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Chapter 421

Kaylee didn’t wait for him to respond at all, but said, “Brother Mateo, I’ll go up first, thank you for sending me back! See you tomorrow!”

After speaking, without looking back, she ran upstairs.

Standing in the elevator, watching the elevator door slowly closing, her heart seemed to fly out.

She could hardly believe that she had said the words just now!

Is it obvious? Mateo must understand what he means to her, right?!


Downstairs, Mate stood there, quietly watching the petite figure disappear in the corridors, and the corners of his lips could not help but rise slightly.

Then, he opened a bright smile.

At that moment, Mateo’s eyes, as if they were dotted with stars, were dazzling, shining in the night.

Her feelings…

He seems to understand a little bit!!!


When he got home, he was a little surprised, and neither Hazel nor Blair Elijah left.

Hazel was still asleep on the sofa, and Blair Elijah took off his coat and put it on her body.

“Wait for me?” Mateo understood what Blair Elijah meant when he saw that they were still there.

“Forget it!” Blair Elijah smiled faintly and gently moved the slumbering body of Hazel aside and set it aside, showing caution in the movement.

“Any drinks?”

Mateo opened the refrigerator and asked him softly.


Mateo threw a hall of beer to him, and Blair Elijah caught it smoothly.

The two men walked to the open-air balcony tacitly.

Lazily leaning on the railing, letting the refreshing night breeze blow, the whole body was unspeakably comfortable and relaxed.

“Brooks Mateo, thank you…”

Blair Elijah hit his bottle with the beer bottle.

Even though he was a little awkward, he still uttered these three words.

Mateo smiled faintly, and said, “Thank me for what?”

“Well, too much!”

Blair Elijah looked at the vast starry sky outside with a far-reaching gaze, “Thank you for taking care of her for me for so many years, especially for the past five years, really…thank you.”

“Also, about Landon…”

Blair Elijah took another sip of beer before saying, “Thank you for paying so much for their mother and son! No retribution.”

Now he is grateful and admired for Brooks Mateo.

Thank him for his dedication without complaint and admiration for his generosity of love.

This kind of behavior is not something everyone can do!!!

“Should!” Mateo put his hands on the railing and smiled lightly, “I love her deeply, so I hope she is happier than anyone else! Do you know? Once to escape love for her, I was foolish choosing to go abroad, maybe, that was the most regrettable and stupid thing I have ever done in my life! When I figured it out, I bought a ring and came back and wanted to show her love, but she pushing her wedding ring in front of me, I was stuck in my voice even if I loved her, and I never had a chance to say it again…”

“That is a kind of unspeakable pain! At that time I was thinking, maybe love is doomed, never one step earlier, never one step too late! It just happened to be at that time at that point! Sometimes I would also fantasize that if I told her how I feel about her long ago, would the ending be different…”

Mateo’s eyes revealed a touch of loneliness.

Of course, it gradually recovered, “Blair Elijah, now I can only treat her as a younger sister! So, if you love her, you must take good care of her! Don’t let her down! I think many things, you may haven’t heard her say…”

“En?” Blair Elijah looked at Brooks Mateo puzzled.

“I have known Hazel for more than 20 years! To be honest, from the first glance, I fell in love with her when she was wearing a white shirt, holding a stack of books, and crashing into my arms! But, Why would I rather avoid my love for her than tell her my love, because…”

When Brooks Mateo said this, he glanced at Blair Elijah deeply, “Because… Since I knew her, she has…had a lover! And that person…is you!! The prince in her mind!!!”

Mateo’s words made Blair Elijah completely stunned.

For a long time, he was stunned there, but he couldn’t get it back.

“Yes! She said that she had fallen in love with her prince since the third grade, but her prince seemed to be stingy even at a glance! At that time, she always liked to follow you secretly, I called her stupid, she said I don’t understand!”

The corners of Mateo’s lips showed a faint bitterness.

“In high school, she followed you all the way. In college, she still followed your steps silently, even at that time you didn’t know her existence! And I… also followed you stupidly her steps!”

Blair Elijah looked at Brooks Mateo stunned, and then Hazel while lying on the sofa sleeping soundly…

After the shock, the heart is more touched and astringent.

“You two are fools…”

They all stupidly paid for the other party and followed, but all feelings were buried in their hearts, and they did not want to tell!


She loved him for more than 20 years!!!

At that time, when he heard her agree to his marriage proposal without hesitation, he stupidly thought she was for his own money.

At that time, she was drunk and said that she had loved him for more than ten years…

He stupidly thought that he was Brooks Mateo!!!

