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Chapter 1329

Stephanie was still young, in her early twenties, and didn’t regard Tina as an outsider. When she cried, she looked childish and a little cute.

Tina suddenly realized that Stephanie was completely on the point of her smile. She looked at Stephanie and wanted to laugh.

But at this time, people were crying so sad that she still laughed, that would be quite unconscionable.

Tina barely held back her smile, took a tissue and wiped Stephanie’s tears: “Oh, okay, don’t cry, isn’t it just the living expenses? I will cover it for you. I live with you now. What do I eat? You just eat with me, you can’t pick your mouth.”

“Really?” Stephanie stopped crying.

Tina looked at her, who had stopped crying for a second, blinked, and said, “Are you really crying or fake crying…”

The person who had been crying with tears and nose running just now stopped crying immediately after she said that she was covering living expenses. She was really superb in acting.

“Ms. Tina, you have to talk and count, I will rely on you from now on! You are simply my second parent.”


Peter said that he would return the resources he robbed before to Tina, but he did what he said.

Tina returned to work soon.

After the resumption of work, there were continuous announcements.

There are constant business invitations and scripts coming to her.

These matters are handled by Stephanie.

The Grant family members are probably strong at work. Usually, Stephanie looks as uncomfortable as Peter, but she is very good at handling matters.

Before the fifteenth of the first lunar month, Tina had already run dozens of announcements.

After Tina attended the Lantern Festival Gala, she saw Peter when she came out.

“Where is Stephanie?” Tina looked around, but didn’t see Stephanie’s figure.

“Her mother is here, ran ahead, let me come to pick you up.” Peter sat lazily on the sofa with a cigarette in his hand.

Tina glanced at the cigarette in his hand, Peter did not respond, but after two seconds, he still suppressed the cigarette in his hand.

“I don’t know how to drive myself.” Tina knew that Stephanie had escaped from marriage. Now that the parents came out to arrest her, she didn’t want to be caught, and it was normal to run away.

Peter snorted softly: “You have been running for a day to announce, do you want to drive fatigued?”

After Tina moved out of the house and lived in Stephanie’s house, to this day, this was the first time she saw Peter.

She hasn’t seen him for more than ten days, and Tina actually felt that Peter felt strange.

“Not tired.” Tina raised her eyebrows, picked up her coat and walked out.

Tina heard the footsteps behind, knowing that Peter had followed, and turned back impatiently: “I said you are annoying…”

Halfway through, she saw the car key that Peter held up to her. After a moment of stunned, she snatched the car key over: “Thank you.”

Tina took the key and drove back directly.

Looking in the rearview mirror, she found that Peter was still standing still.

The lights were dim, and she couldn’t see Peter’s expression, but she could feel his abnormality inexplicably.

She hesitated for a moment, started the car, drove the car to the front, turned around, and drove in the direction where Peter was.

When she drove the car back, she was about to open the door to go to the opposite side to find him. She wanted to ask him what was going on, and a car stopped in front of Peter.

The door opened, Cathy got down from inside, took Peter’s arm and said something, Peter got in the car with her.

Chapter 1330

Tina suddenly remembered that Peter had said before that he wanted to break up with Cathy.

The scene of Peter and Cathy getting in the car together just now was in front of her again. The two were int!mate, and it didn’t look like they were going to discuss a breakup.

However, whether they broke up has anything to do with her.

When she returned to Stephanie’s house, it was almost three o’clock in the morning.

Stephanie was not asleep yet. Hearing the movement by the door, she ran over and said with a look of concern: “Ms. Tina, how did you come back? Did you go to dinner with someone from the program group?”

After Stephanie finished speaking, she sniffed on Tina.

“What are you doing?” Tina put her hand on Stephanie’s forehead and pushed her away.

“I can smell you if you smell of alcohol.” If you go to a dinner party, there will definitely be a smell of alcohol, but Tina has no smell of alcohol on her body, so there should be no dinner party.

“I’m a little tired, so I went to the riverside to walk for a while.” Tina changed her shoes and went to the refrigerator to get water.

Stephanie was still following her, like an old mother, and said bitterly: “Where are you going for a while to relax or something, you should call me and tell me, I don’t even call you twice. Then, it makes me worry, I am ready to go out to find you.”

“I see, how can you be like an old mother at a young age…”

“I’m not worried about you yet.”

Tina chuckled and asked, “Where are your parents? I heard Peter say that your mother came here?”

“Yeah, it’s so risky, I was almost caught, alas, it’s terrible.” Stephanie felt lingering when she said it.

Tina couldn’t help laughing when she saw this: “Is it that scary? Your fiance is ugly?”

“I haven’t seen him, but I heard that he is a thirty-year-old man. I don’t like any old man.”


Tina twitched her lips: “A 30-year-old man is an old man, what is a 30-year-old woman?”

Although Stephanie looked a bit silly and not very good-minded, she was still very crisis-conscious.

“Thirty-year-old women are also infinitely attractive. Besides, Ms. Tina, you are only twenty-eight years old. When we walk together, others thought I was your sister…”

“Stop it.”

Tina was completely immune to her flattery.

She walked to the sofa and sat down, with a straight look, and said, “It’s not a problem for you to keep hiding like this. It’s impossible to hide for a lifetime.”

“I don’t want to hide for a lifetime. I just want to do a good job in my career. When I succeed in my career, Mom won’t force me to get married.”

“Why not try to communicate with your parents?”

“If it makes sense, do you still call them parents?” Stephanie spread her hands, looking helpless.

“Then you didn’t even see your fiancé, and you sentenced others to death. Isn’t it too arbitrary?”

Stephanie pouted: “I heard that the uncle was a schoolmaster since he was a child. He went to school abroad by himself when he was a teenager, and then built a company abroad. Think about it, such a young uncle who has a promising career. , I’m afraid it will make my head bald, right?”

“Puff–” Tina laughed out loud, and Stephanie really grew up on her smile.

“Go to bed. I recently ran the notice. After the script reading meeting of “Lost City” next week, you will be ready to join the group.”

“So fast?” Tina was a little surprised, thinking it would take some time before “Lost City” started.

“My cousin is the producer himself, and Mr. Fast wants “Lost City” to be released as a Lunar New Year festival.”

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