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Chapter 457

“Liam…” Harper tilted her head and called to Amelia who had been in a daze.

“Amelia, Amelia…” Finally, Harper couldn’t hold back.

Raising her hand, she kept shaking her in absentia.

Amelia frowned slightly, raised her eyes, and looked at her, her eyes a little hollow.

“Amelia, why don’t you talk to your classmates?” Harper asked her weirdly curiously.

“I don’t know…” Amelia replied faintly, turning away from the beginning, and no longer plausible her.

“Hey! What about me, you know me!”

Harper didn’t plan to just let her go.

“Unfamiliar!” Amelia still didn’t turn her head. This time, the tone of the answer was a bit cold, and even her brows frowned deeper than before.

“…” Harper’s words were blocked in her throat on the spot.

She pursed her lips, feeling aggrieved, and murmured, “Amelia, are you sick?”

How can such a rejection of contact with others!

Don’t people like her often have serious psychological problems?

Amelia tilted her head and stared at her, with faint anger in her cold pupils, “You are sick!”

“You…” Harper also seemed a little irritated by her, and then suppressed the anger in her heart.

After all, she said she first.

“Forget it! When I didn’t say it! Originally, we had a party between classmates in the bar today, and I planned to invite you to come together, so everyone is so familiar with each other, now it seems that you don’t need it! You don’t even bother!”

“I want to go…” Amelia, who was lying motionless on the table, suddenly moved.

She raised her head, looked at Harper, and nodded firmly, “I want to go…”

She didn’t want to go back to the house where he was.

“Do you want to go?” Harper was stunned, her face full of surprise.

“Yes!” Amelia replied affirmatively.

“Okay!” Harper instantly laughed, raised her head, and looked at Amelia from top to bottom in a serious manner.

“You seem to be very tender like this! Fortunately, I have prepared two sets of more mature clothes. After school, we will put on a little heavy makeup, and then let my boyfriend take us directly over. It’s OK!” Harper excitedly planned everything after school.

“Boyfriend?” Amelia was stunned.

Does she even have a boyfriend?

“Yes! Hush, be quiet, it will be miserable for the teacher to hear it!” Harper put her finger between her lips, made a ‘hush’ gesture, and answered in a low voice.

“He is a senior in high school! He is so handsome! Hey, Amelia, wait until you see him, so you are not allowed to hit his mind, and… You are not allowed to look straight with your big eyes watch him!” Harper pursed her lips, pointed at her charming eyes, and warned worriedly.

Amelia’s eyes flowed, a little confused, suddenly, remembering Burton Liam’s words.

[“Small things, put away your hook-soul eyes! You are still young, not suitable at all!”]

“En…” She nodded as if she understood a little!

However, she was not interested in any other men except that man.

After school, Harper led her into the school bathroom.

Starting to change clothes and make-up, all the procedures were handled by Harper.

“Amelia…Amelia, you’re so charming…” Harper looked a little confused while looking at her masterpiece in the mirror.

Amelia tilted her head, straightened out her long curly hair, staring blankly at her different self in the mirror.

She curled her lips and smiled lightly, somewhat mocking.

It turned out that she was similar to that woman!!!

Outside the bar, the lights were feasting and weird.

“Baby, you’re late!” Suddenly, a lazy male voice sounded behind her, his tone a little pretentiously angry.

“Mason…” Harper turned around and greeted him with joy in the next instant.

“I’m late with friends!” Harper groaned, daddling in his arms ambiguously.

Amelia remained stuck in the same place, staring blankly at them hugging each other.

This man is indeed as handsome as Harper said!

However, it is not safe!!!

This is how she feels.

“Mason, come here, let me introduce this. This is the classmate who has just transferred from our class, my new friend, Amelia!” Harper enthusiastically introduced her to Mason.

Amelia raised her eyes and glanced at Harper, who spoke a little strangely opposite.


What are friends? Is she her friend?

“Amelia, this is my boyfriend I told you! Adam Mason, how about him? Isn’t he outstanding?” Harper bullied Amelia and asked her with a smile, with a dreamy expression on her face.

“Hello!” Adam Mason said hello to Amelia with a wicked smile on the corners of his lips.

Amelia glanced at him faintly, nodded slightly, then turned and walked directly into the bar.

This man has a perfect and exquisite face like a prince, but she doesn’t have the sense of security and charm of Burton Liam!

Perhaps they have one thing in common, that is, evil…

“Baby, what’s the matter? Your friend is not happy?” Adam Mason raised an eyebrow, a little surprised.

Saying hello to a girl, but asking a cold response, this is probably the first time Manson has met him!

Besides, this is just the most basic courtesy for ordinary friends, right?

“It’s okay, don’t care too much! She is like this, she doesn’t like to care about people! I always feel that she seems to have a problem here…” Harper said more than she said.


