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Chapter 239

“I’ll talk about Jamie Ye’s thing later. Now it’s Karen’s problem. You came just in time. When Karen wakes up, you can persuade her. She is too unstable now.”

“I know, I’m here to persuade her.” Patricia Liu nodded, her daughter’s temper can’t be restrained, and only she can persuade her. Patricia Liu reached out and touched Karen Xia’s face, which had become pale due to excessive blood loss. “How long has she been in a coma? Nothing will happen, right?”

“No, Karen woke up in the morning. She was so emotional that I asked the nurse to give her a tranquilizer. She will wake up later.” Flora Wu explained.

Patricia Liu was relieved. Only then did she think of Karen Xia’s child. Although Chen said that Karen Xia’s child was healthy, Patricia Liu was still worried, “How about Karen’s child? There is nothing wrong with the child, right?”

“The child has no problem,” Flora Wu replied, “It’s just…” How should I tell Patricia Liu about this black boy? She just sat alone in Karen Xia’s ward and couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on with this black boy? Is it genetic mutation? But no matter how it changes, it will not become as black as coal, right?

“It’s just what?” Patricia Liu saw that Flora Wu’s expression was not too natural, and her heart sank. If you don’t know how to have a child, you can do something, right?

“Hey!” Flora Wu sighed. There is no way to hide the black boy. “I don’t know what happened. Karen gave birth to a black child.”

Patricia Liu didn’t think that “black” means the same as black people. She also thought that it was just dark skin, just like what Chen said in the morning. She didn’t care much, “Black and black, boys are not afraid of being darker. While Karen is asleep, Let’s go see the children together!”

Flora Wu took a complicated look at Patricia Liu, and took the lead out of the ward. The two came to the door of the nursery room and saw the nurse in the nursery room of Flora Wu take the initiative to say hello to Flora Wu. Flora Wu pointed to Patricia Liu, “I will take her to take a look. child.”

The nurse looked at Patricia Liu twice and opened the door. Flora Wu and Patricia Liu entered the nursery room together. Patricia Liu saw two dark children at a glance. She never thought that they would be born from Karen Xia. Look at Flora Wu. Stopping at the two black children, she was still a little confused, until Flora Wu said: “This is the child Karen gave birth.”

“What are you talking about?” Patricia Liu was stupid, and Karen Xia actually gave birth to two blacks? How can it be? She looked away from the two children and looked at Flora Wu, “Could it be a mistake?”

“No, I was at the door of the operating room. The two children were carried by the nurse from the operating room.”

“How could it be a black boy? How could it be?” Patricia Liu raised her voice. A child was so frightened by her voice that he cried, and the nurse hurried over.

The fact that Karen Xia gave birth to a black child has been circulated in the hospital long ago, and coupled with the description in the newspaper, everyone knows that Karen Xia messed with other men and hoped to give birth to the child and blame Juan Mu for a sum of support.

Seeing Patricia Liu’s emotions, the nurse looked at Patricia Liu with contempt. Is this the mother of the woman who f*cked with the black man?

It’s really funny, don’t you know the virtue of your daughter? She was embarrassed to come to the hospital and make a loud noise. If someone else chokes her out early, it’s just because of Flora Wu’s face, so the nurse speaks in a gentle voice, “Doctor Wu, you can’t make loud noises here, you should tell the family members go out.”

Flora Wu pulled Patricia Liu out. Patricia Liu was full of anger and disbelief. She stared at Flora Wu and asked fiercely, “What the hell is going on? Wasn’t Karen carrying Juan Mu’s child? How could she give birth to a pair of black kids? Huh?”

Where did Flora Wu explain clearly, “Calm down and keep your voice down. This is the hospital and it is not very effective.”

“How can you calm me down? You did this all by yourself? How could it become like this?” Patricia Liu also realized that she was too excited just now, and asked in a low voice that Flora Wu did everything for Karen Xia’s pregnancy. How could she not know?

“Let’s go back to Karen Ward and say.” Flora Wu took Patricia Liu away. When a few people came over and walked, they whispered, “I heard that the black boy is in the nursery room. Let’s take a look.”

