CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1397 – 1398

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Chapter 1397

Tina seldom recalled what happened before the age of eighteen.

Because she was not very happy after that age, and the years before the age of eighteen were too beautiful, so she did not dare to remember.

In the emotional world, the most unavoidable thing is the sudden surge of memories.

Maria’s words seemed to suddenly open the valve of a cool memory.


In those years, people who knew her and Peter said that Tina was so lawless, Peter was used to it.

More than ten years have passed, but those scenes seem to have happened yesterday.

Tina lowered her eyes, put ice cubes in her glass, poured herself a full glass of wine, raised her head and drank it.

The cold touch reached her chest, and the warm emotions surging deep in her heart were all extinguished by this glass of cold wine.

Tina drank in a hurry, and there were wine stains on her lips. She wiped the wine stains on her lips with her hands, with a low voice: “In this world, no one is irreplaceable.”

“Yes.” Maria held up the glass with complicated eyes: “Even if it can be replaced, it shouldn’t be replaced by a junk that is nothing!”

In Maria’s view, she would rather the person standing next to Peter be Tina, but she did not expect to be an 18-line actor who emerged out of thin air, full of ambition and calculation, and she didn’t know what Peter liked her for.

Tina said faintly: “Since it can be the chosen one, it should also have advantages that others can’t see.”

She admitted that she did not like Cathy.

But Peter chose Cathy, so she didn’t want to say bad things about her.

“Are you talking to that woman? Are you crazy, or am I crazy? Now that Peter wants to stop work for such a woman, how can you be willing?”

Maria’s tone was full of hatred, iron and steel: “Tina, what have you experienced all these years? Don’t worry if you haven’t been with Peter, and now you still want to fall?”

Tina smiled lightly, swept away the excess emotions in her eyes, her eyes became bright and simple: “Okay, my goal in life is not to be with Peter, you are also a thirty-year-old woman, can you be more mature? , Somehow you’re is also an expert…”

“You don’t even know what expert I am?”

“Why do I have to know what kind of expert you are?”

“I know that you are now in the top line of the entertainment industry. Last year, you were still the first of the four little girls…”

Listening to Maria’s devotion to her own affairs, Tina felt amused inexplicably, and she couldn’t help but laugh out loudly: “You’re quite concerned about me.”

Maria glanced at her coldly, stopped talking, and immersed herself in drinking alcohol.

After drinking for three rounds, Maria was on her head. She was so drunk that she was muttering and talking, and when she got there, she started to cry.

The whole person sat on the ground holding the wine bottle crying and laughing, so embarrassed that there was no such thing as Miss George’s appearance, as pitiful as a child.

“I have only liked him in my life. For him, I work hard to make myself better. I don’t even have time to make friends…”

Maria cried and looked up at Tina, accusing her: “And you, I know everything about you, you don’t even know what kind of expert I am. I am a nutrition major…”

“Oh.” Tina felt that the more she heard this, the more wrong she was. Aren’t she and Maria rivals in love? How does she listen to Maria’s words, as if they have a good relationship.

Chapter 1398

Maria cried and said that she was tired, so she lay on the ground and fell asleep.

Tina thought for a while, took out her phone, and started taking pictures of Maria who was lying on the ground, taking pictures from all angles.

Then, she went to Maria: “Come, let’s go home, where do you live?”

Maria was dazed, and opened her mouth and said, “I live in your heart.”

Tina: “???”

She really didn’t see that she was drunk and still loved to talk about her love.

After Maria said this, she fell asleep directly, and couldn’t wake up.

Tina hesitated and decided to take Maria to her own home.

She actually knows the location of George’s family, but George’s tutoring is very strict. If she is sent back to George’s house like this, Maria may have difficulty explaining.

It’s okay to send her to the hotel, but if she runs into an acquaintance, Maria might want to kill her tomorrow.

She was completely asleep. If Tina hadn’t exercised, she would really not be able to help her. She looked thin, but her weight was not light.

While waiting for a taxi on the side of the road, Tina held Maria with both hands and stood there. When the car came, Tina freed up one hand to stop the car, and threw her in, and Tina couldn’t care about it. Too much, she can only hug her to prevent her from falling to the ground.

Tina was also relieved when she finally got into the car.

Back home, Maria vomited on Tina, Tina could only drag her to take a bath, and then changed her pajamas for her.

When Maria was finally settled, Tina stood in front of the bed with her hands on her h!ps, and snorted coldly, “I have never served a person like this in my life.”


Early the next morning.

Tina is going to rush the announcement.

She thought about it, and decided to wake up Maria and bring her back last night, just out of good intentions, but her relationship with her is not so good, it is impossible to leave her alone. She sleeps at home.

“Maria?” When Tina knocked on the door and went into the second bedroom, she found that Maria was awake.

Maria curled up on the bed with a mobile phone in her hand, looking at Tina with a look of astonishment.

Tina thought to herself, this woman was silly.

“You…” Tina took two steps forward, but was interrupted by Maria.

Maria said with panic: “Don’t come over!”

“Maria, why do you go crazy early in the morning? If you have woken up, please get out of here.” She kindly brought Maria back to bed. It’s fine if Maria doesn’t thank her, she still looks like this. blindness.

Maria was stunned by her scolding, hesitatingly said: “Tina, have you read the trending search?”

“What trending search?” Tina thought of Maria’s look, and already understood something in her heart, and hurriedly turned around to find her mobile phone.

She found her mobile phone and opened Twitter to see the trending search list.

trending search is the first to hang out a trending search that has engaged over 100 million: [Tina and a woman k!ss on the street late at night].

Tina’s eyes widened in disbelief, “What is this?”

Maria had changed clothes and came out, and said with a serious face: “It’s a picture of us.”

Tina looked up at her, and she shrank back, as if Tina was a scourge.

Tina didn’t care about Maria, clicked on the trending search, and saw the content inside, all of a sudden.

Maria on the side still sees everything in a tone: “I understand, why Peter would rather choose that kind of woman than to be with you…”

Tina looked at her coldly: “Shut up!”

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