The Warmest Romance Chapter 901 -902

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Chapter 901

“Miss Ruan, do you have any misunderstanding about us! Are we not going to let go today? “

Without waiting for Ruan’s reply, the woman in black next to him said with a smile, “what is it! It is clear that there is a misunderstanding of the word “intentional”

With that, she suddenly stepped forward, held out her hand to hold Ruan Shishi’s skirt, and pulled it violently.

“Time –” a silk crack sounded. Ruan Shishi reacted and looked down. Then he found that the high split part of the thigh was pulled to the crotch, revealing the safety pants inside.

Her face was stunned for a moment, and she quickly reached out to block it. She never thought that they should be so rampant and dare to tear her clothes directly.

That black skirt woman raised eyebrow tip, the tone is full of complacency, “this just call intentional, understand!”

In an instant, Ruan’s fire was on the verge of collapse.

If it wasn’t for her hand covering the torn part of the skirt, she would have reached out and slapped the woman hard.

“Miss Ruan, it seems that the quality of your clothes is not very good! It’s broken at the slightest touch, tut tut! “

The two women stood aside and said sarcastic things like watching a good play, but they didn’t mean to leave.

Ruan Shishi is both shy and angry. It happens that someone comes and goes next to her. After passing the bathroom, she looks at them curiously.

Ruan Shishi did not dare to move. As long as she stepped or loosened her hand, the place on the side of her thigh would be gone. She inhaled deeply, looked coldly at the two women, and said in a deep voice, “do you think I will let you go when you treat me like this?”

At this time, she may have nothing to do, but after today, as long as she wants, this account will come back with them sooner or later.

When she said that, the two women’s faces sank, their eyes flashed over, and they felt guilty. They couldn’t say a word.

Ruan Shi hummed coldly, “do you think ye Wan’er will protect you then?”

The two women smell speech, face suddenly white a few minutes, they coincidentally turn their heads, look at each other, each other can’t speak.

A moment later, the woman in the black skirt suddenly turned her head, looked at Ruan Shishi with a fierce look and said coldly, “in that case, we might as well make you lose face more thoroughly today!”

With that, she reached out her hand and pushed Ruan Shishi.

Ruan Shishi was unprepared for the sudden attack of a force. He leaned back and lost his focus.

She used to cover the side of her thighs with her hands. Now when she rolled her feet, she fell to the ground, and her torn cheongsam was completely open, revealing her two long white legs.

There are people coming in and out of the bathroom. Now there is a sudden dispute here, and Ruan Shishi’s fall attracts everyone’s eyes.

When men see Ruan Shishi’s long legs, their eyes have some subtle changes. When women see her, their eyes are burning with envy.

Ruan Shishi didn’t care about the pain of her knees and elbows at all. She quickly reached out and hurriedly pulled up her clothes to cover the exposed skin.

At this moment, she is in a mess.

One of the two women even took out her mobile phone and took several pictures of Ruan Shishi. She said with a smile, “if Wan’er saw this picture, she would die of laughter…”

Chapter 902

Ruan Shishi’s heart was cold. She looked up and saw that people around her looked at her with complicated eyes. At that moment, her heart was almost cold.

In such a real society, it is the greatest boon that you suffer, suffer misfortune, and others don’t blame you.

At this time, there was a sudden chaos of footsteps, followed by a deep and powerful voice, “what’s the matter?”

The owner of the voice has his own aura. As soon as he appears, the crowd around him slowly retreats and wants to disperse.

Ruan Shishi suddenly turned his head and saw the man’s smooth and clear side face.

His resolute command followed by the staff, “comfort your guests, I’ll deal with things here.”


The two waiters immediately nodded and began to guide the guests away.

The two women standing next to each other were a little guilty and winked at each other. Just as they were about to leave, Yu Yimo suddenly said, “you two, stay.”

Man’s tone as if qinzhe ice, cold can not be cold.

The faces of the two women changed from time to time, a little flustered.

Yu Yimo glanced at them and turned his eyes to Ruan Shishi. His eyes were dark and obscure.

After a pause, he suddenly took off his suit coat, threw it away and covered Ruan Shishi’s body.

Ruan Shishi frowned and wanted to refuse, but he looked around and found nothing to hide his body, so he had to put on the suit coat.

Unexpectedly, the man’s big clothes, put on her, just can reach her thigh, cover tightly.

Seeing that she had put on her clothes, Yu Yimo looked away and swept coldly at the two women over there.

He stepped forward and stared at them, looking serious as if interrogating the prisoners. “What do you want to do?”

In a word, the shock of the two women’s body a shake, speechless.

A woman lowered her head and said, “we We didn’t mean to… “

“Not on purpose?” Yu Yimo hums coldly, obviously does not believe their words.

When he passed by just now, he accidentally saw them push Ruan Shishi to the ground. At that moment, his heart was already burning.

The two women shivered, “we didn’t mean to…”

“Is it?” Yu Yimo asked in reverse. Before they could answer, he turned to Du Yue and ordered in a cold voice, “Du Yue, go to the central control room and transfer out the monitoring here!”

The two women were afraid, and they could not speak.

Black skirt woman suddenly thought of something, eyes a bright, quickly looked up to Yu Yimo, “Yu Zong, it’s our fault, we are willing to apologize to miss Ruan! Please give us a chance, even if we are friends with Wan’er

It’s OK not to mention ye Wan’er at first. Now when ye Wan’er is mentioned, Yu Yimo’s face is suddenly gloomy and more obscure.

At this time, when they mention ye Wan’er, it’s like pouring a bucket of oil on Yu Yimo’s anger. He frowns and looks coldly at Du Yue, “let the security guard blow them out!”

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