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Chapter 197

He and the policeman who received the police asked Xin Ruchi. She didn’t know much about Hans’s situation, but she provided a clue that Hans often talked with a man named Gary Long on her back.

At that time, she was still wary of Hans. Every time Hans and the Long brother called, she would hide and eavesdrop. At that time, she suspected that Long brother was another woman raised by Hans outside, so she secretly took the phone when Hans was taking a bath. I checked his mobile phone and wrote down the phone number of Brother Long.

Now the police asked Xin Ruchi and she gave the phone number to the police. After checking with this number, Spencer Liu found out that Long’s real name was Jose Long.

Spencer Liu checked, this Jose Long opened a few shops, he was bold and generous, and he had a lot of small gangsters under his hands. This sunspot had indeed been mixed up under his hands.

Although he found Jose Long’s head, he couldn’t explain anything. Now the first thing he found is Hans. Before Juan Mu refused to make public inquiry because he was afraid of getting rid of the grass. Now there is Ruchi’s report. This trace of Hans can be put on the bright side. When it was done, the police began to want Sunspot.

After hearing that the police wanted Hans, Jose Long was out of anger. Hans had already thought of washing his hands with the Diamond basin. This was the last time he helped Jose Long to do things.

Jose Long did things naturally. He even gave the money to Hans to make many bends to give cash. After the incident, he gave Hans a sum of money to let him leave Olathe to find a place to live again, but he didn’t expect that Hans would end up with a new life. He became greedy and swept away all Ruchi’s money.

Long secretly scolded Hans for bad things in his heart. He asked people to inquire about why police wanted for Hans. He was sure that it was only because Ruchi’s reported the case. Jose Long calmed down a little bit. This matter can be big or small. First, the police may not be able to find Hans, even they find Hans, he only needs to return the money and he will be sentenced to a year and a half of defying the sky.

Of course, Jose Long wasn’t completely relieved, the sunspot was still wanted, and he had to figure out a way to get that Ruchi to cancel the case. This was the best way.

Long had heard about Hans showing off with Ruchi before. Hans said that the woman was a pimp, and he didn’t care about how he treated him well. Now that something like this happened, he thought about seeing that woman. Ruchi is like water.

Long went to the nightclub where Ruchi was pimping, and a woman with heavy makeup came in and greeted him, and took the initiative to reach out and hand him, “Sir, alone? Do you need service?”

Long almost vomited after smelling the pungent perfume on her body. He controlled himself and pushed her away, but the woman was ignorant. She followed the chattering introduction behind him and listened to her eloquent introduction of the young lady. Long realized that this woman is Ruchi?

He found a place to sit down, Ruchi also sat next to him, and continued to sell the young lady. Long originally disliked the smell on her body, but after guessing that she was Ruchi, he did not show his disgust and began to look at her.

The nightclub lights were dim, and he didn’t see her looks clearly, but felt that she was wearing heavy makeup. After looking at her so carefully now, Long was taken aback.

Why is this woman so familiar? After searching carefully in my mind, a sudden excitement, isn’t this Ruchi Xin?

Long yelled badly. He had to drive around before Ruchi recognized him. Thinking like this, he immediately stood up and left. When Ruchi saw Jose Long sitting down and listening to her, she thought there was a play, but she didn’t expect the other party to suddenly get up. He hurriedly left the nightclub like a god of plague. Ruchi felt unlucky and took a mouthful of Long’s back, “I’m pooh! What’s the matter?”

Long hurried out of the nightclub and returned to his car, still thumping in panic, Ruchi Xin! This is a f*cking surprise.

She didn’t recognize him, did she? Think about it, she probably didn’t recognize him, it would be strange if she recognized him with a pungent temper.

He wiped a lot of sweat. He broke the melon for Ruchi’s back then. Ruchi was only over a dozen years old. Later, after getting pregnant, he aborted. Her brother Cole Xin used to find out who caused his sister’s belly. He was beaten to death. Later, if Cole Xin was arrested because of the crime, he would definitely die without a place to bury him.

Of course, he was afraid of Ruchi Xin not because of breaking melons to make her pregnant, but because of another thing he did, Ruchi Xin had witnessed with her own eyes.

If Ruchi Xin tells what he did, then he is dead!

Long returned home uneasy, Ana Wen saw his flustered expression very strange, “Brother, what’s the matter with you?”

“No…nothing…” Long replied hesitatingly.

Although Ana Wen was puzzled, Long didn’t want to say that she had nothing to do. She poured him a glass of water, “Brother, Patricia Liu, the woman is coming to the beauty salon tomorrow.”

“She called to inform you?”

“Yes, she said she would come early. She has important matters to discuss with you.” Ana Wen looked at Wen Long worriedly, “Brother, there must be no good things for that woman to find you. If you can hide, just hide.”