It’s no wonder that she was always crying for him at that time, no wonder she at that time always prepared a rich breakfast carefully for him… Also, she will always do a lot of things for him silently!!!


At that time, she was not for his money, but his love!!!

Fool!!! Why does she… just don’t say it?!!!

Allison Hazel…

What did she do to him in those days five years ago? To love him, what has she endured?

And he? What did he do to her five years ago? How did he respond to her love?!

“Blair Elijah, I don’t care what you did to Hazel five years ago. I just want to tell you that this woman is worth your life to love… I hope you won’t hurt her again! Because if she gets hurt again, I can assure you that what you lose is not another five years, but…to the end, for a lifetime!!”

Mateo reminded him, like warning and persuasion.

And hope…

He wants that woman to be happy than anyone else!!!

“Take good care of her!!”

He gently knocked the beer bottle in his hand against Blair Elijah’s bottle and drank it in one instant…


Fruitless love, at this moment…

Slow it down!!!

Maybe someone will ask…

Does he still love this girl?

His answer did not hesitate…

Love! Of course love!!! Still love into the bone marrow…

However, there are too many forms of love!!!

He is not sure, now his love, is it, must be love!

If someone asked him: “If I fell into the water with Hazel, who would you save first?”

He will answer without hesitation, “Hazel!”

This is the answer in his heart, without any hesitation.


Years later, a woman asked him the most difficult question.

She said, “Brother Mateo if Sister Hazel and I fall into the water together, who would you choose to save first?”

At that moment, he did not rush to answer.

Only the big hand, tightly holding her small hand, said, “Who will save first, I am not sure! Maybe because you can swim but she can’t, then I will consider saving her first, maybe she will, you will not yes, of course, I will save you! If neither of them will, I will still consider the situation at the time before making a decision! But no matter how I choose, one thing I can firmly believe… You are here, I am. You sink, I am willing to follow…”


There are many ways to express love in this world.

Hazel, Mateo, and Blair Elijah are all the same, and they also choose to be silent.

Sitting in the car, the night wind blew in gently, sprinkled it on Blair Elijah’s cheeks, and put it on Hazel’s face, blowing her hair away, messy…

He looked at her in her sleep and smiled contentedly.

Bend down and closed the car window for her a bit. When he came back, his lips still did not forget to gently brand a tender kiss on her forehead.

“Thank you for your persistence and your deep love…”

Without her persistence, there would be no such Blair Elijah!!!

Even more, will not let him understand that love is not just a possession!!! Sometimes, giving is also a kind of… happiness!!!

Warm and tender love

Blair Elijah put Hazel on the bed gently, and she woke up in his arms.

The blurred eyes seemed to be a little drunk, staring blankly at the face of Elijah in front of her, “Are we…home?”


Blair Elijah grabbed her little hand, placed it between his lips, and chewed gently.

“Does the headache hurt?”

“A little bit…”

“I’ll make a hangover soup for you later.” Blair Elijah’s lips rubbed on the back of her hand like drowning, and the answer was very soft and light, staring at her eyes, but it was burning, full of affection.

“No need! It’s all so late. Besides, I’ll be fine when I get up tomorrow morning.”


The big hand brushed her forehead, put her fragmented hair aside, and went away, “You’ll sleep again, when I’m done, I will come up and call you.”

“I want to take a bath…”

“Let’s wash after the soup!”


Faced with his tenderness, Hazel also became very docile.

He went downstairs, Hazel nestled in the warm quilt, resting.

But, for a time, all the sleepiness disappeared, and even the alcoholic mood disappeared a lot.

In her mind, Blair Elijah’s eyes that were gentle enough to drown her have been running through…

Her chest is aching slightly…

It is difficult to calm down.

Finally couldn’t sleep anymore, she got up, picked up a pajama in the closet, and went straight into the bathroom.

When Blair Elijah came up to call her, she happened to come out of the bathroom.

The long black hair was soaked and scattered on the shoulders, lazy, but with an extremely seductive taste.

Of course, this is not what Blair Elijah paid attention to at this moment.

“What hair do you wash at night?” He turned around and went to get the hairdryer.

“Well, it smells like hot pot in the hair.”

Hazel drew up wet hair, lazily said.

“Come on! Let your hair dry first before going to drink soup! Come here, sit down…”

Chapter 422

Blair Elijah patted the sofa beside him.

Hazel approached him and sat down in front of him.

She raised her head and smiled at him, “Are you going to blow my hair for me?”

