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Chapter 477

Next day

When he woke up, he ran into another scene that caused him a headache.

The little guy was still loosely dressed, sitting in front of him, staring straight at him.

The enchantment in her eyes, coupled with the unusual sense of sex, made him very upset.

Therefore, today, he has a new work arrangement.

“Little things, I’ll pick you up after school! Help you replace all your pajamas that are completely substandard in size!”

He couldn’t figure out who bought her these pajamas!

Amelia lowered her eyes and looked at herself suspiciously.

Is there anything wrong?

These are all personally ‘taken’ back by her from major shopping malls!

She feels pretty good! Although it’s a little older, it’s quite comfortable to wear to sleep!

But does he want to buy pajamas for her?

It feels like it looks good!

After school

Amelia stood in front of the school gate early, waiting for Burton Liam to appear.

Suddenly, there was a heavy knock on the forehead.

Amelia frowned, a little annoyed.

Tilt her head and look over.

It was the cynical smiling face again.

Under the sun, it is still so brilliant…

But, looking at his eyes, it is still so dazzling!!!

“Why don’t you leave? Wait for me?” He leaned sideways, holding the wall behind Amelia with one hand, staring at Amelia with a playful look, and asked her jokingly.

Amelia glanced at him indifferently and turned back.

She is not interested in answering his rogue question!

Adam Mason on the side curled his lips, seemingly smiling.

He turned sideways and leaned his lazy body against the wall.

“I heard…you like that Burton Liam, the third young master of the Burton Group?” Adam Mason asked her casually.

The light from the bottom of his eyes fell on her delicate and indifferent face without a trace, with some deep meaning.

Suddenly, Amelia tilted her head and stared at him coldly.

“What does it matter to you?!” What qualifications does this man have to inquire about her?

Adam Mason shrugged.

He did not do anything, but he was still curious about the answer!

After all, this woman has ever had a little interest or, more, sex-interest!

“Hey! I didn’t expect your taste to be heavy!” He raised his eyebrows, and there was a hint of sarcasm in his words.

She likes the kind of mature and sophisticated man who has experienced many battles, but she has no coldness in his sunny and pure prince-type man.

Except for the heavy taste, he couldn’t think of any other reasons.

Unless that is, this guy has a super serious Electra complex, otherwise, she won’t even let a man about to get married, right?

Moreover, she was still stupid enough to grab a man from the daughter of the Blair Group!

Too unrealistic!!!

She was just so tender that she was just a freshman in high school!

Amelia was a little bored, she didn’t understand, what exactly her personal affairs had to do with this man!

“I have a heavy taste, so…” Amelia said indifferently, after a pause, her mocking eyes fell on him, and she looked at him unceremoniously from top to bottom.

“So, I rejected you that day because… I look down on you!”

In other words, some aspects of his abilities are not appreciated.

“Really?” Adam Mason raised his eyebrows.

In the bottom of his eyes, there are a little anger and unwillingness…

But he was covered up with nothing at all by his evil smile.

Is she trying to say he can’t? If this is the case he doesn’t mind showing it to her!

The corners of the charming lips evoked a sly smile, and he looked at her evilly for a moment.

“Amelia, actually I don’t mind letting you feel my abilities!” He smiled evilly and lied to her.

Men, the most hated and most humiliating thing is to be questioned by women about their abilities in those aspects!

The more she questions him, the more he eagerly wants to prove it to her!

So, Amelia, who was ignorant, didn’t understand the man’s complicated and weird mind at all.

“I’m not interested!” Amelia glanced at him calmly, turned sideways, and prepared to leave.

The same goes for waiting for Liam in another location.

However, as soon as she turned around, her shoulders were held tightly.

The strength was so big that she couldn’t get rid of it.

In the next moment, a force was applied to one of her shoulders, her small body staggered slightly, and she fell into a man’s arms.

This time, Adam Liam has learned well!

To protect his treasure personally, he learned to hold the disobedient Amelia backhand.

“What should I do? I don’t have sex interest, but you provoke my sex interest!” Adam Mason pretended to be ambiguous-touching the warm lips to Amelia’s sensitive ears, whispering.

The sultry heat, intentionally or unintentionally, overflowed Amelia’s transparent ears and sensitive neck.

He didn’t care that it was still a school, and he didn’t care about being watched.

His purpose is to rectify this woman who pretends to be noble and has a special habit in his arms!

“Adam Mason, let me go!” Amelia struggled desperately.

But it seems to no avail.

