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Chapter 459

Is this the task that grandma gave him? Is he too kind to that little guy?

“Liam…you, you seem to like her very much?” His eyes looked a little worried.

But she thinks she is a little funny, and she is worried that a 15-year-old girl will threaten her!

Burton Liam frowned slightly, like it? It seems to be out of the talk.

Shaking his head, “She is rebellious and easy to learn badly!”

“Then…Do you have to pick her up in person? The driver can’t?” Blair Evelyn was a little unhappy, his face darkened a bit.

“I’m on the way…” He explained lightly, somewhat perfunctorily, and continued to read the documents.

Blair Elijah’s heart suddenly became cold…

He can accompany her to dinner, but he has to find a reason for himself.

Is she too disgusting to him, or is she too unimportant in his heart, unimportant enough to be lighter than the rebellious kid-baby who just lived in his house…

“Liam, let me pick her up with you, how about a dinner with the three of you?” Suddenly, Blair Evelyn raised a gentle smile and asked for his opinion.

Perhaps, she should also learn more about what kind of rebellious little girl is a little woman who likes her fiancé!

Know thyself, ever-victorious!

That said, it’s ridiculous!!!

“That’s OK…” Burton Liam nodded and agreed.

Amelia held the phone and stared at the display, her eyes unblinking.

After most of the day, the phone still didn’t ring, even a text message.

“Amelia, don’t look… Maybe he didn’t bring a mobile phone!” Harper comforted Amelia.

Amelia shook her head, “He brought his cell phone…”

She saw him answer the phone before he went to the company.

“Then… then maybe he didn’t see your message, don’t be slouched, it’s better not to reply to the message than to refuse you!” Harper continued to calm her kindly.

“Yes… Maybe he didn’t see, he must be very busy…” Amelia murmured in a low voice.

He must be very busy, so he didn’t see her information!

Amelia comforted herself like this, but the sense of loss in her heart grew stronger…

Suddenly, “Dangling…dangling…dangling…” The mobile phone in her hand rang suddenly.

Amelia was taken aback, and her little hand trembled.

“Hey hey hey! Amelia, the call is coming, quickly, it’s him!” Compared to Amelia’s dumbfounded, Harper looked extremely excited.

The voice can’t help but increase by several decibels. Fortunately, it’s the end of getting out of class time, otherwise, the teacher on the stage must be caught and punished to stand!

Amelia tilted her head and glanced at Harper nervously.

“What else to watch? Pick it up!” Harper was anxious.

The little hand holding the mobile phone couldn’t help but tightened a bit, and the finger gently touched the answer button, and there was a sense of inexplicable tension.

“Hey! Little thing…” A very magnetic voice came from the phone, mellow and rich, belonging to the man she knew well.

“Hey…” Amelia’s response voice looked a little nervous.

“When will get out of class be over? I’ll come to pick you up and have dinner together tonight!” He looked unusually calm on the other end.

“En?” Amelia was startled.

Pick up… Pick her up from getting out of class? Have a meal together?

This… Does this mean anything?

“I…I will be over for one class!” Amelia responded in a low voice, and there was a slight smile on the corners of the cold lips.

“Good! I will wait for you at the school gate after getting off work!”

After the appointment, the phone went down.

“Hey! What did he say? Did he answer you?” When the call was cut off, Harper cheered over excitedly.

“He said… come pick me up after school and have dinner together…” Amelia said, there were a little excitement and expectation in her heart.

“Wow? Really! Great, Amelia, that guy must be interesting to you too!”

“Really?” Amelia’s questioning voice was a little shy, with a hint of uncertainty.

“Wow… First love! The expression is so… Don’t worry, he won’t come to pick you up if he doesn’t like you! Believe me, I am so experienced!” Harper patted her chest and promised.

Later, Amelia stayed on the table, thinking and smiling until after school…

Harper invited Amelia to stay out of school, saying that she was going to check the man for her.

After today’s events, Amelia seemed to stop rejecting Harper so much and did not reject her again.