“Want to try…”

The “whoo-whoo-” sound of the hairdryer sounded, and the warm air poured out from the dryer, brushed his white palms, and then fell between her hair…

Soft, warm, and indescribable comfort, gently enveloped her.

And his fingers…

He seemed to be very careful, running so shallowly between her hairs, pulling her wet hair away a little bit without hurting her.

“Hazel, remember when we first met?”

He raised her long hair and asked her in a low voice.

“Of course.”

In this lifetime, she could never forget.

Reminiscing, she couldn’t help but laugh, “I was so stupid at that time!!”

Blair Elijah also smiled, “I thought you were just a little nympho! Now that I think about it, I realize that fate is doomed.”

“I am not like a person who believes in fate! When you appeared in front of me again, I completely believed it! Also, today I heard a secret that has been hidden for more than 20 years. Would you like to hear it?”

“En?” Hazel looked at Blair Elijah in surprise.

“It is said that a girl has fallen in love with her prince since the third grade! Until now…”

Blair Elijah’s words made Hazel’s charming Phoenix eyes zoom in a few circles, “How…how did you know?” Her cheeks were flushed, “Mateo betrayed me!”

Blair Elijah smiled, “It seems that if others don’t tell me, you are planning to hide for a lifetime!”


He squatted down in front of her, “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

Hazel looked at him deeply and shook her head, “I dare not say…”

Love that cannot be confirmed is as proud as her, how can it be easily said.

Blair Elijah grabbed her finger, put it between his lips, and chewed, “It seems that it’s all my fault. I didn’t give you enough courage…”

If they had acted a little more firmly, perhaps, they would not have experienced this confusion for five years! And her love for him, maybe… he already knew it!!!

His sexy thin lips moved from her fingers to her soft lips…

Gently prying open her white teeth, the hot and humid tongue seems to be full of too much love, wanting to sweep her away.

Hazel was in a daze by his fiery and lingering kiss, and her little hand clung to his neck, softly following this deep kiss…

Her lips and tongue danced with his movements cleverly, she was paralyzed in his arms, letting him take away every inch of her breath…



Blair Elijah is still working overtime in the company.

At noon, Hazel made some of Blair Elijah’s favorite pastries and sent them to his company.


As soon as she was on the 36th floor, she ran into assistant Asher. He pushed the frame of his glasses and greeted Hazel.

“Assistant Asher!” Hazel hurriedly greeted him.

Assistant Asher smiled and glanced at the bento box in her hand, “You are giving food to President Blair again!”

“Yes!” Hazel said and raised the cake in her hand, “Would you like to have some together? It tastes good!”

“Don’t don’t…I don’t dare.” Asher smiled and pointed to the closed door of the president’s office.

“It’s okay, enough for two people! He won’t say anything.”

“Enough for two, I can’t eat it! Give it to President Jameson inside!”

“Huh? He’s talking about work?”

“Yeah! That’s your cousin!”

“Jameson is here too! Assistant Asher, I’ll go in and have a look.”

“Ok, yes!”

Hazel knocked on the office door politely.

“Come in!” Blair Elijah’s deep voice is still the same.

Hazel opened the door.

“Cousin?!” Jameson was happy when he saw Hazel, “Wow! So happy, you’ll bring food to my brother-in-law again.”

“Only you talk a lot!” Hazel scolded him again, “You must be tired talking about work? Set aside things first and try the pastries I made, how about?”

“Okay! Okay! It seems that I have another good fortune!! Sister, I only want to marry a good wife like you!”

“You won’t take me off! No hair grows up!”

While Hazel talking, she sandwiched a quick pastry and put it into Blair Elijah’s mouth.

Blair Elijah opened his mouth and bit, “So sweet…”

And, it smells good!!!

Sure enough, after eating what she made, it feels different!!!

“Sister, don’t say that my hair doesn’t even grow! This time I must make you look at me with admiration!!” Jameson said with swearing in his mouth with cakes in his mouth.

“Why are you so admired?” Hazel at him funny.

“This time I plan to do a good job with my brother-in-law to make our project bigger and stronger!”

Hazel looked at Blair Elijah, then handed a piece of pastry into his mouth, reminding, “The investment is large, and the risk is also high. You have to see the situation.”

“Don’t worry about me?” Blair Elijah raised an eyebrow and smiled.

“How dare you!” With a smile, “Everyone knows that Mr. Blair, you, a young and promising president, has always been shrewd, with deep eyes and thoughtfulness. I can’t worry about you?! Give my brother to you, it is the most rest assured!”

“Oh! Sister, don’t bother with each other, my goosebumps are going to fall off!”

