The Warmest Romance Chapter 847 -848

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Chapter 847

Song yun’an at that end saw that there was no sound here for a long time, and continued, “hmm? What’s up? Don’t say you don’t have time! I have just called Qi Ge and asked him. He said that you will finish work at 5:30. “

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, swallowed her saliva and asked, “where are you now?”

“Here in starlight square, right here in the center of the city.”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and said, “well, you can send me a location. We’ll go to find you.”

When she hung up, before she could put away her cell phone, she felt a burning look coming towards her. She subconsciously raised her eyes, just to Yu Yimo’s black and bright eyes.

The man lifted thin lip, tone is very light, “where are you going?”

Ruan Shishi opened her mouth. A few seconds later, she glanced out of the window and said, “stop in front. I’ll take them to Xingguang square to find An’an.”

Yu Yimo hears that he is going to find song Yunan. He tightens his eyebrows and then slowly stretches a little.

He turned to Du Yue in front and said, “turn around at the intersection in front and go to Xingguang square.”

Du Yue immediately responded, “yes.”

Ruan Shishi was stunned for a moment, and was about to refuse. But who knows Du Yue had turned around, so she had to swallow the words back.

Yu Yimo never gave her a chance to refuse.

Forget it.

“Mom, where are we going?” Sen Sen raised his head, blinked and asked.

Ruan Shishi replied with a smile, “let’s go to find my little aunt!”

On hearing this, Sensen immediately danced happily, “great!”

Sasha tilted her head, looked at Ruan Shishi and asked, “Uncle Shuai is going with us, too?”

Ruan Shi’s throat was tight when he heard the speech. He didn’t know how to answer.

Sasa saw that she didn’t speak, then turned to look at Yu Yimo, stretched out her little hand and held his sleeve, “Uncle Shuai, are you going with us?”

Yu Yimo smelled the speech, raised his eyes to Ruan Shishi, looked at her with a smile, and said, “it depends on whether your mother is willing or not.”

As soon as he finished, Sasha raised her eyes, looked at her with a small look of prayer and said, “Mom, take uncle Shuai with you.”

For a moment, Ruan Shi couldn’t get out of his mind.

I didn’t expect that Yu Yimo was very clever and deliberately threw the problem to Sasha. As soon as Sasha opened her mouth, how could she refuse?

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and bit her teeth. Instead of looking at Sasha, she said, “Sasha, it’s not my mother’s treat. If you want to have dinner with Uncle Shuai, you can wait for next time.”

Sasha’s eyes flashed a glimmer of disappointment, “OK.”

While talking, the car has arrived at Xingguang square. The car stops steadily on the side of the road. Ruan Shishi pushes the door to get off the car and holds Sensen Shasha down from the car. Then he looks at Yu Yimo in the car and says, “thank you today…”

Before he finished speaking, a loud female voice came, “poetry!”

Song yun’an, a woman like the wind, suddenly rushes over and grabs Ruan Shishi’s arm. However, when she just stands still and sees the people in the car clearly, she suddenly looks silly and gapes in the same place.

Yu Yimo glanced at her, turned to Ruan Shishi, and said in a light voice, “if you really want to thank me, then you can make a good advertisement.”

Chapter 848

When Ruan Shishi heard the speech, he pulled the corners of his lips and made a reluctant smile. Just as he wanted to pull song yun’an away, he found that Du yuezheng, who was sitting in the front row, turned to look at them.

Du Yue’s eyes crossed her and looked straight at Song yun’an. They looked at each other, and their eyes became complicated.

A moment later, song yun’an suddenly took back his eyes, and his face became more serious. He pulled Ruan Shishi to turn around and said, “let’s go.”

Feeling the embarrassment in the air, Ruan Shishi takes a deep breath and closes the car door, pulling Sensen and Shasha to keep up with song Yunan.

“Mom, what’s wrong with my little aunt?”

“Yes, why is she suddenly upset?”


Listening to the questions of the two little guys, Ruan Shishi looked up at the back of song Yunan, who was walking in front of him, and his heart sank.

Does song yun’an still have feelings for Du Yue?

When she left Jiangzhou a few months ago, just before she was about to give birth, song yun’an once went to the United States to see her. At that time, she saw that she was not in the right state. After questioning, she knew that she had separated from Du Yue. Whenever she asked why, song yun’an was unwilling to answer, so in the end, she simply stopped asking.

Unexpectedly, in such a flash, several years have passed.

In recent years, she has never heard of song yun’an’s other emotional experiences. Even song ye’an can’t bear it. She once urged her to get married, but song yun’an didn’t do it right.

Now it seems that the reason why she has been single in recent years is that she still has a person in her heart.

Ruan Shishi sighed softly and motioned the two little guys to stop talking. Then he stepped up to song yun’an and said, “An’an, what shall we eat?”

Hearing this, song yun’an suddenly regained her mind and raised her chin to show her a store on the second floor, “that one, the barbecue is delicious, and there is a small amusement park for children to play in.”

They went up, and after ordering, Sensen and Sasha went to the small playground next to them.

The waiter brought up the beer. Ruan Shishi poured a glass for song yun’an and said in a soft voice, “An’an, you and Du Yue…”

Then she tentatively looked up at her.

Song yun’an’s face changed slightly. Soon, she took up her wine glass and said in a soft voice, “we broke up a long time ago.”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and said in a soft voice, “I know you broke up, but just now I saw the way he looked at you, I should still have feelings.”

Smell speech, Song Yun An holds the hand of the cup tight tight tight, took a deep breath, “probably.”

Looking at Song yun’an’s indifferent look, Ruan’s poems are inexplicably distressed.

She and song yun’an have known each other for so many years. How can they not see that she also has Du Yue in her heart?

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, gritted her teeth, took a full glass of beer, drank the last drop of wine, and she “snapped” the glass He put it on the table with a loud sound.

Song Yun, who is sitting opposite, looks silly when he settles down, “Shi Shi, you are crazy!”

Ruan Shishi has never been a good drinker, and occasionally drinking beer is like tasting tea, but this time she suddenly did, which naturally surprised her.

“I’m not crazy. I just think that we can’t talk about everything like before.”

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