As soon as Amelia left the school gate, she saw him from a distance.

The heart became nervous unconsciously.

The tall and slender body leaned lazily on the car body. The golden sunlight nearing dusk filters on his left side, reflecting his sharp and angular facial features. In the setting sun, the evil and elegant breath poured on him naturally. Out, it is eye-catching.

Burton Liam on the opposite side also saw Amelia here and beckoned her to go.

“Hey hey hey! Amelia, isn’t it the handsome guy on the opposite side?” Harper was taken aback, holding Amelia.

As soon as she left school, Harper spotted the top handsome man opposite.

Amelia tilted her head, glanced at Harper in confusion, and nodded lightly.

“No…No? Amelia, I admit that he is handsome, but…but, he shouldn’t be a student anymore, he should be twenty-four years old too! Nine years older than you!” Harper some can’t believe it.

However, she has to admit that this man is masculine!

Handsome, mature, stable, elegant, cold, and with a trace of evil…

“So what?” She asked Harper in surprise, a little unhappy.

Does age represent any problem?

After Amelia finished speaking, before Harper could answer, she walked to the opposite Burton Liam…

When she got into the car, she found that there was one more person in the car!

The atmosphere immediately condensed into ice…

Gradually, Amelia realized that many people were not the woman named Blair Evelyn, but herself sitting in the back seat!

“What do you want to eat tonight?” Blair Evelyn tilted her head and smiled and asked Amelia in the back seat.


No one answered in the car.

Amelia tilted her head and looked at the rapidly changing scenery outside the window with an expressionless face, her eyes were straight, empty, and cold!

Blair Evelyn’s questioning, she didn’t think she could hear all of it!

Don’t want to talk about it!!!

Liam couldn’t help but glance at Amelia in the back seat in the rearview mirror without making a sound.

Blair Evelyn, who couldn’t get a response, looked rather embarrassed.

“Evelyn, it’s up to you to decide!” Burton Liam faintly answered her, relieved her embarrassment.

“Then go and eat Western food! Generally children like it!” Blair Evelyn responded with a smile, and the awkward atmosphere was a bit less.

Only in the back seat, Amelia, who had been staring out the window and watching the scenery, her immature little face seemed even duller.

He couldn’t bear to embarrass the woman by her!!!

Her dullness, in the rearview mirror, all fell into his eyes.

She seems very unhappy today!

Is it because of them?

In the western restaurant, at the table

Blair Evelyn looked at the menu carefully, after a long time, elegantly handing it to the waiter on the side.

“Waiter, a half-rare steak!”

After clicking, she tilted her head to look at Amelia.

Slightly frowned, she didn’t seem to be in a state at all.

The menu is always in front of her, but she seems to have no intention to open it.

She just kept staring at a man who was looking at the menu seriously, with her big eyes, without blinking.

Isn’t she tired?

Blair Evelyn has some doubts!

Her face couldn’t help but sink a little.

It’s been a long time, pulling lips, smiling sweetly, somewhat contrived.

“Amei, what do you want to eat?”

Amelia tilted her head, frowned slightly, and stared at her with cold eyes.

“Amei?” She stared at Blair Evelyn in a puzzled way.

Smiled lightly, somewhat mocking.

Turning back, she whispered, as if talking to herself.

“Auntie, we seem to be unfamiliar…”

Blair Evelyn was taken aback for a moment, and the corners of her lips twitched slightly.


Is she so young? It’s only 22 years old!

Besides, what kind of attitude does this kid-baby have toward her?!

The accusing pupils glanced at Burton Liam, pursing her lips slightly, only to feel aggrieved.

“Little things, you can call her sister Blair!” Burton Liam faintly persuaded her.

The age difference between them is only seven years old!

Su Mo raised her eyes and faced his deep blue pupil, looking at him inquiringly.

Somewhat profound…

“It doesn’t matter, call you uncle, or call me aunt…”

Blair Evelyn saw Burton Liam once again relieve herself, her mood improved again, smiled sweetly, and acted as a good woman in front of him.