Hazel stared at him pretentiously, “Such delicious pastries can’t stop your mouth!”

Blair Elijah was very busy.

Other projects have been going on all the time, and here is busy with tidying up the hotel, making him almost useless.

On this day, he was busy, and he heard Assistant Asher answering the phone there.

“President Jameson, I think Mr. Blair needs to think carefully about this matter! Will I call you back after I ask him later?”

“En! Okay, let’s do that first.”


Assistant Asher hung up.

Blair Elijah glanced at him, “What’s the matter? Is something wrong?”

“It’s the call from President Jameson.”


“He said that their ‘Continental’ can’t make the capital turnover at this stage, and hopes that we can temporarily fill up the funds over there…”


Blair Elijah put down the information in his hand and asked for a while, “How much do they need over there?”

“Five hundred million!”

Asher pushed the frame of the glasses with a serious expression.

His words made Blair Elijah frown.

“Mr. Blair, the company does not have much liquidity now. I hope you can consider it carefully.”

“Well, I have my measures.”

Blair Elijah nodded, and there was a faint dim light passing by in the pitch-black eyes, which made it hard to imagine what he was thinking at the moment.

“Call them!”

He said.

“Mr. Blair?” Assistant Asher couldn’t understand, and pushed his glasses, “Would you like to think about it again! Five hundred million is not a small amount! Besides, the company has many projects recently and needs liquidity at any time, and this project has just at the beginning, if we just smashed 500 million down like this, in case we…Of course, what I’m talking about is in case, in case we can’t get it back, even the projects we have on hand have to stop losing money together! President Blair, You have to think about it carefully!! We have already added 200 million Yuan before, and this money should have been shared by Continental…”

“Assistant Asher, I have a sense of measure!” In Blair Elijah’s tone, there was a sense of awe.

Continue, repeating the sentence just now.

“President Blair!!” Asher couldn’t understand Blair Elijah in front of him.

“Assistant Asher!!”

Blair Elijah called to him, “Give them the money!!”

The tone is not tolerated.

Asher looked at Blair Elijah in front of him, and finally defeated, “Yes, I know!”

He should believe that Blair Elijah will always have his plan! Too! He is a warrior who has been in the market for a long time, so why bother with it! Presumably, he must have the winning ticket to make such a decision!!!

This day is Evan’s birthday.

Several people made an appointment and poked a meal at his house, and Hazel followed Blair Elijah.

When he arrived at Evan’s house, he saw him limping out to welcome guests.

“Oh, Evan, I haven’t seen you for a few days now, so you limped your leg?”

Blair Elijah teased Evan mercilessly.

“Blair, don’t talk nonsense! Why is he breaking his leg!!?” Connor had already arrived, and he hurriedly talked over as soon as Blair Elijah said.

“I gave my brother a discount!!”


Hazel on the sidelines

“Leaves, no one is dumb if you don’t talk!!” Evan looked at the opposite leaf with an ugly expression.

Blair Elijah became even more ridiculous when he heard this, “Connor, tell me what’s going on with him.”

“It’s nothing, it’s just that something was so bad before! As a result… a little nurse sister performed such a minor operation on him, and now I am afraid…it is useless!! hahaha…”

“Connor, you go to die for me!!!”

Evan’s face was flushed red, and then he glanced at the opposite man, and said hurriedly, “Hazel school girl, don’t take their words seriously! Senior Evan, I am strong enough. No way!!!”


“Hey! Evan, you’re enough! Are you strong or not? It’s not my wife’s shit!!”

With a black face, Blair Elijah took Hazel into his arms and took her as his own.

Hazel smiled lowly, “Okay, don’t hurt others!! Senior Evan, this is a gift for you…”

Hazel quickly handed the gift in hand to Evan.

Evan took it over happily, “Sure enough, Hazel is the most understanding!”

Connor just smirked on the other end, “Hey! Call the nurse sister to come and play!”

“Connor, are you tired of living?” Evan grinned.

Is this guy here to celebrate his birthday? Is he sure he didn’t come here to piss him off?

Speaking of the so-called nurse sister, Evan was so angry…

That can’t be described by the word alone. He is angry and embarrassed, afraid, panicked, and helpless. Evan has never held back the kind of complex emotions like that time!

It is said that he has been a doctor for nearly ten years, and he has never experienced any major surgery, but it is the first time that he is lying on the operating table.

Moreover, this operation is not some other operation, but…foreskin surgery?!!!

The whole story is actually like this…

Considering that this is a private matter of a man, he was a little ashamed to be known by people he knew well, so that day, he chose to hang up an andrology account in another hospital.

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