CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1313 – 1314

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Chapter 1313

Peter looked incredulous: “Tina, haven’t you been too idle lately, have you gone crazy?”

“You’re crazy!” Tina gave him a blank look, pushing the shopping cart to check out.

“The previous thing was that I was wrong. I will go back today, personally arrange activities and resources for you, and plan for you. I will definitely give you better resources than before, okay?”

Peter looked at Tina with a worried look, worried that she was really crazy.

Tina pursed her lips, feeling angry and funny: “How did your mind manage AdamPic Media to this day? Of course, I buy food to cook. Do you think I really take it as a decoration?”

“Cooking?” Peter’s eyes were even more shocked, and he reached out to probe Tina’s forehead.

He probed Tina’s forehead and then went to probe himself, and muttered to himself: “It’s normal.”

Tina sneered, “I am normal.”

“You want to go home to cook, are you still normal?” No one knows the cool cooking skills better than Peter. Burning the kitchen is considered good.

“When I get older, I always have to learn more life skills.” Tina pushed the cart forward: “You don’t understand it after you say it.”

“Why don’t I understand? I’m older than you, and I also have to learn some life skills.” Peter finished speaking seriously, then turned away.

Tina looked back and found that Peter was walking in the direction of putting the shopping cart.


Ten minutes later.

Peter pushed a cart out with exactly the same dishes that Tina had selected, and shouted Tina who was walking in the front: “Tina, slow down, wait for me, I’ll take you by the way.”

Tina turned her head, glanced at the contents of her cart, tugged at the corner of her mouth, did not wait for him.

Anyway, Peter’s house and her residence are completely in two directions.

Fortunately, she felt that after Peter let go, she was mature.

As a result, he turned around and bought the same food as her childishly, which was boring.

Tina was walking down the road carrying two large bags, and Peter drove up quickly.

He lowered the window: “Tina, I will drive you, no money, really.”

Tina glanced forward and found that Peter was really driving to the community where she lived.

“where are you going?”

“I’m going home.”

“Your home is in the same community as me?” Tina stopped and said mockingly.

“Yes.” Peter curled his lips and smiled: “So I said to drop in.”

Tina was taken aback: “When did you buy it?”

Peter is a young man who is proficient in eating, drinking and playing. The house outside is also a villa, and Tina lives on a flat floor, so Tina was surprised.

Peter thought about it seriously: “I don’t remember, anyway, it didn’t take long after the renovation, it was Rubin who helped me take care of it.”

He actually bought a house in her community!

“Just you? Are you used to living?”

“It’s okay. Although it’s a bit small, I found it is quite close to AdamPic.”

Peter seems to be totally acceptable to live in this community.

Buying a house is Peter’s freedom, and when he was in the supermarket just now, Peter had made it clear that he had put her down and could be ordinary friends with her.

Therefore, even if Peter lives in a community with her, this is also Peter’s business.

“Then I wish you a happy stay.”

Tina quickened her pace and walked to the front carrying the vegetables.

Chapter 1314

In the past, Tina didn’t touch the sun and water, and couldn’t cook at all.

When cooking lunch, she put the recipe aside and did it in order, but it didn’t turn out like that.

She had to make a video call to Alyssa, who is skilled in cooking.

Alyssa had little contact with the Adams’, and Karl had no feelings with the Adams anymore. On the first day of the new year, they declined all gatherings and a family of three stayed at home.

When Tina came over on the video call, Alyssa was playing with Grace.

“Tina, Happy New Year!”

As soon as the video was connected, Alyssa’s smile appeared, and Grace’s little head tilted into the screen.

“Happy New Year Auntie.”

“Happy New Year, my dear. Auntie will come to see you tomorrow and give you a big red envelope, but now Auntie is in a hurry to find your mother.”

After Grace made an “OK” gesture very steadily, she did not appear in the camera again.

“What’s the urgent matter?” Alyssa was a little curious, what could Tina look for in an urgent matter for this New Year.

“I want to make this braised chicken, this Candy, how do you put it, how much do you put it, and this spice, what’s the right amount…”

Tina opened her mouth and asked a lot.

Alyssa stared at the phone screen carefully and found that the background of Tina’s end was in the kitchen.

So she was cold: “What are you doing? You don’t want to learn to cook, right?”

“Yes.” Tina nodded seriously.

Alyssa paused, and said very tactfully: “You have rarely worked recently, right?”

“Why do you say the same thing as Peter? I really really want to learn to cook.” To show her determination, Tina used three “really” in a row.

Alyssa was still a little worried: “Did something happen?”

Ever since she met Tina, Tina has been a young lady who has nothing to do with the sun and water.

Tina is the kind of person who is born radiant, Alyssa can’t connect her to cooking.

She could not imagine the scene of Tina wearing an apron orderly cutting vegetables and boiling soup in the kitchen.

“Alyssa, if you do this again, I won’t be the best in the world with you.” Tina snorted with a proud face.

Alyssa warmed up with goosebumps: “Well, I will teach you, but you just learned how to cook, don’t learn so hard as soon as you come up, learn a basic dish.”

“What kind of dish?”

“Scrambled eggs with tomato.”

“This dish is not difficult at all, and it doesn’t fit Sister Weber’s temperament.”


Upstairs in the study.

Karl was going downstairs to play with Grace for a while, and then he was ready to eat.

As soon as he got up, the phone rang.

It is the sound of a video call.

Karl was not surprised to see that the person making the video call was Peter.

Only Peter is so boring.

Karl took the video, looked at Peter’s head from the perspective of death on the screen, and asked without expression, “What’s the matter?”

“Great event.” Peter looked serious.

Karl frowned: “What happened to AdamPic?”

Peter shook his head deeply and adjusted the camera to the rear: “Did you see it?”

Karl took a serious look. There was a dark mass inside, and it took a long time to distinguish: “Are you cooking coal in a pot?”

Peter roared with anger: “Broiled chicken wings!”

“Oh.” Karl replied faintly, and said, “Don’t you like braised chicken in the brown sauce the most? What kind of chicken wings.”

Peter: “Tina likes chicken wings!”

Karl: “You haven’t given up yet?”

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