Adam Mason licked his lips and smiled softly, “Here you need a heart medicine, you well old man don’t worry about others! Let’s go! Baby, let’s go in!”

Inside the hustle and bustle of the bar

“Would you like?” Harper approached the dazed Amelia and handed a cigarette over.

Amelia raised her eyes, took a look, and shook her head uneasily.

She has no habit of smoking!

“It depends on you in a bad mood, just relieve the pressure!” Harper held the cigarette butt, lit it, and smoked it for herself.

Amelia did not answer, and gently sipped the red wine from the goblet, her eyebrows frowned slightly.

Some choking…

“Amelia, drink less if you can’t drink it!” Adam Mason, who had been silent for a while, said suddenly.

Amelia looked up and looked at him.

Quite a while

“Do you care about her smoking?”

The tone has always been indifferent, without the slightest ups and downs, and not half curious.

It’s just a questioning!

She smokes, he doesn’t care, she drinks, he cares!

Harper’s face instantly turned white because of Amelia’s straightforward questioning. She tilted her head and glanced at her boyfriend opposite, with injuries in her eyes.

She took a heavy puff of a cigarette, a little bored.

Adam Mason curled his lips and smiled wickedly, with some deep meaning.

“She can smoke!” He explained faintly, the smile on his lips remained.

Amelia on the side just stared blankly at the men and women swaying crazily on the dance floor, and she was not at all interested in his explanation.

“The little thing hasn’t come back?” Burton Liam walked down the corridor and asked casually Mia who was guarding downstairs.

He raised his head and glanced at the quartz clock on the wall, frowning slightly.

It’s eleven o’clock late at night!

It was three hours later than last night!

“Yes, Master!” Mia nodded in response.

Burton Liam went downstairs, approached the sofa, and sat down, his face a little dull.

“Master, I don’t know something, Sister Mia, should I talk about it…”

“En? Sister Mia, tell me!” Burton Liam glanced at her and motioned to her to continue.

“Master, I always feel that Miss Amelia doesn’t like talking, and doesn’t like to be close to people! Moreover, she has come back late from school these days. Is it because her relatives left, so she…hey, after all, the children at the age of fifteen, it’s easy to go on a crooked road if you are not careful…” Sister Mia sighed.

On the crooked road…

Burton Liam nodded his head seemingly, perhaps Mia was right…

But, should her special guardian take care of her, or should he let her be free?

“Okay! I see…” He nodded and answered faintly.

When the clock was about to get closer, finally, the car lights came on outside the house.

She has come back!

In the car, Harper was already unable to support it, and fell asleep deeply tired!

Amelia got out of the car and Adam Mason followed.

She thanked him politely, her tone still being blunt.

Adam Mason also just nodded clearly, then got in the car and drove away.

Outside the house, the darkness of the night was restored.

Amelia stood at the door blankly, hugged her knees, and sat down.

Don’t call people or ring the doorbell.

It was too late, probably everyone was asleep, and she didn’t want to disturb others.

In the dark, the petite body looked a little lonely.

She is always such a person.

“Are you not going to come in?” swiftly, a familiar question sounded behind the door of the house, and the voice seemed a little gloomy.

Amelia got up, turned her head, and looked at him in astonishment.

“You haven’t slept yet?” Looking at his distressed eyes, she felt a little guilty.

“Come in!” Ignoring her question, after opening the door, walked into the house by himself.

Her makeup disgusted him.

Amelia lowered her head, followed behind him, and entered the room.

“Where did you go?” Buried in the sofa, with his hands on the back of the sofa, his eyes were like torches, and he closely examined her as she entered the house.

The tone of the questioning was no longer the usual indifferent, but also with a strange hostility.

“I’m tired!” Amelia ignored his question, turned, and walked directly upstairs.

Isn’t she tired at so late?

“Did you drink? Go to the bar?” He got up, approached her, and grabbed her who turned to leave.

The force on her wrist was a little too heavy so that Amelia frowned slightly.

“Yes…” Amelia nodded.

Liam’s eyebrows trembled slightly, a little angry.

“Who was that man just now? You met in the bar?”

He could hardly imagine that such a small child would go to a bar, dress so coquettishly, and even put on such a thick makeup, what would-be men do to her.

“Yes…” Amelia still just nodded.

The man met in the bar!

Her indifferent and meaningless attitude made Burton Liam a little ridiculous.

“You are only fifteen years old!” He complained to her, looking a little bit angry.

The strength in his hand suddenly increased by several points.

“Pain!” Amelia whispered in pain.

He was startled for half a second, then let go of his palm.

“Go and remove the makeup!” He frowned, commanding in a dull tone.

Amelia tilted her head, glanced at him, and went upstairs.

He seems a little angry!

In the bathroom, Amelia was washing hard with toilet paper.

Her eyebrows frowned, a little annoyed.