“Amelia, I think you should cooperate with me obediently! Or, you can save a bit of effort to discuss with me what kind of posture you prefer!” Adam Mason’s evil words, the more he talks, the more outrageous, even the more he speaks, the more explicit.

He has always been a wicked boy in front of everyone, but he has never said such erotic-sentimental words in front of a woman and spread such erotic-sentimental things.

Even if there is, he is decided to be implicit.

She is the first one to make him so straightforward!!!

Her extremely annoying cold arrogance completely broke through the bottom line of his previous bad princes!

“Adam Mason, you sex monster!! Get out of here!” Amelia struggled frantically, cursing.

It was the first time that she hit such a rascal, such annoying, such annoying, such a disgusting man!!!

Adam Mason raised his eyebrows and shackled her struggling small body with a big palm.

In the next moment, he leaned over and heavily kissed Amelia’s cursing cherry lip.

Speaking of kissing, it is better to say biting or more appropriate.

It was the first time he was so despised by a woman.

Amelia stared angrily at the suddenly enlarged face.

The pain on the lips, ephemeral, crisp, numb, and accompanied by a faint smell of blood.


Does this man only bully women??

Both hands moved.

But unable to break free.

The head was still tightly confined.

Even her legs were clamped tightly by this man, unable to move.

He came prepared!!!

At this moment, Amelia wanted to curse.

But because of this, the lips are also blocked!!!

She is upset and angry!!!

If this man dared to bite her, she would never show weakness.

Amelia stared at him, her eyes full of a murderous aura.

In the next moment, she opened her mouth and bit his thin lip severely.

Suddenly, when the four lips touched, he only felt that the smell of blood became stronger…

His eyebrows trembled a little.

The corners of his lips moved slightly and frowned.

This woman is not so cruel!

This force is used even when she was a child to breastfeed!

However, he did not feel soft.


That’s it!

Big eyes, staring eyes…

A powerful…

One seems to have a little bit of strength left.

The people onlookers all-around stared so hard that they watched without blinking.

Just when the two want to fight for life and death…

“Amelia, you are gone! What are you two doing?”

Suddenly, a crying female voice sounded between the two promptly.

A pair of small hands dragged Amelia’s imprisoned body hard.

Before the people around them could react any more, Harper raised her hand and slapped Amelia’s face with a slap.

It was crisp and neat, accompanied by a crisp “pop”.

The sound is a bit harsh!

“Amelia, you liar, shameless!!!” Harper stared at Amelia with red eyes.

“Harper!!!” Adam Mason rushed forward, confining Harper crazy.

“Don’t do her business, it’s all my problem! Did you hear it?” Adam Mason yelled at Harper out of control, still with scarlet blood on the corners of his lips.

Seeing Amelia’s red and swollen face, Adam Mason suddenly felt like he was not angry.

It is not once or twice that a girl quarrels and fights for him, but it is the first time he has made such a big fire.

“Amelia, you shameless woman!! I hate you! I hate you…” Harper was hugged tightly, yelling hysterically, struggling wildly, kicking and pulling.

Taking advantage of the moment Adam Mason was busy suppressing her struggling body, suddenly, she struggles to raise her hand, once again, ruthlessly facing the other side motionless, even Amelia, who didn’t say a word, slapped it mercilessly…

A cold wind blew, but the pain was not left again.

The small hand had not yet had time to fall on Amelia’s already red and swollen face but was tightly restrained by a pair of strong and powerful palms.

“Enough!” A cold voice exploded promptly among the three.

The sound is extremely cold, like ice in an ice cave that has not melted for thousands of years.

The eagle-like blue pupil tightly grabbed Harper on the opposite side, and opened his lips indifferently, “You are not allowed to move her!!”

In the cold words, there is not a trace…

Burton Liam, who had just arrived at the school, did not expect that he would bump into Amelia and other men at the gate of the school kissing. What he did not expect was that a girl would suddenly rush over, slapped her severely!

At that time, in the car, he only felt that his cold body was instantly stiff as a fossil.

Her slap was as if it was slapped on his heart…

His heart twitched, and the pain was sharp.

He seemed to be able to feel the hot tingling on her face.

Harper in Adam Mason’s arms suddenly felt frozen.

The roaring sound, pause.

Struggling action, stop.

But, with tears, grieved stared at the cold and arrogant and steady Burton Liam opposite.


She sobbed and sobbed aggrievedly.

