The Warmest Romance Chapter 829 -830

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Chapter 829

“Are you busy?”

Ruan Shishi thought and thought, and simply sent him a message, “I’ll take Sensen Shasha to buy tickets first, and then we’ll wait for you at the door.”

Just after texting, Sensen raised his head and looked at Ruan Shishi, blinking his big eyes and asked, “Mom, won’t dad come?”

Ruan Shishi touched his little head. “Dad should be busy. We’ll wait for him at the gate of happy valley. He’ll be there soon.”

Sasha was also worried and asked, “what if dad doesn’t come? Teacher Linda left us homework to take a picture of the whole family going out to play and send it to her

“Yes, today is the last day!”

Looking at the anxious appearance of the two little guys, Ruan Shishi quickly appeased, “don’t worry, you will finish this assignment today. Don’t worry, eh?”

The two little guys nodded, but their faces were a little lost.

Ruan Shishi felt a little sorry for them.

In the past five years, although song yean is the father of the two of them, actually speaking, they don’t spend much time together. In addition, song yean often has to run both at home and abroad, so he can’t get away from his work, so some accidents sometimes happen.

But even so, Ruan Shishi is very grateful to song yean. With him, at least her child will not be the object of ridicule by other children. At least sensenshasha’s position as a father in her childhood will not be vacant.

Soon, when the taxi arrives at the gate of Happy Valley in Jiangzhou City, Ruan Shishi pulls Sensen Shasha out of the taxi. When she sees the long line at the ticket office, she is immediately dumbfounded.

Unexpectedly, there are so many people.

No wonder Ms. Liu has to wake her up early in the morning. It seems that there is a reason.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, strained the hands of the two little guys, walked to the end of the line and followed the queue to buy tickets.

There are many young couples. There are many people at the ticket office, and there are also queues at the entrance on the other side.

It’s still very fast to register to buy tickets. After less than 20 minutes, Ruan Shishi went to the ticket booth and bought tickets for two adults and two children.

It seems that it fits the theme of happy valley. Children’s tickets are colorful, with cartoon characters printed on them. As soon as Sensen and Sasha get the tickets, they excitedly pull Ruan Shishi to line up at the entrance there.

Ruan Shishi hesitated, looked at the empty mobile phone, took a deep breath, “Sensen, Sasha, let’s wait for Dad.”

The two little guys just got up. When they heard this, they felt like they had been poured a basin of cold water. They nodded a little disappointed, “OK.”

Unconsciously, after waiting for more than ten minutes, no one answered the phone call from Ruan Shishi to song yean, but the queue at the entrance was getting longer and longer.

Ruan Shishi looks down at Sensen and Shasha, who are like eggplants. She picks up her cell phone and dials song yean again.

If no one answers the phone, she will have to take the two of them to the queue first.

On the other side, two cars stopped in the square in front of the gate of happy valley.

A middle-aged man with some weight got out of the car in front of him. He laughed respectfully and immediately went to the car behind him. He opened the door slightly.

Chapter 830

“General manager Yu, please –“

Yu Yimo stepped out of the car, glanced at the gate of Happy Valley and said in a low voice, “there are a lot of people.”

The middle-aged man nodded and said in a positive tone, “it’s natural. Happy Valley is the largest amusement park in Jiangzhou city with the largest number of entertainment projects, and it has a wide audience. At the beginning, Yu always chose to invest in this project, which is really the right one!”

Yu Yimo nodded slightly, “well, manager he, where is Mingyue lake?”

Manager he immediately nodded and reached out his hand to show him, “it’s over there. There are lots of places by the lake that belong to Yu group. There is a forest farm by the lake, and the scenery is very good. Then there is Jiangzhou City wildlife park.”

Yu Yimo nodded, “well, go to the lake again. If it’s appropriate, let your staff draw up an initial plan and give it to me, with nearly two years of data analysis.”

Manager he’s eyes brightened and he answered excitedly, “yes!”

Yu Yimo glanced at the door again. He was about to turn around and get on the bus when he suddenly looked in a direction.

Manager he was startled by Yu Yimo’s sudden action. He quickly followed his eyes, but there was a long queue at the entrance. There was nothing strange.

He summoned up the courage to ask, “Mr. Yu, how can What’s the matter? “

Yu Yimo stands in the same place and looks at the back end of the team. He sees the beautiful figure in the sports suit, and his eyes are a little dim.

It was her, and his intuition was right.

It was just a casual glance, but somehow he was so sensitive to her back.

When he saw the two little guys beside Ruan Shishi, Yu Yimo raised his lips and said to Du Yue, “go to the queue and buy two tickets.”

Du Yue Wei Zheng, thought he heard wrong, “Yu general?”

Yu Yimo turned his head, looked at him clearly, and said word by word, “buy two tickets for both of us.”

Du Yue saw that he didn’t seem to be joking. Then he nodded and said, “yes.”

Manager he was even more confused. He watched Du Yue go to the ticket office, gasped and reminded him in a low voice, “Mr. Yu, you don’t need to buy a ticket…”

The whole Happy Valley in Jiangzhou city is the property of Yu’s company. He is the president of Yu’s company. Even if it’s not reserved, can he still buy tickets?

Yu Yimo raised his lips and said in a low voice, “manager he, there is one thing you need to do.”


Unconsciously, more than ten minutes later, Ruan Shishi pulls sensenshasha to line up and looks at her mobile phone from time to time, but there is still no news of song yean.

Can’t he come again this time? Isn’t that what she promised in front of sensenshasha just now going to be beaten in the face?

She sighed softly, looked at the slowly advancing team in front of her, and looked down at the two little guys whose interest had weakened. A sense of shame appeared in her heart.

If she had just taken them to the queue, I’m afraid they would have gone in now?

“Mom, when can we get in?”

Sensen raises his head and pouts his mouth.

She took out a tissue and helped him wipe the sweat on his forehead. Just as she didn’t know how to answer, a voice came from the side, “is that Ms. Ruan?”

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