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Chapter 407

Hazel patted Blair Elijah’s heart, her expression was still in a daze, “Don’t talk nonsense, children will take it seriously.”

“Hazel…” The little guy looked aggrieved, and smiled, “Uncle is so fierce today!!”

“Okay! Let’s ignore him!!” Hazel hugged the little guy into her arms, “Tell Mommy, how did you come here?”

“Mommy, Uncle Evan came here together!!!”

Hazel walked out of the bathroom holding the kid, and saw Evan standing in the bedroom, “hi, sister-in-law! It seems that I and Landon interrupted your…good thing…”

“Evan, you bastard!!!” Blair Elijah’s roar came from the bathroom.

“Why!” Hearing Evan’s teasing, Hazel blushed, “He can’t move, I have to help him, you know, this guy is very clean! Hey, just come! Evan Senior, please help him rub his back!!”



The two big men screamed, and then they said, “I don’t want it!!!”

“Allison Hazel, you quickly come in for me!!!”

Blair Elijah is depressed!!!

Didn’t he finish that part of his heartfelt words just now? This group of troublemakers, do they want him to suffocate now?

In a word, from five years ago, to five years later, still not giving him a chance to speak out? What are these guys trying to make?

And Hazel, but in her head is still thinking about the words of Blair Elijah just now…

What does he want to tell her? Are they…the most…sensitive three words?!!!

Hazel’s heart suddenly became complicated, but there was one thing she had to admit that in the complicated heart, more was expected.

Evan left after completing the physical examination for Blair Elijah.

Hazel nestled on the sofa, under the yellow light, casually flipping through the famous novels in her hand.

The little guy leaned over a certain man’s bed, caring about him continuously.

“Uncle, do you hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt!!” Blair Elijah shook his head, curled his lips, and smiled deeply, “It’s very comfortable.”

While speaking, he didn’t forget to take a look at Hazel that was sitting on the sofa, and pretended not to hear. The smile between his lips was very deep.

“Uncle, I know that you lied to Landon.” The little guy’s wry eyes were full of worries. He turned to look at Hazel sitting on the sofa, “Hazel, uncle’s legs…will it be alright?” “

Hazel picked up her head from the book, blinked, looked at her worried son, and nodded, “Of course it will be fine. Uncle Evan is here!”

“Yes.” The little guy finally felt relieved, spreading out a bright smile, and the little hand patted the uncle’s cast leg gently, “Then I can rest assured!”

Hazel speechlessly, put down the book in her hand, approached them, “Okay, baby, you should go home, let’s go! I’ll take you back.”

Blair Elijah raised his eyes and looked at Hazel with a pitiful smile, “Can you let the little devil stay with me?”

“Don’t don’t!” The little guy waved his hand hurriedly, he didn’t want to make light bulbs, this was taught to him by grandma!

“I have to go home occasionally! Grandma will be lonely at home! Landon has to go back and accompany grandma.” The little guy said and patted the crumbly plaster on Blair Elijah’s leg. “Uncle, Landon will be back in a few days. Come and accompany you!!”

While the little guy was talking, Blair Elijah, who was on the bed, winked and winked.

Blair Elijah laughed blankly.

It seems that his precious son is really… very precocious!!!

At night…

Hazel woke up by the pain in the head.

The migraine was afflicted again, and the pain made her head cramp.

She turned over and was about to sleep for a while, but suddenly heard a broken glass from downstairs.

She shrank, and a few bad feelings flashed in her heart.

Regardless of the head pain, she hurriedly opened the quilt and put on slippers, and ran out the door.

Passing by Blair Elijah’s room, the door opened to take a look, and sure enough, she didn’t enter him on the bed.

“Blair Elijah? Is it you?” Hazel shouted toward the dimly lit hall downstairs.


Blair Elijah’s voice came downstairs, and it seemed to be a little panting.

Hazel was frightened, and rushed downstairs, “How did you get? Why didn’t you call me?”

When she came downstairs, she saw Blair Elijah leaning on crutches, sitting paralyzed on the sofa, panting, his big hands stiffly propped on one side, the back of his hands were already red, and water was constantly overflowing between his fingers.

“Hazel, bring me to scald cream…”

Blair Elijah pointed to the place where the medicine box was placed, and his eyebrows made a ball.

Hazel hurriedly to find the ointment. After hurriedly applying the ointment for him, she asked him, “Why did you come downstairs by yourself? Why don’t you call me if you want to drink water? Pour it right now and burn yourself like this! It hurts! Right? Where’s the foot? Is there anything wrong?”

Hazel looked at him worriedly and asked him a series of questions.

Unable to get his answer, she lowered her head again, grabbed his hand, and sighed for him carefully, trying to relieve his pain.

