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Chapter 445

Nine o’clock-

Everything’s ready.

Mateo finished busy from outside, paced, and walked in.

Today, he wears a plain white dress, elegant and extravagant, like a prince, dazzling.


When Hazel sees him, those who are busy with joy will get up.

“Sit down, don’t move.”

Mateo smiled and hurriedly motioned to her to sit.

At this time, Hazel realized that Mateo was still holding a violin in his hand.

Inexplicably, she only feels that her eyes are a little hot and humid, and she can’t say what it feels, she just knows…she is very moved…

Recalling those little things that she had walked with Mateo in the past, her heart was sour that she wanted to cry.

“Hazel, you are so beautiful today…”

Mateo squatted down, hands, habitually stroking her black hair, and drew the holy veil with his fingers, “Congratulations…”

Three words, smiling, overflowing to the lips…

However, only he knows how much his love and affection are contained in these three words!!!

The corners of Hazel’s eyes were a little wet, “Mateo, thank you.”

Mateo shook his head, took the violin, and stood up.

He laughed, but the violin elegantly on his shoulders, and fixed it, “The wedding gift…”

After finishing talking, the song “For You” was ebullient…

The song is very early, but the tune is still dazzling, and the blessings are still deep and full.

“He will be your bridegroom, and from now on he will be your lifelong companion. Everything about him will be closely related to you, and both good and bad will be equal…”

The lyrics, along with the tune, overflowed from the lips of Hazel.

There are tears, dyed in the corners of the eyes, hot and humid…


When the tune is over, Hazel calls him.

Mateo raised his eyes and looked at her, the corner of his lips still had the softest smile.

“You must also be happy…”

Mateo smiled, “I will definitely!!!”

Hazel also followed the tears into a smile.

“Quickly, the bridegroom’s men are here!!!”

The door of the suite was pushed open, and Maya and Kaylee led a lot of bridesmaids rushing in from outside.

“So fast?” Hazel was concealed in the smiling eyes, hard to hide.

“Yeah!! Sister Hazel, go and sit on the bed!” Kaylee’s excited little head straightened up, “It depends on whether our great Blair always can live with our sisters. Closed!!

“Sisters!! Everyone has to hold on!!! The men who will come over later are magnificent than Panan, so everyone has to hold on!! Do you know? You must not fall into that group of enchanting beautiful men! “

Maya led her head and shouted, cheering all the bridesmaids and sisters.

Today, she is not a bridesmaid. Who told her to get married and have children? Today, according to her position as the head of the bridesmaid, the one who controls the overall situation!

Her reason is that people who have been married have enough experience after all!


All the girls shouted.

“I’m coming…”

Maya shouted, “Sisters are ready to be in place!!!”

In the next instant, all the girls swarmed towards the bedroom door.

And outside…

Rows of men are all in a series of dark suits.

And Blair Elijah, today’s groom, is especially handsome, even the handsome best man can’t stop him from today’s light.

Wearing a black dress, the unique tailoring made his already tall and straight figure more slender and perfect, and the noble temperament flowed out, and there was nowhere to resist.

In his hand, he was holding a bunch of beautiful roses.

On the chest, there is a bunch of red roses pinned to it, which is a sign of the ‘groom’.

“We estimate that we can only rely on outsmarting later!”

A group of men was still discussing as they walked.

“Trouble! A waste of time! I think it’s better to grab it directly!” Whoever lets Connor underworld be born, everything feels that force is the easiest solution.

“No way!!” Blair Elijah refused sternly, “You can’t use it!! There is still our little princess in my wife’s belly!!”

“That’s it! You can’t afford to flash the little princess!!” Evan echoed… “Then what do you think?” Connor said helplessly.

Evan’s eyes focused, “Of course he’s beautiful men! Which one of us is not looking better than Panan? Are you afraid that you can’t deal with such vulgar people?”



“I’m coming…”

“Wow!! The groom is so handsome today!!!”

“Let me see, I see…”

“Let me take a look!!”


All the girls, pushing and squeezing at the door, were full of praise for the beautiful men outside the house.

Sitting on the bedside, Hazel from ear to ear.

The outsider heard Blair Elijah’s voice at the magnetic voice, “Hazel!! I’m here to pick you up!!!”

“Sister Hazel, don’t rush to speak out.”

Hazel just wanted to answer, so she heard Kaylee shout.

Ok!!! Hazel without saying a word.

“Hazel, answer me if you hear it!”

“Mr. Blair!!!”

