CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1331 – 1332

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Chapter 1331

On Sunday, Tina was invited by the brand to attend a fashion show.

Tina took the plane at night and arrived at the destination on Sunday morning.

After getting off the plane and getting into the car directly, she squinted for a while on the way to the hotel. After she went to the hotel to take a shower and changed clothes, Stephanie had already ordered the takeaway.

Tina sculpted while eating.

After more than ten hours of flying on the plane, even in a first-class cabin, it was still too much.

Tina took a look at her languid complexion in her glasses, and said to the makeup artist: “Make-up should be thicker. I’ve been too tired these days, and my complexion is a bit bad.”

“OK, Ma’am.”

After Tina resumed work in the new year, it was almost spinning. For twenty days, work ended in the early morning and set off again in the next morning.

Stephanie is also a little distressed: “Hold on, after tomorrow’s script reading meeting is over, before entering the group, you have only three activities, and there is a break in between.”

“It’s okay.” Tina closed her eyes and said slowly, “I love work. Work makes me happy and makes me rich.”

Before Peter gave her resources to Cathy, she felt happier at work after a period of rest.

Her busy work makes her feel fulfilled, and her daily schedule is full. There is no time to rest, and no time to think about other things.

This is also good.


After attending the fashion show, Tina rushed to the airport.

She ate dinner at the airport. Tina ran around for days. Although her mentality was still good, her body was a little overwhelmed, and she had no appetite to eat.

Stephanie knew that she couldn’t eat because she was too tired, so she didn’t persuade her.

When she returned to Rostenvel, it was still dark.

Stephanie drove Tina home: “You take a rest, I will call you before we leave.”

Tina woke up after sleeping for an hour.

Woke up and looked at the WeChat group and found messages about all the members of Film.

“The script reading meeting begins in the afternoon.”

Tina sent a message and asked in the group: “Why did you suddenly change the time?”

The director’s assistant replied: “Something is going on, Mr. Grant.”

Peter attaches great importance to Alyssa’s script. The previous preparations have been paying attention to it, and the script will not be absent.

Tina: “I see.”

“Ms. Tina, we can rest in the morning!”

Stephanie probably also saw the text in the group, and also saw the message sent by Tina in the group. Knowing that Tina was awake, she ran in.

“Yes.” Tina leaned against the bedside: “I’m a little hungry, please order takeaway.”


Stephanie turned around and left.

Tina was a little puzzled in her heart. Peter’s work style was almost the same as Karl’s work style. He always said that there was no difference, and he rarely changed the schedule temporarily.

The date of the script reading meeting was also set two weeks ago. Don’t know if Peter has something important, so he will temporarily change the schedule.


Adams’s House.

Karl frowned slightly looking at Peter, who was sitting opposite, drinking coffee and flipping through the magazine, “AdamPic has a problem?”

“No problem, it’s okay.” Peter raised his head and glanced at Karl: “After signing the script to AdamPic, AdamPic’s stock has gone up.”

“Then why did you come to the company to find me early in the morning?” Karl hugged his arms and looked at Peter carefully.

Peter said solemnly: “I haven’t seen you for a long time? So I came over to chat with you for a cup of coffee.”

Karl raised his eyebrows: “Very idle?”

Chapter 1332

“It’s okay…” Peter silently picked up the magazine in his hand and blocked him.

Karl smiled without emotion.

Peter was scalp numb when he laughed, and threw the magazine in his hand onto the coffee table.

“Okay, let me be honest. Originally, today was a script reading meeting, but Tina has been spinning around recently. She flew back from abroad overnight last night. A qualified boss like me naturally has to give her half a day to rest. Click, isn’t it?”

Karl looked at him meaningfully: “Indeed a good boss. If Tina knew your hard work, I wonder if she would be very moved.”

“Don’t you, absolutely don’t let her know about this, and don’t tell Alyssa, if Tina knows, she will definitely laugh at me for my feelings for her…”

“Isn’t it left over?”

“…” Peter was speechless for a while.

There was a knock on the door, and Smith just came in to deliver the documents. Peter quickly drank the coffee in his cup and said to Smith, “Smith, help me make a cup of coffee again.”

Smith put down the file and walked over: “Mr. Grant is not busy today?”

Peter gave a dry smile: “I’m here to find Karl for something.”

Smith nodded slightly and took away the coffee cup in front of Peter.


in the afternoon.

Tina arrived at the company conference room on time.

Several staff members were putting water and snacks in the meeting room, and when they saw Tina coming, they greeted her.

“Sister Weber, came so early.”

“Sister Weber is good.”

Tina found a seat and sat down: “Thank you.”

Not long after, Alyssa also came.

As a screenwriter, she will naturally be there.

“Alyssa, here.” Tina waved to her when she saw Alyssa coming in.

Alyssa knew that she had gone abroad two days ago, so she sat down and asked Tina, “When did you come back?”

“It’s four or five o’clock in the morning. I don’t remember the details. I’m so tired.” Tina took Alyssa’s arm and leaned against her shoulder.

Alyssa patted her on the head: “Then you can rest for a while, everyone will come and I will call you.”

After the successive staff members and other leading actors arrived, Peter was late.

“Everyone is here.” Peter looked around with a smile on his face, and when his eyes swept down to the cold, he stayed a little longer.

After all morning rest, her complexion was pretty good.

Peter retracted his gaze, leaned back on the chair, and slowly said, “Go ahead.”


“That’s it for today, continue tomorrow.”

It was late at night when the script reading meeting ended. Because it started in the afternoon and took less time than originally planned, we will continue tomorrow.

Tina leaned back in her chair and lazily asked Alyssa, who was collecting things, “Is Karl coming to pick you up?”

Alyssa turned her head and smiled at her: “Yes.”

Tina also laughed, and looked at her watch as if: “It’s only eleven o’clock, so you can’t worry about going home alone.”

“Nothing.” Alyssa was also a little embarrassed: “He is like this, always making fuss. You don’t know if you are worried about this and that.”

Tina smiled meaningfully: “I know, I know.”

At this time, Rubin came over: “Miss Weber, Mrs. Adams, Mr. Grant treats guests to supper in the evening, do you want to go together?”

Tina hesitated, she wanted to go home directly to rest.

Rubin saw her hesitation, and said: “Everyone is coming.”

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