“It’s shameless. That Karen Xia is too shameless. She f*cked with a black and had a child and wanted to plant a baby. Fortunately, she slept with a black. Otherwise, she really succeeded in the planting.”

“How can it be successful? Juan Mu is not a fool. He only broke up knowing that the woman was a sl*t. If he is willing to do a paternity test like this, even if he is not a black person, he can’t be planted!”

Patricia Liu’s eyes fired when he heard these talks. Why these people are talking nonsense to corrupt her daughter’s reputation? She was going to reason about it. Flora Wu stopped her and said, “What are you doing, do you want to make things worse? Don’t forget you are now identity of!”

After listening to Flora Wu’s words, Patricia Liu stopped. She is now a dead person. This dead person is extraordinary here. The key is that she has a long mouth, and she can’t stop others from speaking, so she stared at that fiercely. A few people glanced, and Flora Wu went back to Karen Xia’s ward.

“What the hell is going on?” After returning to the ward and closing the door, Patricia Liu couldn’t wait to ask.

“I don’t know either?” Flora Wu was also at a loss.

“I don’t know? How could you not know? This sperm is the sperm of Juan Mu you saved, and you did the operation yourself?”

“Yes, the sperm is the sperm that Lisa Lin gave me at the beginning and I saved it. I didn’t expect it to be like this? Is it because the person who saved the sperm got it wrong?” Flora Wu guessed.

“Is it wrong?” Patricia Liu was taken aback. There is only this kind of explanation at present, but what can I do? Now it’s not simply a matter of taking the wrong one. It’s a matter of two lives, and my own daughter’s uterus has also been removed. What should I do? “what should I do now?”

Where did Flora Wu know what to do, but she was silent. When Karen Xia woke up, she saw her mother crying loudly, “Mom, someone must have replaced my child. Mom, you can help me get my child. get back.”

“Karen, calm down. You have just given birth to a child, you are not in good health. It is important for us to take care of the health first.” Patricia Liu hugged her daughter and kept consoling and persuading, Karen Xia finally stopped crying.

Patricia Liu carefully asked about the situation when Karen Xia fell. Naturally, Karen Xia did not hide from her mother, and said all her good calculations. Patricia Liu thought about what she had said and said for a long time, “This could be caused by Juan Mu?”

“Why is Juan Mu messing up?” Flora Wu asked back.

“Could it be that Juan Mu replaced Karen’s child with two black children? I always think that those reporters came at an untimely time. How could they show up in the hospital? Karen is not a celebrity, so why giving birth to a child may attract reporters to interview?”

Hearing what she said, Karen Xia suddenly shouted, “Mom, Juan Mu must have bought the doctor and replaced my child. It must be like this!”

“Now we have to find a way to find out the whereabouts of the child. We can’t afford Juan Mu.” Patricia Liu also determined that the child had been replaced.

Flora Wu thought for a while. The doctor for Karen Xia was personally appointed temporarily, and she has been guarding the door of the operating room. Isn’t it possible to change the baby? “Let’s do a paternity test for the child and then make sure. If the child is really not Karen’s, we will go to Juan Mu again.”

Both Patricia Liu and Karen Xia agreed, and the paternity test was left to Flora Wu. Patricia Liu could not stay in the ward for a long time, and left after comforting her daughter a few words.

Patricia Liu called a taxi home. On the way, the driver turned on the radio. The radio was broadcasting entertainment news. The male host of the radio station was talking about Karen Xia’s birth of a black baby in a ridiculous tone: Secretary Xia was double-regulated, Miss Xia The birth of a black baby is really a coincidence. It can be seen that the upper beam is not correct and the lower beam is crooked. Secretary Xia’s person is not correct, causing his daughter to also behave incorrectly. A pair of black babies made people laugh and generous.

The hostess took the words: Yes, this Miss Xia is not only immoral, but also extremely corrupt, her mind is extremely vicious, she wants to use her children to make money, her mind is too simple, I heard that all of Juan Mu’s property has long been given to the children of his ex-wife Jamie Ye. Now he is only managing the company in place of his ex-wife and children. If Karen Xia knew that Juan Mu was only working for his ex-wife and children, I wonder if she would choose this Ways to defraud money?

