The Warmest Romance Chapter 843 -844

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Chapter 843

Unconsciously, his face has been a lot of serious, “in my place, the quality of work is always in the first place, I don’t want speed, as long as the quality, and the shooting sample can only continue to shoot after I pass the audit.”

Yu Yimo said these words in one breath. Suddenly, Ruan Shishi’s face became more green, “you…”

Originally, there was no such thing as shooting a sample film at all. Now he comes here and not only refutes her proposal, but also adds a request. How can she accept it?

“Yu Yimo, are you going too far?”

Yu Yimo picks his eyebrows, and his tone is light to the extreme, “is it too much? Ruan Shishi, haven’t you come back to China for a long time and don’t understand some of the work processes in China? “

With that, he glanced at Ruan Shishi and stepped into the car.

Looking at him, Ruan Shishi was even more angry. She bit her teeth and pulled the door. “Yu Yimo, let’s make it clear!”

If she had known that Yu Yimo was a big boss, she would never have given Sensen and Shasha the job.

Ruan Shishi was excited and stepped forward. He wanted to have a good theory with him. However, when his feet slipped, he lost his center of gravity and suddenly fell on Yu Yimo.


Ruan Shishi’s head hit the man’s hard chest. She frowned in pain. Before she could react, she was helped up by a pair of big hands.

Before she could stand still, she heard a man’s voice with a smile, “Ruan Shishi, you don’t have to use such clumsy means to get close to me, do you?”

Ruan Shishi’s face turned red, angry and angry. He stood firm and stepped back. Looking at him, he said in disbelief, “Yu Yimo, what are you talking about?”

Yu Yimo’s eyes flashed a little bit of fun and said, “do you have it? The people around you can see it. You jumped on it yourself. “

In a word, Ruan’s poems are even more shameful.

She inhaled deeply, gritted her teeth and pointed out to him, “Yu Yimo, you really…”

Before she finished speaking, Yu Yimo suddenly raised her hand and gently grasped her index finger.

Ruan’s fingers were wrapped in his warm palms, and his fingertips were like electric shocks She felt numb with a sudden shock.

Without waiting for her reaction, Yu Yimo suddenly reaches out his other hand and takes a small pink flower from his pocket and puts it on her index finger.

Ruan Shi was stunned and completely confused.

What is he doing? What is the routine?

Looking at her trance, Yu Yimo’s lips rose and explained, “it’s Sasha’s. yesterday she fell to me. I’ll send it to her by the way.”

Ruan’s poem is really Sha Sha’s head flower.

I don’t know why, one of her heart beat so fast, her cheek was so hot and hot that she was completely out of control.

Is she really in the way of Yu Yimo?

Ruan Shishi clenched her teeth, regained her mind, quickly stepped back, and opened the distance between them.

As soon as Yu Yimo changed his serious face, he even winked at her and said with a smile, “take good care of the two little guys. I’ll go first.”

Ruan Shishi was stunned. Before he could react, he saw the man pull up the car door. With a bang, the door closed. Then the car started and drove forward.

Chapter 844

Standing in the same place, Ruan Shishi couldn’t help wondering how she felt that today’s Yu Yimo was so different from five years ago.

Without waiting for her to understand, footsteps came from behind. Then, Sensen and Sasha hugged her legs directly from behind.

“Mom! What are you doing! “

Ruan Shishi lowered her head and looked at the two little Tuanzi, who were looking up at her with pink and tender faces. She felt their heads with soft heart, and said in a soft voice, “it’s OK. How are you talking with the director uncle over there?”

“My uncle is very nice! We can take photos tomorrow

“Yes, we all know what uncle means!”

Ruan Shishi listened, laughed, looked down at them and said, “well, since we are ready, it’s time for us to go home.”


Ruan Shishi took them both in his left and right hands, went to the work area, said hello to the staff, and then packed up to leave.

At the gate of the wildlife park, Ruan Shishi wanted to call an express, but there was no car nearby. They waited for a long time on the side of the road, but they didn’t get on.

Originally, she and song yean agreed that he would arrange people to pick them up and see them off during the shooting. But yesterday, she and song yean had such a quarrel, and she was too embarrassed to tell him about the shooting.

Wait on the left and wait on the right. I haven’t seen any cars passing for a long time.

Sasha looked up at her and asked, “Mom, what’s going on?”

Ruan Shishi quickly and softly comforted, “it’s OK, it’s OK, the car will arrive soon.”

Although he said that, there was still no master on his mobile phone. For a moment, Ruan Shishi was a little anxious.

All of a sudden, a horn came from behind, and then a black Maybach stopped beside them. The window rolled down, revealing Yu Yimo’s impeccable beauty.

“Get in the car and I’ll take you back.”

Seeing this, Ruan Shishi frowned.

Didn’t he have left just now? Why did you come out at this time?

She moved her lips, just want to say no, but Sha Sha is one step ahead of her, “handsome uncle!”

Then she raised her hand and waved hard at him.

Yu Yimo, with a mild smile on his face, pushes the car door open, gets out of the car and bends down to pick up Sasha.

“How about Uncle taking you home?”

Sasha nodded without hesitation, smiling sweetly and lovingly.

Ruan Shishi stood in the same place, a little confused.

Sasha and Yu Yimo haven’t seen each other several times. How can she be so dependent on Yu Yimo?

The next Sensen seemed to feel her strange, pulled the hand holding Ruan Shishi’s finger, looked up and said, “Mom, if you don’t like this uncle, I’ll drive him away.”

Looking at Sensen’s serious appearance, Ruan Shishi couldn’t help laughing.

She raised her hand, rubbed his little head and said, “it’s OK.”

When she looks up again, she will see that Yu Yimo has already carried Sasha into the car and turns to look at her, waiting for her to go up.

Ruan took a deep breath, looked at the mobile phone, and finally chose to step back.

They don’t take his car. They don’t know how long it will take. They might as well take a ride.

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