The Warmest Romance Chapter 825 -826

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Chapter 825

It’s been more than two years. Even if it was her fault, he should forgive her!

At this time, there was a knock at the door, and then Xiao He’s voice rang out, “madam, the hangover soup is ready…”

Ye Wan’er gritted her teeth and suddenly got up from the ground. She quickly walked to the door and pulled the door open.

Looking at Xiao He standing at the door, she is very angry. If she can cook the sobering soup earlier and let Yu Yimo drink it earlier, it won’t be so unpleasant after that!

The more ye Wan’er thinks about it, the more angry she is. All her anger and resentment gather together, making her on the verge of explosion.

She clenched her teeth and asked, “do you see sir?”

Xiaohe replied in a low voice, “see He’s gone

“Then you’ll give me a fart! Give me a drink Ye Wan’er gritted her teeth, hoping to put Xiaohe’s feet on her.

All of a sudden, her eyes flashed over the sobering soup on the tray, and the bottom of her eyes flashed a trace of coldness. She looked at Xiao He, and said in an angry voice, “since Mr. left, this bowl of sobering soup can’t be wasted, you can drink it for me!”

Hearing this, Xiao He turned pale. “Madam I’m wrong… “

Ye Wan’er’s face became a little twisted and ordered coldly, “give me a drink!”

“Don’t Madam… “

“Would you like it or not?” Ye Wan’er stepped forward, approached her and said, “if you don’t drink, I’ll send someone to send a soup to your seriously ill mother. Believe it or not!”

Xiaohe was completely shocked. He knelt down with the tray trembling and asked for mercy. “Madam, I beg you, let me go…”

Ye Wan’er asked coldly, “let you go? Then who will let me go! “

Now she lives this kind of life, the same life is not like death, every minute is hard!

Her life is painful enough. She just wants to see others suffer more than her!

Ye Wan’er looked down at the girl kneeling on the ground, shivering, and asked in a cold voice, “do you really not drink?”

She squatted down slowly, looked at the extremely frightened Xiao He, and hummed coldly, “you dare disobey me. Do you think you will have a better life here from now on?”

In a word, just like a heavy fist, it directly hit Xiaohe’s heart.

Xiaohe shivers all over. If she doesn’t drink it, it will be a long time. I’m afraid ye Wan’er has countless ways to deal with her. When she thinks about it, she can’t help shivering all over.

“Madame I’d like to drink… “

Ye Wan’er smell speech, the eye ground flashed one silk proud sneer, condescending of looking at her way, “drink.”

Xiao he stretched out his hand and slowly picked up the bowl of sobering soup on the tray. He gritted his teeth, took the bowl to his mouth and drank it.

Ye Wan’er orders coldly, “drink it up, don’t leave a drop!”

Xiaohe did as he did, finished the liquid in the bowl, and then slowly put the bowl down.

Seeing this, ye Wan’er hooked the corner of her lips, walked to the sofa and sat down. She looked at Xiao He and the clock on the wall. She said in a cold voice, “just in time, I’ll test it on you.”

When she got the medicine, it was said that it worked very quickly. It could make people feel hot and delirious in five minutes, and it could make people fall into a state of hallucination in ten minutes without any side effects.

Chapter 826

Unexpectedly, for the first time, it was used on a maid.

She looked at Xiao He and hummed coldly, “it’s cheaper for you.”

Xiao He felt more and more uneasy. After a while, her forehead began to sweat, and even her breath became urgent unconsciously.

Three minutes later, she was a little feverish. She looked at ye Wan’er sitting on the sofa and asked, “Madam I’m a little hot. What kind of medicine is this

Ye Wan’er hummed coldly, “a kind of medicine that makes you want to be immortal and die.”

Xiaohe was frightened. He raised his hand to wipe the sweat from his forehead, but the sweat was like tap water. It rubbed here, and it was emitting there.

“It’s so hot How hot it is

Xiaohe pulled her clothes and fanned quickly, but the more she moved, the faster the blood circulation, and the faster the medicine came.

“It’s hard…” Xiao he knelt on the ground, his whole face turned red.

Ye Wan’er raised her eyes and glanced at the clock. Only five minutes later, the effect of the medicine had risen. It seemed that it really worked!

Soon, ten minutes later, Xiaohe almost lost her mind. Her servant’s shirt had been untied by herself, revealing an old white vest inside.

Ye Wan’er looked at her with a little more disdain and asked coldly, “what’s up? Does it taste good? “

Xiao He lay on the ground and tried his best to stick his skin on the cold floor. He rubbed back and forth with his eyes closed and murmured vaguely, “hot Hot… “

Looking at the girl who has lost her mind and started to take off her pants, ye Wan’er’s face looks more and more disgusted, “what a cheap hoof! I always pretend to be so honest. I didn’t expect to be so coquettish behind my back! “

She picked up the phone next to her and dialed directly, “come upstairs, come to my bedroom.”

Soon, there was a knock at the door, and ye Wan’er answered. The door opened, and a dark middle-aged man appeared at the door.

When the man saw the little lotus on the ground, he was obviously stunned.

“Ma’am, she is…”

Ye Wan’er raised her chin and glanced at Xiao he coldly. “Driver Luo, haven’t you been playing bachelor all the time? This time, you can help solve it. “

Luo driver smell speech, see to small lotus, the eye ground immediately flashed a few cent greedy essence, he hurriedly nodded, “thank madam, thank madam!”

Ye Wan’er opened her mouth and ordered, “drag her to the basement. Keep it down. Do you hear me?”

Luo driver repeatedly nodded and couldn’t wait to extend a salty pig’s hand to Xiao He, “I understand, I understand!”

When he dragged Xiaohe away, the door slammed shut, and the room was calm again.

Ye Wan’er sat on the sofa, and when she thought of what would happen next, she was even more disgusted.

Although I have dealt with Xiao He, I can’t get rid of her anger.

She and Yu Yimo must not go on like this, or sooner or later, she will completely lose her brother Mo!

So, she must think of a way as soon as possible!

And Ruan Shishi, she would never allow her to re-enter her life with Yu Yimo, otherwise her chances of winning would be even smaller!

Besides, had it not been for Ruan’s poems, she would not have been estranged from Yu Yimo, nor would she have lived such a life of being a widow!

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