The male host laughed: Certainly not, she is not stupid!

Patricia Liu turned blue with anger when she heard these words, reached out and turned off the radio. The taxi driver was listening, and was shocked by her suddenly, “What are you doing?”

“I find it noisy?” Patricia Liu was vicious.

The driver saw her look fierce and had to stop speaking.

Jamie Ye and the children don’t know if Juan Mu’s property is real.

After thinking about it, she felt wrong. How could Juan Mu give Jamie Ye with so many properties? It must be Juan Mu deliberately letting go, but Patricia Liu felt uncomfortable at the thought of her daughter now becoming a joke and gossip. Juan Mu was too cruel, and he must find a way to avenge his grudge!

Patricia Liu went back to Jose Long’s house with an angry stomach. Jose Long saw her come back and handed her a newspaper, “Look at this.”

Patricia Liu took a look. The newspaper turned out to be about how Karen Xia messed up with people to have children and swindled money. She tore the newspaper to pieces after getting angry. “These paparazzi are too hateful!”

“What should I do now?” Long asked her.

“After Karen has done a paternity test, let’s talk about it. If the black baby is not Karen’s child, wait to see how I can turn things around!” Patricia Liu was vicious.

Patricia Liu swears viciously here, but Erin Liu still travels through the streets of Olathe to make a living by begging. She has been praying for her son Mike Li that there will be no trouble, but things are contrary to her wishes.

Erin Liu now suspects that Mike’s death was caused by Flora Wu, but because there is no evidence, Erin Liu is also cruel. She vowed to please her son, so she has been wandering around the hospital these days, hoping to find evidence.

When Erin Liu came out to search for food that night, she was caught in front of her. “Oh, you b!tch, it turns out that you are hiding here. No wonder I can’t find you anywhere!”

The voice was so familiar, Erin Liu was startled, and looked up to see Cole Xin standing in front of her viciously.

Chapter 240

“B!tch, tell me honestly, how did my sister die?” Cole Xin naturally also learned the news of his sister Ruchi Xin’s death. Ruchi Xin’s death shocked Cole Xin. He was so uncomfortable to death during this period of time. After thinking about it carefully. He felt that Erin Liu’s disappearance must have something to do with this. His sister’s death must have been caused by Erin Liu. He believed that Mike Li was his son before, but now he doesn’t believe it at all.

It must be Erin Liu, a b!tch who was jealous and killed his sister. Cole Xin looked around for Erin Liu during this time, preparing to avenge the revenge.

Seeing Erin Liu Cole Xin was extremely angry. He stretched out his hand and picked up Erin Liu, “b!tch, today you are going to die!”

During this period of time, Erin Liu has not lived as good as dead. In fact, she does not have much desire for life. She is now full of thoughts to avenge her son. Seeing Cole Xin is about to do something, she hurriedly said, “I am not sorry for my death, but my son’s death cannot go in vain, why don’t you wait until I avenge my son’s revenge.”

“B!tch, you dare to lie to me?” Cole Xin sneered, “That is obviously your concubine, but you tried to trick me into pretending to be my son. Do you really consider me a fool?”

“Listen to me!” Erin Liu told Cole Xin about Mike Li’s affairs. “I suspect that the death of my son was caused by Flora Wu. I am now looking for evidence. If it was Flora Wu who did it,” I will let her die!”

Cole Xin saw that Erin Liu had a nose and eyes, and believed that, but Erin Liu was very cunning, he would not let her go so easily, “If what you said is true, I will never let Flora Wu go. Let’s work together. Take revenge on this b!tch Flora Wu!”

Flora Wu took Karen Xia’s hair and went for a paternity test with the two black babies, and the results came out very quickly. The two black babies are undoubtedly Karen Xia’s biological children.

Flora Wu told Patricia Liu the news, Patricia Liu couldn’t believe it, and confirmed that the two black babies were born to Karen Xia, so now there is only one reason for the sperm being replaced.