“It must be painful!” The water must be known, but it is a hundred degrees of boiling water.

“No pain…”

Blair Elijah shook his head and smiled, but didn’t know that the low sweat on his forehead had already betrayed him.

The back of his hand was already so painful that he couldn’t hold his fingers, and the pain in his legs made his cheeks cramp, but looking at her worried look, it hurt early…

Everything seems to be worth it!!!

And Hazel only worried about his body, and for the pain in his head, it seems that he has not felt too much.

“Didn’t you say that you must call me something?”

Looking at him, Hazel a little bit of anger, really distressed and angry.

“Guess you are asleep, so I didn’t call you anymore!” Blair Elijah smiled and said again, “It’s not that exaggerated! It’s not particularly painful.”

“Blair Elijah, don’t be brave! I have been scalded too, I understand the pain!!” Hazel said while blowing on the back of his hand, and then asked him, “What about the leg? Doesn’t it hurt?”

Blair Elijah’s jet-black eyes were deep in the bottom, staring at the water eyes that worried about him, and asked her, “Are you so worried about me?”

Blair Elijah’s words made Hazel slightly stunned. The next moment, she scolded him, “Blair Elijah, this is not the time to make a joke!!”

Blair Elijah smiled to the innocent, “I’m not joking, I am really happy to see you doing this for me.”


Hazel was flushed with shame involuntarily because of his words and was hurriedly trying to shake off her hand, but it was held tightly by his big hand.

Hazel startled for a second, the little hand no longer dared to move randomly, “Let go! Don’t use it so hard, it will hurt to death!!!”

As expected, Blair Elijah quickly let go, “I didn’t mean to make you hurt.”

He also looked at her apologetically, and then at her ‘delicate’ little hands.

Hazel a little helpless, “I mean, you will make your own hands hurt like this, and you are so hard, really scared of you!!!”

This time, Hazel stopped struggling, but grabbed his hand and sighed gently for him again.

“Sit down here, I’ll pour water for you.”

Hazel put his hand aside, got up, wanted to pour water.

However, when she was together, her head hurt again without realizing it.

Blair Elijah looked at her suspiciously, “What’s the matter?”

“It’s okay…” Hazel waved her hand and poured water for him.

After all the glass fragments on the ground were cleaned up, she took the water back to the sofa and sat down.

“Wait, the water is still hot.”

Blair Elijah didn’t answer her, his eyes settled on her cheeks, and he raised his eyebrows and asked her, “Did you have a migraine again?”

“It’s just a little bit…” Hazel shook her head, “and I’ve gotten better recently.”

“Come here a little…”


Hazel looking at him.

“Come, lie down.”

Blair Elijah patted her thigh and motioned for her to lie on him.

Hazel is even more puzzled.

“Just do it!!” Blair Elijah forced her to lie down on his uninjured leg, leaning her head on his thigh, while a pair of beautiful glamorous eyes were staring at him for a moment. “Blair Elijah, are you trying to massage me?”

“Is it weird?”

“Isn’t it strange?” Hazel blinked, as if thinking of something, then said, “Hey! Do you remember the first time you massaged me?”

While speaking, Blair Elijah’s soft fingertips had lightly touched her brain acupuncture points on her forehead. Even if his hands were burned, he could bear the pain.

“En…remember!” Blair Elijah answered ambiguously.

Hazel smiled, “Then you would massage me, but it didn’t scare me!”

Blair Elijah frowned, “Why?”

Is he that scary?

Hazel thought for a while before she said, “I don’t know, anyway, I think you are not a man who can massage girls! Especially… won’t do me! Besides, didn’t you hate me at that time? You also massage me, which shocked me.”

What she said only made Blair Elijah smile and shook his head, “Did I hate you at that time?”

“Isn’t it?” Hazel blinked, feeling aggrieved. ” I don’t understand. A girl like me is worthy of you so disgusting! I am embarrassed every day and don’t give me a good face in life. Look, I’m always embarrassed at work! Hey…Blair Elijah, it was not easy to be your wife back then…”

Hazel sighed.

She doesn’t know, is the atmosphere of the night too relaxing, or the night is too quiet…

In short, tonight, they seem to have lost their previous insights. What is left is just the kind of warm ridicule and deep concern for each other, and the memories of… five years ago…!

“If you were to be my wife now, it would be a lot easier!”

Blair Elijah said half-jokingly, both true and false.

Hazel for a second, her heartbeat, unexpectedly missed a beat because of his words…

Be his wife again?!

In fact, from the moment they divorced, she never imagined such a thing again, did she?

Hazel endured the nervousness, smiled, and asked him, “Why?”

The smile on her lips was a little uncomfortable.