Chapter 458

Is Harper’s cosmetics a bit too advanced? It won’t be clean no matter how clean water is applied.

“Use this!” He leaned on the door frame and handed her a box of facial washcloths.

“Thank you!” Amelia was startled for half a second before taking it.

Liam turned around and left the bathroom.

Lazily buried in the sofa, waiting for her to come out.

After a while, she left the bathroom and went directly into the bathroom.

For a long time, come out.

The small body is wearing a plain white nightdress, the soaked hair is like seaweed, scattered on the shoulders messy, the young face is flushed with pink, and the head is tilted, and the water is open. With big eyes and a bewildered face, she looked at Burton Liam on the sofa, like a little angel falling into the world by mistake.

Burton Liam laughed.

Before and after makeup, she is different.

“Come here!” He patted the sofa on the side and motioned for Amelia to go over.

Amelia raised her eyes without a trace, glanced at the quartz clock on the opposite wall, frowned slightly.

It’s almost two o’clock!

Isn’t he tired?

Amelia moved her steps and approached him.

“As your guardian, I think I should have a good talk with you!” Burton Liam raised his eyes, his deep blue eyes staring at her scorchingly.

“Mission?” She tilted her head and questioned him.

Burton Liam raised his eyebrows, the blue pupil flashed slightly, lowered his eyes, and chuckled, “Responsibility and obligation!”

As for the task…

Maybe it’s not that simple!

“Responsibility and task…” Amelia lowered her head and murmured.

Heart, a little lost inexplicably…

She intuitively doesn’t like these two words.

“Tell me, why don’t you want to talk to people more, why don’t you like being too close to people, and… why always come home late after school…”

“Why are there so many reasons?” Amelia frowned and asked him in a cold voice, “Do you even think I am sick?”

Looking at her eyes, there was an obvious injury.

She doesn’t like the feeling of being explored!

Skip the beginning, turn around, and walk to the waterbed.

Liam was slightly startled, a little astonished at what she said.

“Little thing!” He called her with a dull voice. He seemed to hurt her, “You know I didn’t mean that!”

Liam’s eyebrows frowned slightly. Has anyone ever said that she is ill? Why?

The little hand holding the quilt stiffened slightly, then she pulled the quilt away and got in.

“I don’t want to talk to people much, but I talk to you. I don’t like being too close to people, but I don’t exclude contact with you at all. Why? Because…I…I’m sick…” She buried herself in the quilt. Leaning on her side, her vague teeth asked and answered.

I’m sick…

The three words are very light and light, but they seem to have full meaning.

Burton Liam, who was buried on the sofa, was a little surprised by her words.

After a while, got up and approached her.

Pulled the quilt away, picked her up, and leaned against the head of the bed, “Little thing, you are not a patient!”

The scorching eyes fixedly looked at her, and the voice was full of affirmations.

“But… if you don’t dry your hair before going to bed, you will be a sick person tomorrow morning!”

He got up, approached the bathroom, took out the hairdryer, and handed it to her.

“Go to bed early!” With a faint exhortation, he turned around and went out.

Amelia stared blankly at the back of him leaving, feeling a little warm in her heart.

She could think that the person just now was not exploring herself, but… was he caring about her?

Bring the door and walked out of her bedroom.

Raising his hand, the crossbow was a bit tired.

Responsibilities, and obligations…

He chuckled his lips and sneered slightly.

When can he say such a false thing!

It’s just that his patience seems to be getting better and better, and he will sacrifice his sleep time so much to wait for a late kid-child!

Early morning at the table

“Here you are!” Burton Liam handed her the box beside her.

“En?” Amelia gave him a confused look, stretched out her hand, and took the box in her hand.

“Phone?” She was a little surprised.

“En! My phone number is in it, you can find me whenever you have anything!” He urged casually, bowed his head, and continued to eat breakfast.

He thought, so maybe he can find her easily when she comes home later.

Amelia nodded, turned on the phone, and found his phone.

Uncle Burton: 136XXXXXXXX.

Amelia’s eyebrows were slightly furrowed, fingers covered the phone buttons.

Uncle Burton, even more, Burton Liam.

She likes his name but doesn’t like that address.

Had breakfast and went to school.

Strangely, Harper was late!

Moreover, the dark circles under the eyes are heavy, but the spirit is particularly relaxed.

“Amelia, when did you go home last night?” Harper bullied her and greeted her enthusiastically as if she was in a particularly good mood.

The embarrassing thing last night seemed to have never happened.

“It’s late…” Amelia faintly answered her words but kept staring at the three words in the phone book.

Burton Liam

“Hey! Amelia, what are you looking at?” Harper was curious.

“Nothing!” Seeing her look over, Amelia hurriedly accepted the phone.

She has no habit of sharing secrets with others.

“Amelia, you’re thinking about men, right?” Harper looked at her with an ambiguous expression.