The doctor who keeps the sperm has no grievances with them. Why does he want to replace the sperm? Patricia Liu couldn’t figure it out here, and Chen came to the door again, “Cousin, there is something that has been left in my heart for many days, I will tell you about it.”

“What’s the matter?” Patricia Liu was worried about the black baby’s affairs, and really didn’t have much interest in Chen’s affairs.

“I think Flora Wu should know that Karen is not her daughter.” Chen’s voice fell, and Patricia Liu suddenly jumped up.

“How did you know?”

“My guess.”

Hearing that he was guessing, Patricia Liu suppressed the panic in her heart, “What are you talking nonsense about things without evidence? If Flora Wu knew that Karen is not her child, would she help us?”

“Help you? What did she help you?” He asked back.

Patricia Liu was speechless for a while, and then said for a while, “Flora Wu helped Karen and Juan Mu. Otherwise, Juan Mu and Jamie Ye are fine, how could they get divorced?”

“This is also called helping? Why don’t you think about what Karen has become now? Who can be worse than her after having a pair of black children without a womb?”

“What do you want to say?”

“I suspect that Flora Wu knew that Karen was not her daughter, so she secretly retaliated against you, deliberately calculated that Karen gave birth to a black child, and took the opportunity to remove Karen’s uterus.”

“No?” Although Patricia Liu replied, after Chen reminded her to be alert, it was true that Karen Xia’s idea of artificial insemination was made by Flora Wu, and Flora Wu also found the sperm. No one can prove that she gave the original idea the sperm that Karen uses for artificial insemination is the sperm provided by Juan Mu.

And now the facts are in front of us, Karen Xia gave birth to a pair of black babies, Juan Mu’s sperm finally turned into black sperm, this can’t be explained, is it really what Chen said that Flora Wu knows that Karen Xia is not her daughter, so secretly began to retaliate?

“Cousin, you can’t be confused. Flora Wu is sinister and cunning. She is so vicious that she can even harm her own sister, let alone that you are just an alliance with her.”

Chen’s task is almost completed now, and now it’s left to provoke divorce, “Flora Wu is a doctor. It’s easy to know if Karen is her child? I suspect she has known that Karen is not her child. She deliberately pretend not to know, and then slowly calculate you.”

“Will it be like this?”

“I don’t think it’s right.” Jose Long took over. “The sperm was brought by Flora Wu herself. She said it was Juan Mu’s sperm. She also performed the operation. Now Karen has become like this. This has nothing to do with her. I don’t believe it in death either.”

“If this b!tch did it, it would be too hateful!” Patricia Liu originally believed only three points, but now Jose Long said that he has nine points to believe, “No, I have to go to Flora Wu personally just to ask her!”

“I’ll go with you!” Chen followed Patricia Liu to meet Flora Wu.

Flora Wu was surprised to see Patricia Liu and Chen come together, “Why are you here together?”

“I have something to ask you.” Patricia Liu said with a gloomy face, “Have you checked about the sperm?”

“No.” Where can Flora Wu have time to check the sperm? Even if we go to check it, there will be no results. The doctor who kept her sperm cold will never admit it.

“Why didn’t you check it?” Patricia Liu was very angry.

“Isn’t there no time?” Flora Wu replied, “And even if the doctor took it wrong, he wouldn’t admit it?”

“So let’s just forget about it?” Patricia Liu felt even more uncomfortable when Flora Wu said this, so she asked angrily.

“Now there is no other way, but to send the two children away first, so that Karen can take care of her health, and we will talk about other things later.”

“Send the child away? Could it be that Karen lost this dumb for nothing?” Chen interjected.

“What mess are you adding?” Flora Wu stared at Chen. Chen’s servant was squeezed by the door, and even said that we, Karen, in front of Patricia Liu. Isn’t he looking for death? “Go out, there is nothing for you here!”

He drove Chen out of the room. Only Patricia Liu and Flora Wu were left in the room. Patricia Liu looked at Flora Wu coldly: “Chen is right. Why is Karen so dumb?”

