CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1425 – 1426

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Chapter 1425

Tina glared at Peter with an angry look: “Then you really bothered for this show.”

“No way, Karl invested in the show, I still have to support it.” Peter showed the usual casual smile.

“Give me things.” Tina’s eyes fell on the bag that Peter was holding.

The packaging bag is the bag that Jodi always keeps, or Tina bought it for her. Peter will come to her, and it must be Jodi who has made something for her.

“Snack made by Mom.” Peter glanced at the bag in his hand, picked it up, and handed it to Tina: “I don’t have any. You are the only one for a while. Maybe you are Mom’s daughter.”

“Thank, Auntie for me.” Tina took the bag over.


Stephanie drove the car over and blew a whistle to signal that Tina could get on the car.

“I go first.”

As soon as Tina was about to turn around, she heard Peter say anxiously: “Wait.”

“Is there anything else?” Tina asked him.

What else is there?

But don’t know when he will have the chance to see Tina next time, and Tina’s patience is very good today, so just wants to say a few words with Tina.

Peter suddenly remembered: “I heard that you signed an advertisement with Tom?”

“Yeah, did you know?” Tina looked at him with a puzzled look.

“The potential for easy-drying is pretty good, and the boss is very young. They didn’t advertise before. Why did they suddenly find you? I heard that the advertising fee is discounted.” Peter said, the more he felt something was wrong.

He doesn’t care about Tina directly anymore. She and Tom signed the advertisement for which he knew only after the newspaper came up. He just glanced at it quickly, Stephanie. Although it seems a little brainy enough, not still reliable to do things.

He later learned that even the advertising fee had been discounted, and it was not that simple.

“You said this. NextBit’s boss helped me. I am thankful for giving him a discount on advertising.”

Tina told the truth openly, but it made Peter feel like he was a villain.

Peter knew what Tom had helped Tina.

At that time, the matter between Tina and Cathy was raging. He also found that Tom’s car was parked there, but Tina found Tom first.

Peter originally had a lot to say.

Tina is too patient today, she even wants to tell him, wait for him.

But this incident reminded him that if he didn’t solve Cathy first, he would not have any qualifications and standpoint to say such things to Tina.

Peter’s eyes flashed sadly, but soon smiled again: “You have to go back to the set tonight, pay attention to safety.”


Tina nodded, turned, and walked towards the parking place where Stephanie was waiting.

When Stephanie saw her coming, she immediately went down and opened the door for her, and took the bag in her hand.

She looked at the bag and felt a look in her eyes: “What is this?”

“Snack made by Auntie.” Tina got into the car shortly.

“Auntie’s dumplings are the best.” As Stephanie said, she reached in and ate a piece, and got into the car chatting and laughing with Tina.

Peter watched the cold car disappear before pacing slowly back into his car.

Auntie’s phone came in at this moment.

“Peter, did you give Tina the snack?”


“That’s fine.” Auntie was silent for a while and asked: “Son, what’s the matter with you?”

Chapter 1426

His mother heard that Peter’s tone was different from usual.

Although she usually not discussed things with her son, it was a piece of meat that fell from her body, and she naturally knew him best.

Peter paused and sighed slightly: “It’s okay, just a little tired.”

“When you are tired, go home and rest.”

“Okay, come back when you have time…”

After hanging up the phone, Peter took out the cigarette case again, drew a cigarette in his mouth, even lit the lighter, but suddenly remembered Tina’s words.

As soon as the hand holding the fire button of the lighter was released, the flame went out, and the cigarette that was in his mouth was taken down, and after being rubbed into a ball in his hand, he threw it aside.


A few days after Tina returned to the crew, a trailer for “My Life and Me” came out.

The trailer is short, but it’s the essence.

The fragment of Alyssa and Karl having a meal, Tina and Peter fought each other, Cathy found the difference…

The program team has a lot of ideas, and has a thorough understanding of the audience’s psychology. As soon as this trailer came out, it directly rushed to the top of the trending search.

Several trending searches in the front row are all related to this show:

“Me and My Life Trailer”

“The last group of guests Alyssa and Karl”

“Tina, Peter fight”

“Tina Cathy”

“Me and My Life Program Group”


The official account of “My Life and Me” is also full of excitement.

“Karl and Alyssa??? Can’t believe my eyes!”

“It’s really a long time to see Karl on a variety show in my lifetime.”

“This show is too exciting, I like it!!”

“This program group is too dare!”

“When will you arrange it?”

“If you have the ability to play the feature film directly, what kind of ability to play the trailer!”

“Are you there? My roommate wants to watch an issue of “My Life and Me” before his death. I beg you to fulfill his wish.”

There are countless comments after this comment:

“Brother, it’s not necessary.”

“I have two roommates who also want to see before they die…”


“He’s a cruel man.”

“Please, look here, have mercy on this roommate.”


A trailer that keeps the discussion of “My Life and Me” high.

Before it officially started broadcasting, some people have already cut a lot of videos based on the trailer.

When Tina finished work, she took the time to read Twitter, and then asked Stephanie, “Is the program set?”

“Not yet, but it should be coming soon. Now that the heat is booming, the program group should take advantage of it to broadcast.”

Sure enough, two days later, “My Life and Me” was officially announced on April 18.

Before the first episode officially aired, Tina recorded the second episode of the video.

During the second recording, it happened to be when she filmed the commercial for Tom. After obtaining permission, the program team went to Tina to record the commercial.

When the commercial was almost finished, Tom actually came.

He was in a neat suit, without the shrewdness of a businessman, and as gentle and elegant as a scholar. He was surrounded by busy staff. In contrast, he seemed even more eye-catching.

Tina saw Tom at a glance.

People around greeted him, and he nodded, polite and approachable.

Tom also looked in Tina’s direction. After gazing at her from the air, he smiled at her as a greeting, and then he walked to Stephanie’s side.

Don’t know what he said, making her full of anger and turning head and turning her back to him.

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