Men who are considerate women will always like some more!

Amelia tilted her head and looked at her, a little confused, “Aunt Blair, do you like me calling you Auntie?”

However, she didn’t like her saying, ‘Call you uncle, you should call me an aunt! ‘.

So of course?

With a chuckle, before Blair Evelyn could answer, Amelia turned her head and looked at the opposite Liam.

“Liam, shall we eat half-ripe steak? The seven-pointed ones are too old, and the three-pointed ones are tender!”

Amelia blinked innocently and asked Burton Liam on the opposite side with a smile.

As soon as the voice fell, Blair Evelyn’s pink cheek instantly turned into a pig liver color, and her complexion was very ugly.

The fingers holding the water glass can’t help but tremble…


Seven points are over ‘old’, three points are ‘fresh and tender’?!

All words are puns!!!

This little ass-girl, is she only fifteen years old?

She is very skeptical!!!

Burton Liam raised his eyes and glanced deeply at Amelia’s innocent face, a little surprised.

She seems to be far beyond his imagination!

He lowered his eyes and laughed out loud.

Her analogy is quite new!

The struggle between women and women turned out to be regardless of age.

“Okay…” He nodded.

He never eats three-part steaks, which are too fresh and fishy…

He does not like it!!!

It’s just that, looking at her joyful look, he seems to be particularly delicious.

He has an urge to taste something fresh…

But Blair Evelyn’s face on the side became more and more gloomy.

After a meal, it was a bit dull…

After the meal, Blair Evelyn was sent home. Before entering the door, Blair Evelyn gently attacked Burton Liam’s face.

Then, turning her head slightly, she provocatively glanced at Amelia in the back seat, then smiled, somewhat proud.

“Bye…” Blair Evelyn waved and got out of the car.

“Bye-bye…” He just faintly agreed.

After driving away, he pulled a piece of paper on the side and wiped the lip mark on his right cheek.

Slightly frowned, he was a little repulsive.

Amelia also just stared coldly, without saying a word.

There was a moment of silence in the car.

Later, he answered a long phone call.

Amelia kept staring at him closely, however, until he hung up and arrived home…

He still didn’t mention anything about her.

Amelia got out of the car and stood in front of Burton Liam, staring at him.

“Do you have something to tell me?” He didn’t plan to give her an explanation about the information?
Burton Liam raised his eyebrows in surprise, and stared at her evilly with his narrow eyes, “Little thing, what do you want me to tell you?”

He is very curious!

Chapter 460

Amelia was taken aback for a while, then turned her head and left.

He has nothing to say to her!!!

He was not what Harper said. He didn’t see anything and was busy. Those were all lying to her, but he didn’t care about it at all!

She got it…

Later, Amelia never mentioned this matter again, but every time after class is over, she always comes back a little late.

And every time she came back, the backpack on her shoulder was always bulging.

After school, still in the mall…

Amelia was carrying her ‘tool bag’ and was constantly wandering around the card-issuing area.

The little hand gently covered a row of delicate and luxurious hairpins, her pupils flashed a bright light, and the fingers were slightly hooked, and the next moment, it fell into the open big bag neatly.

Steal success, hook lips, smile triumphantly, continue to the next…

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets…



Amelia’s ‘weird’ behavior all fell into the eyes of a girl of the same age opposite.

The girl pulled the boy aside in horror, lowering her voice and exhaling.

“En?” Adam Mason tilted his head and looked at his new girlfriend in amazement.

“She…she’s a thief, hurry up, call the police…” The girl pointed to Amelia who was still focusing on ‘taking’ things on the other side.

Adam Mason frowned slightly, raised his eyes, and looked in the direction of her fingers.

Mason’s black pupil couldn’t help but stretch, a little shocked.

How could it be her?

“Baby! Don’t call the police!” Seeing his girlfriend took out her cell phone as if she wanted to call the police, Adam Mason hurriedly stopped her behavior.