“Why? Why do you all like Amelia so much? Why do you all help her? I am the poorest person, okay? My boyfriend was robbed by her. Why, why do you only blame me! Adam Mason, you bastard, I am your real girlfriend, and I am the one who loves you the most, do you know, do you know…”

Chapter 478

Harper cried madly and vented and beat Adam Mason on the chest.

She screamed aggrievedly, one after another, the choking voice changed from screaming to soft, and finally… it turned into a silent cry.

“Enough!” Amelia, who had been silent on the side, let out a cold scream.

She raised her eyes and stared indifferently at Harper who was crying on the opposite side.

“Harper, what qualifications do you have to beat me?” Amelia asked her coldly, full of ridicule.

“Just because of this man?” She laughed.

She snorted softly, full of disdain, “Even I think you are a poor bug, what kind of self-esteem you have? Why do you make this man fall in love with you? Who do you think you are, Harper? You ask this man, at best, you are just an entertainment tool to play with him!!”

Only a silly woman like her can struggle with pain and lose herself for a man who is so famous!

Amelia glared at her, roaring, leaving nothing in her words…

“Also… this man is your boyfriend, isn’t it? Okay! So please discipline him in the future, don’t harass other girls at every turn-it’s annoying!!!”

Amelia’s pupils stared at Adam Mason who was in a daze on the opposite side, and her eyes were full of disgust and resentment.

“You…” Adam Mason looked back at her angrily.

He gritted his teeth and wanted to kill this woman on the spot!

And Harper on the side, for an instant, seemed to be emptied of the soul…

She stayed there, lost her soul, with misty eyes, unable to find a trace of focus.

However, Amelia seemed to ignore all this.

Pulling the cold palm of Burton Liam aside, she turned and left.

“Liam, can we eat Sichuan food tonight? My taste seems to be much heavier recently…”

Amelia deliberately or unintentionally asked him who was cold-faced and silent, her voice was not too loud, but it happened to be heard by Adam Mason behind her.

And Burton Liam, holding the big palm of Amelia’s slender hand, was still cold.

But always, did not answer her words.

He didn’t even glance at her even in her eyes.

His mood is very bad!

Harper, behind her, had a pale word whirling in her confused mind…

‘At best, it’s just an entertainment tool to play with him…’


“Amelia! Who do you think you are? Why do you say that to me?!!!” She yelled.

“Amelia, I hate you, I hate you!!!”

“Amelia, why are you so cruel? You have to state the facts so clearly, so embarrassing…” She muttered helplessly, tears falling.

“I don’t want it, I don’t want to love someone so much… uh…”



Outside the school gate, Harper just squatted helplessly on the ground, hugging her knees, crying aggrievedly.

Until the voice was hoarse, the tears dried up, and the heart was still aching crazily.

And Adam Mason on the side watched quietly, letting her cry.

At that moment, looking at her tears, as if seeing all his previous evil deeds…

In the guilty eyes, with bewilderment!

Just like this, he kept looking at her, staying with her…

Until the farce ended and the crowd dispersed.

In the car

The atmosphere is a bit heavy.

The air is a bit cold.

Amelia felt the indifference of the man on the side for the first time.

So, for the first time, she dared not speak.

The eyes flashed.

He seems to be angry!

Is it because she quarreled with classmates?

Or, he thought she was falling in love with a boy classmate again, and then she got into a fight with other girls?

It seems… the second reason is embarrassing, and, it seems that there is a little bit too much…

While Amelia was thinking secretly, a sturdy arm leaned over.

Holding a piece of tissue in his hand.

“Wipe your lips!” His voice was as cold as frost.

The expression in his eyes still didn’t fall on Amelia, who was aside.

“Ah? Oh!” Amelia was startled and returned to her senses.

Take the tissue in his hand.

She covered her soft lips and rubbed them again and again.

It hurts…

Remove the tissue paper, a red bloodstain faints on it, slightly dazzling.

Inexplicably, she just feels pain in her eyes…

Wet, sour, astringent.

She was bitten for no reason, then she has beaten again for no reason, and now, she was cold-eyed for no reason…

Her mouth hurts, her face hurts, and her heart is so uncomfortable!

She has seen someone wronged, never seen her suffer so much!

She doesn’t understand, who is more pitiful with whom she and Harper are…

She sucked her nose and her eyes were reddened.

Pouting lips, a little depressed.

Her eyebrows are frowning, her little hand is holding the tissue, and she wipes the painful lips carefully.

Damn it!

Is that man a dog? Biting so hard, does he consider her to be his dinner?!