Amelia was stunned for half a second, glanced at Harper who was excited on the opposite side and said nothing.

There is no acknowledgment and no refutation.

She should be considered thinking of men!

Harper didn’t even say any further questioning, just propped her head, smiled, immersed in her happy world, thinking about something.

Amelia tilted her head and looked at her, a little puzzled.

She seems very happy, very sweet…

“Harper, do you have anyone you like?” She spoke quickly and asked her.

Harper was stunned, and she woke up from her world, staring at her, a little unbelievable, “Didn’t I show you, my boyfriend, yesterday? Of course, I have someone I like, and…”

Harper smiled, a little shy.

“En?” Amelia was stunned, looking at her in confusion.

Harper smiled, deceived her, looked around secretly, covered her ears, and whispered, “I didn’t go home last night, we went to the hotel…”

In her eyes, the sweetness is obvious.

“Oh…” Amelia nodded, “Then…like someone, how does it feel… on earth?”

Is it her feeling?

“Amelia, I said that we went to the…hotel…” Harper lied to her, lowering her voice again and repeating what she said just now.

Didn’t she hear it? Still don’t understand what a hotel means?

She wanted her to envy her love and happy life!

“I heard it!” Amelia looked at her, frowning slightly, “But, what is it like to like someone?”

Harper rolled her eyes, helplessly, waved her hand, “Forget it! It’s boring to talk to a wooden person like you!”


Amelia frowned, looking a little unhappy.

She doesn’t like these three words either!

“Don’t you just take off your clothes and roll the sheets?” What’s so great?

Amelia glanced at her coldly, a little unhappy.

“Hey! Amelia, I don’t see it, so you understand it!” Harper looked at her teasingly, elbows Amelia vaguely, “Is there someone you like?”

The person she likes…

Amelia lowered her eyes and said nothing.

“If you like it, just say it, why do you worry about gains and losses like this!” Seeing her look depressed, Harper couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Speak out if you like it?” Amelia tilted her head and looked at Harper, a little confused.

Does she… like him?

Can she say it too?

She is a little skeptical!

“Just the only phone number in the phone book?”

“En…” Amelia nodded.

“Bring it!” Harper reached her hand.

“What is it?” blinked at her in confusion.


“He is busy…” He must be busy now!

“Idiot, don’t make a phone call, you can get information! Just let him know!” Harper rolled her eyes and grabbed the phone in her hand.

Fingers quickly pressed something on the keyboard. Soon after the message was sent, it was handed back to Amelia.

“You…what did you tell him?” Amelia was a little nervous inexplicably.

“It’s nothing!” Harper shrugged, “Normally, “I like you”!”

The small hand holding the phone tightened suddenly for a few minutes, and she looked at Harper with a senseless expression, and her heart was full of unspeakable tension and expectation.

Biting her lip, she didn’t ask anything, just stared at the dark screen of the phone quietly, for a moment.

It seems that this is the first time that she cares about one thing so much…

In the president’s office

“Liam, lend me my mobile phone. My mobile phone just ran out of power!” When Blair Evelyn sent the document, she received a work call, but it happened that the mobile phone ran out of power and turned off halfway.

Burton Liam handed her the phone on the desk casually and continued to look at the document.

Blair Evelyn took the phone and dialed the phone.

After talking for about ten minutes, a text message came in and the call was in progress so that the phone made no sound.

When she hung up the phone, her slender finger accidentally tapped on the touch screen, and the message opened automatically.

Blair Evelyn was surprised.

Her face changed slightly.

On the phone, it read: “I like you”, in four big characters.

Blatant and concise.

Sender: Little things.

The fingers holding the phone froze slightly, the water pupils widened, and she glanced fixedly in a little disbelief.

Small thing?

She remembered that he called the little girl who was staying in his house “little stuff”.

This text message came from his guardian, the 15-year-old girl!

“Evelyn?” As soon as he looked up, he saw Blair Evelyn who was standing in front of the sofa holding his mobile phone in a daze.

“Ah? No, it’s okay!” Blair Evelyn suddenly recovered.

The finger hurriedly clicked the delete button, which seemed a little flustered.

No matter what the little girl likes, she is not happy!

“Liam… mobile phone!” She handed him the mobile phone as if nothing happened, but her voice was a little hesitant.

Liam glanced at her suspiciously and took the phone.

“Liam, okay to have dinner together tonight?” Blair Evelyn stood at the table and asked him softly, her voice was always soft and sweet.

“En?” Burton Liam raised his eyes, glanced casually at the quartz clock on the wall, smiled faintly, and shook his head.

“Other day! Evelyn, I think I have to pick up the little things and leave get out of class by myself today!”

Otherwise, he is really worried that he will have to wait until one or two in the morning!

“Take her off get out of class?” Blair Evelyn was surprised.

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