The Warmest Romance Chapter 941 -942

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Chapter 941

“You’ll know when you get there.” The man gently moved his lips, “serious business about work.”

Listening to what he said, Ruan Shishi was a little quiet. She took a deep breath and asked suspiciously, “it’s related to the public welfare video.”

Yu Yimo leans on his back and gives a “hum”.

As soon as Ruan’s poem was heard, he was speechless.

These days, she is idling to death at home. She is eager to start work as soon as possible. When she gets that video, she leaves immediately. Unexpectedly, today, Yu Yimo came across by accident. Since he said it was related to work, she has no reason to refuse.

Along the way, the atmosphere in the car was a little terrible, until a string of bell rings broke the silence.

The lovely bell of children’s interest rings all the time, which is the exclusive bell set by Ruan Shishi for Sensen Shasha.

Before she had time to take out her mobile phone, there was a straight look on her side.

Ruan Shishi’s heart was tight. She subconsciously looked over. When she saw the man’s smiling face, she inhaled deeply, “what’s the problem?”

Yu Yimo glanced at her lightly, moved her lips and spat out two words, “naive.”

Ruan Shishi was so angry that he didn’t dare to say anything.

Anyway, he is her boss now. In case of offending him, he can kill her by making a few excuses when shooting the short film.

Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply, pressed down her anger, rolled her eyes at him, felt out her mobile phone and answered the video call from Sensen Shasha.


With two clear children’s voices coming, the heads of the two little guys appear on the mobile phone screen.

Seeing two lovely little Tuanzi, Ruan Shishi’s haze and unhappiness were swept away, and her mouth went up uncontrollably, “how’s swimming going? Is it fun? “

Sensen giggled at the end of the phone, “it’s fun! It’s just that Sasha is so stupid. She took a swimming circle and drank a lot of water! “

On hearing this, Sasha pouted her little mouth and said, “it’s better than being like a frog!”

Ruan Shishi, holding his mobile phone, saw that two little guys were about to quarrel at that end, and said, “well, this is the third class. You’re great. After class, you’ll certainly learn it!”

She concentrated on persuading the little guys over there. She didn’t notice that the man next to her had turned and looked at her.

Looking at the woman with a smile and a soft light, he also unconsciously raised his lips.

Ruan’s poetry is not a gentle woman in the traditional sense, but at this moment, she is as gentle as water, and her maternal brilliance radiates to the maximum, which makes people want to be close.

On the other side of the screen, Sasha asked excitedly, “Mom, when can you come and swim with us?”

“Next time I can go to class with you!”

Then, a male light cough came from the side. Then, Yu Yimo approached her for a few minutes, looked at Sensen and Shasha on the screen, and whispered, “I can also accompany you.”

His sudden entry into the mirror made that end of Sensen Sasa stunned. Soon, Sasa took the lead in responding, “Uncle Shuai! Mom, you’re with Uncle Shuai! “

Ruan Shishi didn’t know how to answer for a moment. Her hand holding the mobile phone was stiff, but she couldn’t speak.

Chapter 942

Sen Sen stares big eyes and asks seriously, “Mom, where are you going with Uncle Shuai?”


Two little guys, you and I, suddenly confused Ruan Shishi.

She didn’t expect that Yu Yimo would suddenly enter the mirror, so she didn’t think about how to deal with this situation at all.

In the cold, next to the man suddenly reached out, holding her hand, slowly turning the screen, so that the lens at him.

“Your mother and I have some work to do. When we are free another day, I’ll go to see you swim. How about that?”

The two kids were in a good mood and agreed with one voice.

Yu Yimo chatted with them again, then hung up the phone.

Ruan Shishi sat aside, completely in a state of confusion, waiting for Yu Yimo to put her mobile phone into her hand, she just reflected.

She bit her teeth, angry and helpless, “who let you into the mirror at will!”

Yu Yimo picked his eyebrows and said, “you didn’t say I’m not allowed to enter the mirror.”

In a word, Ruan’s poems can’t be said.

She angrily put away her mobile phone, gave him a cold glance, and leaned against the window to stop talking.

After a while, the car arrived at director Gao’s studio.

Yu Yimo took Ruan Shishi to the office to discuss the idea and plan of the shooting with the group members. He also had afternoon tea together, but it was a quick trip.

When she came out of the studio, it was dark outside. Ruan thought that today’s work was over, but Yu Yimo took her directly to a modeling room.

Looking at the simple and elegant logo at the door, Ruan Shishi frowned, “what are we doing here?”

“There’s work in the evening.”

Yu Yimo said faintly and turned to look at the store manager beside him, “for an hour, make-up is lighter.”

The store manager immediately responded. Without waiting for Ruan Shishi to say anything more, several people took her to the place where she changed her clothes and made a shape.

After being manipulated by others for an hour, Ruan Shishi was already bored and sleepy. When she heard someone’s voice, she woke up.

“Miss Ruan, are you satisfied with the shape?”

Ruan Shishi opened her eyes vaguely and saw the woman in the mirror. She was stunned for half a second.

I have to say that this studio does have two brushes. Looking at the very light makeup, the details are not exquisite. Every inch of skin and every eyelash can stand magnification.

After changing into a pink suit, she followed the store manager into the hall.

Yu Yimo has changed into a suit, suit and shoes, without any extra wrinkles.

As soon as he looked up and saw the woman coming towards him, he missed a beat.

Light and generous, but also amazing.

It’s the feeling he wants.

He hooked the corner of his lips and stood up. His eyes flitted across the woman’s face. He said calmly, “let’s go to xingguangfang.”

At the mention of xingguangfang, Ruan Shishi suddenly remembered that there was an activity there this evening, the Jiangzhou city art exchange.

This exchange meeting brings together elites from all fields of art. The purpose of this exchange meeting is to discuss, learn and build relationships.

Yu Yimo took her in the past, presumably also to let her get to know some of the big names in the film and television industry, right?

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