Maya coughed her throat before calling him solemnly, “Your wife is waiting patiently inside to review your sincerity? You just yelled a few perfunctorily, I am afraid it will be difficult! “

Maya’s words made it lively outside.

“What do you mean?” Connor asked dully.

“Stupid!! It means to blame Blair for being insincere! We have to shout something nasty!!”

“Say what?” Blair Elijah looked at Evan suspiciously.

“Of course it’s the ‘I love you’ category! Women, they all like such superficial things!!!”

“…” Blair Elijah played around, “In front of so many people?”

“Otherwise?” Evan was speechless, “Scream! Otherwise, you won’t be able to marry your wife!”

“Mr. Blair, have you discussed it yet? Our bride is very impatient to wait!!” Maya urged.

“Alright, alright…” Evan responded loudly.

God knows, how much he wants to see the man next to him shouting “I love you” when he looks deflated.

He knows, this kind of nasty thing is crueler to the man beside him than killing him!

“Hurry up…”

Evan urged.

Connor looked at his brother Blair Elijah with a compassionate look.

Blair Elijah coughed, simmering for a while, and suddenly said loudly, “Hazel! I love you…”

There is no trace of embarrassment, nor the feeling of shouting to complete the task, but there is just the most sincere emotion.

“Hazel, you can hear what I said in there, right?”

As Blair Elijah spoke, he knelt on one knee and knelt, still holding the beautiful bouquet of roses in his hand.

This action shocked everyone!

Is this… the awkward and boring boy Blair Elijah’s shoes?

Inside, the girls are even more commotion…

“Wow!! Sister Hazel, brother-in-law is kneeling!!”

“Yeah, yeah!! It’s so romantic, kneel on one knee!!”

Hazel hurriedly lifted the skirt and ran to the door.

“Hazel, slow down…” Maya hurriedly supported her.

All of them took the initiative to give up a position for Hazel.

Through the video phone, Hazel saw her husband outside the door, kneeling on the ground so religiously, holding a rose in his hand.


“I’m here!!”

Hazel nodded, answering him.

Full of moved!!!

“Baby, I am very lucky to meet you in this life!! If it weren’t for you, perhaps the man named Blair Elijah still doesn’t know what love is. If it’s not for you, maybe he is still just a naive child…because of you only by appearing did the child named Blair Elijah understand what is love, what is giving, what is a responsibility, and taking responsibility!! Hazel, thank you!! Thank you for your love for me and your dedication to me!! Please change me, love you, I love you… forever!!! Allison Hazel, I love you!!! Blair Elijah loves you forever!!! Thank you, marry me!!!”


A paragraph…

Hazel’s eyes were red, but everyone who was there was shocked, moved, and envious…

“Papa Papa…”

The applause sounded like thunder.

Inside and out, it was very lively.

Hazel with tears, smiling happily, across the door panel, whispered, “Husband, I love you too…”

“Oh! So happy…” Maya happily smiled, “Well, baby, now you are not suitable for crying, come and come, sit down, we have the next test!”

“Listen well! Our bride was very satisfied with the performance of the groom just now, so you passed the first level!! Now it is the second level test.”

“There is still a test?!”

Connor frowned, “Trouble!”

“Women are troublesome animals!!” Evan agreed.

“Mr. Blair once heard our bride show off, our groom has a good dance art!! How about showing it to us? Let us also see the world?”

Inside, Maya’s questions came.

“Dancing art?” Outside, all the men were shocked.

“Hey! Maya, you must be mistaken!!!” Evan shouted at the door.

“That’s right! Where can we Blair dance! Don’t embarrass others…” Connor didn’t agree with Maya’s opinion.

Blair Elijah gave a dry cough, embarrassed, “Well, Sarah…”

“Or, let’s change it!” Blair Elijah tried to discuss with her.

“What’s the matter? You refuse to sacrifice for our bride?” Maya didn’t plan to let him go like this!

“No!” Blair Elijah stood in front of the camera and looked inside deeply, before saying, “Yes! I admit that I can dance, and…It seems to be good at dancing! Although only one dance…”


Everyone inside and outside the door was shocked at that moment!!!

Especially the two faces of Evan and Connor…

There is almost a big egg between the grown-up lips!

Did they hear wrong just now? Said Blair Elijah could dance? How can it be?!!! The point is, is he still skipping before Hazel?!!!

Too… incredible!!!

In the consciousness of Connor and Evan, it is possible to dance only if the man’s head is showy or crazy.

But he happened to be neither stupid nor crazy!!!

“However, this dance is precious to me! I’m sorry, I can’t share it with you, because this is a unique gift for Hazel! So, I’m sorry!”