Blair Elijah’s hand movement was appropriately slowed down for a few minutes before he said seriously, “There has been a failed marriage, so I don’t want to have a second failure! I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes! As long as you don’t want to experience a failed marriage, I will manage it very carefully.”

Chapter 408

Hazel smiled, and her heart was aching.

“So, in that previous marriage, you didn’t manage it with your heart?”

“Have been diligent, but…not enough!! Because…if I am diligent enough, you shouldn’t just leave like that.”

His answer made Hazel’s heart flash a few strange throbs…

However, Hazel had to admit that what he said was the truth!!!

If, back then, he didn’t have ulterior motives for her, perhaps, now they are a happy family of three!!!

“Head, is it better?”

Blair Elijah didn’t answer when he saw her and asked her in a low voice.

“En! Much better.” Hazel nodded, staring at him, “Thank you.”

And Blair Elijah was lowering his head, looking down at her, his eyes like torches.

With a scorching look, if he wants to ignite her alive…

“Allison Hazel…”

Sexy thin lips, gently spit out her name…

The electric current flowed out of his eyes quickly and penetrated Hazel’s eyes…

“I love you!”

Three words, gently, floated out between the lips…

The look in his eyes was so sincere that Hazel began to dazzle.

Her eyes, because of his lightly three words, began to expand…

The pupils of the eyes gradually expanded, staring at him in shock.

“You… what did you… just say?”

Hazel, startled eyes were filled with disbelief.

She can hardly believe her ears!!!

Blair Elijah still stared at her deeply, capturing every shock in her eyes.

The corners of the lips, laughing.

“I love you, Allison Hazel!! I said I love you!!”

He, repeating, over and over again…

Even he can’t believe it!!!

He unexpectedly… just like that, easily uttered such awkward three words!!!

These three words, for Blair Elijah, are so awkward, so embarrassing, and so killing him!!! When he said it without overdue, even he was taken aback by himself!

But he found…

It turns out that speaking out feels so beautiful!!!

“Hazel, I love you…”

“I love you… I love…”

In love, he can say even such a nasty thing!!!

Lips, lips, and tongue close to her… In the end, all the endless love was condensed between her lips and teeth…

Hot and damp lips, gently prying open her sweet sandalwood mouth, bypassing her white teeth, powerfully absorbing every inch of her fragrance…

Breaking through, every line of defense belongs to her against him!!!

“Hmm -“

Hazel was kissed by him, and the whole person seemed to be swallowed by him.

When she came back to her senses, she didn’t know when she was pressed on the sofa by this man, and her clothes were messed up on her waist.

And he, with a pair of red eyes, stared at her under him desperately.

“You come here!! Get up!”

Hazel suddenly returned to her senses and pushed him on her.

“I…” Blair Elijah’s too obvious desire concealed his eyes, “I can’t hold it anymore…”

“If you can’t hold it, you have to hold it!!” Hazel blushed and glared at him, “Your feet are hurt like this, so you still think about these things!! Get up!!”

Blair Elijah narrowed his mouth in depression, listened to her obediently, and got up.

However, he still did not forget to peck on her white snow peak, and laughed, “Then wait for my legs to get better, let’s have more!”

“You…think beautiful!!”

Hazel blushed, got up, hurriedly dressing for herself.

But Blair Elijah only squinted lazily, smiling at her who was embarrassed and embarrassed.

For the next few decades, if this woman could stay with him as she does now, it would be great!!!


He held his head with one hand and squinted lazily at the woman who was still wearing clothes.

“En?” Hazel didn’t dare to see him again.

“What I just said, actually… as early as five years ago, I wanted to tell you!”


Hazel’s hands of the sleeping group and paused slightly.

She raised her eyes and looked at him in amazement.

Blair Elijah still just smiled, “I don’t care what your answer is, but…I can tell you that there is only one answer I want! That is, love me!!”

Blair Elijah was good at it and pointed to himself.

Hazel back to her senses and scoffed at him, “It has been five years, but you haven’t changed at all, you are still so arrogant!!”

Blair Elijah smiled toward his lips, “Whatever you think, but I only want the results I want! So, Allison Hazel, I will work hard to make you fall in love with me!!”

Hazel looked at him, “Are you serious?”

“I never make jokes about those three words.” Because, those kinds of nasty words, he can’t use them as jokes at all.

Hazel was startled for a second because of his words.

But soon, she came back to her senses and only asked him, “Then how are you going to work hard?”

Blair Elijah looked at her with a smile, shook his head, “I don’t know, to be honest, I have never had the experience of chasing a girl.”


“By the way, I have something for you.”

Blair Elijah got up and leaned on the crutches to go upstairs.

“What is it?” Hazel was wrong, “I will help you up!”


