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Chapter 1367

Tina clicked into the trending search, and the original tweet posted by the reporter at the top showed that it was half an hour ago, with hundreds of thousands of likes and tens of thousands of comments.

She refreshed it, and the page was still spinning. She refreshed the page several times in a row. The number of reposts, comments, and likes all rose linearly. Such exposure is indeed explosive.

Tina swept around, but Scottia hadn’t responded yet, and the rhythm of various marketing accounts was able to fly. Scottia’s opponent was also fishing in the troubled waters, and wanted to take the opportunity to black her.

Tina’s black powder was also mixed in it, saying that Tina had planned it herself.

“Do you know what’s going on?” Alyssa asked Tina.

“I know.” Tina laughed: “Today I went to the hospital to confront Peter and Cathy. There were reporters at the door.”

“Aren’t the reporters supposed to stay in the studio? Cathy’s hospitalization was not revealed.”

Alyssa looked confused, but after seeing the smile on Tina’s face, she understood what was going on: “Is it Cathy?”

Stephanie said weakly, “Why don’t you suspect my cousin?”

This question was so stupid that even Karl couldn’t help but glance at Stephanie.

Stephanie was terrified by Karl’s look, lowering her head, trying to reduce her sense of existence.

Next, Tina and Stephanie’s cell phones rang.

It’s a call from the company.

And, Peter called.

Tina took a look and turned off the phone directly. When Stephanie saw this, she also muted the phone. They didn’t answer the company’s call or Peter’s call.

The cause of this incident was just a screenshot released by a reporter. If the screenshot is true, Tina also knows that the person disguised as Scottia in the screenshot is Cathy.

This picture came out, and it was considered a black material of Scottia. Scottia didn’t respond at all, but her company called at this moment, and it must have come to give orders.

At this node, Tina stood up, and no matter what she said or did, she was cannon fodder.

After Peter stopped Tina from work, the people in the company probably also felt that she was over, so they pushed the wall down, trying to consume Tina’s heat.

She accompanied Alyssa and they happily finished the meal. It was late, and it was a bit late to return to the film and television city, so they just stayed in the hotel.

Returning to the room at night, Stephanie asked Tina as she sorted things out, “When shall we go to Tom?”

“Didn’t you say that Tom can’t help us?” Tina lay lazily on the sofa and swiped Twitter without raising her head.

Stephanie said earnestly: “Ms. Tina is the smartest, you must have your reason for asking me to inquire about Tom.”

She also felt that there were too many places to learn, so she should listen to the calmness so that she would not go wrong.

Tina glanced at Stephanie in surprise.

Stephanie’s ability to think like this means that she is completely on her side, which is a good thing.

Tina put down the phone, pondered for a moment, and said, “Since Tom is on a business trip, he must be busy. I’m full. You order a cup of coffee and the waiter will send it to Tom’s room.”

Although Stephanie didn’t understand Tina’s intention to let her do this, she didn’t object: “In your name? Would it be bad?”

“It’s not so good.” Tina smiled meaningfully: “Then in your name.”

Chapter 1368

Stephanie ordered Tom’s coffee, but still did not understand why Tina did it.

But thinking about it from another angle, Tina needs Tom’s help in some matter, and it must be reasonable to ask her agent to come forward, because she is too stupid.



There was a knock on the door.

Tom moved his aching neck sitting in front of the computer for a long time, got up and walked to the living room.

Opening the door, the waiter nodded slightly: “Mr. Allison, your coffee.”

“I didn’t order coffee.” He has a meeting tonight, he is planning to make coffee, but he hasn’t ordered it yet.

Waiter: “Someone ordered it for you.”

Tom’s expression is not so good: “I have no friends here.”

He was on a business trip this time, and the companies that wanted to please him didn’t know where he lived, so it could only be a hotel leak.

The waiter also knew that Tom had misunderstood, and quickly said: “Our hotel has always paid attention to the privacy of our customers. What’s more, Mr. Allison, you are our VIP customer. It is from a lady named Stephanie Grant. I will give you something by name. , We can only try our best to meet and meet the needs of our customers…”

Tom was startled slightly, his expression calming down: “So that’s it, it’s hard work.”

He took the coffee in the waiter’s hand, turned and closed the door, leaving the waiter standing at the door with a dazed expression.


Early the next morning.

Tina took Stephanie to the hotel restaurant for breakfast.

When Stephanie went to get breakfast, she looked around carefully. After returning to her seat, she said to Tina, “I didn’t see Tom.”

Tina didn’t speak, but just looked at Stephanie…behind her.

Before Stephanie understood what was going on, she heard a male voice behind her: “Miss Stephanie, looking for me?”

Stephanie was startled, the dinner plate in her hand almost fell, but Tom reached out and helped her.

“Thank you, Mr. Allison, early.” Stephanie thought that Tina had something to ask Tom, and she was very polite when he spoke.

“Thank you Miss Stephanie for the coffee.”

After Tom let go of his hand, he thanked her again, and sat down beside her, and nodded slightly to the opposite Tina: “Miss Weber.”

Tina calmly greeted Tom: “Did Mr. Allison slept well last night?”

“Fortunately, I was a bit busy at work, and I didn’t fall asleep at the meeting because of Miss Stephanie’s coffee.” Tom mentioned Stephanie again, and he also expressed a serious feeling when he was joking. People feel good.

“It’s just a cup of coffee, Mr. Allison is too polite.”

He mentioned the coffee twice in a row, Stephanie was a little embarrassed, and the coffee was still cold and let her deliver it.

Tom didn’t answer anymore, but turned to look at Tina: “Miss Weber’s attitude is much better than when I saw her on the set that day.”

Tina smiled faintly: “If Mr. Allison is willing to help me, my condition will be better.”

Even Stephanie understood that there was something in the cold words.

“As long as it is where Allison can help, I will do my best. After all, Miss Weber is an actor I admire very much.” Tom was very sincere with a smile.

Stephanie looked at Tina and then at Tom. The two people had the same professional smiles on their faces, and the rhythm of the two people’s chatting was also very fast.

After only three sentences, it has risen to ” Help” and “appreciate” too.

Tina’s expression looks more sincere than Tom’s: “If I am lucky enough to endorse products that are easy to dry, I can’t ask for it.”

Tom showed a satisfied expression, took out a small box and put it on the table, and pushed it in front of Tina: “Miss Weber, happy cooperation.”

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