The Warmest Romance Chapter 827 -828

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Chapter 827

The more she thinks about it, the more angry ye Wan’er gets. At last, her hatred for Ruan Shishi is added unconsciously. She grits her teeth, takes out her mobile phone and dials a phone.

Soon, there answer, ye Wan’er deeply inhaled, clenched the mobile phone, firmly said, “lawyer Qin, I don’t care what method you use, how much money you spend, you must guarantee him for me as soon as possible!”

She can’t wait for others to wait.

This kind of thing must be handled as soon as possible!

Meanwhile, in Xiqiao garden, Ruan Shishi suddenly sneezed twice.

“Mom, do you have a cold?”

Song Yisen’s small head came out of the blanket and stared at Ruan Shishi without blinking.

Ruan Shishi’s heart warmed. He raised his hand and gently rubbed his head. “No, go to bed. We’ll go to Happy Valley tomorrow.”

Song Yisha also showed two big eyes, and her voice was milky and waxy. “Mom, can I ask my friends to go with me tomorrow?”

Ruan Shishi laughed and asked softly, “as soon as we arrived in Jiangzhou, you have new friends?”

Song Yisha nodded excitedly, “yes, the handsome uncle I met at the airport last time, he said he was my good friend!”

Hearing this, the smile on Ruan Shishi’s face suddenly became a little stiff. She did not expect that Sasha would be so impressed by Yu Yimo.

Seeing that Ruan’s face was different, Sasha tilted her head and asked, “Mom, what’s the matter? Are you upset? “

Sensen next to a serious answer, “Mom doesn’t like that handsome uncle, I saw it last time.”

“Why, uncle Shuai is so nice and handsome…”

“You’re handsome and you can’t eat.” Sensen snorted and held on to Ruan Shishi with a small hand. “I don’t like people my mother doesn’t like either.”

“You’re bullshit. You told me last time that you thought uncle Shuai was so handsome!”

“Who said that? I didn’t say… “

Two little guys, you and I have become the daily bickering mode.

Ruan Shishi sat by the bed, looking at the two of them, one by one, one by one, each of them refused to let the other, and he was a little sad.

“All right, all right.”

Ruan Shishi held out her hand, patted two little guys and tucked them in. “Sleep first, we’ll talk about it tomorrow, OK?”

Just burning up two small flames were instantly extinguished, they both hesitated for a moment, coincidentally nodded.

Looking at the two little guys obediently close their eyes, Ruan Shishi’s heart softened a bit, slowly stood up, put out the light in the room, and exited the room.

Thinking of what Sasha said just now, she felt a little uneasy.

Yu Yimo and Sasha only met once. Why is Sasha so dependent on him? Is it really like that sentence, blood is thicker than water?

No, from now on, she should try her best to avoid meeting with Yu Yimo again!

Only in this way can we not go wrong!

The next day, before she woke up, she was pulled out of bed by Ms. Liu.

“Look at the time, don’t you mean to take them to Happy Valley? Today is Sunday, the most people

“Not yet? Shishi, you are the mother of the child now, not the little girl before… “

Chapter 828


During the five minutes in bed, Ruan Shishi felt as if she had made up for her mother’s reproach, which had been missing for five years. She rubbed her head and got up from the bed struggling in her heart.

“Take a bath and change! Both of them are more diligent than you

Being pushed into the bathroom by Ms. Liu, she took a shower, which made her sober.

Last night, somehow, she had a dream all night. In the dream, there was a tall and handsome man, who ran away with Sensen and Sasha in his arms. She was so scared that she didn’t sleep well.

Is the man in the dream metaphorical?

The more Ruan Shi thought about it, the more outrageous he was. In the end, he simply threw away his head and put all those irrelevant ideas behind him.

She came out of the bathroom, changed her clothes and went downstairs. She saw song Yisha and song Yisen sitting at the dining table drinking milk and eating breakfast. They also put on new clothes. Sasha was a red plaid skirt, and Sen Sen was a Black Plaid shirt. They were lovely and eye-catching.

Ruan Shishi was in a good mood. She went to say hello to them, took a cup of coffee and took a sip. By the way, she took out her mobile phone and sent a message to song yean.

“Good night, our side is almost ready. Have you set out?”

Originally, she and song yean agreed to take the little guy to happy valley today, which can be regarded as “family activities”.

After waiting for a few minutes, Ruan finished a cup of coffee, but song yean didn’t reply.

Next to song Yisen and song Yisha, who have finished breakfast, are staring at her with big eyes.

“Mom, when shall we start?”

Ruan Shishi smiles at them, raises her hand and nods their little heads respectively, “when Dad comes to pick us up, you two go to carry your little backpack and take your little kettle, and be ready all the time!”

“Yes, sir

Watching them run away like a little wild horse, Ruan’s smile deepened.

She got up, went back to her room, put on a casual sports suit, and went out when she was ready.

White sweater and white shorts, with the same color sports shoes, with baseball cap, the whole body is young and beautiful, full of girlish feeling.

As soon as Ruan Shishi came down the stairs, he received the appreciation of the two little guys.

“Mom, you are so beautiful!”

“Mom, let’s go out and call your sister.”


Listening to the rainbow fart, Ruan Shishi couldn’t help laughing, holding a little guy in one hand, and said with a smile, “well, well, you two are as sweet as honey!”

Before going out, Ms. Liu came up and stuffed a box of sandwiches into Ruan Shishi’s backpack. “Just in case, if you are hungry, you can pad your stomach.”

“Come on, mom, it’s such a fine day today. You can go out with my dad too. Don’t stay at home all the time.”

When she came out of her home and walked to the roadside outside xiqiaoyuan, Ruan Shishi opened her mobile phone. It was empty. Let alone song yean’s phone, she didn’t even reply to the text messages she sent him.

It’s getting late. If you don’t go any more, I’m afraid you’ll have to queue up to buy tickets.

Ruan Shishi stopped a taxi and got on with sensenshasha. He asked the driver to go directly to the happy valley of Jiangzhou city.

On the way, she dialed a phone call to song yean, but there were several rings and no one answered.

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