The Warmest Romance Chapter 951 -952

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Chapter 951

Yu Yimo doesn’t care at all. He slightly twists his eyebrows and strides to the swimming pool. When he sees that Ruan Shishi and Sensen Shasha are safe, his heart hanging in his throat is released.

Suddenly, he turned his head, looked at Du Yue beside him, and said in a deep voice, “you take care of the two little guys.”

Du Yue smell speech, complexion serious nod should descend, follow him to walk toward that side together.

As Yu Yimo approaches, people around her can’t help murmuring. Sitting by the swimming pool, Ruan Shishi hears the noise and subconsciously turns her head. At the moment when she sees Yu Yimo, she thinks she is dazed.

She suddenly turned back, raised her hand and patted her cheek. She turned her head again in disbelief. Instead of disappearing, the “illusion” came closer to her!

Ruan Shishi takes a deep breath. Before she can react, Yu Yimo suddenly takes off her suit coat and puts it on her back.

The next second, she heard the man’s low voice coming from her ear, “follow me.”


The next second, her whole body had been picked up by Yu Yimo.

Next to Sen Sen and Sha Sha also silly eyes, Du more came forward, took the opportunity to hold them up.

The people next to me were all silly. Obviously, I didn’t expect that anyone would dare to “bind people” so openly!

On one side, the coach was ready to move. He wanted to dissuade him, but he was so powerful that he hesitated for a while and didn’t catch up.

“What are you doing?”

Ruan Shiqi’s face turned blue. She noticed the eyes of others, and she lowered her voice, “Yu Yimo, what do you want to do?”

Inexplicably rushed in, without saying a word, she was taken away from the public eyes, this is what!

“Shut up if you don’t want to have an accident.” Yu Yimo frowned and said, “there’s danger here!”

Maybe he was frightened by the man’s serious face. Ruan Shishi was too tight to speak.

Soon, Yu Yimo takes her out of the swimming pool, takes her into the car and orders the driver to drive.

“Where’s Sansha!”

Ruan Shishi’s heart tightened and she looked out. Finally, she turned her head and saw Du Yue carrying Sensen and Shasha into the car behind.

A strong uneasiness surged into her heart, and Ruan Shishi looked at Yu Yimo with wide eyes, “do you want to do something to Sensen Shasha! Let me out of the car

She quickly pushed the door, but the door was locked. No matter how she pushed, the door didn’t react.

“Do you want them to go out in swimsuits? I’ve got clothes for them, in that car. ” Yu Yimo frowned, “and a car can’t sit down.”

Looking at the man’s serious expression, it didn’t seem like a lie. Ruan Shishi calmed down a little, but her anger still didn’t abate by half.

She clenched her teeth and asked angrily, “what do you mean by suddenly coming to take us away?”

“It’s not safe over there.” Yu Yimo’s eyes were deep, as if he had thought of something, and his eyes were cold. “From now on, don’t take Sensen Shasha with you.”

Hearing the speech, Ruan Shifu paused. After a moment, he thought of something and sneered.

“Is it?”

She inhaled deeply, raised her eyes to the man’s eyes and said coldly, “do you think I’ll believe what you said?”

Chapter 952

This kind of high sounding excuse from his mouth, the ghost will believe!

She clearly remembers that the day before yesterday, when she was in the car with Yu Yimo, she received a video call from Sensen Shasha. At that time, he clearly said that he would go to the swimming pool with her to accompany them.

Now, it’s song yean, not her, who comes to swim with her. That’s why he’s so angry and binds them away.

This is the most likely reason she can think of.

She inhaled deeply, summoned up the courage to ask the man’s dark eyes, “Yu Yimo, do you have me in your heart? So you can’t see me with good night. “

Yu Yimo heard the speech, his face was slightly heavy, and his eyes were a little complicated.

At the moment when he saw the photo, he was really uncomfortable, but later Luo Jiuye’s provocative words even aroused his anger. He just wanted to come to confirm their safety as soon as possible, but she didn’t think so in the end.

He looked away and said in a low voice, “if you think so, I have nothing to say.”

Ruan Shishi sneered, “I told you before that I have my own family, and you also have your own family. Besides work, shall we keep a distance?”

Then she looked at the driver in the front row and said firmly, “master, please open the door. I want to get off.”

The driver turned a deaf ear and did not move.

Ruan Shishi was so angry that he bit his teeth and looked up at the man beside him. His tone was serious, “let me go.”

Yu Yimo heard that there was no fluctuation on his face and told the driver, “drive.”

For a moment, Ruan Shishi’s anger became more intense. She gritted her teeth, looked at the man and asked, “are you so interesting?”

“Yu Yimo, why didn’t I know you were such a narrow-minded person before?”

“You don’t feel comfortable when you see the harmony and happiness of our family, do you?”

Ruan Shiqi vomited out these words. Originally, she wanted to open the car door with silence. Unexpectedly, she said several words in a row, but the man’s expression didn’t change at all.

“Yu Yimo, even if you have me in your heart, I will never be attracted to you!”

This sentence out, Yu Yimo’s face slightly changed, drooping eyes toward her, the line of sight just swept the woman’s white chest.

After a moment of agitation, the suit coat she was wearing was open, revealing half of her fragrant shoulders and her long and clean neck.

Yu Yimo’s eyes sank and his throat became tight. What the woman said just now aroused his desire for victory and defeat. He held out his hand, grasped her wrist, and directly pulled her to himself.

Ruan Shishi was unprepared, and she was so light that she was pulled to his chest. She was surprised and sat on his lap.

A few seconds later, she wanted to open the distance between them. Unexpectedly, the man’s big hand had been pressed on her shoulder, so she couldn’t sit up at all.

Some worry and panic appeared in my heart, “let me go…”

At this moment, his clothes were neat, while she was naked, her chest, arms and two long legs were exposed to the air, and her back was chilly with his eyes.

Yu Yimo frowned and suddenly came close to her ear and said, “I’m still curious if you’ll be moved.”

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