“Can’t hide for a lifetime.” Long sighed.

Long’s question about Hans was immediately known by Spencer Liu. Long was so worried. It seemed that Hans must not be reconciled to him. Juan Mu asked him to keep an eye on Long to see what he thought of next.

For fear of causing Juan Mu’s suspicion, Patricia Liu did not dare to meet Flora Wu during this period. The two of them could only contact Flora Wu privately by telephone. Both of them were human beings, so that they could not be discovered by others. The card progresses, they were afraid of revealing clues and causing fire to burn their bodies.

Although Lisa Lin is lying in bed and unconscious, the doctor also said that the chance of Lisa Lin waking up is very small unless there is a miracle. Flora Wu was a medical student. The doctor did not say with certainty that Lisa Lin would not wake up to make her feel at ease. Being unconscious does not mean she will never wake up. As long as one in ten thousand is likely to be trouble.

Flora Wu has been to the hospital several times to see if there is a chance to pull out Lisa Lin’s oxygen, but she has never had the opportunity. Seeing that the two nurses are dutifully waiting to keep people from approaching half a point alone, Flora Wu is scared, she is very sober She realized that Lisa Lin was a time bomb for her and Patricia Liu, who could detonate at any time. As long as Lisa Lin wakes up, she and Patricia Liu will be doomed.

She told Patricia Liu of her worries, and Patricia Liu also had an idea with her. After discussing for a while, the two decided to do nothing and try to cut Lisa Lin’s vitality.

Flora Wu had no chance to start, but it does not mean that others did not. Patricia Liu proposed to find someone to do it. The only person Patricia Liu trusts and best instructs is Long. She thought of Long for granted, so she called Ana Wen and asked her to tell Long to wait for her at the beauty salon, she has something to discuss.

Although knowing Patricia Liu’s important matter is not a good thing, Long had no way to avoid it, so he went to the beauty salon and waited on time. Patricia Liu did not talk nonsense, and she told Long about Lisa Lin when she met, and Jose Long wanted to find a way to make Lisa Lin not wake up.

It is naturally much easier to deal with a person who is sick and unconscious. Long promised, Patricia Liu was very happy, and hadn’t been with Long for a long time. The two left each other after being turned upside down for a while.

Juan Mu kept people staring at Long, and the people who followed Long when he went to the beauty salon naturally also went.

The beauty salon opened by Ana Wen has a male guest area. The person who followed saw Long entering and followed him, and found that Long had entered a VIP room.

Not long after, Patricia Li ualso entered the beauty salon. She also entered the VIP room where Long entered. A man and a woman stayed in the same room. The fool knew that the relationship was abnormal. The person who followed took it with a miniature camera. Patricia Liu’s photo was passed to Spencer Liu.

Spencer Liu was surprised when he saw the photo and immediately reported it to Juan Mu. I heard that Long and Patricia Liu met in a beauty salon. Juan Mu knew what it meant no matter how stupid it was.

The mother’s unconsciousness must be Patricia Liu’s envoy, and Flora Wu and Erin Liu are her accomplices.

Juan Mu did not expect that Patricia Liu and Flora Wu would attack his mother so frantically. It seemed that the change in his mother’s attitude towards Jamie Ye forced Patricia Liu to attack his mother. She wanted to plant everything on Jamie Ye’s body and let him and Jamie Ye turn against each other, but Patricia Liu’s wishful thinking was wrong.

It is impossible for a mother to put saffron on her grandson, and Jamie Ye would never be the kind of vicious-hearted person. Of course, there is a more important point, that is, he trusts Jamie Ye’s character, if Lisa Lin’s coma is really caused by her, she will definitely not shirk what she caused, but will admit it and try to make up for it.

As the saying goes, the hatred of parents is not shared. Since Lisa Lin was in a coma until now, Juan Mu has never stopped thinking about revenge. To be honest, he has thought about Patricia Liu and daughter before. The reason why he hasn’t moved is because he is afraid of getting rid of the grass. , Just for fear of wronging good people, now Patricia Liu’s meeting with Long confirms his conjecture.

And Roy Qin has also been asking people to follow Patricia Liu. After hearing that Patricia Liu went to the beauty salon he frequented, the people who followed him also entered the beauty salon. The result was the same as that the person sent by Spencer Liu found.

Patricia Liu had a private meeting with men in the VIP room of the beauty salon. The people who followed took Long’s photos and passed them to Roy Qin. Roy Qin sneered looking at the photos. Patricia Liu cheated on Carlo Xia on his back. This is really interesting.

He had to tell Jamie Ye about the situation and let her decide.

Chapter 198

Patricia Liu’s viciousness made Juan Mu very worried about Jamie Ye’s safety. Since Patricia Liu was able to deal with his mother so frantically, she would definitely take action against Jamie Ye. He had to tell Jamie Ye about this and let Jamie Ye be more careful.

