The Warmest Romance Chapter 977 -978

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Chapter 977

The distance between the two people suddenly tightened. Ruan Shishi raised her head, looked into the man’s eyes, and her heart beat wildly.

Yu Yimo frowned, and her cold thin lips became a line. “Do you think I’m heartless? I don’t think I should kill my half brother, do I? I don’t think I should use he Guangming’s son to force him to admit his crime, do I? “

Ruan Shi clenched his lower lip and could not speak.

Indeed, that’s what she thought.

Soon, Yu Yimo said, “how much do you know about Yu Gubei, Ruan Shishi?”

His cold and heartless, in front of Yu Gu North, what is it?

“Do you know how much money he has swallowed from Yu’s group these years? Do you know how many pieces of Eyeliner he has secretly planted near me? Do you know that before today, he Guangming’s son has been controlled by Yu Gubei’s men, and he may die at any time! “

The man’s voice is deep and powerful, every word, every sentence, is really knocked on Ruan Shishi’s heart, which makes her body tremble slightly unconsciously.

Finally, Yu Yimo’s eyes flashed a trace of fatigue and disappointment, and suddenly released Ruan’s hand.

Ruan Shi’s body was soft and his brain was blank.

She can’t understand the fight and life and death between the rich and the poor, what’s more, she can’t understand what kind of scenery she can see from the height of Yu Yimo. She only knows that the man in front of her is so ruthless that she feels terrible.

She just wanted to run away.

She took a deep breath. Her breathing was a little disordered. She stepped back two steps, looked at Yu Yimo, took a step, and quickly walked towards the door.

The door “bang!” With a close, Yu Yimo’s heart sank.

After all, he made Ruan feel a sense of distance.

But there are so many things that he can’t help.

In fact, in order to control he Guangming, Yu Gubei has long had the idea of he Guangming’s youngest son. As soon as he ordered people to go to the liquidation, Yu Gubei’s people over there have already arrested he Guangming’s son. Once he Guangming goes against the water, they are ready to tear up the ticket.

He sent someone to rescue he Guangming’s youngest son from Yu Gubei’s hands. It was only psychological tactics that forced him to confess. He never wanted to do anything to his child.

Unexpectedly, he was misunderstood by Ruan Shi.

Yu Yimo’s heart is full of bitterness. He frowns slightly and has a headache.

At this time, the door opened and Du Yue stepped in. “President Yu, the front desk of the president’s office received several phone calls from Jiangzhou media asking about the property inventory of the branch.”

Hearing the speech, Yu Yimo’s brow tightened and his face became more severe.

Unexpectedly, Yu Gubei’s action is so fast.

Now he just spread the news and made it clear that he was going to let it go.

Since there is no room for him on his side, he just pokes up the scandal of his family and takes the whole Yu family into the water. At that time, even if he doesn’t do it, Yu’s vitality will be greatly damaged after the public opinion storm.

The typical practice is to kill one thousand enemies and lose eight hundred.

Really cruel!

Yu Yimo frowned and coldly ordered, “go to public relations and make a statement before all unrealistic speculations and rumors come out, saying that he Guangming will be pushed to the front for the purpose and final results of the branch’s property inventory.”

Chapter 978

In recent years, he Guangming, under the instigation of Yu Gubei, has done a lot to damage the interests of the company. Now, business is business. Before handing him over to the police, he is pushed to the top of the storm and let him play his final value.

What he wants is always to protect the interests of Yu’s group. This is his bottom line, and it is also his responsibility to sit in this position.

But now, when the two sides are at war, no one involved can be alone. In that case, he will fight with Yu Gu Beidou to the end!

In three days, all kinds of comments about Yu’s group were in full swing on the Internet news. The first was the statement of the branch’s investigation, and then he Guangming was pushed out, which was criticized and denounced by Jiangzhou citizens and netizens.

After that, the public relations department of Yu’s group issued a second statement, claiming that the group is conducting in-depth investigation, which is bound to find out the mastermind behind it. At the same time, it also plans to check the accounts of other branches.

After this action, the whole Yu family has not been criticized by netizens. On the contrary, Yu Yimo’s series of arrangements have been well received.

However, no one knows which direction the next direction of public opinion will take.

At this moment, Ruan Shishi and a group of staff of director Gao’s studio are in the deep mountains, collecting shooting materials.

In order to ensure efficiency, the team is composed of eight people. In addition to director Gao, Ruan Shishi and two actors, the rest are the most capable staff of all departments.

After arriving at Daishan in the northwest of Jiangzhou City, they didn’t take the tourist route. Instead, they went up a side road to find the most suitable shooting site and complete the scenes needed in the public welfare short film.

The tent was tied up in the middle of the mountain. Just now I tried to shoot a few pictures, and the effect was good. The staff were all resting. Ruan Shishi took out her mobile phone and looked through it as usual.

Because in the middle of the mountain, the signal is not good, and the network is also very slow. Looking at the announcement of the latest situation of Yu’s group on the push headlines, Ruan Shishi can’t help but look at it.

The small circle of network buffer has been rotating on the screen, but it can’t be loaded. After two or three attempts, Ruan Shishi finally gave up and went to the photography side to check the footage just taken.

After looking back and forth for two times, Ruan still felt that it was wrong. She took a deep breath, went to director Gao and said, “I always feel that it’s not right. The venue here is still not wide enough. I want to change places in the afternoon and try again?”

Director Gao Wen Yan, looked at the pictures inside the camera, and finally nodded, “I’ll go there in the afternoon to look for it, but I have to go down the mountain early today, it may rain.”


The shooting arrangement is three days. In these three days, in order to complete the arranged task, their task is not easy. They have to go to the hotel at the foot of Daishan to have a rest at night, and they have to go up to look for a place to shoot during the day. All the itineraries are full.

Soon, in the afternoon, they changed the venue, but the effect still failed to meet Ruan’s expectations. She asked the staff to fly up the UAV and look around for the most suitable shooting site.

Looking at the images sent by the UAV, Ruan Shishi was absorbed in searching for the site. Finally, a landscape came into view.

Under the tall trees, there is a small bridge and flowing water. Next to it is a fairly broad lawn, lush, secret, and beautiful.

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