The Warmest Romance Chapter 845 -846

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Chapter 845

Ruan Shishi made up his mind, looked down at Sensen and said in a soft voice, “since my sister has gone up, shall we go up too?”

Mori nodded, no objection.

Seeing this, Ruan Shishi pulled Sensen into the car.

At the same time, behind the trees in the opposite street, a piece of glass reflected a silver light.

After Yu Yimo’s car drove away, the man hiding behind the tree finally showed up. He picked up his mobile phone and immediately sent out the photos he had just taken.

Ten minutes later, Fengnan residence.

Ye Wan’er sat on the sofa and looked at the one sent by the private detective just now. Every time she saw one more, her face turned even more blue.

Ruan Shishi really has children! What she didn’t expect most was a pair of twins!

A nameless fire was burning in her heart. She quickly turned back and turned white when she saw the enlarged picture of sensenshasha.

In the photo, a man and a woman are two children. Their facial features and manners are exactly the same as those of Yu Yimo. Almost at that moment, she confirmed that they are definitely the children of Ruan Shishi and Yu Yimo!

Ye Wan’er is about to explode! She clenched her cell phone and began to tremble.

Everything seems to be going in the worst direction. Ruan Shishi not only has children, but also is Yu Yimo’s child. She is his fair and upright wife, but she has never lived with him.

This kind of thing spreads out, isn’t she going to be ridiculed to death!

No, she can’t wait to die! It’s impossible to watch Yu Yimo seduced by them!

Ye Wan’er’s eyes flashed a trace of ferocity. She picked up her mobile phone and immediately dialed a call.

She gritted her teeth and said, “huochuan, I want to see you.”

There came a husky male voice, “Miss, I’ll wait any time.”

Ye Wan’er clenched her teeth, “pa” directly hung up the phone, got up and drove away.

Five years ago, Huo Chuan was jailed for her. Now, she spends all her money and energy to keep him out of prison in advance, so that he can continue to be her sharp right hand!

Originally, she wanted to let him have a good rest for a few days, but now, seeing those photos, her heart has been completely confused!

She can’t wait! She has to do something!

She stepped on the gas all the way out of Fengnan mansion. In less than half an hour, the car arrived at its destination and stopped in front of a row of remote and humble bungalows.

Ye Wan’er got out of the car and glanced around. She frowned. A little disdain flashed through her eyes. She forced her discomfort and went to the door of the first room. She raised her hand and knocked on the door.

Soon, inside came the man’s low alert voice, “who?”

Ye Wan’er inhaled deeply, “it’s me!”

A few seconds later, the door opened with a click, and ye Wan’er looked up. When she saw Huo Chuan’s face in the crack of the door, her face turned white.

Huo Chuan stepped back and let her in. “Miss, long time no see.”

Ye Wan’er looked at his dark and thin face with several large or small scars. She felt disgusted. “What’s the matter with your face?”

Huo Chuan lowered his head, hastily explained, “in prison and people fighting, left carelessly, not in the way.”

Ye Wan’er frowned and looked at him again, but she couldn’t say anything.

Chapter 846

A moment later, she looked at him and said, “Huo Chuan, do you know why I tried my best to protect you ahead of time?”

She didn’t do it for the friendship between master and servant. She had a purpose to protect him.

For her, Huo Chuan is always just a subordinate.

“I know, miss.”

Huo Chuan lowered his head, and the scar on his forehead was more obvious. The long strip slanting was like a twisted centipede.

Ye Wan’er glanced at him, and her heart was full of malice. She subconsciously stepped back and frowned, “Huo Chuan, change your hairstyle. The scar on your forehead is a little scary…”

Huo Chuan smell speech, eye ground flash a glimmer of dark light, take a deep breath, open a way, “if Miss doesn’t like, I change.”

On hearing this, ye Wan’er glanced at the narrow space around her and frowned, “do you live here?”

“Well.” Huo Chuan nodded, “if Miss needs, I can come back to you at any time.”

“Not for the time being.” Ye Wan’er crisp answer, “you hide identity, this is the best.”

People who hide in the dark are the most terrible. Now Huo Chuan is out of prison, and no one knows that he is out of prison. This is what he deserves to use most!

Ye Wan’er reaches out her hand, takes out a card from her bag and puts it on the table beside her. “There is 100000 yuan on the card. The password is my birthday. You spend it first, and you can’t find me if you don’t have enough.”

Huo Chuan frowned slightly, “Miss, I don’t need these…”

Ye Wan’er some impatient mouth, “let you take it.”

At that time, there will be a lot of money to spend, and he is her sharp blade, so naturally, she should treat him well.

Seeing Huo Chuan’s frown, ye Wan’er’s eyes sank. She raised her hand and patted Huo Chuan’s shoulder gently. Her voice lightened a little. “Now the people around me are only you. You have to be good. Do you understand?”

Smell speech, the man’s Mou bottom flashed a glimmer of warmth, soon, he forced to nod, “I understand, Miss don’t worry.”

Ye Wan’er saw this and said, “Ruan Shishi is back with two children. Now your first job is to investigate her!”

Only when you know yourself and the other can you win a hundred battles.

In any case, she must be patient enough to fish for a long time. At that time, she must get rid of Ruan Shishi and the two wild species!

On the other side.

The black Maybach passed through the city and was about to drive to the west bridge garden when Ruan Shishi’s phone suddenly rang.

When she saw the word “An’an” flashing on the screen of her mobile phone, she didn’t even think about it. She pressed the answer button directly, “Hello, An’an.”

Song yun’an’s voice came from the other end of the phone, “poetry, is it over? What about Samson and Sasha? How did you feel about moving bricks on the first day? “

Ruan Shishi chuckled, looked down at the two obedient little guys sitting on one side, and said in a soft voice, “very obedient. It’s official shooting tomorrow.”

“Well, where are you? It’s my treat. Let’s have a barbecue! “

Ruan Shishi was slightly stunned by the speech. He looked up at Yu Yimo sitting on the other side and Du Yue in the front row. Suddenly he didn’t know how to speak.

If she said she was in Yu Yimo’s car now, I’m afraid song Yunan would be scared to scream at that end, right?

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