“En? Mason, what’s the matter?” The girl looked at him curiously.

“It’s okay, I think I know her!” Hooked his lips, smiled wickedly, with some deep meaning.

It turns out that her quirks are not a little bit!

“Baby, you go shopping by yourself first, whatever you want, just take it! I’ll go see my friend first!”

“Mason…” The girl didn’t follow him.

“Good…” Lowered his head, gently kissed her charming little face, smiled evilly, and walked to the other side of Amelia.

He has been following her, but he has been far away from her!

But, watching in secret, observing playfully.

Leaning lazily on the wall pillar teasingly looked at her opponent.

The corner of his lips curled up with an interesting smile, and he seemed to be a little tired!

He glanced at the monitor above his head without a trace and shook his head.

With such a steal, it is estimated that security will be chased down immediately!

Stand up, smile wickedly, and leave.

Amelia glanced at the big bag on her shoulder, frowned slightly as if it were a little heavy again.

Will it slow down when she waits to run out?

After weighing it, it seems to be okay, with the usual weight.

She pulled her lips, smiled knowingly, and walked downstairs.

At the door, as always, she was stopped by security.

Amelia smiled faintly, the expression on her face still calm.

“Miss, we suspect that you took the items in the mall privately, please cooperate with the inspection!” The security guards’ formulaic tone, she has listened too much.

Customers in the mall began to gather around and talk a lot.

“How old is this kid, just steal things…”

“Tsk tusk…maybe misunderstood…”


Amelia glanced at the doorway close at hand, and in the next second, she was about to run away.

She likes the feeling of being chased, but still can’t keep up with her pace!

However, before she could take a step forward, her little hand was tightly clasped.

“Sir, I think you made a mistake? All the things in her bag have been checked out. If you don’t believe it, you can go to the cashier to check it out!” Adam Mason explained to Amelia with a smile.

Fortunately, he probably remembered what she had taken. Fortunately, he has always had a good relationship with his sister at the cash register. Fortunately, the right to operate this mall belongs to his father’s name!

That is, the things she took were theirs!

“Less…” When the security guard saw Adam Mason personally come forward, he was a little panicked.

It was too late to call him out, but Adam Mason stopped him in time.

“Forget it, let’s go!” He grabbed Amelia’s little hand and walked outside the door involuntarily breaking up.

“Sorry, sorry, misunderstanding…” Behind him, the security’s apology kept ringing.

During the whole process, Amelia didn’t say a word.

When she left the door, she slammed the big palm that was holding her little hand, stopped the steps under her feet, and stared at the man in front of her.

“Who asked you to pay the bill for me?” She asked him coldly, without a hint of gratitude except for anger.

Adam Mason was taken aback, raised his eyebrows, and looked at her, “Do you want to be arrested?”

Amelia glanced at him, who was nosy and walked forward without paying attention.

Get caught, never get caught, never do anything with this man!

“Hey! Amelia, stop for me!” Behind her, Adam Mason’s voice sounded again, as if faintly angry.

Suddenly, Amelia stopped at her feet, turned around, and walked behind her.

Opened the backpack and stuffed the items she got into her arms one by one, “These are all your things, give you back…”

“Amelia, you stop me! Shit!” Adam Mason cursed out of anger, staring at Amelia’s black pupil angrily at her busy.

His arms were already full of those weird things she took!

He helped a little demon who knows his favor and doesn’t report!

After Amelia took out her things, she left without looking back.

“Amelia, you will be caught one day!” Adam Mason roared into anger from behind her.

Amelia pursed her lips, a little unhappy, “Crow’s mouth!”

With a low murmur, she shook her empty backpack and left.

When she returned, Liam was a little curious.

Today, her bag turned out to be empty…

However, he still did not ask much.

These days, she seems to have become indifferent to him. When he asks questions, she always ignores him.

After a long time, he stopped asking.

He has never been used to coaxing a woman other than Allan Emily…

Women, including this child!