Juan Mu went to see Jamie Ye and told about Patricia Liu and Long. Jamie Ye was surprised. Patricia Liu seduced Carlo Xia to give birth to Karen Xia as a morally corrupt person. There is no doubt that Jamie Ye never expected her to be like this. Viciously harmful.

“This woman is too vicious. Call the police and arrest her immediately.” Jamie Ye was angry and worried.

Juan Mu shook his head, “Can’t call the police! It’s too cheap for them.”

“How do you want to deal it?”

“Take a tooth for a tooth!” Juan Mu sneered, “They calculated us so deliberately. It would be too cheap for them to just arrest them and go to jail. I want them to taste the taste of being calculated.”

Lisa Lin is now in the hospital unclear about her life or death. He is exhausted, but the calculating person lives at ease. Juan Mu is willing to go to jail. It is only means, nothing can be changed. Juan Mu feels that making someone suffer is not making her die. , But let her goal fail, let her endure both physical and mental torture, and let her live better than death.

He has to use his own methods to make the instigators suffer, so he will never just send them to prison.

Jamie Ye understood Juan Mu’s pain, “Do you need me to help you?”

“As long as you take care of yourself and take good care of Devis, it is the greatest help to me. In order to prevent them from jumping the wall in a hurry, I have arranged a few bodyguards for you, and someone will protect you from behind when you go out.”

“No, this will make me feel uncomfortable.” Jamie Ye shook her head. It would definitely be very uncomfortable for someone behind her to be noticed by every word and deed. She shouldn’t be like that.

“No, you have to listen to me this time. Patricia Liu has a vicious heart, and if she does her actions on you, the consequences will be unthinkable.” Juan Mu insisted, “I will let them try not to attract your attention and tell you that you are just afraid that you will find someone following you. Misunderstandings are created behind you.”

“Okay.” Seeing that he insisted, Jamie Ye had to agree. She is pregnant now, and she doesn’t go outside very much. Apart from taking Devis to the hospital, she stays at home. The presence of this bodyguard will not affect her life. .

“Don’t tell anyone about Patricia Liu and the others, so as not to ruin my plan.” Juan Mu urged again.

“Can’t uncle tell me either?”

“No, only you should know this.”

Roy Qin is planning to tell Jamie Ye about Patricia Liu’s derailment. Taylor Zang is here. He has been investigating the situation of the man who was injured by Roy Qin in the restaurant that day. He told Roy Qin that the identities of the three people have been ascertained. , The man is the owner of a bar on the street in the West End, his name is Luis Chen, two women, one is his wife and the other is his affection.

“It turned out to be a grievance and a mistress, but didn’t you say that they are as good as a person? It’s very rare in this world that grievances and their original partners can get along in harmony. The key is that if they are so good, why do they want to do it in a restaurant? Such a play?” Roy Qin was surprised.

“I also found it strange, so he investigated Chen carefully, and after several days of follow-up investigations, some information was found. Chen was born as a gangster, who was abducted, and fought innumerable ways. In the past two years, he started to take the right path and drive in the Western District. He has been in a shop, and the rules have been very good in the past few years, and I have never committed anything.”

“Does this mean we suspect the wrong person?” Roy Qin frowned. “Forget it, this matter slows down, give me more attention to this person.”

He gave the picture of Long to Taylor Zang, “This person has a very unusual relationship with Mrs. Xia Secretary. You have to watched him carefully. It is better to get a picture of them together for me to use.”

Taylor Zang took a look at the photo and was surprised, “Why is it him?”

“Do you know this person?”

“This person is Jose Long. He and Chen were mixed together before. Now the two of them are starting to do business without washing their hands…”

“What are you talking about?” Roy Qin stood up suddenly, contacting Patricia Liu’s ambiguous relationship with Jose Long, and he was ready to answer.

Roy Qin went to dinner at night, and by the way told Jamie Ye about Patricia Liu’s private meeting with Jose Long. Jamie Ye had already heard it from Juan Mu. She was not surprised by what Roy Qin said. The only thing that felt strange was Juan. He said that Patricia Liu and Jose Long were in collusion to harm others, but Roy Qin said that Patricia Liu had derailed. She had to talk to Juan Mu about this matter.

Jamie Ye was calm, but Alexa Xiao was very excited. “I thought that this b!tch would be doing bad things when she went to the beauty salon. As expected, I have to tell Secretary Xia about the situation immediately. He should see what kind of person the woman next to him is!”

“No!” Jamie Ye stopped, and Juan Mu said not to startle the snake. Isn’t doing this now ruining Juan Mu’s plan? “As the saying goes, we have not obtained evidence that Patricia Liu was with the man, it is hard to believe.”

