to the bar alone and got drunk. Finally, he went to send him home.

It was the first time that he had known Yu Yimo for so many years that he saw him so dispassionate.

Since then, in recent years, Yu Yimo has not been drinking much except for social activities.

Now, he began to drink again, obviously because he had something in mind, and it happened that recently Ruan Shishi came back

So, nine times out of ten, it’s still the woman.

Su Yucheng’s face was a bit serious. He changed his uninhibited and casual attitude and said, “old Yu, it’s not that I said, that woman, you don’t want to get close again. Five years ago, you paid so much for her. Now even if she comes back, you should not have any more contact with her. “

Yu Yimo’s face was cold. He reached out to pick up the bottle and poured a glass of wine into the glass without saying anything.

One side of Su Yucheng see his this appearance, some impatient, “old Yu, I don’t understand, that woman what good! Five years ago, you spared no effort to save her and hurt you so much. Isn’t that enough? And now that she has her own family, do you still want to… “

Chapter 822

Before Su Yucheng’s voice fell, Yu Yimo suddenly raised his eyes and looked at him sharply. “How do you know?”

He not only knew that Ruan Shishi had returned to Jiangzhou, but also knew that she had a family

Su Yucheng’s voice suddenly reacts. He takes a deep breath and slowly tightens his hand holding the wine cup, but he doesn’t speak.

Yu Yimo frowned and asked again in a cold voice, “how do you know about her?”

Su Yucheng knew he couldn’t hide it. He put the cup down, sighed softly, patted his forehead, and said in a low voice, “I just checked her yesterday.”

He pauses, looks up at Yu Yimo and adds, “it’s for ye Wan’er.”

Hearing the name, Yu Yimo’s face was cold for a moment. He inhaled deeply and felt uneasy.

Why did ye Wan’er check Ruan’s poems? Even if he didn’t say it, he could probably guess it.

“From now on, you are not allowed to disclose Ruan’s information to anyone without my permission!”

Cold voice dropped this sentence, he directly stood up and strode out.

Su Yucheng raises his eyes and looks at Yu Yimo’s angry back. His face slowly cools down.

What’s the magic of that Ruan poem? It’s amazing that Yu Yimo is so fascinated.

As his brother, he must not watch him sink in step by step!

After leaving Gordon’s bar, Yu Yimo just got on the bus and told Du Yue, “go to Fengnan mansion.”

Hearing this address, Du Yue was slightly stunned. Soon, without saying anything, he started the car and went to Fengnan mansion.

Fengnan mansion is Yu Yimo’s and ye Waner’s wedding house, but he basically goes back to his villa every night. He only stays in Fengnan mansion for two days in the middle and the end of a month.

This time, Yu Yimo suddenly said that he would go back, which surprised him.

The black car shuttled through the night. After more than 40 minutes, it stopped in front of Fengnan residence.

Yu Yimo steps out of the car, commands Du Yue and walks into the gate.

As soon as she got to the door, the busy maid in the living room was startled to see Yu Yimo, and quickly welcomed her, “Sir, you are back!”

Yu Yimo nodded slightly, glanced around, didn’t see ye Waner’s figure, and asked, “where’s Wan’er?”

“My wife is in the bedroom upstairs. Do you want me to go up…”

Yu Yimo raised his hand, “no need.”

With that, he stepped up the stairs and went straight to the master bedroom.

He went to the door and pushed it open. Then he heard a conversation coming out, “Mom, just tell Dad, doesn’t he know the boss of the magazine…”

Ye Wan’er didn’t finish her words. When she heard the door ring, her face sank and she immediately turned to drink coldly, “who told you to come in without knocking…”

When she saw the person standing at the door, she was stunned, “brother Mo, how are you?”

Yu Yimo slightly raised her eyebrows and said, “who else do you think it is?”

“No…” Ye Wan’er hung up the phone in a panic, and immediately got up and walked towards him, “I thought it was some ignorant servant who broke in…”

Yu Yimo sniffed the words and asked in a low voice, “are you usually like this

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