Chapter 446

Blair Elijah apologized sincerely.

Hazel sitting inside teary eyes dim, “Blair Elijah, you are so stupid!!”

She smiled and screamed as the door moved.

Outside the door, Blair Elijah seemed to have received a smile from inside the door, and the corners of his lips couldn’t help but stretch out a curve of happiness.

“Oh! My bones are going to be crisp…”

Inside the door, Maya teased.


“Oh my God!!! Goosebumps fell all over the place…”

Evan and Connor were trembling non-stop.

This man, where is their boring Blair Elijah, who doesn’t like words and expressions?! This is simply a pick-up expert!!!

Outside the door, Blair Elijah led everyone through the barriers. After half an hour, he finally bought the group of little bridesmaids inside with red envelopes.

The door opened, and everyone tacitly gave way to the two newcomers.

Blair Elijah was holding a rose in his hand, standing at the front door, his eyes deep, staring fixedly at the red bedhead, that plain white figure like a fairy…

His wife, Allison Hazel!!!

Step by step, he slowly walked towards her, stood directly opposite her, and the gentleman knelt on one knee.

“Hazel, marry me!!”

He held flowers to her, “Also, I love you!!!”

He repeated the love words outside without shyness.

She smiled and covered her face, nodding her head like smashing garlic, “I would…I would…”

The church, surrounded by the sacred wedding march…

A pair of newcomers, arm in arm, stepped on the holy red carpet together, step by step, towards the solemn priest.

Besides, everyone’s spontaneous applause sounded.

Relatives and friends stand solemnly… Happiness… enveloped the whole church, knocking, each of them, holy and sincere heart.

“Mr. Blair Elijah, would you like to marry Miss Allison Hazel as your wife, live with her according to the teachings of the Bible, and unite with her before God, love her, comfort her, respect her, and protect her as you love yourself? Whether she is ill or healthy, rich or poor, stay loyal to her until the end of life?”

The priest’s solemn questioning echoed throughout the church.

“I do!”

In the silent church, Blair Elijah’s sincere answer sounded, firm and resolute.

He took her hand tight and tight.

Ten fingers clasped tightly, that is… a lifetime!!!

“Miss Allison Hazel, would you like to marry Mr. Blair Elijah as your Husband? According to…”

“I do!”

The pastor’s words, there is still time to answer, and Hazel’s sonorous and powerful answer already blurted out.

She smiled, so gentle, “Yes! I do! In this life, regardless of illness or health, rich or poor, I, Allison Hazel, will always be loyal to my husband, Mr. Blair Elijah! Until…the end of life…”

She stared at him quietly, her eyes pure and sincere.

Hand, holding his hand…

Grow old with Elijah, white hair, and eyebrows!!!

“Hazel, thank you…”

Thanks for her persistence…

Thank her also for the most generous love she gave him!!!

Thank her too, for breaking into his life in time!!!

He wants to thank her even more for adding two little lives to his love!!!

Blair Elijah lifted Hazel’s white veil towards the gentleman, bowed his head, and deeply kissed his newlywed wife…

In this life, because of her, it has become colorful!!!

“On behalf of the Bible, I announce that Mr. Blair Elijah and Miss Allison Hazel are officially married!”

The priest solemnly announced, and there was thunderous applause from the audience.

Adeline stood below and kept wiping tears.

Today, Landon is holding a flower basket, and the petals are sprinkled with excitement, “Daddy Mommy, happy wedding!!”

Mateo stood in the back row of the crowd, quietly looking at the beautiful white figure…

The smile between the lips is getting deeper and deeper…

The dark eyes became deeper and deeper.

Finally, he turned around and left the church…

Hazel, you must be happy!!!

“Mateo, Mateo… bleeding…”

Hazel at that time, just turned thirteen, just met him, a year.

“What is bleeding? Where is it bleeding? Let me take a look, let me take a look…” Mateo was anxious like an ant on a hot pot, but he did not see any signs of injury on her body.

“Bleeding there!!” Hazel was about to cry in a hurry.

Mateo stared at her for a while, and after a long time, he came over suddenly, “Hazel, you…have you come to MC?”

He blushed and asked her.

But the Hazel children’s shoes at that time were very late. She didn’t understand anything like coming to MC, and she shed tears in a silly rush, “Mateo, will I die?”

“Nonsense!! Hazel, you go to the ladies’ toilet and wait for me first, I’ll be right back! Don’t be afraid!!”

For men, some things are always understood earlier than women.

That year, when Mateo was fourteen years old, when he heard that this girl had come to MC, he stupidly slammed into the school’s canteen.

