CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1315 – 1316

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Chapter 1315

Peter turned the camera back and snorted coldly: “Give up? It doesn’t exist! I just told her on the surface that I had let her down, and asked her to lower her guard against me, and then quietly when she let go of her guard. Attacking the city and sweeping the pond, when she reacts, she would have become a turtle in the urn!”

He had never thought about giving up on Tina.

He also never thought about who he would like again except Tina.

In the past one-third of his life, he has seen and experienced, there is nothing that can’t be passed, and nothing can’t be let go.

Except for Tina.

Karl was noncommittal, and just asked him: “Aren’t you afraid of self-defeating?”

“I’m calling the curve to save the country, understand?” Peter looked confident, as if he had prepared a perfect countermeasure.

Karl held his forehead and slowly said, “It is also possible that it is a curve suicide.”

“Can you expect me to order?” Peter looked at Karl blankly, as if Karl would be able to crawl over from the phone and hit him if he didn’t say anything nice.

Karl leaned back and looked at Peter lazily, “Oh.”

“Where is Alyssa? Ask her to come and guide me.” Peter looked left and right, and found that Karl was in the study: “Go find Alyssa, hurry up.”

He hasn’t forgotten his business.

Isn’t it just learning to cook?

He can learn quickly, and he can learn fast.

Learn faster than Tina, and then run to her to show off.

Karl still sat in the chair and said, “She is downstairs.”

“Then you go find her.” Peter was almost anxious: “Karl, I beg you…”

Karl gave a chuckle, got up and walked out with the phone.

When he reached the top of the stairs, Karl saw Alyssa sitting on the sofa with her mobile phone and talking, apparently also answering a video call.

He stopped at the top of the stairs and listened for a while. From the voice, he heard that the person who was on the video call with Alyssa was Tina.

Alyssa was focusing on guiding Tina to cook, so she did not find Karl at the top of the stairs.

He stepped back two steps and took out his phone: “She is playing a video with Tina.”

Peter smiled after hearing this: “Tina moves very fast.”

“Hang up.” Karl gestured to hang up the video call.

“Wait…” Peter said quickly.

Karl asked, “Why, you want to be together?”

“No, I can just make a video call with Alyssa directly. What I want to say is that we will get together for a new year, and it will be lively and fun.”

Peter has always been a lively person and always likes to organize games.

Karl pondered for a moment: “My house is quite lively.”

Peter wanted to go back, but after another thought, he felt that what Karl had said was okay.

People who have wives and daughters are of course lively.

“Relentless!” Peter hung up the video call after speaking.

When Karl received his phone and went down, he found that Alyssa had hung up the video call with Tina, and she was getting up from the sofa.

Seeing Karl, she had a smile and said: “I was coming up to tell you to come down for the meal.”

“You just made a video call with Tina?” Karl asked her.

“Yes.” Alyssa said with some puzzlement: “I don’t know what Tina thinks, so she suddenly decided to cook. She used to hate going into the kitchen the most.”

Karl said meaningfully, “So it is.”

Chapter 1316

Alyssa heard that Karl’s tone had no deep meaning, and asked him curiously: “Listening to your tone, it seems that you know something?”

Karl curled his lips: “No.”

He felt strange, how could Peter suddenly want to learn to cook.

Since Peter wants to save the country by curve, it is better not to say anything. It can be regarded as a friend to Peter.

On the surface, Peter told Tina that he had already let go. It was because Tina was one of the parties involved, so she was paralyzed, and that she believed Peter so easily.

His wife is also smart, and Peter will come to ask her about cooking later. She thinks about it and guesses some of Peter’s ideas, and she might ask him again.

“Okay, then come to eat.” Alyssa did not ask anymore.

As soon as they sat down at the table, Alyssa’s cell phone rang again.

“Peter on a video call?” Alyssa glanced at the phone screen, turned her head to look at Karl with some doubts.

Karl’s expression was faint, and he said solemnly: “Maybe there is something important.”

“Yeah.” Alyssa felt that Karl’s words made sense.

When he is fine, Peter doesn’t even chat with her on WeChat. At most, he likes her posts from the circle of friends. Now it is important to make a video call with her.

After receiving the video, Alyssa remembered, what important thing is Peter, why didn’t he find Karl to find her?

And Peter on the other end of the phone has already said: “Alyssa! Happy new year.”

“Happy new year.” Alyssa replied with a smile.

“Cough—” Peter cleared his throat and said, “Alyssa, I have something to do with you…”

Alyssa discovered that the background behind Peter was also the kitchen. The counters behind him were also full of things, all kinds of dinner plates and kitchen utensils, shovel drain basins, and various dishes…

An inspiration flashed in Alyssa’s mind: “Peter, you… aren’t you also learning to cook?”

“Yeah, how do you know?” Peter was a little embarrassed at first, but when asked by Alyssa, his heart was relieved.

After he finished speaking, he reacted again. He turned his head and glanced at the messy table behind him, and smiled embarrassingly: “Hey, I just made a dish, it’s a bit messy…”

“It’s okay…” Alyssa felt strange in her heart, and every one of them had to learn how to cook.

“Then what, I just want to ask you, I always follow the recipe, why do I make it paste every time?” Peter is really desperate, he has already cooked twice.

Alyssa asked him: “What did you do?”

“Chicken wings, let me show you.” Peter turned the camera to the rear as before, and showed her the chicken wings he made.

At this time, Grace also came over and saw the footage in the video: “Wow, Uncle Grant, are you cooking charcoal in the pot?”

Peter: “…You are really your father’s good daughter.”

As expected of the biological father and daughter, they had the same reaction when they saw the chicken wings he cooked.

Speaking of which, if he marries and reconciles Tina in the future, is it better for the husband and the son?

“Do you eat this at noon?” Grace looked at Peter sympathetically, took a piece of tender and delicious chicken wings made by the chef at home and shook in front of the camera: “You come to our house for dinner.”

Peter: “…”

For a while, he didn’t know if he should sympathize with himself first, or if he should feel that he didn’t feel in vain.

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