Sure enough, beasts-animals!!!

However, Amelia didn’t have time to scold the hateful man vividly in her heart, leaning forward uncontrollably.

The car stopped without warning.

Steady herself looked suspiciously at the silent man.

“Liam…It seems that parking is not allowed here!” She whispered, kindly reminding him.

However, after a long time, there was still no answer.

“Liam…” She kindly pulled the cold-faced man aside.

“I know!!” Burton Liam tilted his head, glanced at her irritably, and let out a bored growl.

He probed her hand and pulled the paper aside, the force of his fingers was a bit shocking.

“Take your hands away!” The cold voice commanded.

The look in his eyes was a bit seductive.

It seems that there is a coldness in the anger, but there is a trace of contradiction in the coldness!!!

What a complicated look…

Amelia’s heart couldn’t help but chuckle.

Innocent big eyes stared at him in panic, “You…what are you going to do?”

Why does he stare at her with such a vicious expression???

“If you don’t want me to be issued a ticket, just give me a little cooperation!!!” He gritted his teeth and warned coldly.

Sticking out his big palm, he arrogantly pulled off her small hand covering her lips.

Then, raising his hand, put the tissue in his hand on her still bleeding lips.

“Ah-well, it hurts!!!” She knew that this man must have no good intentions to treat her so fiercely.

Blinking big teary eyes, staring at him accusingly.

Pouting lips, a face full of grievance and innocence.

Unexpectedly, even he bullied her!!!

Burton Liam looked up at her.

A touch of guilt disappeared from the blue pupil, and his eyes flickered.

Just now, he did deliberately exert a little bit of strength, but it was just a little bit!!!

That’s just because, this time, he was really angry!!!

Very angry!!!

“Does it hurt? If you know it hurts, don’t let boys bite you casually! I’ve seen stupid people, never seen you so stupid!!! You were bitten twice in three days! Idiot!!!”

Liam scolded while wiping her bloody lips.

Although the tone is very bad, the content of the words is also very hurtful, and the emotions are a bit excited…

It seemed that he was really afraid that he would hurt her.

Amelia, who was still a bit resentful just now, only felt in the bottom of her heart, it seemed that it was starting to be so sweet…

“I didn’t do it casually!!” Amelia pursed her lips, protesting aggrievedly.

“Shut up!” Burton Liam let out a low growl.

The fingers on the lips were moved by him in such a way, an accidentally and tightly painful wound.


Liam’s lips twitched unconsciously and gave a cold snort.

“Amelia, going home tonight, I think we must make a manuscript of the treaty about puppy love that day!”

“It’s a treaty for you not to spend the night outside for no reason!!” Amelia emphasized.

“You…” Burton Liam’s compelling blue pupil grabbed her, and a suppressed anger rose to the bottom of his eyes.

“Wipe yourself!” Angrily threw the paper down, and groaned at her uncomfortably.

Angrily turned away, and didn’t bother to look at her clumsy.

“I can wipe it myself! It also made people die of pain…” Amelia pursed her lips, complaining aggrievedly about his rude behavior, and rushed his anger back unceremoniously.

He is not the only one who has a temper in this world, she will also be angry, okay?!

“You…” Burton only felt angry and didn’t fight, this guy is getting ignorant of what is good or bad!

She was wrong first, so she dared to speak at him?!

“Sorry, sir! Parking is not allowed here, please show me your valid certificate! Thank you!” A formulaic voice rang out suddenly from the car window.

He turned his head and ran into the face of a fairly gentle uncle policeman.

Copy cards?

Burton Liam tilted his head and glared at Amelia, who was full of innocent expressions.

Then, bored and started to cooperate with the police.

From his sharp eyes, Amelia can read three words, ‘Crow’s mouth! ‘

Shrinking her head, gave him a frightened look…

Pouting, a little innocent.

Later, they went directly to the hospital.

In the hospital

“Pain…” Amelia blinked with teary eyes and looked at the nurse across the board aggrievedly.

The wound soaked by the liquid medicine is like being pierced by a needle, needle by needle, faint, but painful.

Burton Liam on the side just frowned, watching coldly, without saying a word.

Rubbing his eyebrows, he has a headache.

He didn’t understand what was going on with this little guy, she was always injured twice in three days.

Does she know how to take care of herself?

First, the back of the hand was injured, then the face, and now…the little face on the other side!

What an uneasy guy!

“You can’t beat people, you won’t hide!” Finally, he murmured angrily, a little annoyed.

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