The Warmest Romance Chapter 925 -926

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Chapter 925

For a moment, Yu Yimo was left alone in the empty room.

He picked up his mobile phone and unconsciously called up Ruan Shishi’s phone number. After hesitating for a long time, he didn’t decide to press his finger.

Finally, he put the phone away and sighed.

Since when has he become so indecisive?

After a rest in the afternoon, Ruan’s body was in no great condition.

For fear that she would move around and affect her rest, song yean specially ordered a meal to her room. All the activities that she went out at night were cancelled and changed into indoor games.

After dinner, Ruan Shishi accompanied them to play the building block game for a while, and then watched the two little guys playing the dancing machine, and his mood was much better unconsciously.

“I’ll take Sensen and Sasha to my room in the evening. You can have a good rest. If you want to leave tomorrow, we’ll go back.”

Song yean said, considerately picked up the teapot and gave her a cup of warm tea.

All night long, song yean took good care of her. Ruan Shishi looked at her and warmed her heart. She nodded to him and said in a soft voice, “I’ll listen to your arrangement.”

Two people look at each other a smile, the atmosphere inexplicably harmonious.

Song yean’s eyes were slightly heavy, and his hand on Ruan’s shoulder could not help tightening a little, and he slowly approached Ruan, and then

Everything is so natural, but just when the man’s lips are about to touch Ruan’s, Ruan’s body shakes and subconsciously leans back, widening the distance between them.

In an instant, all the warm and harmonious atmosphere disappeared, replaced by ice and frost.

Ruan Shishi suddenly reacts to song yean’s stunned eyes. Only then can he find that the actions he just made are completely conditioned reflex, and have not passed through his brain at all.

Feeling the stiffness of the atmosphere, she gasped, quickly pulled out a smile and explained, “both Sensen and Sasha are still here, it’s not good…”

Song yean nodded slightly and said in a soft voice, “I’m not thinking about it.”

He said, holding her hand with a smile and half joking, “two little guys are like two light bulbs.”

Ruan’s poems did not give birth to any pleasure at the bottom of her heart. She hung her eyes to hide her emotions.

Only she knew that she pushed him away just now, not because sensenshasha was here, but because it was her subconscious action

That is to say, fundamentally speaking, she has not fully accepted him.

In this way, she felt a little more ashamed of song yean.

Soon after the entertainment after dinner, song yean takes Sensen and Sasha to take a bath, while she goes back to her bedroom.

As soon as the door closed, it seemed to isolate the outside world, and Ruan could not help thinking a lot unconsciously.

It was Yu Yimo’s face that appeared most times in her mind!

Unconsciously, more than two hours later, Ruan Shishi tossed and turned in bed, but he didn’t feel sleepy at all.

She even wanted to see Yu Yimo and see if his injury was as serious as Du Yue said.

The more she thought about it, the more uneasy she became. In the end, she could not bear the worry and curiosity in her heart and got up and got out of bed.

Chapter 926

Sensen and Shasha have gone to sleep. The direction of song yean’s bedroom is quiet. There is no sound at all.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, put on a coat, and left the suite quietly.

She went out, walked for a long time, found several staff to inquire about the news, and then asked Yu Yimo’s room number.

Seven turn eight turn to find the room, Ruan Shishi stood at the door, suddenly did not have the courage to raise his hand to knock on the door.

Just now, before she came here, she still vowed, but unexpectedly, when she came to the door, all her courage disappeared.

After hesitation, she raised her hand and gently buttoned the door plate. After several knocks, the door suddenly heard footsteps, and then the door was pushed open.

Du Yue stood at the door, his face still cold and asked, “what’s the matter?”

Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply, “I want to see Yu Yimo.”

He said, “Yu always has a rest. Please come back another day.”

Hearing this, Ruan Shishi frowned. He thought he was going to shut the door. Unexpectedly, a man’s low voice came from the room, “let her in.”

Ruan Shishi’s heart tightened in an instant. She forced down her excitement and looked up at Du Yue.

Du more pause, had to step out of the door.

Ruan Shishi quickly stepped in, but after just two steps, the door behind him was closed from the outside with a bang.

Ruan Shishi was surprised and didn’t expect that Du Yue would come up with this one.

In this way, only she and Yu Yimo are left in the big apartment.

Ruan Shishi was so upset that she stepped forward and looked around. Unexpectedly, as soon as she got to the door of the room, she saw Yu Yimo sitting on the bed.

It happened that he also raised his eyes and looked straight at her. They looked at each other in a complicated mood.

A few seconds later, Yu Yimo said in a deep voice, “come here.”

Ruan Shishi’s eyes flitted over his arm wrapped in gauze. With a tight heart, he stepped forward.

In any case, now that Yu Yimo is her life-saving benefactor, since she comes to visit, it’s good to show her intention directly.

Ruan Shishi went into the room, stood by the bed, looked at his arm, “is your injury serious?”

“Well.” Yu Yimo’s lazy response was no more than a lot of explanation. He leaned his upper body against the head of the bed and put his arm in front of Ruan Shishi.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, looked at his arm, throat a tight, said, “today’s thing, thank you.”

If it wasn’t for him, she would be the one who can’t move in bed now.

Her voice just fell, the man’s cold hum rang out, “thank you, there is no sincerity.”

Ruan Shishi was stunned and annoyed when he heard the speech. He quickly asked, “what else do you want?”

Yu Yimo did not speak, but slightly turned his head to look at the water cup on the bedside table.

Without waiting for Ruan Shishi to react, he had already stretched out his gauze wrapped arm and slowly approached, and then approached again.

But his hand was covered with gauze, clumsy and trembling, so he couldn’t hold the water cup.

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