The Warmest Romance Chapter 823 -824

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Chapter 823

She breathed deeply and shook her head. “Of course not. I was just talking to my mother…”

She smiles innocently at Yu Yimo, reaches forward, puts her hand around Yu Yimo’s arm, looks up intimately and asks, “why did you suddenly come back today?”

Yu Yimo slowly takes her arm out of her arms, takes off her coat, goes to the sofa and sits down, “nothing, just want to see what you are doing recently.”

“I just went shopping with my little sister and had Yoga lessons. It was boring…”

Ye Wan’er goes to Yu Yimo and sits down. Seeing that he raises his hand and presses his eyebrows, she immediately asks, “brother Mo, what’s the matter? Is it too tired to work? “

Yu Yimo gave a casual “MMM”.

When ye Wan’er saw this, she was very happy. She quickly got up and went around Yu Yimo’s back. She helped him massage his temple politely. “It’s hard, I’ll rub it for you.”

Seeing that Yu Yimo doesn’t refuse, ye Waner’s surprise is a little more. When she smells the light wine on the man, an idea suddenly flashed through her mind.

It’s rare for him to come back on his own initiative and drink wine, which is a golden opportunity for her!

She and Yu Yimo have been married for two years, but in these two years, Yu Yimo has never touched her. This is her heart knot, and also her unspeakable shame.

But she is a woman after all, how can she live a lifetime alone?

The more ye Wan’er thinks about it, the more uncomfortable she is. She clenches her teeth and makes up her mind. Looking at Yu Yimo, she asks, “brother Mo, did you drink today?”

Yu Yimo closed his eyes and said in a light voice, “well.”

“Then I’ll let the servant cook the soup to relieve the headache.”

Ye Wan’er said, seeing that Yu Yimo didn’t refuse, she got up and went out of the bedroom and called Xiaohe, the maid on duty.

“What can I do for you, madam?”

Xiao He is young and in his early twenties. Because he was born in the countryside and his mother was ill, he went to Jiangzhou city to find a job as a maid. He is submissive and dare not speak aloud.

Ye Wan’er glanced at her and said in a low voice, “come with me.”

Xiao he nods and walks into the kitchen behind ye Wan’er.

Ye Wan’er glanced at the door and said, “Sir, you’re drunk. You’re going to wake up.”

Xiaohe bowed his head and promised, “yes.”

Ye Wan’er squinted, went to the cabinet, pulled out a small cabinet, and found a small paper bag from inside.

She went to Xiaohe, handed her the small paper bag and said in a low voice, “when the soup is ready, put this in.”

Xiaohe was stunned. Looking at the small paper bag, he didn’t dare to reach for it. “Madam…”

Ye Wan’er glanced at her and said in a low voice, “if you don’t do it, roll the blanket for me tomorrow!”

Then she added, “there’s no salary this month!”

Xiaohe was scared to shiver, quickly took the small paper package, nodded submissively, “I I do it, I do it. “

Looking at her appearance, ye Wan’er pulled the corners of her lips with pride and warned in a cold voice, “don’t let a third person know about this matter, or I’ll make you feel like you can’t eat it. After cooking the soup, you’ll bring it to my bedroom immediately!”

Chapter 824

Looking at Xiaohe nodding like a chicken, ye Wan’er quickly walked out of the kitchen, went back to her bedroom and continued to massage Yu Yimo.

Pressing, her hand slowly glides down Yu Yimo’s shoulder, passing his chest intentionally or unintentionally.

“Brother Mo, grandma’s birthday is coming next month. I think it should be a big one this time. Do you have any ideas?”

Yu Yimo said in a low voice, “this matter needs to be discussed with my father.”

Ye Wan’er said with a smile, “we really should discuss it. How about going back to see our parents this weekend?”

As she said this, her hand slowly went down Yu Yimo’s chest and stroked the man’s solid abdominal muscles, which made her more excited.

She has imagined countless times that she can turn the clouds and rain together with Yu Yimo, but every time her fantasy fails, and this time, as long as Yu Yimo drinks that bowl of wake-up wine soup, her fantasy can become a reality!

When ye Wan’er thinks about it, she is more and more daring. Unconsciously, she has more small movements on her hands.

Suddenly, a big hand grabbed her hand, a huge force around her wrist, almost crushed her bones.

Ye Wan’er cried out in pain, “ah! Brother murmur

Yu Yimo pulled hard and pulled her around the sofa, half lying on the sofa.

Ye Wan’er raised her eyes and shivered unconsciously to the man’s cold eyes.

The man’s voice with a strong anger, “Wan’er, I told you before marriage, after marriage we make three rules, no one is allowed to cross the border!”

Ye Wan’er’s eyes were full of tears. She didn’t know whether it was painful or frightened. “Brother mo But I am your wife after all

“Is it?” Yu Yimo hums coldly, “you were the one who had to marry me at the beginning, and you don’t know why I am like this?”

Ye Wan’er felt cold and opened her mouth. She couldn’t say a word.

At this moment, she hated her stupid brother a little more.

If it wasn’t for ye Zeyu, Yu Yimo would never have known that the leakage of Yu’s group’s business plan had something to do with her! It is precisely because of this that there is an irresistible gap between her and Yu Yimo.

“Brother mo I’m wrong, I’m really wrong. I’ve never said anything about how you treated me in the past two years, but I’m also your wife after all! We can’t do this all our lives… “

Looking at the woman crying in front of her, Yu Yimo’s heart is filled with coldness, and no pity and sympathy can be aroused.

He felt more and more that he and ye Wan’er had gone farther and farther, and there was no way to go back to the past.

“Brother Mo, I really know I’m wrong. I leaked the plan because I love you so much…” Ye Wan’er reaches for Yu Yimo’s clothes and tears like rain.

Yu Yimo frowned and looked gloomy. “There’s more than one business plan between us. Don’t you understand?”

With that, he got up directly, pulled the corner of his clothes out of Ye Wan’er’s hands and walked out quickly.

The door slammed shut, and men’s footsteps went farther and farther away.

Ye Wan’er kneels down on the ground and tries her best to hold the blanket on the sofa, hoping to explode in place.

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