Blair Elijah was limped upstairs with Hazel.

Hazel while sitting on the sofa, she saw him rummaging on the bedside table with a cane.

Soon, he turned around and limped towards her.

He seemed to be holding something in his hand.

When Hazel saw it clearly, she faintly stopped, it turned out to be the concentric necklace he gave her five years ago!

He held the diamond necklace and sat down beside her.

“What is the meaning of concentric circles?” Blair Elijah asked her softly.

Hazel only looked at him deeply, silent.

Heart throbbed.

His deep eyes were like a hurricane, deeply adsorbing her soul, and also deeply attracted her…the trembling heart.

“The meaning of the concentric circle necklace is to allow lost lovers to meet again… Also, diamonds represent eternity! These are all you told me.”

Blair Elijah whispered, his fingers gently stroked her soft long hair, and gently moved this abandoned necklace to her neck again.

Feeling the sudden coldness in the neck, Hazel suddenly came back to her senses.

The little hand touched the ice and felt a little hot, “I… this necklace…”

She thought it should have been gone!!!

Blair Elijah just smiled, “Next time you want to throw it, don’t throw it in the water anymore. T have to look for it every time! And…it’s so cold!!”

Hazel stared at him blankly, “You…went to find it again? But, Blair Elijah, I remember that I threw it in the artificial lake in our community. How did you find it?!”

“Yes!” Blair Elijah took a sip of hot tea before continuing, “It may be fate! I found it in three days!”

Three days…

“So, you groped in the water for three days?”

Blair Elijah touched her nose, “Okay, let’s not talk about it, the necklace is finally back to the original owner!” Blair Elijah smiled, staring at her opposite, “Allison Hazel, if you dare to take the necklace off, you’re done!!!”

At that moment, Blair Elijah felt that the necklace he had hidden in the cupboard had been brought back to her, once again returning to its previous brilliance.

The goose-yellow lights reflect the brilliant diamonds, sparkling with colorful luster.

That kind of light refracted into Hazel’s dark eye pupils, and a blurry color appeared, making Blair Elijah’s deep eyes more and more sunken.

“it’s beautiful…”

He couldn’t help but exclaim.

Hazel blushed, and said, “Are you boasting about me or necklaces?!”

“All beautiful! Necklaces are beautiful, but people are more beautiful!!”


Hazel’s small face flushed with shame, “Blair Elijah, haven’t seen you in five years, your mouth is getting oilier!”

“Is it?”

Blair Elijah lazily propped his head, squinted, and looked at her, “In fact, I just understand a very important truth.”

“What?” Hazel looked at him curiously.

“When you want to say a lot of things, you have to say it, because if you don’t seize the opportunity, you may want to say it in the future, but you have no chance… Just like five years ago, a lot of things were meant to be expressed, but I have not dared to say it. In the end, I wanted to say it, but there was no chance! Now the opportunity has finally come, so I have to take a good grasp of it.”

Blair Elijah’s words, let Hazel stop slightly.

A bit of warmth dissolves from the bottom of her astringent heart.

Blair Elijah tonight… really surprised her!

“Okay! I should have finished talking! It’s too late now, so you should go back to sleep!”

Blair Elijah glanced at the time, it was already more than two o’clock in the morning at night.

“By the way, does your head hurt?”

“It’s getting better!” Hazel shook her head, “You night…”

Hazel said, took a look at his legs in a cast, “Forget it, I’ll sleep on the sofa tonight!”

Leaving him here alone, Hazel can no longer save this heart.

“Sleep on the sofa?”

Blair Elijah curled his lips, “Hey! If you want to sleep with me, don’t use such old-fashioned means?”

Hazel angry, “Who wants to sleep with you! Blair Elijah, you don’t know what is good or bad.”

“Allison Hazel! Two choices for you! One is to go to bed with me, and the other is to go to bed next door obediently! Choose for yourself!”

Blair Elijah looked at his chest, staring at her with a casual look.

Hazel stared at him depressed, “Can’t I just sleep on the sofa?”

“You should be very clear about the consequences of sleeping on the sofa…” Blair Elijah smiled wickedly.

The consequence is that he swallowed her clean in the end!!!

There is no cover left!!!

Hazel at him and got up from the sofa, “Forget it, I’ll go to sleep next door obediently!!”

“Go, go back and lie down on the bed! But you have to promise me that you have to call me if something happens!!”


Blair Elijah allowed her to help him back to bed and lie down.

After Hazel set everything up for him, she went back to the next room.

At four o’clock at night…

A lone figure, leaning on a cane, stood in front of the bed, staring at the tender sleep on the bed.

He can’t help but lower his head…

The lips were raised gently, and on her delicate sleep, gently pecked a petting kiss.

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