Even if he understands, he is still a novice after all. Facing the dazzling array of sanitary napkins on the shelf, his head is big. In the end, regardless of the three or seventy-one, after buying a pack of each, he ignores the others in the shop. The classmate’s strange eyes rushed to the women’s bathroom.


He handed her the tampons in each pocket, “If you don’t use it, just read the instructions on the bag.”


The immature her with tears in her eyes is already deeply ingrained in his heart and is indelible. Even after so many years, he still remembers clearly…

That year, she was thirteen and he was fourteen.

From the first day of her menarche…

They met each other!!!

So, he watched her grow up little by little!!!

And now, she has become the wife of another man…

Mateo smiled faintly, time is in a hurry, but with a blink of an eye, everyone found their happiness…

And he?

His happiness, isn’t it, already on the way?!

“The bride lost her bouquet!!”

Hazel stood at the door of the church, and the square behind her was crowded with single men and women of all colors.

Everyone pushed and squeezed, all just wanting to win.

“Hazel, here…”

“Sister Hazel, throw it to me, next year I must marry!!”

“Sister Hazel, give it to me!!! Next year I will marry a beautiful little daughter-in-law!!”

They heard excited shouts in their ears, and Hazel couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Looking back, take a look at the crowd…

But at a glance, she missed the quiet white figure leaning on the side under the tree.

He is like a prince, leaning on a tree trunk as a gentleman, squinting his gentle eyes seductively, smiling at her here.

The golden shards of light scattered in his deep eyes, dazzling and dazzling as if they were dotted with stars.

Hazel met his smile, and the smile on the corner of his lips became brighter.

Turn around, ready to throw the bouquet.

“Mateo, you must… be happy…”

Hazel holding flowers in her hand, closed her eyes, and muttered devoutly…

Hand up…

The flowers were thrown out, and a perfect parabola flashed out, but they deviated from the trajectory that everyone thought, and flew straight to the location of Mateo…


There was a soft sound, and the flowers steadily fell directly into Mateo’s arms, impartial, neither bounce nor jump.


Everyone screamed, and then they heard some protest, “Sister Hazel is partial!!”

Hazel ignores them. The most important thing to stand in the crowd is to make a horn-like hand, and yell at Mateo who is diagonal across from her who is still a little startled, “Mateo, you must be happy! Did you hear that? You must be happy. What!”

Such a beautiful man, how can God not give him the happiness he wants?!

Mateo smiled warmly, revealing a row of white teeth, “I will be happy! Hazel, thank you!!”

He received her blessings for every point!!!

In the square, the crowds are full of friends, coveted, and lively.

Here, Evan was walking among the various beautiful flowers, only to think about bringing a beautiful woman home, but there was a screaming voice behind him.

“Evan Beast…”

The sweet voice obviously should make Evan soothing, but when this voice hit his ears, he felt panic all over his body.

“Evan, you soaked sister again!!!”

Perry Elena holding a harmless smiling face walked over, and he inserted himself between Evan and the bunch of girls without mind.

“Student Perry, why are you here?” Evan’s expression was stiff.

“My dad brought me here! Why can’t I be here? Ah, it’s you, my Evan Beast, it seems you’re…that…”


As a result, before Perry Elena’s words could be finished, Evan covered her mouth.

Evan hurriedly laughed awkwardly, “I’m sorry! The classmates I teach are more naughty, go there and learn first!”


As soon as the voice fell, a certain powerful man carried a certain naughty woman on his shoulders, stretched his legs, and walked into a hidden corner.

“Perry Elena, I warned you a long time ago, and if you dare to talk about my one, I must let you go around!”


“Where is Evan?” Blair Elijah and Hazel asked when they saw Connor come out alone.

“Educating students with the body!”

“…” Blair Elijah ashamed.

Connor concluded, “This is called teaching by example!”

In the end, he shook his head again and again, and said sincerely, “It’s not easy to be a teacher these years!!”


Hazel cursed two words in her heart.

These men are beast-level characters! Even his students will not let go!!! Fortunately, their little white children’s shoes are purer!!!

A little far away from the church square, a white figure stood there quietly.

Listening to the happy wedding tune, looking at the luxurious and sacred wedding scene, the beautiful water eyes were shrouded in thin mist.

The lips, a slight arc floated…

The heart is still a bit astringent.


It should be relieved, it should be relieved!!!

Turn around…

Tears, slide down…

Brother, I sincerely wish you happiness!!!

Also, Hazel’s sister, thank you! And, too much, too much, sorry…

You must be happy…

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