In the middle of the night, there was a flash of lightning and thunder outside the window.

Amelia, who was deeply asleep, hit the bed quickly-bouncing up on her body, her body agitated, and her body was already in a cold sweat.

Just…she dreamed of…her little mother!

That woman who died with hatred!!!

Holding a sharp knife in her hand and tied with an iron chain, her pale face was stained with thick blood…

Drop by drop flowed slowly down the thin cheeks, and landed on the white Persian carpet…

The blood color is more dazzling and terrifying!!!

“Boom-boom -” swiftly, outside the window of the majestic heavy rain, thunder and lightning strikes, and electricity is like a fire dragon.

In the dark bedroom, a gloomy light flashed through, and the eyes hurt a little!

“Ah…” A screaming scream sounded in Amelia’s room.

A horrified face covered the transparent glass window, staring at her with bloodshot eyes, looking at her hollowly.

The bottom of her eyes is all scary blood red…

“No, don’t chase me…Don’t chase me…” Amelia shuddered, pulling up the quilt and rushing to a place with lights outside the door frantically.

In the dream, that blood-red face kept chasing her!

Calling her name spooky all the time, calling her crazy!!!

“Don’t… I didn’t kill you! Don’t find me, don’t chase me…” Amelia cried out in panic and ran straight out the door.

Burton Liam, who was deep asleep, was awakened by a horrified scream.

Accompanied by the muffled sound of thunder and lightning outside the window…

Heart, suddenly surprised.

That scream just now seemed to come from, Amelia!

He lifted the bedding and ran outside the door anxiously.

“Don’t chase me…Don’t chase me…ah…” Amelia pulled the bedding, swooping frantically, exclaiming.

Why, not letting her live well, and pestering her when she is dead!!!

“Small things…” Amelia pulled the bedding, ran forward frantically, and fell heavily into a firm embrace.

“Ah -” Amelia exclaimed in amazement, her forehead was already dripping with sweat, and her small body couldn’t help shaking.

Even she, who seldom shed tears, was so scared to cry!!!

“Little thing, what’s wrong with you? Why are you so scared?” Liam hugged her, panicked.

A childish little face was pale and scary, and her eyes were full of horror.

“No, don’t catch me, don’t catch me…Ah -” Obviously, Amelia still has time to wake up from the horrific scene on the window just now.

“Little thing, it’s me, Liam!!” He hugged Amelia who was struggling tightly, patting her back lightly, calling her anxiously, trying to awaken her frightened consciousness.

“Liam…Burton Liam…” Amelia trembled fiercely, somewhat astonished.

Lifting her eyes, looked at him in panic.

Finally, she saw him!!!

“Wow -” Amelia cried bitterly with her arms around him.

“Burton Liam, there are… there are ghosts…” Amelia was buried in his arms, shuddering and sobbing, telling the truth.

A ghost!!!

She saw it with her own eyes…

Outside the window, there was a face, a face full of blood!!!

Burton Liam hugged her cold and trembling body tightly, and in the bottom of his heart, there was a bit of inexplicable distress.

A little devil was so scared!

Tears drenched his strong and sexually-feeling chest, burning, but some burning pain.

“Did you have a nightmare?” He put his arms around her and asked her in a low voice.

“I… saw…Ghost, she…is here, in my room…” The little hand holding Liam’s collar tightened unconsciously.

The voice trembling softly, full of panic.

The tears in the eyes are still flowing unconsciously…

He put his arms around her, patted her back lightly, soothing her.

The shivering body smoothed slightly, and the choking sound gradually disappeared.

Raising his hand, he hugged her petite with his ape arms, and the bedding in his hand fell to the ground.

In the next moment, the little hand holding his collar tightened unconsciously, “I…I don’t want to go in, I’m afraid…Liam, don’t let me in, I don’t want to!!!”

The small body in his arms began to struggle restlessly, and even the voice of her words trembled more and more severely.

She is scared, so scared…

He looked down and looked at her.

“I didn’t want to take you in…” he explained.

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