The Warmest Romance Chapter 971 -972

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Chapter 971

“Two directors, something’s wrong. You may have to wait.”

The assistant apologized, hesitated for a moment and said, “there’s a meeting room to use next…”

As soon as her voice fell, a disordered sound of footsteps came out of the door, from far to near.

Director Gao asked, “where shall we wait?”

The assistant was embarrassed and took a deep breath. He was at a loss.

If they go out at this time, they will definitely meet the people who want to come in. Now the situation outside is not very optimistic. It’s better not to meet.

The assistant hesitated for a moment, glanced over the glass door next to him, and suddenly got a flash of inspiration and said, “follow me.”

Ruan Shishi and director Gao keep up. The assistant walks to one of the glasses, presses a button, and the glass door opens slowly.

Inside is a small reception hall, warm and comfortable, and the part connected with the large conference room is a whole glass window.

“You go in and wait a minute.”

Ruan Shishi nodded and watched the assistant leave.

The reception hall inside is very comfortable, the interior decoration and design are full of intelligent feeling, very modern.

Director Gao said excitedly, “I heard that this conference room was designed by Yu’s technology company. It’s very intelligent. I didn’t expect to have a chance to see it today.”

When Ruan Shishi listened to it, he bent his head and glanced down to a remote control beside the sofa. He was curious and picked it up to play.

This remote control is different from the ordinary air-conditioning TV remote control. It has a metal control panel and a small screen.

For a moment, Ruan Shishi was curious and put out his hand to press it. Unexpectedly, the glass opposite the sofa suddenly dropped Then, the brown faded and became transparent. You can see the scene in the conference room clearly.

Ruan Shishi was surprised and subconsciously looked at director Gao over there.

Director Gao is also a Leng, two people looked at each other, and coincidentally looked to the conference room over there.

Several people have already sat in the conference room. Naturally, Yu Yimo is sitting on the main seat. Next to him, there are several men in suits sitting in front of them. They look serious and look at the papers in their hands quickly.

Yu Yimo’s face was grim and cold. He said in a deep voice, “every stroke must be checked clearly.”

When Ruan Shishi heard the sound coming from the sofa, he suddenly found that there were two small devices on both sides of the back of the sofa under him. It seemed that there was a radio in the conference room over there, which could just reach here.

A few seconds later, she suddenly responded.

This is not a meeting room at all, but a small auditorium. After the glass is activated, it is single-sided glass. They can clearly see the scene in the meeting room, and they can also hear the sound through the radio.

It’s like listening to politics behind the curtain in ancient times.

Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply and looked up at director Gao awkwardly. He opened his mouth and wanted to say something. Unexpectedly, there was a sudden movement from the conference room.

The door was pushed open with a click, and then Yu Gubei was pushed by Shao Zhuo. Behind them, several men in black came in together.

Almost instantly, Ruan felt the subtle changes in the conference room.

Chapter 972

Shao Zhuo pushes Yu Gubei to the opposite position of Yu Yimo. Several people in black stand on both sides separately, full of momentum.

Two groups of people suddenly became a state of confrontation.

Ruan Shishi took a breath of cold air, but he could not say what he had said. He was more nervous than he was at the scene when he was staring at the meeting room on the other side of the glass.

Yu Gu Bei changed his usual mild, cold and serious face. Even when he was in a wheelchair, he could still make people feel his cold, “brother, are you so interesting?”

Yu Yimo raised his eyes disapprovingly, “what? I’m afraid I can’t stand the investigation? “

Yu Gu’s back was straight and said coldly, “without saying a word, I took someone to the branch office to collect the account book. Didn’t I put it in front of the whole company and hit me in the face? What can I do afterwards? “

Yu Yimo hums coldly and says in a low voice, “since I do this, there must be some evidence. I never do anything I’m not sure about.”

Yu Gubei also said, “what evidence, it’s better to put it on the table for everyone to see.”

Yu Yimo refused to step back. “I’ve found out the account here. I’ll tell the truth later. I can afford this time.”

For a moment, the two men looked at each other, their eyes were burning with anger, and they faced each other secretly.

Ruan Shishi, sitting on the sofa in the inner room, looked at them, but she didn’t dare to go out. Somehow, looking at them, she was also nervous.

There was a moment of silence in the conference room. Only the clock and watch “click” and turned. I don’t know how long later, the people next to me finally stopped their work, turned the computer to Yu Yimo, and said, “Yu Zong, we’ve checked everything.”

For a moment, the atmosphere in the meeting room became more tense.

Yu Yimo reaches out his hand and directly pulls the laptop to the arranged, sharp eyed scanning screen.

Slowly, his face became more and more heavy, heavy enough to drip water.

Finally, he picked up the account book beside him and threw it to Yu Gubei without hesitation. He said coldly, “look at the difference!”

His voice was sonorous and powerful.

For a moment, all the people in the meeting room were staring at the account book with different thoughts.

Yu Gu’s face is as usual, but he is not flustered at all. He slightly raises his chin and signals Shao Zhuo to one side. Shao Zhuo understands, nods, goes to get the account book and computer, and puts them in front of him.

Three minutes later, Yu Gubei’s face remained unchanged. He slightly raised his head, looked at Yu Yimo, and his voice became colder. “Big brother, dad just left for a few days, and you can’t wait to frame me?”

This sentence changed Yu Yimo’s face, and his anger rolled under his eyes. A few seconds later, he turned his head and told others, “send a copy of the data to vice president Yu.”

After a pause, he continued, “in three days, fill the hole for me.”

With that, he stood up and wanted to leave.

“Big brother!”

Yu Gubei opens his mouth and stops him, “if you let dad know that in order to deprive me of my rights, you should give me such a charge, how cold he should be!”

“Cold in the heart?” Yu Yimo steps a meal, eyes all over the cold, “do not see the coffin do not shed tears.”

With that, he motioned directly to Du Yue, “bring the people.”

Du Yue immediately walked out of the conference room. Soon, he came back, followed by a man.

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