“Are you afraid that Carlo Xia won’t believe it?” Alexa Xiao sneered. “The thing that men hate most is being cuckolded. If Carlo Xia heard about this, he would never believe that Patricia Liu was innocent even if Patricia Liu hadn’t derailed.”

“Actually, I’m not afraid that he won’t believe it, I don’t want him to regret the pain! After all, this matter is unbearable for anyone.” Jamie Ye shook her head, Carlo Xia would definitely not tolerate his own woman cheating.

As long as she hears the wind, she will definitely find a way to remedy it. If this matter is handled slightly incorrectly, it will startle the snake. Of course, Jamie Ye does not want to influence Juan Mu’s plan. Another reason is that she really doesn’t want to block Carlo Xia.

Carlo Xia gave her life. She has no reason to let Carlo Xia endure such humiliation at such an age.

“Everyone is responsible for their actions. This is retribution. If Patricia Liu shamelessly seduced her friend’s husband, she should be punished.” Alexa Xiao insisted.

“Alexa Xiao, I don’t want to have the slightest relationship with them, I have my own life, there is no need to entangle with them, so I won’t be happy myself.”

“Knowing you would be like this, it’s a good opportunity for nothing.” Alexa Xiao pouted. Andre Ye on the side interjected, “One cannot live in hatred. That would be very tired and unhappy. I think Jamie is right. I support Jamie!”

“Uncle!” Alexa Xiao stamped her foot. She also expected Andre Ye to help her persuade Jamie Ye, but she didn’t expect Andre Ye to say so.

“Life is short, there is no need to suffer from the faults of others all the time. Carlo Xia’s life has nothing to do with us. Whether Patricia Liu cheats or does other illegal things, it has nothing to do with ours. We don’t want to blend in, just live your life well.”

Seeing that Jamie Ye and Andre Ye both had objections and were not enthusiastic about cleaning up Patricia Liu, Alexa Xiao and Roy Qin had no choice but to give up.

After dinner, Roy Qin said he would go to a bar for a drink, but when he asked Alexa Xiao if he wanted to go with him, Roy Qin never invited Alexa Xiao to drink. Alexa Xiao felt that he should have something to say, so she went out with him. .

However, Roy Qin didn’t have anything to say as Alexa Xiao imagined, but took Alexa Xiao to a bar around the corners.

The bar is not the kind of high-end bar, and the atmosphere is very bad. Alexa Xiao feels strange that Roy Qin has always been a person who is used to going to high-end places. Why did he suddenly think of visiting such a small place.

After drinking a few sips of wine, Alexa Xiao felt unhappy and complained to Roy Qin, “I am so mad! Why do you say Jamie is so stubborn? This is obviously a good opportunity to deal with Patricia Liu, why didn’t you use it? And uncle, I I really suspect that he is not Jamie’s uncle. Is there such an uncle? Seeing his niece being bullied and seeing his sister being calculated, he swallowed his breath!”

Roy Qin smiled, “Quiet, they have their reason, Andre Ye is not wrong, he just wants Jamie Ye to live a simpler and happy life, in fact, it is right to think about him, if he had been in Jamie Ye’s ears all the time. Speaking ill of Carlo Xia and Patricia Liu, then Jamie Ye may not be what she is now. She will definitely hate Carlo Xia and may become extreme, but Jamie Ye is not like this now. She is full of enthusiasm for life. There is hope, this is undeniable to Andre Ye’s credit.”

“Have you changed your mind? So you don’t plan to clean up the b!tch mother and daughter?” Alexa Xiao was very disappointed.

“If Patricia Liu regrets the mistakes made in the past, if she just made a temporary misstep, then I will consider letting her go, but she is obviously not like this.” Roy Qin sneered, “Remember what happened in the restaurant that day?”

“Remember.” Alexa Xiao was a little embarrassed about this, “What happened that day caused you trouble.”

“No, this is not what I want to say. Look over there, do you find it familiar?”

“Isn’t that woman the feelings of the cheating man that day?” Alexa Xiao recognized the woman.

“Good memory, look over there again.” Roy Qin pointed to the other side. Alexa Xiao followed and saw the beaten man and his wife. They were talking next to each other.

“What’s going on? They reconciled?” Alexa Xiao was puzzled, and looked at the feelings not far away. This reconciliation does not have to be in the face of feelings.

“This man is the owner of this bar, the woman is the proprietress, and that grievance is the waiter here.” Roy Qin explained.

Alexa Xiao looked left and right. She was completely confused. The relationship between these three people is not the version she saw. The bar owner hooked up with the waiter and the proprietress had known for a long time that there was no exhaustion to work outside. What to feed the family?

“In the future, use your brain to do things. Not everything is worth getting ahead…” Before Roy Qin finished speaking, Alexa Xiao stood up. He grabbed Alexa Xiao’s hand and said, “What do you want to do?”

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