The Warmest Romance Chapter 983 -984

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Chapter 983

She took out her cell phone, looked at the cell phone with less than half a cell, and felt chilly.

If today she was trapped here for a whole night, she could not imagine what would happen, but now, the rain is not abating.

Don’t know how long to hide, her body has been cold, she found out from the bag with some compressed biscuits, stuffed a few, but the body is still no heat.

Just then, in addition to the noise of the rain, she heard the distant roaring rain accompanied by other sounds, like the call of people.

She immediately turned her ears and listened to the sound.

It’s really the call of people!

Her heart a joy, immediately stood up, but who knows a calf force, suddenly a burst of pain, her leg a soft, the whole heat almost fell to the ground again.

“Ruan poetry!”

The voice from far to near slowly came a little closer. When he heard the call clearly, Ruan Shishi’s body was tight, and suddenly he was surprised.

Unexpectedly, someone came to her!

She clenched her teeth, forced to stand up and wanted to respond, but the sound was drowned by the rain.

“Ruan poetry!”

The powerful call came, and Ruan Shishi felt that the sound was familiar.

When the next call came, she suddenly recognized that it was Yu Yimo’s voice!

She got up, regardless of the pain in her calf, and quickly moved closer in that direction, and closer.

“Here I am!”

She responded with all her strength, searching for the figure in the darkness.

“Ruan poetry!”

Yu Yimo’s sonorous and powerful voice sounded again. This time, the distance between them obviously narrowed a lot.

Suddenly, Ruan Shishi saw a vague figure not far away. At that moment, there seemed to be a light, which gave her full hope.

Yu Yimo also saw her. At the moment when two people’s eyes met, two hanging hearts fell down at that moment.

She walked towards him quickly, and he also walked towards her with big strides. Their eyes were warm, and the distance between them was gradually shortened. At that moment, they were the support and hope of each other.

All of a sudden, Ruan Shishi’s foot slipped, and she fell to the ground unexpectedly. She screamed and suddenly fell down the slope!

This hillside is much steeper than the one she rolled down just now. Coupled with the rain for so long, the surface soil on the mountain is soft and wet. Her center of gravity is down and she slides down at a fast speed.

All of a sudden, something pours on the side, and Ruan Shishi is held in his arms by Yu Yimo. They embrace each other and roll down the slope.

“Bang!” They fell into a huge pit.

When he fell to the ground, Ruan Shishi slowed down for a long time. Then he looked up and saw Yu Yimo under his body. He was surprised and quickly got up.

Yu Yimo frowns slightly, her thin lips are tight, and her face is white.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and worried, “are you ok?”

Yu Yimo shakes his head, sits up, looks up at the top of the pit, which is two or three meters high, and then looks at the wall of the pit, which is obviously dug out by human beings. His eyes sink a little. “It’s a hunting trap.”

Chapter 984

Today’s situation is even less optimistic.

Ruan Shishi looked up and looked at the pit top with a certain distance. He was a little flustered.

Because of the rain, the pit wall is wet and slippery. It’s not so easy to go up. At the moment when she saw Yu Yimo just now, she just had some hope. Unexpectedly, they were trapped here in a few minutes, and the situation became worse.

Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply, “what do we do now?”

Yu Yimo frowned, reached out his hand and felt the mobile phone. Looking at the gray signal grid, he said, “wait.”

Just now a group of them came here to look for Ruan Shishi. He was faster than them. It is reasonable to say that after a while, they should have arrived here.

Ruan Shishi frowned. She was still worried. She walked around the pit and looked at the top of the pit. She quickly searched for all possible ways to get up.

The pit is two or three meters high. If she steps on Yu Yimo’s shoulder, it is still possible to climb up. But even if she climbs up, what about Yu Yimo?

With her strength, I’m afraid there’s no way to pull him up.

Yu Yimo sat aside and didn’t move for a long time. He raised his eyes and watched the woman anxiously walk back and forth. He said in a low voice, “sit down and keep your strength.”

At this time, anxiety can’t do anything. They have to consider the worst. Therefore, maintaining physical strength is the wisest choice now.

Ruan Shishi was so said that he sat down obediently.

She was all wet, and all around was wet soil, but now, she didn’t care so much, so she had to sit on the ground.

In the dark, she couldn’t see the man’s expression clearly, but knowing that he was by her side made her feel more at ease.

But after a while, the sense of peace of mind has completely disappeared, cold slowly wrapped around her body, her body from inside to outside, inch by inch cool.

The night in the mountains is cold, plus the rain, energy consumption, her body is no heat.

Just when she was cold and almost unconscious, in the dark, the man next to her suddenly called her name, “Ruan Shishi.”

Hearing the voice, Ruan Shishi stopped for a few seconds, and then he came back to himself and answered, “eh?”

Although it was just a word, Yu Yimo could still recognize the shaking in her voice. When he reached out to her and touched her arm, he slowly grasped her arm and pulled her to his side.

Ruan Shishi’s frozen brain slowed down, but she didn’t resist. She obediently approached him. When she felt the warmth of the man, she came closer to him like a kitten.

Yu Yimo’s heart was tight, and his breathing was confused. He stretched out his arm and put the woman in his arms.

His body is not hot, but at this time, two people cuddle together, whether from the psychological or physical point of view, will be better.

Feeling the warmth from the man, Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply, and her body slowly felt something. She felt out her mobile phone and looked at the time displayed above, her heart sank.

Now, it’s not late at night, but the temperature is already so low. If they stay here all night, I’m afraid they will be frozen out of order.

Ruan shuddered, “Yu Yimo Are we really going to wait and die like this? “

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