“What can you do?” Flora Wu asked back. Karen Xia was her daughter. She felt very uncomfortable when this happened, but she just couldn’t say it.

“I don’t have a good way, just think this thing is weird? The doctor who refrigerated the sperm has no grievances with us in the past and recently, why did he harm us and Karen so much?

“It’s probably a mistake.” Flora Wu couldn’t figure this out either.

“This explanation is totally untenable. The sperm refrigeration must be recorded. How could he make such a low-level mistake?”

“I will ask him to see what he says, but he can’t help it if he doesn’t admit it. After all, this matter is not a fair and upright thing in the first place…”

“Enough!” Patricia Liu interrupted her, “Flora Wu, tell me the truth, did you do the thing that Juan Mu sperm turned into black sperm?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Flora Wu didn’t do anything to admit it. “Our relationship for so many years, do you think I have a reason to do this?”

Patricia Liu glared at Flora Wu, “If you let me know that this matter has something to do with you, I won’t let you go!”

Flora Wu is also on fire, “Patricia Liu, you speak responsibly. I have been working with you for so many years, and everyone knows how many things I have done since we were grassshoppers on a rope. Do you think I will be so stupid to cheat you? “

“That’s not good!” Patricia Liu sneered, “You must have a reason for doing this, Flora Wu, I am not Meghan Ye, nor Mike Li and Ruchi Xin, and fighting against me will not end well!”

“Patricia Liu, what do you mean? Threatening me? Flora Wu was frightened?” Flora Wu was also angry, “I know your methods, but I also tell you that I am not Meghan Ye, let alone Mike Li and Ruchi Xin, no I’ll be silly waiting to be killed by you, provoke me, and I will show you these ugly things to see who suffers!”

“Shake it out? You didn’t participate in your feelings?” Patricia Liu asked rhetorically.

“What did I participate in?” Flora Wu sneered, “Meghan Ye was killed by Jose Long when you instructed him to kill Mike Li and Ruchi Xin by you and Jose Long. What did I do? At best, I just witnessed it on the spot. .”

“What you mean is that you want to pick yourself clean? But do you think you can pick it clean?” Patricia Liu hated her.

Feelings Flora Wu began to guard against her from the very beginning. Indeed, Meghan Ye’s death was directed by Jose Long herself, and Mike Li and Ruchi Xin were also burned to death by herself and Jose Long. Flora Wu didn’t take care of herself and just witnessed it. She sneered. “I tell you, although Mike Li and Ruchi Xin were burned to death by me and Jose Long, you were at the scene at the time. As long as Jose Long and I speak a word, you won’t be able to escape!”

The two of them were biting the dog inside. You dreamed that Chen, who was driven out by them, had already put the recorder in the room and waited for them to bite one another like dogs.

In the end, Patricia Liu and Flora Wu broke up after the quarrel. Patricia Liu exclaimed on the way back, “This must have been done by this b!tch Flora Wu, this dead b!tch, I must never let her live well!”

And Flora Wu felt uncomfortable, Patricia Liu, a b!tch, was cruel, and since she had torn her face this time, she would have to take more precautions in the future.

Chen pretended to comfort Flora Wu, then took out the recording pen and handed it to Spencer Liu. Spencer Liu gave the contents of the recording pen to Juan Mu, “What should I do now?”

“Find a way to let Cole Xin and Erin Liu know about the content of the recording. I believe they will avenge Mike Li and Ruchi Xin!”

Spencer Liu nodded, “What about Flora Wu?”

Juan Mu sneered, “Ask Chen how he is preparing, let him pass the addiction first!”

Chen had tortured Flora Wu every night, not just to vent his desires, but to secretly film it all.

These candid images were processed by professionals and Chen’s face was mosaiced, but Flora Wu was different, he deliberately made her face clearly exposed in front of the lens.

After Chen sorted out the video tapes, he sent them to the doctors and nurses in the hospital where Flora Wu was located, even the security guards and cleaners at the gate keepers.

He also sold these videos to the public, and began to publish the BT seeds of these videos on the Internet.

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