His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1349 – 1350

Read Chapter 1349 – 1350 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 1349 Everything is gone.

The roaring plane swept across the sky, dividing the entire sky into two parts, and the blue sky curtain stretched infinitely to the far end.

Chapter 1350 Is This Love? Not At All!

If I said a few more words at that time, and grabbed her harder, wouldn’t it…

It wouldn’t be the way it is now? Christian seemed to fall into a dead silence, and even if Tonny Jiang and Erwin Yue were there to help him check the wound, he didn’t say a word.

Lisa went out, Tonny Jiang could only sigh, didn’t he bring Xiaoyan back? Christian finally had some expressions, and she left. Erwin Yue straightened his hair and was looking at the plaster on Christian’s calf.

He also reached out and tapped on it, and asked casually, where did he go? do not know.

Christian took a breath.

She didn’t tell me.

Although I want to check, she will find it. Check it all day long. Tonny Jiang frowned, why didn’t others tell you? I just don’t want you to know, you still check it, and you think you’re very capable, right? The more you check, the more annoying.

Christianzhen was shocked.

Then, the man said hoarsely, Uncle Tonny Jiang, why didn’t she tell me by herself? Still thinking about this? Erwin Yue got up, admit it, Christian, you are in your twenties, not the little boy back then, it’s useless to die.

Christian’s breathing accelerated. Xiaoyan just doesn’t want to love you anymore.

This is the sentence waiting.

All the disguise of strong support collapsed completely.

Christian felt the pain. Perhaps it was related to the plaster on his feet, or perhaps the heart was aching.

He gritted his teeth and propped up his upper body from the sofa.

Is this what I call love? Why can you so easily…

Stop loving me? Doesn’t she like him? Isn’t she the favorite person in her life or the fu*k? Isn’t she going to hide in his shadow for a lifetime! Once she had been away for two years, and when she came back, she was still the bird in his cage, so why—this time—why did she want to fly out after she folded her wings? Christian said that she thought she could win a round in the engagement scene, who was secretly contributing! Why did she run away like this! Why is she running! Those suppressed emotions seemed to have finally found a breakthrough, rushing out frantically from this dying body.

As if returning to the light, Christian hysterically pushed the coffee table beside the sofa into a mess, and even Tonny Jiang was taken aback.

He and Erwin Yue looked at each other, and both saw the blankness in each other’s eyes.

She just left! Is her heart made of stone! Christian was almost out of breath, tugging at his neckline, and just left! Never look back! Why doesn’t she look at me! Doesn’t she love me! Which way is this to love me? Which way is this to like me! Christian…you calm down…Erwin Yue saw what it was like for Christian, who had been lifeless since entering the door, to suddenly go mad.

He could only say to no avail, don’t hurt my foot… What can I do if my leg is broken kind! Christian beat the sofa hard, can she be responsible? Does she dare to be responsible for the rest of my life! I’m in a wheelchair… Can she come back… Marriah Yan, can you come back…

Her heart broke his heart with her kick of the accelerator… You… Tonny Jiang feels quite surprised by Christian’s reaction Surprised, I thought, Xiaoyan is gone, you won’t care.

Christian trembled suddenly, as if stepping on a flight of stairs suddenly.

His heart twitched and convulsed.

He heard Tonny Jiang say that Xiaoyan must feel that you don’t love her either.

She has been pestering you for too long. When she leaves, the two are free, okay?

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